Part IV


  Appendix F



Panel of Special Advisors



I. Science                                                                              II. Aviation and Missiles

Dr. James C. Bartlett, Jr., Baltimore,                                Capt. C. S. Chiles, Eastern Airlines,

 Md. Astronomer; member Association                           New York, N.Y.

 of Lunar and Planetary Observers.                                 Samuel Freeman, Bedminister, N.J.

Jack Brotzman, Naval Research Laboratory,                     past president, National Aviation

 Washington, D. C., Physicist (electronics).                     Trades Association.

Dr. Robert L. Hall, University of                                       Morton Gerla, Jamaica, N. Y. Aviation

 Minnesota. Social psychologist and                                ordnance; Past Director, N.Y. Chapter,

 Assistant professor.                                                            American Rocket Society.

Frank Halstead, Duluth, Minnesota,                                Capt. Robt. B. McLaughlin, USN,

 Former Curator, Darling Observatory,                              Corona, California. Commanding

 University of Minnesota.                                                    Officer, Naval Ordnance Laboratory.

Dr. Leslie K. Karburn, Los Angeles,                               Capt. William B. Nash, Pan American

 California. Biophysicist, University                                World Airways, Miami,  

  of Southern California.                                                      Florida.

Prof. N. N. Kohanowski, Grand Forks,                            W. R. Peters, Coral Gables, Florida.

 North Dakota. Geologist and Mining                              Former First Officer, Pan American

 Engineer, University of N. Dakota.                                 World Airways.

Frank G. Rawlinson, National Aeronautics                    Major John F. McLeod, USAF Res.,

 and Space Administration.                                               Former Air Force pilot, Civil Air

 Washington D. C. Physicist.                                              Patrol, Jacksonville, Florida.

Kenneth Steinmetz, Denver, Colo.                                   George W. Early, B.S., Aeronautics,

 Astronomer; former head of Denver                              Hamilton-Standard Aviation Co.,

 “Moonwatch” program.                                                    Admin. Engineer, Bloomfield, Conn.

Walter N. Webb, Cambridge, Mass.                                 III. Engineering and Photography

 Chief Lecturer in Astronomy, Charles                            Norman S. Bean, Miami, Florida, Director

 Hayden Planetarium, Boston.                                             of Engineering Development,

                                                                                                 Station WTVJ.

                                                                                                Robert Beck, Hollywood, California.

                                                                                                 President, Color Control Company;

                                                                                                 Electronics, optics, and photography.




Engineering and Photography cont’d                          IV. News and Public Relations

A. L. Cochran, Richardson, Texas                                   James C. Beatty, Rye, N.Y. Public

 Electronics engineer.                                                          Relations; Civil Defense and Ground

Ralph D. Mayher, Cleveland, Ohio.                                 Observer Corps background.

 News photographer, Station HYW.                                 Albert M. Chop, Santa Monica, Calif.

Max B. Miller, Los Angeles, Calif.                                   Former Air Force public information

 Cinematography; Producer of                                          official on UFOs.

 Documentary films.                                                           Lou Corbin, Baltimore, Md. Chief

Warrant Officer, D. C. Newhouse,                                    WFBR News Bureau.

 USN, Coronado, California. Chief                                  Leonard H. Stringfield, Cincinnati,

 Photographer (Aviation).                                                  Ohio. Public relations; Ground Observer

Wilbert B. Smith, Ottawa, Canada.                                    Corps. UFO reporting post.

 Electronics engineer.




NICAP-NYC Affiliate, President, Miss                            Kansas City Affiliate, President

  Miriam Brookman, 100 E. 21st. St.,                                   Arthur H. Campbell, 4923 Troost Ave,

  Brooklyn 26, N. Y.                                                              Kansas City 10, Missouri.

NICAP BLUEGRASS Affiliate, President                       KNOXVILLE NICAP Affiliate, President

  William D. Leet,  808 Security                                          Charles Martin, 1130 Montview

  Trust Building, Lexington, Kentucky.                            Drive, Knoxville, Tenn.




California Unit #1, Los Angeles NICAP,            Indiana Unit #1

   Subcommittee (LANS).                                                     Francis Ridge, Chairman, RR #5,

   Mrs. Idabel Epperson, Vice-Chairman,                           Box 23, Vincennes, Indiana

   3790 S. Harvard Boulevard,                          Indiana Unit #2

   Los Angeles 18, California.                                               Glen E. Zook, Secretary,

Canada, Alberta Unit #1                                                     1106 West 16th St.,

   W. K. Allan, Chairman,                                                       La Porte, Indiana.

   2025-29th Avenue, S. W.,                                       Massachusetts Unit #1,

   Calgary, Alberta.                                                                  Walter N. Webb, Chairman,

Canada, Manitoba Unit #1                                         16 Shepard St., Cambridge 38, Mass.

   William M. Car, Chairman,                                     Minnesota Unit #1             

   174 St. Anthony Ave., Winipeg 4, Man.                         Hub T. Sherman, Chairman,                           

Chile, Santiago Unit #1                                                    9300 11th Avenue South,

   Juan E. Gatica Salinas, Chairman,                                      Minneapolis 20, Minn.

  Casila No. 1, El Golf, Santiago.                       Ohio Unit #1

Illinois Unit #1                                                                      Donald Skiff, Chairman,

   Gary N. Longfellow, Chairman,                                         4119 Eileen Drive,

   212 Longfellow Ave, Alton, Illinois.                                Cincinnati 9, Ohio.

Illinois Unit #2                                                          Washington Unit #1, APRA-NICAP Subcommittee,

   Robert C. Burr, Chairman, 3824                                          Mrs. June Larson, Chairman,

   N. Dayton Ave., Peoria, Illinois.                                        11323 14th Av. N. E. Seattle 55, Wash.