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July 25, 1946
The Baker Blast

Created: December 18, 2006, updated June 23, 2013
 "Strange Company,  presents one of the greatest wartime mysteries, one that has been shrouded in ignorance for more than sixty years. And it suggests that while an immense twentieth century war was raging on Earth, there appeared to be someone, or something, from somewhere else, watching us." - Keith Chester (Ref. 1)

This report is a listing of UFO incidents that occurred in 1946, a year after the end of WWII and the bombing of Hiroshila and Nagasaki in 1945. These entries  were derived from three major sources: 1) Strange Company (2007), Keith Chester; 2) the Magonia Database, sightings catalogued by Jacques Vallee and presented in his great work, Passport to Magonia, and,  3) The UFO Evidence, 1964, Richard Hall. American states are abbreviated with two letters, the same practice used in all other chronologies. The words "United States" are used where the reader might, in some cases, get confused amid the many foreign sightings. All of these entries will be listed on the NICAP Database.

For helping me produce this very comprehensive listing, we  must give our thanks, in particular, to Keith Chester, who made most of the 1939-1946 incidents available from his blockbuster new book, "Strange Company". Soon to be entered is the complete collection of reports from the P-47 website files, generously provided by Jan Aldrich. Also, to be added will be reports from Richard Hall's, "From Airships to Arnold: A Preliminary catalogue of UFO Reports in the Early 20th Century (1900-1946)". Last, but not least, and thanks to Jean Waskiewicz for getting these incidence into the ever-growing NICAP Database.

The paper, The Ghost Rockets, Guided Missiles and UFOs: A Tangle of Fear - 1937-53, by Joel Carpenter is an excellent source of information.

Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator

Jan. 31, 1946; nr Bridgeton, New Jersey
2:23 p.m. Radar and flying boats otherwise unspecified, reported an unidentified object in the air 40 miles SE of Philadelphia detected near Bridgeton.  Flying boats sent to check with no result. Blamed on unusual cloud formation. (Aldrich, Philadelphia [PA] Enquirer  1 February 1946)

April 25, 1946; Anima-Nipissing Lake, five miles west of Latchford, Ontario, Canada
Don Cameron, his wife, and their children were on the lake, cutting a channel for their boat, they saw between 12 to 14 small, disk-shaped objects come down at a 45-degree angle a mere 75 feet in front of them. Appearing to be about twice the size of a dish, the objects jumped on and off ground of height of two feet, spinning in the ice [Note: The previous sentence is incomplete in thought.-CF-]. The family all watched. As Don Cameron walked toward them, they rose at the same angle and shot off through trees on a nearby ridge without touching the branches. The objects left black marks on the snow and ice. Queried about this, filter officials stated the date and circumstances corresponded to those of similar reports from various parts of the country. Cameron said the objects descended in a chain ­ "making a rattling sound." They had reported it to no one at the time. Cameron stated: "I couldn't see any windows on the flying saucer. It was circular but changed to disk shape according to the angle it was seen from."... "We looked at it for two hours and are certain it was no figment of the imagination," he concluded. (Aldrich, Feindt, CUFOS)

April 25,1946; 5 mi. west of Latchford, Ontario, Canada
7:45 p.m. Tom Cameron, 24, and a neighbor, Bob Cole, 28, were just back from cutting ice on Anima-Nipissing Lake when they watched a mysterious object for two hours with binoculars and the naked eye as it played pranks in the night skies. The men were sitting in a shack by the lake when they saw a big, circular flare of light in the eastern sky. Above the treetops it shone green, red, and blue. Through the binoculars the object, which they saw was solid, appeared about three feet in diameter. It shot up and down noiselessly and across the skies at terrific speeds "far in excess of those of a jet plane." The saucer never went overhead, but went as high as 80 degrees above the horizon.  (Aldrich, Feindt, CUFOS)

May 1946; Angelholm, Sweden
At twilight while walking home, a prominent industrialist saw a light in the woods and went to investigate. He saw a disc with dome and oval windows on the ground. Around it were about 11 beings with transparent helmets and uniform-like clothing apparently working on the craft. Later he saw the craft take off emitting bright red light, then speed away. Burned grass and other trace marks were found at the site.  (Ref. 3; Flying Saucer Review, March-April 1972.)

