The 1973 UFO Chronology
A World-Wide Wave


Charles Hickson (42) & Calvin Parker (19) in 1973
Oct. 11, 1973, a most memorable abduction
Map of sightings for 1973, courtesy of Larry Hatch's "U" Database (Pending)

Released: April 15, 2007; updated 10 April 2022
This is a 35-page chronology of UFO incidents and events for 1973, a major, world-wide sighting wave
. Our thanks for these chronologies must go to our documentation team: Richard Hall (the original 1973 chronology from UFOE II), William Wise (Project Blue Book Archive), Dan Wilson (archive researcher), Brad Sparks (Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns), and Jean Waskiewicz (online NICAP DBase [NSID]), and Michael Swords.

In January of 1973 I was transferred from Hillsboro, Illinois to Mt. Vernon, Indiana, and set up the UFO Filter Center to log UFO reports in the Midwest for the MADAR (UFO detection) Project. The states included in the study were: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. Therefore this chronos is probably more comprehensive for those states. Most of the NL (nocturnal light) cases that I logged from the UFO Filter Center calls were not used in this chronos, so what you see are the more notable cases. Here is a sample of one of the message slips hastily completed regarding a sighting that COULD have been of value had it been investigated, but I was unable to get enough information..

As evidence for the nuclear connection continued to mount, world-shaking events were taking place which led to the Arab/Israeli War, fought from October 6 to October 26. The war had far-reaching implications for many nations.

The 1973 sighting wave was concentrated in the last half of the year, and featured the largest number of humanoid occupant sightings in many years. Several abductions were reported during this period (see Section XIII, UFOE II). The sightings peaked in mid to late October, with October 17 representing perhaps one of the most extraordinary single days for "high-strangeness" cases in UFO history (see Section XII). Dr. Richard Haines provided this Table 1, 116,   Table 1, 117  of aircraft incidents in 1979 (Ref. 8).

Note: In regard to Humanoid Reports, there doesn't appear to be any cases as solid as a military radar-visual triangulation case, nor any military multiple-witness incidents, nor any humanoid cases involving radar-visual tracking, or where any astronomers or PhD scientists have seen humanoids and UFO's? It is important for us to list them, however, but only those incidents where UFOs were observed at the time or supporting evidence warrants.

Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator

The 1973 UFO Chronology

Jan. 1, 1973; Osorno, Chile
Disc with green lights and flashing, red light flew over car, engine restarted. (Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 19, No. 3, see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 55 [E] car)

Jan. 2, 1973; Santa Ana, CA
At least eight witnesses observed a large oval-shaped object with a dome on top hovering over the town. Witnesses reported that at times the object appeared to hover as low as two hundred feet from the ground. One witness said an object resembling a large amber-colored meteor sped through the evening sky then suddenly dropped straight down and hovered above telephone wires at 200 to 400 feet. The witness described the object as metallic silvery gray in color, elliptical in shape like two "saucers fastened rim to rim." A wide band of brilliant amber light encircled the middle, said the witness. The entire thing spun like a child's top. After hovering for about seven seconds, the object sped towards the southwest at terrific speed. As the object started to move away a hum like an electric generator could be heard. Some witnesses reported three distinct bands of color encircling the object and two antennae angling out from the dome. These same witnesses also reportedly observed a rectangular door on the bottom. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, April 1973, pages 3, 4)

Jan. 15, 1973; South China Sea
Bt. 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. The U.S.S Maunakea, an ammunitions boat designated AE22, docked at sea with the U.S.S. Oklahoma City to hand over its arsenel of nuke tipped missiles to the Oklahoma. Witness was on the Maunakea loading nukes with a forklift on deck. Car-sized orb approached to within 10 feet of witness. [See details at link]. (MUFON, Robert Spearing)

January - February 1973; Cherokee County, S.C.
Police in Cherokee County received so many UFO sighting reports that they stopped sending cars out to investigate. The sightings according to police have been in the hundreds. The objects being spotted by county residents have been described as "cylindrical, cigar-shaped," "triangular," and "round like a saucer with a cabin on top." By the end of February, according to police UFO watching had become so popular that on one night more than 50 cars were parked along the side of a road in the county in hopes of catching a glimpse of the object. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, April 1973, page 3)

Feb., 1973; Wood River Junction, RI
Day after day, week after week numerous residents claim that they have seen a "huge bright white light," moving slowly above their community. More than 250 people have reportedly seen the object since it was first sighted in February. The UFO has been observed by many residents hovering soundlessly at tree at tree-top level for minutes at a time before disappearing. Many have claimed the object is huge, with estimates ranging from "bigger that a car" to 1/2 the size of a house. A number of the sightings according to local reports have occurred near the United Nuclear Corp. plant located nearby. United Nuclear operates a waste reclamation plant. Witnesses to these sightings have reported observing what appear to be military aircraft searching or patrolling the area following UFO sightings. Thomas Gariepy, a reporter for the Providence Evening Bulletin, is among those residents who have observed a UFO in recent months. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, May 1973, page 2)

Feb. 1973; Norah Head, NSW, Australia
12:45 AM. A couple was parked near a kiosk. The nearest streetlight began acting up, dimming off, then on, and back again, cycling like this until it had diminished to a faint glow. Then, beyond some trees in the general direction of the light, they saw a bright "ball" rise. It was golden colored and the apparent size of the full Moon. It hovered. It began to change colors, sliding through the spectrum from gold to orange to deep red. The couple's curiosity got them to decide to drive nearer the Ball; but to their consternation, they could not get the car to function. Only the headlights worked, and that just barely, at a low dull level. Frightened now, they decided to wait in the car for the Ball to leave. Then, small, red, glowing balls ejected from the larger object, and sailed forward and dropped down behind the trees. The Ball then rose slightly and began to move away. When it disappeared, the streetlight returned to normal function, and the car was able to be started. The couple left the scene without looking any further into the area. (Mike Swords; Source: "Two similar cases on the Central Coast N.S.W." [the title refers to a second case at Norah Head later on June 8, 1975 wherein a large light emitted smaller ones which then allegedly "attacked" witnesses], ACOS Bulletin, September 1976; and UFOIC Newsletter #48, 1976. [case researcher in this was Australian "ace" UFOlogist, Bill Chalker].)

