Part IV


    Appendix A



Redmond Oregon.

Jan. 15, I960



     The following in the original records on file at this facility and is all the information contained in this record concerning UFO sighted September 2, 1959. Taken from log of this date. 1259Z 

     Robert Dickerson Redmond city police reported strange bright light descending rapidly north of the station.   At several hundred feet it stopped and hovered for several minutes.   He drove toward it on the Prineville highway and turned in toward the airport.   At this time the light turned orange and it moved to the northeast of the station very rapidly.   Relocated approximately 10 miles northeast of the station estimated 3000 feet. 1310Z 

     Reported object to Seattle Air Route Control Center.   We continued to observe UFO.   Stayed very steady and projected long tongues of red, yellow and green light.   These tongues of light varied in length and extended and retracted at irregular times. Observed high speed aircraft approaching from southeast.   As aircraft approached UFO took shape of mushroom, observed long yellow and red flame from lower side as UFO rose rapidly and disappeared above clouds estimated 14,000 feet, scattered layer, UFO reappeared south of Redmond approximately 20 miles estimated 25,000 feet.  Seattle Air Route Control Center advised radar contacted UFO at L420Z located 25 miles south of Redmond at 52,000 feet.   No further sightings made at this station. 1511Z

     Seattle Air Route Control Center advised UFO still 25 miles south of Redmond, various altitudes from 6,000 to 52,000 feet. 

L.E. Davis

Chief,  Redmond Air Traffic

            Communication station. 



               (Not printed at Government expense)

       Congressional Record



Extension of Remarks


Hon. Leonard G. Wolf

of Iowa

In the House of Representatives 

          Wednesday, August 31, 1960               

                Mr. WOLF.  Mr. Speaker, under leave to extend my remarks, I include an urgent warning by Vice Adm. R. H. Hillenkoetter, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, that certain potential dangers are linked with unidentified flying objects – UFOs.  Admiral Hillenkoetter’s request that Congress inform the public as to the facts is endorsed by more than 200 pilots, rocket, aviation, and radar experts, astronomers, military veterans, and other technically trained members of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.  Among them are Rear Adm. H. B. Knowles; Col. Joseph Bryan III, U.S. Air Force Reserve; Lt. Col. Jas. McAshan, USAFR; Lt. Col. Samuel Freeman, U.S. Army Reserve, Aviation; Mr. J. B. Hartranft, president, Aircraft Owners Pilots Association; Capt. R. B. McLaughlin, Navy Missile expert; Mr. Frank Rawlinson, physicist, National Aeronautical and Space Agency; Dr. Leslie Kaeburn, space consultant, University of Southern California; former Air Force Maj. William D. Leet, with three officially reported UFO encounters while an Air Force pilot; Frank Halstead, 25 years as curator, Darling Observatory; Rear Adm. D. S. Fahrney, former head of the Navy missile program; Col. R. B. Emerson, U. S. Army Reserve, head of Emerson Testing Laboratories; Prof. Charles A. Maney, astrophysicist, Defiance University; Capt. W. B. Nash, Pan American Airways.

                The “NICAP Report on Secrecy Dangers,” with documented evidence on UFO’s, was first submitted confidentially to me, and to several other Members of Congress, including Senator LYNDON JOHNSON.  In a reply to NICAP, July 6, 1960, Senator JOHNSON stated that he had ordered the staff of the Senate Preparedness Investigating Subcommittee to keep close watch on UFO developments and to report on any recent significant sightings and the Air Force investigations of such sightings.

                Although I have not had time for a detailed study, I believe the conclusions of these experienced NICAP officials should be given careful consideration.  Certainly their sober evaluations should be completely disassociated from the obvious frauds and delusions about UFO’s which unfortunately have been publicized.  The NICAP report is stated to be the result of a 3-year investigation – its conclusions based only on verified visual, radar, and photographic evidence by trained, reputable observers.

                On August 20, 1960, NICAP sent me this following statement to be added to the original report:

                There is a growing danger that UFO’s may be mistaken for Soviet missiles or jet aircraft, accidentally causing war.  Several Air Defense scrambles and alerts already have occurred when defense radarmen mistook UFO formations for possible enemy machines.  NICAP agrees with this sober warning by Gen. L. M. Chassin, NATO coordinator of Allied Air Services:

                “It is of first importance to confirm these objects . . . the business of governments to take a hand, if only to avoid the danger of global tragedy.  If we persist in refusing to recognize the existence of these UFO’s we will end up, one fine day, by mistaking them for the guided missiles of an enemy – and the worst will be upon us.”

