Wilbert B. Smith
Wilbert Smith had a masters Degree in Electronical Engineering and was the former chief of the Canadian Governments project MAGNET. He had read a magazine article on 'flying saucers' in the late 1940s and from then on he took a great interest in investigating flying saucers or UFOs. Smith had corresponded extensively on the subject with Donald Keyhoe and NICAP in the late 1950s and early 1960s. . He also served on the NICAP Panel of Special Advisers. (not sure how long) He exhibited growing signs of mental disturbance blamed on the brain tumor that was to take his life in 1962. But through most of the 1950s he was considered a highly qualified engineer who explored a number of unconventional concepts involving gravity and electromagnetism. Smith was awarded the Canadian Engineering Award posthumously for "Dedicated service in the advancement of the technical standards in Canadian broadcasting." If what Smith wrote about Robert Sarbacher was true, then it was the most important UFO-related government information yet seen. Arthur Bray had received the  Top Secret Smith Memo"  from the Canadian government in 1978 (possibly by accident) and was eventually able to track down the son of Wilbert Smith and read Smith's hand-written notes on the September 12, 1950, meeting. (Fran Ridge) [See also Sarbacher bio]

Important notes and files
Complete NICAP "Smith" file folder
SECRET Jan 3, 1951 letter to Gordon Cox from Wilbert Smith