Feb. 2, 1973; Ohura Beacon (area), Auckland, New Zealand
2:02 a.m. Intense blue-white light paced airliner for 20-25 seconds, navigation instruments malfunctioned (UFOE II, Section III). Table 1, 116, Captain Peter Telling, flying a Grand Commander aircraft at a altitude of 10,000 ft over the Ohura Beacon area thought he had a fire in his starboard engine. His flight position was 157° radial from Ohura Beacon. About 30 yards from the aircraft was a ball of intense bluish-white light, much like a welding arc, that was 20 to 20 feet in diameter, and stayed with his aircraft for about 20 to 25 sec. The Automatic Direction Finding Compass, and both the gyroscopic compass and magnetic one, went haywire and spun at a speed of about 12 revolutions per minute. All directional equipment remained non-functional until he passed over the Wanganui area. The ADF needle rotating aimlessly, the magnetic compass screwed up (not reliable) and needles rotated several rpm for some time. The VOR stayed locked on the source. (Source : NARCAP Case 32, Dr Richard F. Haines files)

Feb. 4, 1973; Kimba, S. Australia
9:50 PM. A couple was driving on a rural highway and the driver noticed something that he couldn't make sense of, off to his right. He noted this to his lady friend and she saw it, too, but not quite as clearly. What they didn't know was that two other drivers, one just ahead of them and one coming by shortly later [10pm] saw the same thing. What was it? Summarizing the four witnesses reports, what was off in the nearby field was a "window of orange light". The "window" [or would "doorway" be a better label?] was ten feet high and five feet wide and definitely rectangular.[i.e. it had a firm outline]. Within this lightform was a figure of a humanoid, bright white light in color, with no depth of dimension being seeable. [one must keep in mind that all the observers looked at this only briefly as they drove by]. The driver of the first-mentioned car described the figure as wearing a white "spacesuit" and floating in the middle of the light-doorway. His girlfriend got less of a view and described what she saw as a white blob inside an orange rectangle. The truck driver, who came afterwards, saw a orange-colored "caravan-doorway" without the caravan, and a white figure in the middle of it. The earlier driver said he saw a "glow of light, orange in color, rectangular in shape". He didn't see a figure. When Keith Basterfield investigated the case shortly thereafter he and the constable, to whom all this had originally been reported, went to the location and could find no "entry" or "exit" tracks to indicate that any vehicles or whatever had been there. Basterfield, an excellent UFO researcher, was completely flummoxed by this unusual encounter, particularly given the independence of the witnesses, and the lack of any ground markings at the site. [Commentary (Michael Swords): this is a spectacular instance of a small set of incidents where the witnesses see not a craft, but what more seems like a "window" or a "doorway" through which something "elsewhere" is seen, or conceivably could come through. Witnesses in these cases are often struck by the two-dimensionality of the space that they see as the boundary area, as if an opening had occurred in that location from another place. We, of course, don't know whether that interpretation makes sense, but it is a "simple" interpretation of what the witnesses say. (Mike Swords. Sources: Keith Basterfield. "near Kimba South Australia: Four People in Three Vehicles Report Orange Rectangle with Figure Inside, on Side of Deserted Road", case monograph report, 24pp., no date [CUFOS files]; and Keith Basterfield. "Strange Affair on the Kimba Road", Flying Saucer Review Case Histories #18, February 1974.)

Feb. 8, 1973; Conejo, CA
Youths photographed disc-shaped object, analysis supported authenticity (UFOE II, Section VII).

Feb. 8, 1973; Pana, IL
Evening. Three boys reported they saw an orange ball coming out of the west. When they turned off their car lights, almost at once the object seemed to turn off its lights. Ten minutes later they saw it again, moving to the north. (SL-66,16)

Feb. 9, 1973; St. Albans, UK
Bright yellow sphere hovered low over road, engine restarted by itself when UFO departed. (Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 19, No. 2; See Rodeghier, 1981, p. 56 [E] car)

Feb. 12, 1973; England
Table 1, 116,

Feb.14, 1973; McAlester, OK
Disc with dome maneuvered around DC-8 aircraft, confirmed by airborne radar. Shadowy figures seen in dome (UFOE II, Section III).

Feb. 21, 1973; Elsinore, MO
Evening. Six witnesses reported a close encounter with an object with a row of lights, hovering at 50' altitude. (Reggie Bone incident) (Rutledge, PID,6)

March 1, 1973; Saylors Lake, PA
There were 42 objects with flashing lights observed by multiple witnesses during a three-hour period. The sightings occurred over  a small lake-side community located in eastern Pennsylvania, near the New Jersey border. At least a dozen witnesses, including a state trooper, observed the objects passing over the lake, with one witness counting 39 objects before the evening ended. Trooper Jeffery Hontz, sent to the town to investigate, said he observed four objects pass over the lake from west to east. "'But don't ask me what they were," he said, "it was like a Christmas tree flying in the air." The objects, he said were flying at an altitude of 1,500 feet. Most had white lights, said Hontz, but others had red or blue lights. Mrs. Howard Pfeiffer said she and 11 other residents saw 39 objects -- some in groups pass over the lake at 15-minute intervals between 7:25 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. She said the round objects were about the size of a "child's wading pool". Mrs. Pfeiffer, one of the major witnesses, discounted the theory put forth by some that the objects were planes. "The first one came so close I felt I could reach up and touch it," she said. "There was no noise, no sparks, or anything. I know it wasn't any plane or balloon or helicopter." (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, April 1973, page 1)

March 7, 1973; City not noted, SC
Photograph taken (?). No photo, details or source.

March 1973; E. PA
A major UFO "wave" apparently hit a three-county area of eastern Pennsylvania. Mostly round and oval lighted objects were reported. On March 20th Bushkill Township Police Chief Harold Kostenbader reportedly observed three objects himself. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, May 1973, pages 1, 4)

March 15, 1973; Milton, PA
Police reportedly were swamped with calls regarding a "giant ball" which moved quickly across the evening sky from east to west. According to one witness, the object looked like a lighted helicopter dome. At one point, he said, he observed the object make a 90-degree turn to avoid a crash with what appeared to be an airplane. As the evening progressed, several other Milton residents reported similar sightings, according to police. A spokesman at a local Air Force base, when asked about possible sighting reports, said no records were kept of such reports and local Air Force personnel were not on the alert for such sightings. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, August, 1973, page 3)

March 22, 1973; Grand Tower, IL
9:15 p.m. Object approximately 1,500' high hovered over power plant. Witness estimated the object's size at 25' in diameter (250 yards away). He described the object as a ring of lighted panels or windows with definite spacing between windows, each emitting pulsating light varying from a dark red-to-orange-to-white sequenced in a clockwise rotation like a theater marquee. Witness said the object was doughnut-shaped, or more like a wedding band, since only the lighted panels were visible. (Newsclipping, SL66,7)

April 1-8, 1973; Los Angeles Basin, CA
At least 16 sightings of round or egg-shaped objects (UFOE II, Section VIII).

