Born July 3, 1930, Columbus, Ohio, unmarried. He had a B.Sc. in Business Administration (1953) and one year post-graduate studies in Journalism, Ohio University, 1958. From 1953-1954 he was a public accountant. 1954-1957 a corporate accountant. 1959-1962 a newspaper reporter/photographer. 1962-1965 an assistant editor, group of science newsletters. 1966-1968  NICAP. 1968-present free-lance aerospace writer (300+ magazine articles, 32 books) Military service: Ohio Air National Guard, 1948-1951; USAF 1951-1952. UFO-related accomplishments: 1952-1954, monitored UFO reports collected by the Columbus, Ohio, Filter Center of the Ground Observer Corps. 1960-1962, handled all UFO-related calls as a reporter for the Painesville, Ohio, Telegraph. 1963-1968, at NICAP Headquarters, first as a volunteer, then a part-time employee and finally a full-time employee (1966), with responsibilities including writing, research, press relations, lecturing and operating the one-man Preliminary Sighting Analysis Dept.  Also assisted on The UFO Evidence Report.  Headed investigation teams to Wanaque, NJ, and South Hill, VA. 1974, spent one week at the Air Force Archives, Maxwell AFB, Huntsville, AL, reviewing the Project Blue Book case files. 1979,  present for founding of the Fund for UFO Research, later to become a Board Member (1987) and Chairman (1998).

On the basis of the great collection of personal testimony by highly qualified observers, I have concluded that, in Jim McDonald’s phrase, the ETH is the least unlikely explanation for the otherwise unexplained sighting reports.  Answers to the major questions—What are they?   Whose are they?   Whence cometh?   Why are they here?   What are they going to do next?   And others…--can only be guessed at, which is not a productive use of time.  No progress can be made on matters we can deal with until the major roadblocks to recognition of the subject’s legitimacy—the unjustified acceptance of the final results of Project Blue Book and the Condon Committee—can be overcome.