Kenneth Steinmetz
Steinmetz is identified as an "amateur astronomer" who set up the Denver area MOONWATCH team, as part of the Ground Observers Corps. He is stated to be the former President of the Denver Astronomical Society. He was one of the original members of the NICAP Panel of Special Advisers and was also the head of the NICAP Colorado (#1) Subcommittee around 1969. (Ridge) As part of Project Henry, a study funded through Battelle, Hynek invited Steinmetz to participate in Hynek's alternate network of Ground Observer Corps Centers, amateur astronomer associations, and scientists such as Pruitt and Tombaugh to report UFOs.  Steinmetz turned him down.  Later writing to Keyhoe, Steinmetz explained that any reports Hynek got would be turned over to the Air Force, and then the witnesses ridiculed. (Aldrich)  More recent information found was the publication, "Science and the UFO : a supplement to the proceedings of the Third Nationwide Amateur Astronomers Convention, August 20-23, 1969, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado". (Ridge)