April 6, 1973; Charleston, MO
Mrs. Dorothy Thompson saw an egg-shaped object at treetop level after her TV set went off and on, and she saw a bright flash of light in her kitchen.

April 6, 1973; Ellsinore, MO
At 11:30 a.m. a domed disc-shaped object with portholes and landing gear came down and landed in the woods four miles west of Ellsinore, Missouri. At the landing site were found three holes in the ground arranged in a triangle pattern, and some damaged foliage. (Sources: Ted Phillips, Physical Traces Associated with UFO Sightings, case 541; BUFORA Journal, December 1973; Richard Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty Year Report, p. 263).

April 10, 1973; City not noted, RI
A woman driving along US highway 1 in southern Rhode Island saw a reddish-orange object move toward her car, then pass directly overhead. He car lights dimmed and the engine faltered. The object was estimated to be 42 feet in diameter, and was surrounded by a green haze. (Source: Donald R. Todd, APRO Bulletin, May-June 1973, p. 9).

April 12, 1973: SE of Piedmont, MO
10:30 p.m. Orange ball of light observed from Cessna 150 at 2500'. OBOL (orange ball of light) appeared on slope of Clark's Mountain, disappeared when a/c turned toward it. Simultaneously identical light appeared to the right. When a/c banked again, the object shot straight up. (Rutledge) (PID,15)
Table 1, 116

April 12, 1973; Farmington, MO
10:30 p.m. A BOL (ball of light) was chased by Piper Cherokee, same night as Piedmont incident. (PID,18)

April 15, 1973; Bt. Manor & Penn, PA
During the late afternoon on the road between Manor and Penn, Pennsylvania twelve witnesses saw a disc-shaped object, between 35-60 feet in diameter, that came within 70 meters of a car, causing the car's headlights to dim. During the night of April 15-16 more than a dozen witnesses reported observations of UFOs in the area of Penn and Manor, Pennsylvania, near the larger town of Jeanette. Among these was the report of a single witness who was driving near the Manor, Pennsylvania Power plant at 10:55 p.m. when he observed a large glowing object over the nearby railroad tracks. It was just above the trees, and the light from the object illuminated the immediate area with an intense white color. The witness pulled over to the side of the road and got out for a better look. The object, no more than a hundred yards away, was about 400 yards west of the power plant and approximately 10 feet above the trees. The object itself was completely illuminated but apparently solid in construction and about three car lengths in size. It had a dome like structure on top, which was the same bright color as the rest of the object. Around the main section were 2 or 3 rows of multi-colored lights, or square windows. One was whitish, the next red, and the third a blue or green hue. From the left side of the UFO a line or cord extended some 30 yards, and at the end of the cord floated a human form some eight to ten feet tall, similar to the "Apollo astronauts walking in space". It was of a purple or orange color. The witness did not see the humanoid form retracted into the UFO; rather it disappeared like "a string of lights." The witness had left his lights on and engine running when he got out of his vehicle, and he noticed that the headlights had dimmed to the strength of a weak flashlight. When the object departed, the headlights came back on as bright as before. The object made a high-pitched sound "like a spinning top" when it departed. "You could hear the trees blowing" as it went over them. The encounter lasted three to four minutes. (Sources: (1) Irwin Standard-Observer, July 1973, p. 27; Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, p. 56, citing the UFO Register, (volume 5, 1974), (2) Stan Gordon, Skylook, June 1973, p. 6; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1973-08 (A1199), citing Stan Gordon; David F. Webb, 1973 - Year of the Humanoids, case 73-07).

April 19, 1973; Stoddard County, MO
Sheriffs and others on April 10 reported at least three UFOs over Bernie and in Dexter. Objects changed color from white to red to blue, moved irregularly across the sky, starting and stopping and changing speeds.

April 22, 1973; Guadalcanal, Spain
Four yellow lights as if one object, beside road, buzzed car; burn marks found where UFO first seen. (Ballester-Olmos, 1976, pp. 40-41 [E] car).

April 24, 1973; Spring Mills, PA
Local police reported that three adults apparently sober and not under the influence of any drugs, told them they observed an oval-shaped fluorescent-white UFO travel from the north, stop, and hover motionless over one of the witnesses' homes and then speed off in a northerly direction and then disappear. The object gave off a very bright white light which changed to blue and green, said one witness. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, August 1973, page 3)

April 29, 1973; Shamokin, PA
More than a dozen residents of the Ferndale sub-division told state police they observed a UFO with "flashing lights" land on on Burnside Mountain. One of the witnesses, a 13-year old boy, said he watched the object through binoculars and could see a "big bubble on it and I saw silver along with the lights." A number of adults reporting the sighting said the object hovered above the mountain for several moments before apparently landing. The UFO watchers said they saw the object take off around 11P.M. and head west. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, August 1973, page 3)

April 30, 1973, Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia
At an unstated time, four teenagers were driving when one saw an egg-shaped object drop out of the sky, to the SE and disappear behind trees, in a fraction of a second. Two hundred metres later, they noted a distant glow in a paddock. They then returned to the spot where the girl had seen the light in the sky, and as they arrived there it seemed that the car's headlights blacked out momentarily. All then saw an object on the ground. It seemed dome-shaped and reddish-orange in color. After watching it for five minutes, they left the area. (Source: FSR Vol. 21. No. 6. p.4.)

May, 1973; Houston, TX
One of the few UFO encounter cases which also involved animal mutilation occurred in May, 1973, and involved four women. Judy Doraty, her daughter Cindy, Judy's mother and sister-in-law would have the most terrifying experience of their lives. (Source: "Strange Harvest" Linda Moulton Howe; Dr. Leo Sprinkle, University of Wyoming, transcripts).

May, 1973; Glenburnie, South Australia, Australia
At an unknown time, on an unknown day in May, three teenagers in a car, reported to police, that a bright light had followed their car for several miles. The light changed color from red to white. It was last seen 'hovering' over a paddock. (Source: 1969. Hervey, M. 'UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere.' Horwitz. Sydney. p.142. citing the Mt Gambier Watch, newspaper, sometime in May 1973. p.24. Keith Basterfield is not aware of any other details about this sighting.)

