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Chelsea, Oklahoma
February 18, 1974

Animal Reaction Feature:
A dog apparently heard a low altitude object and, frightened, ran yelping toward the house.  At the same time, the witness saw a flat-bottomed oval-shaped object a couple of hundred feet overhead and noted a very high-pitched sound that was audible when the object was directly overhead.  The witness thought the sound hurt the dog’s ears.

Cattle, described as excited, got through a barbed-wire fence when the object was nearby.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
Clay Knight, age 42, dairyman and graduate of Oklahoma State University, was 300 yards from his barn at 5:15 am on an overcast morning with a storm approaching.  His dog ran yelping to the house, appearing frightened.  At this time, Knight saw an orange-red blinking light on the bottom of an object 50-75 yards over his head.  Knight, also frightened, ran to his house, and the object followed him remaining directly overhead.  When directly over his head, Knight could hear an eerie, high-pitched sound, and he thought his dog had run from it because the sound hurt its ears. 

The object was the size of a small bedroom, flat on the bottom, and rounded off or oval shaped on the top.  It was twice as wide as it was high and had an orange-red blinking light on the bottom.

Knight later walked out to his pond and saw the light out in a pasture, where it dropped below a small hill. An hour and a half later, it moved straight up, and it had a shiny tin color as it was departing.

No EM effect or physiological effect reported.

Mr. Knight was interviewed by telephone by Walter Andrus, Jr., on February 25, 1974.

Source: Skyhook #77, April 1974, p. 20.


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