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Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2006 12:22:38 +0000 (GMT)
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: Early 1968, Cannon AFB, NM, UFO Sighting Report
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Early 1968

Cannon Air Force Base Object and Light Beam

Date: Early 1968

This report below was told to me by a fellow who had heard this story from one of the Military Security Police Officers who he bunked with at the Cannon Air Force Base at the time of the incident.

The gentleman told me that in 1968 he was a Military Security Police Officer and was stationed at Cannon Air Force Base which is located just outside of Clovis, New Mexico. The man said he was sure that the information he was going to give me was declassified, to a point. He said at that time the base had the only F111 Flight Simulator in the United States Arsenal which was located at the Cannon Air Force Base so they certainly had the Security.

At 1:00 to 2:00 a.m., the Zantop aircraft would be landing. The fellow said the Zantop was in the same line of work that the Air America was in, but the Zantop would carry around classified equipment, for example if some important classified equipment was needed from one of the manufacturers this aircraft was sent out to collect it.

On one particular night in early 1968 glowing objects were spotted beyond the fence line of the base and in the distant perimeter. The staff at the Air Force Base pretty much ignored these lights on the first night, wondering if it was just someone playing around, or not thinking a whole lot about it. On the second night a couple of Military Security Police were up on the flight line when they observed an object above them and as they watched they saw a white beam of light came down from the object. (From the person who is relating this story he said to his understanding the light was attached to the object when first noticed).

The two Military Security Police ended up watching the object leave the vicinity, but the beam of light stayed and moved around the flight line. The Security Police were in a position to challenge the beam of light, and when they came near to it ... it skirted them. The light almost matched the Police Officers moves. The Police challenged the light on three different occasions only to have it move around them.

One of the Police Officers new someone who was in the air traffic control tower at the base, the tower people officially said nothing happened, but unofficially they had observed the entire event. This all took place on the second night.

On the third night after the strange lights were observed around the Cannon Air Force Base the beam of light reappeared and went over towards the building where the F111 Flight Simulator was housed. Around the building was the Base Security and it was reported that the beam of light penetrated the building as it was seen inside. Shortly afterwards the beam of light was gone.

After the three nights of the unusual experiences at the base the men who were with the Base Security and who witnessed all of this were talking about what they had witnessed. Eventually folks from the Internal Security showed up and interviewed all of the Military Security Police Officers who were there. There were approximately 14 or 15 personal (SAT - Security Alert Team) who were involved in this event and who were dispersed thoughout the different Air Force Bases. Only one of the Military Security Police Officers who was a Sgt. remained at the Cannon Air Force Base. Not one of the SAT members failed their duties, they were just moved around to other bases because of the strange phenomena that took place in early 1968. I would guess someone wanted to keep a lid on what happened the best they could.

Thank you to the ex-military man for relating the story for us all to read.

Also again I would really appreciate hearing from any military men and women who have been witness to this event, or to other events of this kind which have taken place over military bases.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research