May 6, 1973; Kokomo, IN
Humanoid report, no details, listed in directory and UFOFC files. (EGBA,675)

May 11, 1973; Piedmont, MO
8:10 p.m. Row of seven lights observed for 45 seconds by Harley Rutledge and three other members of Project Identification team. (Project Identification, page 42)

May 12, 1973; Near Kent, OH
9:20 p.m. The witness was driving west on Route 76, near Kent, when he observed a group of flashing lights overhead, almost directly above the car. They moved along the highway with him until finally, out of curiosity, he stopped; so did the lights. Looking up through the windshield, at close to a 90 degree angle, he could see a football shaped object that flashed from red to blue to white, in a repeating cycle; as he watched, he saw a figure materialize approximately 10 feet below the object. The figure was human in shaped, clad all in silver, and rapidly descended to the highway directly in front of the car; when it reached the pavement, the figure was standing rigidly in a position looking to the right, then turned its head to look directly into the windshield at the witness. After about a half a minute, the figure again ascended rapidly, "like a helium balloon," towards the object; disappearing before it reached it. It was shaped exactly like a human, but was entirely silver in color, lacking hair and ears; eyes, a "Dutch" nose and narrow mouth, with small pointed chin, were observed by the witness. He was uncertain as to whether the silvery body was a close fitting garment or the actual skin color, for he saw what appeared to be the faint outline of a vein running down the inside of one of the figure's arms, which he held rigidly downward; on the feet he saw what appeared to be boots or shoes, with a heavy, distinct line between the sole and boot itself. No line of demarcation could be seen between the shoe, or boot and the lower leg. The height of the figure was not much more than 2.5 feet; and it descended to a position approximately ten feet in front of the car. After the figure ascended, the object moved rapidly in a vertical ascent, rocking the car "as if a semi was passing it." (Humcat 1973-10; Source: Larry Moyers and Marc Candusso FSIC)

Mid May 1973; Near Catanduva, Sao Paulo, Brazil
A man and his wife employed at the Fazenda Secap claimed to have seen an oval shaped flying craft, "with two figures like people, in big hats and linked together by a sort of tube." According to one newspaper, as many as six local residents claimed also to have seen the UFO. There were numerous other incidents in the area at the same time. (Humcat 1973-11; Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 11 # 3/4)

May 17, 1973; South Atlantic
Table 1, 116,

May 18, 1973; North Atlantic
Table 1, 116,

May 18, 1973; Pekin, IL
10:00 p.m. A large "unidentified flying object with an orange glow" was spotted over Pekin. Mrs. Charles Phillips said she and her family were in their car when they first noticed the object. They stopped the car and were able to see something over Edison Junior high school there appeared to be a dome which an orange light emanated and there was a pulsating motion evident. She said members of her family were not able to hear any sound from the object, which she guessed was about 90 feet up in the air. The object hovered over the area, proceeded out Court Street to the mall and then turned back and seemed to head toward the Illinois River. (TIMES, Pekin, IL, May 19)

May 19, 1973; Springfield, MO
9:00 p.m. A blue cylindrical shaped UFO made a low silent pass. It was seen again that same night after midnight. (Source: Springfield (MO) News Leader,

May 19, 1973; Turkey
Table 1, 116,

May 20, 1973; England
Table 1, 116,

May 22, 1973; Itajobi, Brazil
Oval object hovering overhead, blue light beam shone onto car, heat felt. (Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 21, No.. 3-4; See Rodeghier, 1981, p. 57 [E,R] car).

May 24, 1973; Farmington, MO
Evening. Noiseless, wing-like object of unidentified nature observed by four members of Project Identification team. (Project Identification, Page 79)

May 27, 1973; Sao Jose Do Rio Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil
<>2:00 a.m. Geni Lisboa was busily baking wedding cakes early in the morning when her attention was drawn outdoors by the squawking of her pet parakeet. When she looked out she saw a luminous flying object approaching her property. The object circled her garden and hovered above the wall. Ms. Lisboa, only a few meters distant, could see three identical looking figures of small stature through the transparent upper portion. They were behind a kind of "parapet" which hid them from the waist down. Each one was directly a beam of light down as if searching for something. Then their beams simultaneously converged on the witness, immediately paralyzing her. Feeling some pain and dizziness, she was nevertheless able to call out for help to her neighbor, but the object departed before she was able to respond. When her neighbor arrived, she found Ms. Lisboa's face swollen and her eyes bloodshot. Her body was painful, particularly in the joints and especially in the knees, but she continued working until the pain returned and she was forced to call her neighbor again. Her physiological symptoms worsened and she was hospitalized for what the doctors labeled a prolapsed uterus. She had had a gynecological test six months before and had been healthy. In addition to this, her eyesight worsened after the experience to the point where she was forced to wear corrective lenses for the first time in her life. Also, her previous medical condition of hypertension seemed to have made an improvement to the degree where she was able to drop all previous anti-hypertensive medication. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1973-94 (A1840), citing Dr. Walter Buhler & Jose Wilson Ribeiro, SBEDV).

May 29, 1973; nr Tyringham, Australia
A flashing object with non-inertial motions scares horses and cat. (Mike Swords; Source: W.C.Chalker. Tyringham-Dundurrabin Flap [mini-monogragh or case file] ,18pp., 1973. (CUFOS files).
Summer of 1973; Littleyork, IN
9:30 p.m. Four people in a car were driving near Weston Lake when a bright floodlight-type light was pointed at them. The object was behind the witnesses and off to the right. They stopped their car and watched the object, described as a "flat-bottomed catfish-shaped" object, as it passed overhead and off to the right at 65-70 mph and about 100' up. An airflow-like whistle could be heard as it passed low overhead and headed SE. Duration: 10 mins. (FI-4 /Palmiter/ MUFON Indiana)

June 1, 1973; Dundurrabin, Australia
UFO scares horses, cat, and cattle. (Mike Swords; Source: W.C.Chalker. Tyringham-Dundurrabin Flap [mini-monogragh or case file] ,18pp., 1973. (CUFOS files).

June 2, 1973; Divernon, IL
2:15 to 2:30 a.m. The UFO had a series of bright running lights, much like one would see on any other aircraft. Suddenly, a large orange-red light was turned on beneath the UFO which lit up the entire landscape. The witness couldn't tell if  it was from one source or several lights, but; it was all from toe same craft. He stopped and turned engine off, got| out and watched about ten or fifteen minutes.  "There wasn't a sound," he said. "And there was an airplane flying high overhead, which we heard. This was much closer, perhaps a thousand feet away, some 500' feet off the ground." The unusual item moved quickly to the north, then seemed to travel around the city of Springfield, to the east. (Courier, Jacksonville, IL, June 3)

June 2, 1973; bt. Tyringham & Dundurrabin, Australia
Object spirals in sky and seems to land. Upon getting close to assumed area of landing, compass begins spinning wildly. (Mike Swords; Source: W.C.Chalker. Tyringham-Dundurrabin Flap [mini-monogragh or case file] ,18pp., 1973. (CUFOS files).

