Accounts of phenomena popularly referred to as "flying saucers,” more dignifiedly labeled "unidentified flying objects" or UFOs, con­tinue to persist in the world news. The reports of these strange phenomena of the skies have been attracting public attention for thirteen years and there is apparently no let-up in sight. Although within a given region on earth long lulls between sightings have been noted, during such local lulls, other parts of the world have witnessed extra concentrations of sightings.

            In spite of the persistent reports of their repeated occurrences there appears to be more popular confusion of thought in regard to these phenomena and less understanding of what they are today than when they were first observed and noted in the news. Actually it appears that the great majority of the general public, including the fraternity of scientists themselves, regard reports of UFOs as figments of the imagination, or distorted interpretations of natural phenomena.

            This book in a group of articles by two serious students of these phenomena represents an effort to arrive at the true facts of this subject. Each of the two authors presents his own version and his own interpretation of the phenomena independently of the other. However, it will be noted that their two interpretations have much in common, although arrived at separately.

            Those who thoughtfully read these articles will, of course, come to their own conclusions as to the nature of these reported phenomena. Everyone is deserving of respect for his own opinion, especially so if it is arrived at by serious effort in the evaluation of accessible information. Let it be said, however, that whether he be an average person or whether he even be a Nobel-prize-winning scientist, his opinion should be discounted on any subject outside of his particular interest if he has not taken the trouble to examine seriously and attempt to evaluate a considerable body of facts on that subject.

            To the authors of this book who have devoted much of their time over a number of years in the effort to discover the significance of these reported sightings, these UFOs constitute a real challenge. It is hoped that the contents of this book will awaken others also to accept this challenge and to cooperate in a great effort to solve this problem. If it appears that this planet earth is being visited by intelligence from outer space, then it is obvious that those who reside on this planet should not remain unconcerned about it, as is now the situation generally.

            If this book, composed in sincere effort to arrive at the truth, contributes in moderate measure to the awakening of men's minds to the acceptance of these new realities, it will have satisfactorily accomplished its main purpose.




C. A. M.