James Doerter was an art instructor his whole life and got his MA  from Reed College and his Doctorate from Penn State. His main interest outside of art has been ancient cultures and with a few grants and leaves he has been to 43 countries and the sites of Borobudor, at Sri Lanka, Iran  Machu Pichi, Tikal, the Taj Mahal,  and into Russia and almost all the countries on the west coast of South America. Served army time in Japan. Doerter is a retired college professor and has a personal collection of UFO sightings from fire lookouts. They are mainly linked to US Forest Service (USFS) people. In 1959, he personally had two dramatic sightings on his own tower in south central Washington. One fluorescent blue shape was seen over his tower. Later that year he and his wife saw a 300 foot long craft that came from the Mount Hood area and sailed right past the tower near Mt. Adams. It was silent and ringed with red and white lights, moving at high speed. Four years ago, he told his experience to a meeting of lookouts and was surprised when others told him of their own experiences. Since then he has collected 50 stories from USFS people mainly in the Northwest. It's difficult to find lookouts to talk to since many are afraid to tell their stories since they might lose their jobs. There are fewer lookout jobs now and they do not want to be left "off the list." The main reason he started his research was the naive idea that he would get the US Forest Service to encourage people to report their sightings. The USFS is not quite ready for all this so he got no help or encouragement. 

UFO Experiences and Anomalies as Reported by Forest Fire Lookouts and Forest Workers (2002)
Fire Lookouts See Anomalies (MUJ, June_2003)
Created and wrote the E,/W Chronicles.

The difference in believing and not believing is personal experience.