June 3, 1973; bt. Tyringham & Dundurrabin, Australia
2:00 AM. Bright light floods home. Horse froths and runs wild. (Mike Swords; Source: W.C.Chalker. Tyringham-Dundurrabin Flap [mini-monogragh or case file] ,18pp., 1973. (CUFOS files).

June 7, 1973; Sousas, Brazil
Yellow "fireball" approached, stopped fifty meters away, prickling sensation felt, later intense headaches. (Flying Saucer Review Case Histories, Supplement 17; See Rodeghier, 1981, p. 57 {E} car).

June 7, 1973; Dundurrabin, Australia
Globular lemony-colored object is extended from the bottom of a ball which is changing color, red to green cyclically. Glob is at end of an extended "tongue". Main object then slowly "sucks" it back in. (Mike Swords; Source: W.C.Chalker. Tyringham-Dundurrabin Flap [mini-monogragh or case file] ,18pp., 1973. (CUFOS files).

June 14, 1973; Princeton, IL
UFOs were sighted by three young girls traveling Interstate 80, five 'miles west of Princeton at approximately 3:38 a.m. State Police District 7 in Rock Island reported. The girls, ages 18 and 19, from Albany, N.Y., and Bristolville, Ohio, told investigating troopers that they had seen a silver, gray and black flying object emitting a green mellow light. The girls said that the object made several maneuvers in a rapid manner, and, prior to disappearing, two other objects were accompanying the first one. The girls said the object was flying in a southeast to northwest direction. Another traveler at the rest area, a Milwaukee man, allegedly photographed the objects with a high powered camera, but he had left the area before troopers arrived at the scene, troopers said. (Times, Ottaw, IL, Jun 15)

June 14, 1973; nr Tyringham, Australia
Domed disk making noise like aboriginal "bull-roarer" descends like "falling leaf or pendulum", and that morning a lady from Dundurrabin heard strange noises and weird "moonlight" through her window. Her clock was discovered to have stopped [though it wasn't electric]. She thought this was odd when her neighbors came to her house to inquire about the time since their clock had stopped too. (Mike Swords; Source: W.C.Chalker. Tyringham-Dundurrabin Flap [mini-monogragh or case file] ,18pp., 1973. (CUFOS files).

June 17-19, 1973; Cuckatoo Creek, Australia
Flashes and humming noises noticed over house three nights in a row. Animals extremely agitated. The source of this was not seen, but seemed to be coming from above. (Mike Swords; Source: W.C.Chalker. Tyringham-Dundurrabin Flap [mini-monogragh or case file] ,18pp., 1973. (CUFOS files).

June 19, 1973; Cape Girardeau, MO
7:12 p.m. Dull gray, bullet-shaped object observed for several seconds by Harley Rutledge of Project Identification. (Project Identification, page139)

June 20, 1973; Fort Wayne, IN
10:30 p.m. One resident reported seeing a large hovering aerial object described as round or pear-shaped with four or five red lights on top and bottom and a large white light atop. It was dome shaped at top and rounded at bottom with what appeared to be a partitioned frame within the window. Another resident said she saw the object while en route to a food market. For awhile it was above her auto at a height estimated at equivalent to a block or two. After moments it suddenly took off eastward at unbelievable speed, gradually disappearing. Lights on the object dimmed gradually before its departure. (SL-70, page 10)

June 23, 1973: Piedmont, MO
10:30 p.m. From a cabin on the Rothwell Ranch, two men watched as a bright light that had a ring around it rose from low on the ESE horizon, moved up-down, then left-right, for a distance of 15 degrees over a 30 minute period beginning at 10:30 p.m. The object silently radiated lines of concentric circles like heat waves. At one point a small light joined the first object. (Source: MUFON database of field investigations, case file dated July 9, 1973, field investigator Dan A. Rothwell).

June 25, 1973; Dundurrabin, Australia
A disk hovered and extended a "v-shaped" beam of green light, which seemed to be "solid", cut-off, and able to be oscillated up and down under the craft. (Mike Swords; Source: W.C.Chalker. Tyringham-Dundurrabin Flap [mini-monogragh or case file] ,18pp., 1973. (CUFOS files).

June 28, 1973; Columbia, MO
Mobile home park UFO landing, sound, E-M, animal reactions, light beams, bright illumination, physical traces (UFOE II, Section I).

June 28, 1973; Sandoval, II
At 9:00 p.m. Mr. & Mrs. Sanders saw a cone-shaped UFO with multicolored lights at treetop level while driving on Route 51. The UFO made two circles over the highway, then headed off toward the south making a roaring sound. Their eyes were "foggy" for two days following their close encounter. (Source: John F. Schuessler, Physiological Effects from UFOs, case investigation report dated July 22, 1973).

June 29, 1973; Bayview, ID
Thirteen UFOs, which appeared as "steady white lights," were reported over Lake Pend Oreille by a local family. According to one of  the witnesses, the objects were in view for approximately one hour and were seen passing over the lake in all directions. They moved swiftly but emitted no apparent noise, according to the family. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, September 1973, page 3)

July, 1973; Kokkaido, Japan
Witness said light descended to an altitude of about 20 meters (75 feet) above the surface of the water and stopped, and then from the underside of the light came what appeared to be a glass-like transparent tube and when the leading edge of the tube touched the surface of the water, that part of the tube began to glow and appeared to be sucking up the bay water. Accompanying the projection of the tube to the water, was a sound which Kudou described to be like the sound of a cicada (insect) which emits sound like "min-min-min-min", but the sound accompanying the tube was not so monotonous and appeared to be lower in pitch. Later, he could make out more detail and noted that it was as smooth and round as a ping-pong ball, and he could now see what appeared to be small windows around the center of the object. In the central one and in another window two windows to the right, he saw two "eerie, shadow-like figures" which he said were too small and deformed to be called the shadows of men". (A.P.R.O. Bulletin, Vol. 24, No. 10, April 1976, pp. 1,4 & 5)
July 6, 1973; Fairfield, IL
Four boys (ages 14-18) saw an illuminated object shaped like a "flat football" near Fairfield Airport about 10 p.m. as they were on the road to Miriam. Earlier, about 8:00 p.m. the same object was seen by two other boys near the Drive In Theatre and Fairfield Gun Club, as it passed over their car heading toward Geff. The boys located the sheriff and his deputy at the Regal 8 Inn at Fairfield and reported the sighting. The men went outside to look, saw nothing, and made light of the boys' report. The two boys returned to the site where they had seen the object, spotted it again to the west and then followed it to Geff where it was then lost to view behind some trees. The boys said the object was football shaped, with red and white alternating lights around it and was the size of a half dollar held at arms length. (SL-70, page 10)