May 1946; LaGrange, Florida
A Navy gunnery and radar officer observed a dark elliptical object which moved slowly overhead, disappearing in a cloud bank. [NICAP UFO Evidence, 1964, Hall, I]

May, 1946; Lagrange, Florida
Forenoon. LTJG Andrew A Titcomb, gunnery and radar officer on terminal leave reported a dark elliptical object moving slowly east to west at about 1000 feet disappearing in clouds. (Aldrich, Hall 2, page 6)
Swedish Defense Minister said:

"The first reports of strange phenomena over the country began to come in to the press and military authorities at the end of May, 1946.  By the end of July hardly a a day went by in succession without a large number of  reports from various parts of the country. A similar increase occurred again at the beginning of August. In between the frequency of reports has been relatively low and during September fell to about a single case a day." (UFOs A History 1946, 73)

July ??, 1946; Indian River Inlet, Delaware
Dusk. Two high school students (names not known) reported that a disc came up from the water, turned and descended back into ocean. (Carl Feindt, Reference: Irene McDonald, Delaware MUFON; UFOCAT PRN ­ 123407)

July 10, 1946; Sweden
11;10 p.m. UFO: crashed or landed in water. (Feindt Case #52. Reference: AFU Sweden, #G054 [Archives for UFO Research ­ Sweden & Scandinavia], News clip, UFOCAT PRN ­ 138534)

July 18, 1946; Southeastern Norway
Bt. 12 and 12:30 p.m. A "ghost rocket" crashed into Lake Mjøsa. Several witnesses observed a V1-like object coming in low from the west at about 50 meters height. The witnesses first heard a strong whistling sound, not exactly like that associated with known aircraft. The object flew so low as to cause the trees to sway. It impacted in Lake Mjøsa about two kilometers from the western shore and seven kilometers from Minnesund, where the depth is 300-400 meters. It was cigar-shaped, about 2.5 meters long, with about one meter-long wings placed one meter behind the nose. The front and back parts were shining like metal, but the middle section including the wings was dark. The wings seemed to flap a little, as if made of fabric. No fire, exhaust, or light was seen. When it hit the lake, the water splashed several meters into the air. There was no explosion.

July 19, 1946; Sweden
Only fifteen minutes before the Kölmjärv crash, 11-year old Kurt Larsson from Storbäcken, 20 km north [of] Överkalix, was frightened by an object that hit the small Lake Kattistjärn (23 km NE of Kölmjärv) where he was angling. A roaring sound was heard from above and seconds later a 10-15 meters tall column of water raised in front of him, but no sound of an explosion. It was a very strange sound, as if the wind was blowing very hard in the trees, Kurt Larsson remembers 38 years later. But it  was too loud, and the trees weren't moving. Suddenly something hit the water with a splashing sound 150 meters in front of him, but he never had a chance to see what it looked like. When the military arrived two days later they made it clear that this was not a thing that Kurt should discuss in public. No further investigation was ever made of the lake. Five meters of mud prevented the divers from searching. (Clas Svahn and Anders Liljegren, “The Kölmjärv Ghost Rocket Crash Revisited,” AFU Newsletter 27, pp. 4-5. Telephone interview, Oct. 7, 1984.; UFOCAT URN ­ 151514 AFU Sweden [Archives for UFO Research ­ Sweden & Scandinavia], # 027)

July 19, 1946; Lake Kolmjarv, Sweden
11:45 a.m. Two witnesses were hay-making by the leaning shores of Lake Kölmjärv. All of a sudden a humming sound was heard from the sky.  They spotted a rocket-like device diving towards the lake. They watched the two meters long, ashen-gray projectile falling into the water about 1.5 km away, near the south-western shore of the lake. A tall column of water emerged and was soon followed by yet another cascade.  That it was a solid object of that he was sure. The object was two meters long and had a snub nose, while the stern was pointed. He thought there were a few small wing-like protrusions on the side, but he wasn't sure. .[See more detailed report] (Carl Feindt)

July-August, 1946; Sweden
"Ghost rocket" sightings. [NICAP UFO Evidence, 1964, Hall, X]

Aug. 1, 1946; near Tampa, FL
Puckett case, military incident.