                Today, this danger may surpass the one cited in NICAP’s report:  That the U.S.S.R. might spread false rumors that the UFO’s are secret Red devices which have mapped all the U.S. and allied targets and could be used as surprise-attack weapons.  (Some Americans already suspect hidden fear of UFO’s as the reason for secrecy.)

                We are sure you will agree it is imperative to end the risk of accidental war from defense forces’ confusion over UFO’s.  All defense personnel, not merely top-level groups, should be told that the UFO’s are real and should be trained to distinguish them – by their characteristic speeds and maneuvers – from conventional planes and missiles.  This is not in effect today.

                Second, the American people must be convinced, by documented facts, that the UFO’s could not be Soviet machines.

                Certainly every Member of Congress will agree that any such danger of accidental war – even if slight – must be averted in every possible way.  It is also important to prevent any unfounded fear that the UFO’s are secret enemy devices.

                After discussing the subject with colleagues, I am certain that there is a real concern by many Members of Congress.  Without necessarily accepting all the conclusions of the NICAP Board of Governors and technical advisors, we are convinced that a thorough study of the UFO problem should be made.  Pending such action, I believe that publication of the NICAP report will help to reduce the dangers cited by Vice Admiral Hillenkoetter and the other NICAP officials.

                For those Members desiring to do so the previously mentioned confidential report can be obtained upon request at the National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena, 1536 Connecticut Avenue NW., Washington, D.C.


(178) and (179)



FOUNDED IN 1887, Vol., 109, No. 31 

2 UFOs seen hovering here Saturday night 

            A pair of unidentified flying objects, (UFOs) were seen by two California Highway Patrol officers, two sheriffs deputies and many resident Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

            One of the objects was spotted on the radar screen at the Air Force radar station new Red Bluff.

            This morning, however, the lawmen, while reporting fully on the incident, requested that their names not be given.

            And this morning the radar station was considerably more vague than it was Saturday midnight when it confirmed the officers’ report of the object.

            According to the CHP officers, they spotted the first object over Hoag road east of Corning.  They followed it to Vina where they saw it joined by a similar object and then watched as the two objects disappeared quietly below the eastern horizon.

            The officers saw the first objects about 11:50 Saturday night and watched until nearly 2 a.m. Sunday when the UFOs departed.

            During those two hours they saw the first object perform, “aerial feats which were absolutely unbelievable,” and twice scared it away from them with the red light on their patrol car.

Expected Crash

            According to the CHP officers they were eastbound on Hoag road when they first spotted what appeared to be a huge airliner dropping from the sky.  They stopped their patrol car and got out to watch what they were certain was to be the crash of a large airplane.

            Once outside their car the officers were greeted with silence, but concluded that the airliner was falling from the sky without power.  At an altitude which the CHP officers estimated at from 20 to 100 feet, however, the object stopped and then reversed its direction at high speed.  It climbed to about 500 feet and stopped there.

Object Glowed

            The lawmen said that the object was “round or oblong” 



in shape and was surrounded with a glow which made it visible.  It had a red light at each end, and at times as many as five white lights were visible between the red lights.

            After a while the UFO moved again, and “performed aerial feats that were absolutely unbelievable.” The officers reported.

            At this point the lawmen radio’s the sheriff’s office to request that a contact be made by the radar station at the Air Force installation near Red Bluff.  The radar base reportedly confirmed the presence of the “completely unidentified” object.

Scared if off

            As the highway patrolmen watched, the object twice came at them, sweeping the area with one of its “huge” red lights.  The officers reported that they countered by shining the red light of their patrol car on the descending object and it swerved away from them.

            They said that the UFO used its red searchlight six or seven times while they watched.

            About this point the UFO began moving slowly in an easterly direction and the officers jumped back in their car and attempted to follow it.  They sighted it again when they parked near the Vina fire station.

            Here, as they watched, the object was joined by a similar UFO which came from the south.  The second object moved near the first and both stopped.  They remained in that position for some time, the officers said.  Occasionally one or the other would shine its red beam.

            Finally, some two hours after they spotted the first UFO, the officers watched as the two objects moved east and disappeared.

            The report was second such report in less than a week.  Last Monday night, when residents reported hearing two loud sonic booms, two Corning police officers and several residents in the area reported seeing a “ball of fire” in the sky in the direction of Vina.