July 13, 1973; Emden, MO
3:30 a.m. Began with barking dog. The object was described as egg shaped or oblong, about the size of an average car.  It had a 3-dimensional appearance, “ you could look through it, or right into it." The outside was orange and toward the center it was brighter and a slightly different color. The colors were described as similar to setting sun but not dark enough to be considered red. The night was very quiet with no wind. (AR Case, Woodward)

July 16, 1973; Between Palamo and Playa de Oro, Spain
6:30 p.m. Miguel Romera Fernandez de Cordoba was flying a forest fire aircraft from Palamos to Playa de Oro at 3,000 feet altitude, and with a clear sky and a good visibility. Suddenly he saw a strange object which looked like a rugby ball cut on lower part. The object paced and maintained same position on the right of the aircraft for 10-12 minutes. The aircraft radio system failed during the sighting. The movement of the object gave to the pilot a sensation of fear. (Source: NARCAP Case 35, Dr Richard F. Haines Files) Table 1, 116,

July 21, 1973; Gavignano, France
E-M effects, paralysis, cold felt; bright object rose from ground and shot into sky, power returned, engine restarted by itself. (Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 23, No. 6; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 57 [E,R,L] car).

July 27, 1973; Lake Isabella, CA
Domed-shaped object 15' in diameter on roadside, rose and crossed road. (MUFON MUJ, July 1988, p. 19 [R,L] car).

Aug., 1973; Elizabethtown, KY
A news clipping mentioned that a 16-year-old boy had seen a UFO "shaped like a trapezoid, only rounded off on the bottom". This was early August and could have been at the same time as the other cases listed below, however many miles away.

Aug. 1973 (exact date unknown), Princeton, IN
9:00 p.m. Three persons hastily left a place in Illinois they had visited when a bad storm came up. While driving closer to home at Princeton, Indiana, they saw an object. As they got closer to it, before lightning struck, they saw what looked like clearance lights, one on each side of it. Later on it proved to be four, of whatever the light was, dotted around the "cupola". The object was a classic disc with a straight up & down cupola, rather than the usual dome. And beneath it was a super-dark cone which apexes below the tree level. And this thing (the cone) didn't appear to be solid. The cone was sort of wide at the bottom of the saucer and evidently went to a point which would have been the opposite of a flashlight beam. (UFO Filter Center Files, FI Fran Ridge, MUFON SSD).

Aug. 4, 1973; Greenup, IL
Bud Sedgwick had been cultivating beans southeast of Greenup until his wife and her parents Mr. and Mr. Delos Robbins drove to the fields to pick him up shortly after 8 o'clock, Saturday night, August 4th. They were on a country road east of Greenup going west, just south of the Penn Central Railroad tracks when, "All of a sudden there it was, it was coming at us sideways at treetop level," Sedgwick said. He slammed on the brakes and one of the women was thrown against the dashboard of the car. The fast moving object was rectangular "and had the shape of a large boxcar," Sedgwick said. He described it as being "all the same color, a pale color." It wasn't overly brilliant and it didn't hurt their eyes to look at it. "It was right in front of us. We had a clear view, there was no guessing." He estimated the object to be about a half mile from them and he said it appeared to settle into a cornfield, with one end of the rectangle going down first, then the other end also disappearing from view. (SL-71, page 5)

Aug. 4, 1973; Greenup, IL
Evening. Bill McMorris and his son were on their way home from an evening of fishing near Hidalgo, Ill. Coming north on Route 130 through the hollows south of Greenup they saw the object across the top of a farm house owned by Walter Gabel. "It was as big as a house," McMorris, publisher of the Greenup newspaper, said. It was at least three-fourths of a mile away and seemed to be coming down, he said. He lost sight of it when he went down into a dip in the road, and when he came up the other side of the hill, it was gone. He too said it was evenly illuminated, no one spot any brighter than any other. (SL-71, page 5)

Aug. 4, 1973; Greenup, IL
Patty Markwell, 13, was in her mother's car on the way to the Tastee Freeze when she saw the object. "I just saw the end of it over the trees," she said. "It was real bright,  it looked like light bulbs. It looked like somebody had a string on it, and just pulled it down." Her mother, busy driving, couldn't take her eyes off the road when Patty called out there was something real bright in the sky, and she didn't see it. (SL-71, page 5)

Aug. 7, 1973; Tyringham, Australia
A huge light or luminous object manifested as a brilliant V or cone-shaped thing with a small orange "knob" on top. The big light was able to silhouette trees but not cast light on them. It then just turned off, leaving only the orange knob. (Mike Swords; Source: W.C.Chalker. Tyringham-Dundurrabin Flap [mini-monogragh or case file] ,18pp., 1973. (CUFOS files).

Aug. 9, 1973; Exeter, NH
A father and his son were driving along a main highway in the Exeter area when they saw a landed UFO alongside the highway. A humanoid was standing beside it.  This was probably in the daytime. (Ref. 5)

Aug 10, 1973; Ibague, Colombia
Four grade-school students and a policeman saw four small humanoids beneath a bridge.  The beings were only 20 cm tall and disappeared when the witnesses approached.  "Traces" were left in mud and later photographed. (Ref. 5)

Aug.14, 1973; Traverse City, MI
A 19-year-old Lake Ann, Michigan, resident and his companion claim they observed a cylindrically-shaped object, about 50 feet in length, pass in front of their car around 10:30 p.m. near Boardman Lake off Cass Road. According to the couple, the object traveling in a north to south direction passed within 20 feet of the the vehicle and appeared to have approximately 10 lights located on the underside of the craft. The lights flashed on and off and appeared blue lights flashed on and off and appeared blue, pink, and green. The sighting lasted approximately eight seconds. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, September 1973, page 3)

Aug. 19, 1973; Reports Carried in Several Area Newspapers
The other reports that came in Sunday  proved to be the most productive night for UFO sightings in the area. Over 200 persons reported seeing a UFO during the evening, according to Kid Jenson, a disc jockey at radio station WEIC in Charleston. "Most of the people who called were satisfied they really saw something," Jenson said, "And about 80 percent of the reports were almost identical in their descriptions of the UFO." (SL-71, page 5)

Aug. 19, 1973; Greenup, IL
One report report came from a Charleston resident who said a UFO had landed "about 200 feet from my car in the country and then tried to get me on the way back to Charleston." (SL-71, page 5)

Aug. 23, 1973; Tyringham, Australia
A dull silver object passed overhead bringing [apparently] with it [though not immediately; this took "a few minutes"] an area of cold air, very localized and in a definite sensible volume. Later someone at the same location heard sounds for which they could not find a source [sounded like "a phantom truck"] and found a clock stopped. Later, the noise occurred again, and the witness checked the electric clock; the second hand "twittered a little from side to side, then stopped". (Mike Swords; Source: W.C.Chalker. Tyringham-Dundurrabin Flap [mini-monogragh or case file] ,18pp., 1973. (CUFOS files).

