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Major E-M Case Over Missile Site
June 19, 1966
Nha Trang, Vietnam

Richard Hall:
June 19, 1966; Nha Trang, Vietnam
9:45 p.m. At this active base on the coastline of South Vietnam, soldiers were watching an outdoor movie, made possible by recent installation of six new, independently operated 100-kw diesel-powered generators. A Shell oil tanker lay anchored in the bay, two Skyraider prop planes were warming up on a nearby airstrip, and eight bulldozers were at work on nearby hills. Suddenly the sky to the north lit up, thought at first to be a flare, and then a UFO approached (no descriptive details) alternately moving at high and low speeds. It descended toward the gathered soldiers, stopped dead, and hovered at an altitude of about 300-500 feet. The entire valley and surrounding mountains were illuminated brightly. The generators failed and everything blacked out on the base. The engines of the Skyraiders, the bulldozers, the trucks, the power system of the offshore Shell Oil tanker - everything (including some diesel engines) all failed for about 4 minutes. Then the UFO "... went straight up and completely out of sight in about 2-3 seconds." After the incident, a plane-load of officials from Washington arrived to investigate.

Detailed reports and documents
The Nha Trang, Viet Nam UFO Incident (NICAP Files)
Power Outages: 1966: Nha Trang Incident (Ray Fowler)
articles/UFOs: More Engine Effects [Diesals Too].pdf (James McCampbell, 1985)

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