Aug. 1946; N. of Chicago, Illinois
Daytime ? Charles A. Johnson working in motor pool awaiting discharge at Great Lakes Naval Training Center. After driving an officer to Chicago.was returning on Route 41 along Lake Shore when he saw 3 silver discs moving E to W.  Objects were in triangular formation. (Aldrich, Letter to CUFOS)    

Aug. 1, 1946; Florida
Observation of cigar-shaped UFO by Air Corps transport pilot. [NICAP UFO Evidence, 1964, Hall, III] 

Aug. 13, 1946; Denmark
Afternoon. A group of Danish boy scouts observed a rocket-like object rnoving at great velocity at the height of 500 meters. The scouts declared that the object had srnall side wings and fins. A blue-white light streamed from the bottorn. It was believed to be radio controlled since it suddenly curved from its original course by 35 degrees and shortly after that resumed its original course. (UFOs A History 1946, 43)

Aug. 14, 1946; Bt. Malingsbo and Krylbo, Sweden
10:02 a.m. Two witnesses flying a SAAB B-18 bomber on a navigational training flight at 200 meter altitude observed a cigar-shaped object described as 1 meter wide by 15 meters long. (Credit: John Schuessler; AFU Newsletter, Issue 44, Sept. 2002)

Aug. (late) 1946; Oklahoma City, OK
Disc-shaped craft with windows, humanoid figures visible inside, hovered at low altitude. After about 1-1/2 minutes the object rotated, then sped away disappearing in seconds.  (Ref. 3; Case summary by Ted Bloecher, 14 pages. Interviews by Bloecher, Lucius Farish, and Mildred Higgins.)

Sept. 1, 1946; Along coast of Ancona, Italy
Time ??. Some fishermen reported to have seen a fireworks phantom, a big and mysterious projectile that fell into the sea, throwing up a considerable cloud of vapor. The hypothesis given by newspapers of the period is that it had been a V-type German rocket launched from a base in Yugoslavian territory. (Carl Feindt, CISU Case: 143, Original Source: "Svenska Dagbladett" Stoccolma del 04/09/1946; "Giornale d'Italia" del 03/09/1946)

Sept. 22, 1946; Florence, Italy
3:15 a.m. One rocket seen flying over Florence, was distinctly discerned changing direction in the air. Object was visible for 90 seconds. The thing made. an abrupt turn in the sky over Florence and then sped south toward Rome. This rnaneuver convinced observers the object was not a meteor. 316. As a result of the forementioned sightings, the Italian government ordered an investigation. 317  (UFOs A History 1946, 69)

Oct 1946; Paterson, New Jersey
A horseback rider observed a silent, slow moving bluish white light.  The horse she was riding, normally calm and docile, became extremely nervous and reared. The witness wondered if the horse heard something that the witness’s ears could not hear. The object was estimated to be at an altitude of 300-500 feet over a mountain about 5 miles away [The two locations mentioned are closer to 3 or 4 miles apart—jw]. The horse and rider were on an elevated area overlooking the city of Paterson.  (Woodward)

Dec. 30, 1946; Morro Bay, California
5:35 p.m. Miss ??? [Ella]Young and a friend were on high ground that curves southwards from Morro Bay. The sun had just gone down when, suddenly, a dark object appeared in the sky. It came forward and grew more distinct. On the golden sky it looked very black. It came forward head-on and had a bat-like appearance, owing to the curvature of its wings. She wasn't sure if there were motions at the extreme tip of the wings; but the strange machine seemed to stand still for several minutes, and its form was very distinct. Suddenly, it either lowered itself towards the horizon, or the bank of cloud-mist made an upward movement (maybe both movements occurred) for the machine passed behind the cloud and did not reappear. Immediately afterwards, a great flush of color spread over the sea." (Carl Feindt, UFOCAT PRN - 11431, Flying Saucers on the Attack by Harold T. Wilkins, p. 44, © 1954; Fran Ridge, Mike Tarbell.)

Ref. 1, Strange Company (2007), Keith Chester

Ref. 2, Project 1947 files, Jan Aldrich

Ref. 3; From Airships to Arnold: A Preliminary catalogue of UFO Reports in the Early 20th Century (1900-1946)" by Richard H. Hall, UFO Research Coalition, 2000.


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