Aug. 27, 1973; Greensburg, PA
On this night a woman reported seeing a large boomerang shaped craft hovering over a heavily wooded area in Beech Hill. When her husband went out to investigate he encountered a large hairy, biped creature with a wolf-like face. He shot at it with his gun with no apparent effect. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1973, case # 1872, citing Paul G. Johnson & Joan Jeffers, The Pennsylvania Bigfoot).

Aug. 30, 1973; S. GA
Midnight. Reports of unidentified flashing lights from a wide area of south Georgia were sent over the state-wide police communication network shortly after midnight and into the early morning of August 31. Military authorities in the area were notified. The duty officer at Robins AFB, Macon, said that the reports will be handled by the air police, "who make all investigations of UFO reports."... "The objects changed colors as they moved through the night, flashing blue, yellow, and green." (Chicago Daily News, Sat.-Sun., Sept. 1-2, 1973. Albany, Ga. [UPI].)

August 31-October 19, 1973: Flurry of Sightings
Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Concentration of sightings in Deep South, witnessed by local and state police and many others. Fast-moving oblong objects with bright flashing or revolving lights. Those on August 31 in Georgia flashed blue, yellow and green. Others displayed red, green, orange, and white lights."

Concentration of Sightings In Spain Begins
A Department of Defense Intelligence Information Report (No. 6 889 0174 74) dated August 22, 1974, obtained by Jan L. Aldrich, indicates a concentration of sightings in Spain from September 1973 through the following June. The report is signed by Capt. Richard T. Fox, USN, Acting Defense Attaché in Madrid. A table lists 28 sightings.

Sept., 1967; Brownsville, IN
2:00 a.m. Main features of case; disk craft observed at very close range. Witness tried three times to touch craft. Reached within a foot or so of its edge with his hand only to have it zip away. (Worley files/Ridge/MUFON Indiana)

Sept. 2, 1973; Milroy, IN
2:30 PM. Short term abduction.  Dark green object observed in rear view mirror. Sped at auto and hovered at back window where it appeared to be a greyish illuminated object with transparent glass curved front. Two indistinct figures appeared on seats inside the window. Witness mesmerized and shown scenes on his rear window while traveling a short distance down highway. (Investigated for CUFOS. by Don Worley)

Sept. 2, 1973; Big Bear Lake, CA
11:00 p.m. Residents reported a series of sightings at night of unidentified objects with flashing lights. A hovering multi-colored object was observed, a red color predominating. Then it was seen to be a red disc, which began moving in various directions, then accelerated and sped away toward the north. (Big Bear News, Sept. 27, 1973)

Sept. 3, 1973; Athens, GA
Motorist driving home encountered egg-shaped object that descended onto road ahead of car. Two small beings emerged (UFOE II, Section XII).

Sept. 5, 1973; Morris, IL
11:30 p.m. 20-mins. Discoid object hovered over Northern Petro Chemical Company plant. Brief power failure reported. (SL-71, page 12)

Sept. 6, 1973; Between Penong and Ivy Tanks, South Australia, Australia
About 3:00 AM local time.  Astrid Ringer, aged 32, was a passenger in a semi-trailer truck being driven by an unidentified male, travelling across to Perth, Western Australia. She had been asleep for about an hour, when a 'voice in her head' called her name and told her to look out of the vehicle's window into the dark, night. She did so, and says she saw an egg-shaped object, on the ground, surrounded by a 'force field.' ;  The figure of a 'man' was walking towards the egg; while another 'man' was visible inside the egg. The first 'man' entered the egg; its glow died down, leaving just a white light visible. The semi-trailer driver then stopped his vehicle at Ringer's request. He had seen nothing unusual during the time of Ringer's observation. They did not go back to check the scene. (Source: 1973 interview of Ringer in person, by Vladimir Godic and Keith Basterfield.) [Note by Keith Basterfield. It is my view that this may have been hypnopompic imagery]

Sept. 8, 1973; Hunter Air Air Field, GA
"Saucer-shaped" object with flashing bright red and white lights dove at MP patrol vehicle (Bart J. Burns and Randy Shade, occupants) repeatedly and chased it at high speeds (UFOE II, Section II).

Sept. 8, 1973; Savannah, GA
A Savannah police officer who had been sent to investigate citizens' reports of a UFO a few hours after the Hunter Army Air Field incident reported a personal sighting. He saw a large circular craft something like a flying saucer. [It had] a large spotlight which changed color from red to green [and smaller blue flashing lights.] Marcus Holland, a Savannah newspaper reporter said that about 30 minutes before the military police sighting, he saw an object speeding toward the Air Field. (Tulsa Sunday World, Oklahoma, Sept. 9, 1973; UPI, Savannah, Ga.)

Sept. 9-18, 1973; Northern California
Flurry of sightings. (UFOE II, page 341)

Sept. 11, 1973; El Ferrol del Caudillo, Spain
"Bright, circular, with two hoops, appeared to have feet on bottom part. Emitted a very powerful light." Object was hovering; multiple witnesses. (UFOE II, Section VIII)

Sept. 12, 1973; Long Barn (vicinity of Sonora), CA
Two motorists in the early morning observed a "silverish-yellowish orange disc" hovering silently over a canyon on the south side of Highway 108. Several other sightings in the vicinity September 12-17. (The Daily Union Democrat, Sonora, Calif., Sept. 18, 1973.)

Sept. 13, 1973; Gravatay, Brazil
While driving toward Ijui about 1:30 a.m., a group of motorists saw a luminous yellow egg-shaped object approach their car and begin pacing them to the left side apparently 2-3 km away. When the driver blinked the headlights off and on, the object "reproduced the same signals." The driver and some passengers then stopped the car and got out, waving their arms. The object was very close to the ground and appeared to be about to land. They resumed their trip and after a while the object, which continued to pace them,  beamed a light in the direction of the car. One of the passengers said that she had the impression something or someone was trying to contact her mentally. (Inforespace, August 1975, No. 22; translated from the French by Jacques Deschenes.)

Sept. 14, 1973; Cuesmes, Belgium
At 7:45 p.m. a young woman and her father were driving through a mostly swampy area, when upon rounding a bend in the road they saw a luminous bright orange object shaped like a flower pot (truncated cone) hovering at low altitude about 200 meters off the road, almost directly over an electric power station. The upper edge seemed jagged and had sparkling antenna-like protrusions at either end. The object was dazzling to look at and seemed to be vibrating slightly. As they pulled abreast of the power station the object's luminosity diminished and it flew away, rising gradually in a slight curve and disappeared. (The case was investigated by Yves Toussaint of SOBEPS, Brussels, Belgium.)

