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Train Crew Encounters Object & Humanoids
April 20, 1967
Estacion Casalegno, Santa Fe, Argentina

Albert Rosales:
April 20, 1967; near Estacion Casalegno, Santa Fe, Argentina
03:30 a.m. The conductor of a train, Enrique R. Galimberti and another crewmember, saw what appeared to be bright multi-colored lights about 120 meters away from the tracks. Thinking it was a fire Galimberti stopped the train and both armed with fire extinguishers attempted to approach the area. As they approached the area they saw what appeared to be multicolored lights moving around in a circular motion, both then observed behind the light what appeared to be a square metallic object over 3 meters in width and about the same in height. It had several lighted windows around its edge. At the front it had what appeared to be a "rotating wheel" that emitted multicolored flashes of light. Around the object several short humanoid figures were walking about. These were wearing silvery gray shiny uniforms, appeared to be bareheaded and appeared to be carrying what resembled a "rifle" or weapon-type object on their shoulders. At one point the witnesses used the train horn in an effort to elicit any reaction from the figures but there was none. Another railway employee, Salvador Pomidoro reported seeing the square metallic object on the ground in the same location about 15 minutes before. HC addendum (Source: S. von Wurmb, "Hoy" Asuncion Paraguay) Type: C

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