Thomas P. Deuley, BSEE, Auburn University 1972, has an Associates Degree in Advertising Art, San Antonio College, 1985.  A retired Naval Officer with a background in Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Power, and Communications Security. Co-founder and National Board member of The Fund for UFO Research, Registered Agent, Corporate Secretary and Board member for the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON Representative to, and affiliate researcher for the UFO Research Coalition.   Interest in UFOs developed after reading "A Case for UFOs" in 1959. Serious activism began upon the publication of, but disappointment in, the Condon report.   During the 1 year period of its existence, (July 1994 to July 1995) acted as Administrator of the CFM Coalition (CUFOS, FUFOR, MUFON), writing and administering contracts, administering the major correspondence on projects and keeping the financial records for the $200,000 plus dollars that were spent that year. The CFM evolved into the UFO Research Coalition, the URC. Under the URC, in May of 1999, voluntarily resigned his job in industry to take on the task of the Ambient Monitoring Project, AMP, at a low but livable wage, The AMP evolved into existence from a remote idea, the volunteer time and assistance of URC members, and the help of outside consultants. Deuley helped select the initial sensor suite for the device, selected the prototype form and worked with the prototype developer to build the first sensor system.  The sensors were to be used in the home of an abductee with the intent of determining whether or not abduction experiences are related in any way to the ambient conditions of the space in which the experience was taking place.  After moving from a second prototype, Deuley designed and produced six units of the final version of the sensor unit, and to this point, (Oct 2002), has used them for 11 case studies of the 15 to be completed by the project.  Results of the study not be determined until all of the data and journals have been collected.  The data collection portion of the project will end in April of 2003.   Deuley, with Dennis Stacy instituted the first MUFON web site. Deuley also instituted, handled, and found volunteers to take on the duties of answering the MUFON E-mail.   He was instrumental in moving the MUFON Headquarters from Seguin Texas to Littleton, Colorado.

Written works
Wrote the "Radiation" section of the MUFON Field Investigators Guide (1984)
Four Years at NSA - No UFOs, 1987 MUFON Symposium, Washington, DC
Contributed articles to the MUFON Journal