Form: 97 Report
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 07:19:43 -0600
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Carlyle, Illinois Man Follows Sky Object, April 30, 1971
Cat: 1

Herb Williams, age 36, an Illinois Revenue Officer, followed a round white light for about ten minutes April 30, 1971, then lost sight of it-while trying to contact a witness.

Williams was filling a truck with diesel fuel at the Ready-Mix Plant at 2090 Washington, on the west side of Carlyle, when he saw the object approximately 100 feet above the ground. The night was clear, and the bright object was easily seen. The sighting occurred at 11:50 PM end there was no sound. It moved in a westerly direction at about 10 miles per hour and Williams.said he could have kept up with it by running, but decided to get into his car and follow it.

First seen over the Carlyle fairgrounds, it moved at a mild left angle toward Beckemeyer. On reaching the town, Williams decided to call a friend in the law enforcement agency as he wanted a witness to his observation; but after making the call, the object had disappeared from view.

Its course would have carried it over a railroad crew operating a Speno Bassast machine working between Carlyle and Beckemeyer, and the  railroad crew  reported, on being questioned, that no one had observed the object. This is understandable as they would have been watching the operation of the machinery, and a large cloud of dust surrounded the machine.

Williams said he felt the object was operated by remote control as it seemed to be too small to carry a pilot. Its slow motion resembled that of a balloon, he said, but he thought the intense white light would eliminate that possibility.  Rather than drifting aimlessly, it appeared to be following the railroad track.

Credit: Rosetta Holmes.
Skylook-43, page 6