Born: 1929. Ted Bloecher is best known in UFO circles for his thorough compendium of early-modern UFO cases, the Report on the UFO Wave of 1947, and his investigations of HUMANOID reports.  Bloecher was born in 1929 in Summit, New Jersey, and attended Columbia University, where he majored in drama literature, with a minor in music. He worked as a professional singer and theater actor from the late 1950s to 1973.  He has been employed since 1975 as a computer data processor for a retail store in New York City.  Bloecher became actively interested in UFOs during the summer of 1952.  He was a founding member of Civilian Saucer Intelligence, in New York City, in January 1954, and served in the research section of CSI with Isabel Davis and Lex Mebane through the 1950s. In the1960's, CSI became more directly involved with NICAP, in Washington, D.C.  In 1966 Isabel Davis joined the NICAP staff, and in 1968, Bloecher also became a NICAP staff member.  That associated ended in 1969 with the gradual and unfortunate dissolution of NICAP.In the 1970's   Bloecher continued his focus on Humanoid reports, working closely with David Webb.  In 1975 he began an association in New York with Budd Hopkins, and gradually became involved with the abduction phenomenon, working closely with Hopkins and Dr. Aphrodite Clamar, who conducted hypnotic regression with various subjects. Bloecher retired from active UFO research and investigation in the mid-1980's, and returned once again to music, joining a New York men's chorus with whom he sang for the next fifteen years, appearing in such venues as Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, and on other notable New York concert stages.  He worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from 1994 until he retired. 

Bloecher's publication credits include:
Coeditor and writer (with Isabel Davis and Lex Mebane) of the CSI Newsletter, from 1956 through 1959
Coeditor (with Davis and Mebane) of the American editions of Aime MICHEL's books, The Truth About Flying Saucers and Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery (1956 and 1958 respectively)
Coauthor (with Davis and Mebane) of the UFO  series, "Shapes in the Sky," published in Fantastic Universe, bimonthly, between 1957 and 1959;
Author of the Report on the UFO Wave of 1947 (privately published in 1967)
Editor of the U. S. Air Force Project Grudge and Blue Book Reports, 1951-1953 (NICAP, 1968)
Close-Encounter at Kelly, and Others of 1955 (coauthored with Isabel Davis CUFOS, 1978)
The Humanoid Catalog (with David Webb and Lex Mebane, 1979, CUFOS.

There is presently, and has been for some time past, a phenomenon occurring (or perhaps several interrelated phenomena), commonly referred to as the UFO phenomenon. It operates on a level of near invisibility, whereas those of us who have systematically investigated and researched the case material know it to be far more pervasive and complex than is generally acknowledged.What is actually going on is still not clear to me, but I am unwavering in my conviction that it is important enough for us to press our inquiries into the matter with dedication, objectivity, and a certain degree of skepticism. Whatever it is that is happening shows no sign of going away and, indeed, may even have significant implications for the future of the human race.

Later he worked with Francis Ridge, Site Coordinator & Archivist for the NICAP Web Site, on the updated chronology for 1947, The 1947 UFO Sighting Wave.