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Updated: 12/16/2014
There are over 4,000 incidents involving sightings from aircraft which have been documented (Haines). And although this page is under construction, it contains many of the best and most important cases. The more recent events were taken from UFO Evidence II (Hall). Just a few. If you find an important case that is NOT listed, please email me at:

Incidents involving Distant Encounters (Cat 1), Close Encounters (Cat 2),  E-M (Cat 3),  Animal Effects (Cat 4),   Medical Effects (Cat5),  Trace Cases (Cat 6),  Entities (Cat 7),  Photographs (Cat 8),  Radar (Cat 9), and Radiation Cases (Cat 10), are listed on their appropriate pages at  Evidence By Categories.  

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Other Information
Review Of Selected Sightings From Aircraft From 1973-1978 - Dr. Richard F. Haines (1979)
Review Of Selected Sightings From Aircraft From 1942-1952 - Richard F. Haines (1983)
Fifty-Six Aircraft Pilot Sightings Involving E-M Effects - Richard F. Haines  (1992)
Category 11 - Sightings From Aircraft - Bibliographic Database
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Comprehensive Catalog of 1,500 Project BLUE BOOK UFO Unknowns - Brad Sparks
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