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  Category 5, Medical Cases 
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A special Hynek Classification of Close Encounter where medical effects are reported.  An incident involving an object usually less than 500 feet from the witness with physiological or psychological effects.  

Falcon Lake/Michalak Encounter
May 20, 1967
Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada

Fran Ridge:
May 20, 1967; Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada
12:00 Noon. This is a UFO close encounter with medical effects, reported  by Stefan Michalak. The story was featured in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.Witness approached landed object, violet light, rushing air sound, voices heard; experienced severe burns on chest, weight loss, and vomiting (Hall, 2001, pp. 209-212; Clark, 1996, pp. 191-200; Craig, 1995, pp. 14-27; Gillmor, 1969 [Condon Report], p. 316, Case 22; Story, 1980, pp. 230-31; International UFO Reporter, Nov.-Dec. 1987, pp. 21- T, 24; Journal of UFO Studies, New Series, Vol. 5, pp. 1-34; Flying Saucer Review, 1981, vol. 27, no. 1,pp. 14-16; FSR, vol. 27 no. 2, pp. 15-18; FSR, vol. 27 no. 3, pp. 21-15; Winnipeg Free Press 5/23/67; The Tribune, Winnipeg, Manitoba 5/22/67).

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