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Photos, Films, Videos of UFOs

Updated: March 1, 2014
Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos is the #1 authority on UFO photos and is a primary consultant to the NICAP project.
Since year 2000, Mr. Ballester Olmos owns and manages the FOTOCAT Project. It is aimed to develop a computerized database and material archive for world-wide UFO sightings where pictures, films or videos have been taken. Today, it has become the largest databank of photographic cases in the world. As of March 1, 2014, FOTOCAT maintains 11,550 entries in the computer-based catalog. It is complemented with an immense file of individual folders containing all gathered documentation for every event, as well as archives for both analog and digital imagery. For information purposes on the project’s progress, Mr. Ballester Olmos releases a ~quarterly bilingual (English and Spanish) news report in the form of the UFO FOTOCAT BLOG:  Information on photographic cases can be submitted to Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos at

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