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A Hynek Classification of Close Encounter is usually an incident involving an object less than 500 feet from the witness.  The size of the object,  viewing conditions, or stereoscopic vision (depth perception)  may render the object in greater detail and still qualify the sighting as a Close Encounter even though the object may have been beyond 500'.  The incident depicted in the logo was encountered during an intense storm near Princeton, IN,  Aug. 1973.

Very Close Encounter With C&O Train
October 21, 1977
Fostoria, Ohio

Fran Ridge:
October 21, 1977; 3-1/2 mi N of Fostoria, Ohio
3:20 AM. The engineer by the name of Howard was sitting in his locomotive cab when several box cars had been cut loose and were parked to the S of the switch track to a warehouse. The rest of the cars were being moved into position within the warehouse. He was facing S and noticed what looked to be a shooting star to the W which curved down out of the NW. The light came down in the field toward Route 23 between him and a church. Slowly, at about the speed of a walking man, it came toward him across the field. It was approximately 16 feet off the ground and stopped on the other side of the tracks between 4 and 5 five box car lengths away - 180 to 270 feet. He picked up his radio and called out to his conductor who was about 7 or 8 car lengths down the track, "Donald...come up to the engine." Donald replied by radio and asked what was happening. Howard answered, "Hey, we got a g- d UFO up here." By this time the UFO had moved to within two car lengths of the track. The object was "birthday cake" or disk shaped, about 90 feet in diameter and 45 feet high. It was brightly lit, with banks of 9 vertical "tubes" separated by a dark void space that reflected no light. Short horizonal tubes ran over the top and bottom of these voids. The bottom of the disk could be seen; it appeared like ceramic and was "the color of a common kind of knife sharpening stone...gray with a trace of lavender." No windows, ladders, antenna, or markings of any sort were observed. There was no sound associated with the disk. The disk was slightly tilted and rotating counter-clockwise. Both Howard and Donald used their railroad stop watches twice to time the speed of rotation. The speed was 9 rpm. The object glowed yellow. Blue, electric like energy arcs ran around the disk in a clockwise direction. As the arc touched the tubes, the tubes lit up. When the center of the tubes were touched, the ends lit up. When the ends of the tubes were touched by the arcs, the centers lit up. At one point the tower operator in Fostoria, hearing radio conversation between the three men, called and asked, "Hey, Howard, you got a UFO out there?" Howard replied, "Yes, Merv, we got a UFO up here. He's damn close." Merv then asked, "Do you want the cops up there?" The reply was, "Nol They can't drive up to where we're at. And if they do get here, they'll probably shoot at it. It Isn't hurting anybody. We're playing games with it." Howard turned on his train cab headlight for a two count and then turned It off. The object lit up very bright for a similar period of time and then dimmed down. He turned his light up twice and then turned It off again. The object reacted in-kind and then dimmed down. Testing his engine, a General Motors Model 3900, he increased the output to 1500 amps. The engine worked. The object did not respond. The walkie-talkies worked, as did the base radio on the train. After about 22 minutes the object started spinning faster and faster and got as bright as it had earlier when it responded to Howard's head light signals. Suddenly, without a sound, it took off up and to the NW until it looked like a yellow star. 22 mins. (MORA)

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reports/771021fostoria_reports.htm (Fran Ridge, MORA)

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