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UFO incidents with potentially nuclear connections (Category 10) can origionally be any Category class (including distant and close encounters). Those NC cases involving radar are listed as Cat 9 or RADCAT status but are flagged on the DBase as "NC".  DBase entries show both Cat numbers and the NC field flag.

Two MIRV's Simply Disappear During Test
Mid 1980's
Vandenberg AFB, California

Robert Hastings:
Mid-1980's; Vandenberg AFB, California
The Big Sur Incident was not unique, according to another of my ex-U.S. Air Force sources, retired Technical Sergeant John W. Mills III, who was a Minuteman missile targeting team chief at Vandenberg from 1981 to 1985. Recently, Mills informed me that he had once been shown a highly-classified motion picture film of three Minuteman III dummy warheads—formally known as Multiple Independently-targeted Reentry Vehicles, or MIRVs—in flight during a test at Vandenberg in the mid-1980s. As he watched, a "small, white object" seemed to maneuver near the warheads. Inexplicably, only one of those MIRVs successfully splashed down at the target site; the other two simply "disappeared".

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