Category 7 - Entity Cases
Humanoid Encounters

Francis Ridge:
Entity cases are usually associated with Close Encounters of the Third Kind (CE-III), but many are humanoid reports indirectly related to UFOs. If you find an important case that is NOT listed, please email me at:

The most recent addition to this directory is the premier issue of the JAR (Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research).. See link below which also has the free first issue and subscription information on future issues.

The Air Force Academy textbook chapter gives the description of UFO occupants by Zamora, the Hills and many others who have observed occupants near landed UFOs. One portion of the text states:

"The most commonly described alien is about three and one-half feet tall, has a round head (helmet?), arms reaching to or below his knees, and is wearing a silvery space suit or coveralls. Other aliens appear to be essentially the same as earthmen, while still others have particularly wide (wrap-around) eyes and mouths with very thin lips. And, there is a rare group reported as about four feet tall, weight of around 35 pounds, and covered with thick hair or fur (clothing?). Members of this last group are described as being extremely strong."

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