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The Ohio Searchlight Incident
August 19, 1949
Norwood, Ohio

Fran Ridge:
August 19, 1949; Norwood, Ohio
Rev. Gregory Miller, in the presence of other witnesses, with the help of Norwood police officers, obtained 16 mm black and white movies of a large disc hovering in a searchlight beam. The disc emitted "two distinct groups of triangular-shaped objects." (CRIFO Newsletter, Vol. I, No. 5, August 6, 1954). One of a series of well-witnessed sightings logged by Army searchlight operator, Sgt. Donald R. Berger. Three 25 foot rolls of movie film were exposed, using a Hugo Meyer F-19-3 camera with telephoto lens; also several still photographs with a Speed-Graphic and 14 inch Wallensach telephoto lens, the best of which were submitted to Time-Life and reportedly never returned. One photograph reproduced in "Inside Saucer Post. . .3-0 Blue," by L. H. Stringfield, Cincinnati, 1957. 

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