Walter N. Webb
Lecturer, Charles Hayden Planetarium. Headed the Massachusetts NICAP Unit #1 Subcommittee at Cambridge. (Ridge) Former member of the Smithsonian Institution Satellite Tracking Program. Walter N. Web, born in 1934, graduated in Biology from Mount Union College, Ohio in 1954, and started a career in Astronomy under the teachings of Dr. J. Allen Hynek at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory's Optical Satellite Tracking Program from 1957 to 1958, and now retired from Charles Hayden Planetarium, Boston, where he spent 32 years as senior lecturer, assistant director, and operations manager. He was the Astronomy consultant of four UFO investigation associations, a member of MUFON and CUFOS and a UFO witness himself in
1951. He was the first investigator of the Betty & Barney Hill sighting, among others. He found out that among the noise of UFO sighting reports caused by common-place phenomena, there exists a core of manifestation that are totally unique, and that very strong circumstantial evidence points at extraterrestrial visits as their cause. He was a member of the Conference Committee for the Abduction Study Conference held at M.I.T., a landmark scientific assembly on UFO abductions (684-page volume of proceedings). In 1994, the Center for UFO Studies appointed him as its first Senior Research Associate based upon his many years of investigative work and service to Ufology. And as of 1995, a coalition of the three major UFO groups in the U.S. hired Walt as its chief consultant. He is on call to lead quick-strike case investigations, as well as to investigate other coalition-designated cases and activities. Although it is well known that Walt was the initial investigator of the Betty & Barney Hill incident in 1961, he has researched what he believes is a much better example of a dual-witness UFO abduction experience, and has documented this case in his book Encounter at Bluff Ledge: A UFO Case History (CUFOS, 1994). Webb visited BB in 1956 and tried to ask about Unknowns but BB Chief Capt George Gregory refused to talk about it. (Sparks)