Category 2 - Close Encounters
Objects Within 500' *

NICAP Sighting Information Database - Sightings Listed as Category 2
Close encounters are normally described as incidents where the object is within 500' of the witness(es). However, we have included cases where the size or viewing conditions allow stereoscopic vision of a superstructure. Incidents involving Distant Encounters (Cat 1), E-M (Cat 3), Animal Effects (Cat 4), Medical Effects (Cat5), Trace Cases (Cat 6), Entities (Cat 7), Photographs (Cat 8), Radar (Cat 9), Radiation (Cat 10), or Sightings From Aircraft (Cat 11), are listed on their appropriate pages at Special Evidence by categories. However, many classic Close Encounters are also listed on this page. If you find an important case that is NOT listed, please email me at:

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