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The Tremonton, Utah / Newhouse Color Film
July 2, 1952
Tremonton, Utah

Fran Ridge:
July 2, 1952; Tremonton, Utah (BBU)
11:10 a.m. Navy photographer Delbert C. Newhouse and his wife, while driving across the state, saw a group of 12-14 shiny silver objects milling around in the sky. Newhouse stopped and retrieved his 16 mm camera and filmed extensive footage of the objects.  He and his wife both reported seeing some of the objects relatively close-up and they were shaped like one plate inverted atop another. When the film was returned to Newhouse following Navy and Air Force analysis, the frames showing the discs close-up had been deleted.

Update 6 May 2012
Fran Ridge:
What Newhouse and his wife saw BEFORE he was able to get the camera out and running, reportedly, were structured objects, described as "gunmetal-colored objects shaped like two saucers, one inverted on top of the other." (*) The Air Force and the Navy, considering Newhouse's credibility, spent considerable time and money on the analyses and to classify the Utah Film as "Secret".  Also noted by the analysts was the absence of any evidence to indicate birds such as fluttering. Air Force & Navy analysis: "Birds and balloons immediately eliminated, within a five mile radius, aircraft could have easily been determined. In excess of five miles the objects were moving faster than aircraft could achieve, except in straightline speed runs." A few years ago I had a telephone interview with Newhouse and he stuck to his story throughout. At the very least this was a good daylight sighting with two witnesses (one very reputable) and good motion picture footage that neither the Air Force, nor the Navy, nor others could logically explain. And, surprisingly, an FBI letter documents the importance placed on this incident. This recently IMCAT-ed version includes the Blue Book documents found in the Project Blue Book Archives.

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