Mr. Fran Ridge

Fran Ridge is semi-retired but was a PR consultant for Mid-Tech in the 1980's. A 55-year veteran of serious and respected UFO investigation and research, Ridge has investigated hundreds of incidents and researched over 4,000 for his computer database covering the region encompassing Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky & Tennessee.

* 1960-1971 - Headed a subcommittee to the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (1960-1971), which was one of the rapid response teams assigned to the University of Colorado UFO Project in 1968.

* 1970-1995, and 2014 to date - Heads the MADAR Project (Multiple Anomaly Detection & Automated Recording) [UFO detection].

* 1977 - MADAR detected an anomaly at the very same time the WOW Signal was received by SETI in Ohio in August of 1977.

* 1986 - Field Investigator for Dr. J. Allen Hynek's Center for UFO Studies.

* 1989 - As Indiana's MUFON State Director he was in charge of the Indiana Group with its Rapid Deployment Team of over 30 FIs. During his 10-year tenure he trained over 150 FI's. 

* 1994 - Wrote a book describing his research & investigation efforts, "Regional Encounters: The FC Files".

* 1995 - Set up The Lunascan Project, an ETBI (Earth-Based Telescopic Imaging) program to image and study LTPs (Lunar Transient Phenomena). Always interested in the Moon, but never properly equipped, Ridge became interested in a serious look at our nearest neighbor to investigate, among other things, the Hoagland claims and other items he refers to as "fast-walkers". Since 1996, using live and recorded CCD technology, hundreds of hours and many millions of images have been obtained. With the advent of the internet and email, Ridge enlisted the aid of over 200 Lunascan members to fund and operate the project and set up The Lunascan Project website:
One of the most important efforts is to have submittals of lunar anomalies, establish the names of the features and their coordinates, then use a dBase to align them with the Archipov targets of interest.

* 1996 - Re-Discovered the "Blair Cuspids" with the aid of Mike Lomax, Lan Fleming & Mark Corlotto.

* 1996 - The Lunascan Project imaged U092196, something possibly orbiting the Moon, on September 21st.

* 1997 - Research Coordinator & Archivist for the NICAP site which documents, files & preserves chronologically and categorically all the important UFO incidents found in the Air Force Project Blue Book files and other government files.

* 2003 - Set up and coordinates The Nuclear Connection Project.

* 2006 - After a local TV station prompted a re-look at the Mantell Case, Ridge re-opened the case and after a two years his team produced a final report/book entitled, "The Mantell Case: An Anatomy of a Re-Investigation / A 60-Year Cover-Up"

* 2013 - In an effort to produce a work similar to Antonin Rukl's (Near Side) "Rukl Atlas of the Moon", Ridge produced his Ridge Section work "Lunar Far Side Directory", a two-year project..

* 2015 - Drafted a live lunar imaging proposal and mission plan for a project entitled "RIPTILA", an idea for professionals and amateurs to view, study, & record live images of the Moon from a Lagrange Point in lunar orbit.

* 2016 - Located the "Blair Cuspids" area on the 2 meter res images of the Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter.

Contact Information:
Fran Ridge
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