Form: 97 NCPDIR
Date: 22 Dec 2003
From: Francis Ridge, Coordinator
Cat: 10
Distribution: NCP, CE, SHG, Media

Nuclear Connection Project

Subject: UFO "Alters" Navy Polaris Missile Test; Air Force Test Range; Cape Canaveral, Florida; Jan. 10, 1961

The NICAP Report
McClelland Report

Richard Hall:
The documentation was 100% perfect, since we had the technical evaluation report from the Cape on the incident. But after I left NICAP and the files were transferred to CUFOS, I no longer have access to it. Jerry Clark tried to locate the report for me in the NICAP files but couldn't find it. I have a feeling that it was not in the regular files but in a "cover" file under the name of the contractor which was Pan American. Don Keyhoe and I showed the report to several board members who certified its existence. So, I KNOW it's absolutely authentic but can no longer prove it.

Francis Ridge:
The original investigation was conducted by Clark McClelland and his Florida NICAP subcommittee. I contacted him on 10 March 2006 and he provided a brief report. The file mentioned by Dick Hall is still being sought.

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