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Coal Train Loses Power During CEIII
August 1996
Hay Point, Queensland, Australia

Albert Rosales:
August 1996; Hay Point, Queensland, Australia
3:00 AM. A cigar-shaped craft dropped a cloud of cobweb-like material on a Queensland railway terminus. The incident began when a 12-man work gang, loading coal at the Hay Point facility, downed tools to stare up at a mist-shrouded cigar shaped craft floating above them. As they watched, a cloud of cobweb-like material fell from the UFO. All the equipment immediately malfunctioned and the coal train lost its compressed air. One of the workers, Gary, said: "Near the middle of the cigar was a bubble-like protrusion with rectangular observation windows. I saw shadows standing in the viewports, looking down at the facility. The craft had no wings. At its rear was a bank of what could have been jets. A dull hum came from the UFO---and when it passed directly above us, the radio went wild. Everyone started shouting at once. The next we knew, the craft dropped sheets of cobweb-like substance. When they tried to touch the stuff it turned into a watery liquid. After a minute or so, the thing flew away. The train still had no compressed air and they had to recharge it before work could go on." HC addendum Source: John Pinkney, "Australia's Strangest Mysteries, # 2"    Type: A

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