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Cup To Go With The Saucer
Summer, 1953
Muskogee, Oaklahoma

Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos:
Summer of 1953; Muskogee, Oaklahoma
2:00 p.m. The photo was allegedly taken by Mr. XXXXX of Tulsa, Oaklahoma. According to the Air Force report, at 1400 hours he took a photo of a UFO which appeared in the sky on the eastern outskirts of Muskogee, Oaklahoma. (NARA-PBB90-122). [Update: NARA-PBB1-99 below is the June 1953 Sightings list, which includes this photo - V-J]

Fran Ridge:
The "flying cup" photo appears in Max Miller's 1957 monograph, Flying Saucers: Fact or Fiction, Trend Book 145  (1957) (p. 104).  Miller credits August Roberts for the photo. Blue Book listed this photo as a hoax, which it probably was. 
My file copy of the photo has the caption: "Now we have the cup to go with the saucer. No data is available on this photo, therefore its value to the UFO researcher is considered to be quite questionable." Interesting is the fact that there were a number of sightings in Oaklahoma. Five in fact, two of which were with photos. All but one were written off as balloons. One was a searchlite. All but one came from Tinker AFB; the other from Stillwater.

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