Sept.16,1973; Elmwood Township, MI
Brightly glowing ellipse hovered near house. (UFOE II, page 341)

Sept. 20, 1973; Skylab III Crew Encounters Strange Object In Orbit

Sept. 20, 1973; ORBIT, over Indian Ocean
On the 59th day of flight Skylab III, the three-man crew saw and photographed a strange red object (see photos). Not more than 30-50 nautical miles from them, Alan Bean, Owen Garriott and Jack Lousman reported the object was brighter than any of the planets. Unexplained.

Sept. 23, 1973; Fort Wayne, IN
7:20 p.m. Witness waiting to turn into Glenbrook Shopping Center. Observed huge object shaped like an ocean liner with rounded back and flat bottom and top. There were 5 rows of throbbing yellow lights on the side of the slowly moving object. Moved out of sight behind trees. No sound. (Worley files)

Sept. 24, 1973; Fort Wayne, IN
Evening. Two patrolmen saw an unidentified light while checking on a report from a woman from Churubosco. Object moved slowly. Authorities at Baier Field were notified. No a/c or balloons launched, but they also saw the object in the west. (SL-72, page 15)

Sept. 27, 1973; Bedarrides, France
Humanoid occupant case. No details. (UFOE II, Section XII).

Sept. 29, 1973; Quincy, IL
8:30 p.m. Sheriff's officers trailed an unidentified flying object {UFO) from the edge of Quincy to Baldwin Field before it disappeared . A night deputy manning the sheriff's  radio watch said a call was received about 8:30 p.m. Saturday from Halfpap's Trailer Court that an object was in the sky near there. The radio officer said patrol deputies sent in response to the call sighted the object shortly after reaching the area and began trailing it. The object moved east to Baldwin Field, where it became stationary. Officers said a the object hovered a short time and then disappeared. The radio officer said that apparently while the patrol officers were keeping the object under observation at the airport, a call was received from the Camp Point area reporting the object. The officer said the caller told him that dogs were barking and other animals seemed upset. A check with the FAA at Baldwin Field showed no planes were in the area at the time, the radio officer said. Radar in Kansas  City, Mo., reported only an airplane near Hannibal, Mo., moving west, the officer said. (SL-72, 14)

Sept. 29, 1973; Obiob County, KY
Evening. Couple saw a bright-red light swoop down close enough to to the earth to light up 1-1/2 acres of land, nearly causing a 7-car pile-up on SR 78 near Reelfoot Lake. (SL-72, page 10)

Sept. 29, 1973; Hollywood, FL
A woman observed an object for 3 to 4 minutes which appeared to be solid, oval shaped with slightly obtuse-angled ends and glowing with a red-orange color, brighter at the edge than in the center. The object was moving back and forth with a pendulum-like motion. The brightness seemed to be pulsating at a rate (about every two seconds) corresponding to the rate of the swinging. The witness reported that her barking dog caused her to look out of the window where she subsequently observed the object. There are no other known witnesses to the sighting.  However, the local newspaper reported a similar colored light being seen shortly after this sighting. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, December 1973, page 3)

Sept. 30, 1973; Columbus, OH
9:30 p.m. Franklin County man found landing site of object he saw hovering near his home. Site was in a field of waist-high weeds about 1/4 mile south of Hall Rd. west of Outerbelt. Weeds had been crushed to ground in semi-oval area 20'x30' - no scorch marks. Object swooped down in zigzag pattern and dropped below trees. Several dozen sightings were reported. (News clipping, no source/date)

Late Sept. or early Oct., 1973; Puy-Verday, France
While en route to work, the witness' motorcycle misfired and stopped as dazzling bright light appeared on the road ahead. As he approached, he saw it was a luminous ovoid object, with smoke underneath, hovering just above the ground.  A "man" suddenly appeared and came up to the witness, putting his left hand on the witness's shoulder and offering "reassuring words."  The man was about 2 meters tall and thin, wearing a uniform like aluminum; a large helmet rested on his shoulders with a snorkel-like tube on the right side.  His face was "like a human face covered with a nylon stocking" with slit eyes.  He carried something like a pistol in his right hand, pointed at the ground. He asked the witness where he was going; he replied, "To my job"  The being then said he must return to the "object" and told the witness not to inspect it too closely. He entered it from beneath, and it rose vertically, with a sound like a swarm of bees, and then moved off horizontally.  The motorcycle then started normally. (Ref.5, first, hand investigation).

Late September, 1973; Coffs Harbor, Australia
One lady talking to another when a large dome-shaped light-form appeared between them. The thing had a defined shape and just rested there for two minutes, or so. Then it disappeared by going into the ground. (Mike Swords; Source: W.C.Chalker. Tyringham-Dundurrabin Flap [mini-monogragh or case file] ,18pp., 1973. (CUFOS files).

Oct. (date not determined), 1973; Uden, Netherlands
A woman arising from bed glanced out a window and clearly saw three "little men" outside of her house.  They were tall and were dressed in white outfits like monks' habits, with tight belts around their waists. On their heads they wore cowls with two points that hung on their shoulders. They seemed to be looking for something on the ground by the walkway between her house and a nearby school and had instruments in their hands. They wore wide, blunt, shoes. One of the little men looked towards the house and apparently saw the witness "with my nose against the window" for he appeared startled and said something to the other two, unheard by the witness; all three turned at once and moved off quickly "with very small fast steps."  Going to another window in the house to see if she could see more, the witness discovered a glowing red, spherical object of 2 or 2.5 meters in diameter at a distance from the house of 35 or 40 meters. She went to wake up her husband; when they looked for the object, it had disappeared. (Ref. 5)

Oct. (date not determined), 1973; Red Bud, IL
2:30 p.m. Four-engine prop plane took evasive action to avoid collision with strange, horseshoe-shaped object. Plane flew south, object left easterly direction at high speed. Ends of horseshoe, which were down, looked like "bubbles". Person reporting stated that fishing "bobbers" kept popping out of the water as object made 1/4 turns and passed over pond. (SL-76,4)

Oct. (date not determined), 1973; between Columbus and Mansfield, OH
While driving after midnight, a man saw a light flashing to his left, then right, then in front. It gained speed and disappeared ahead of his car.  He lost conscious memory while driving at 70 mph, and regained consciousness driving at 85-90 mph on the same highway.  On arrival at his home in Cleveland he discovered a lapse of time he could not account for of 55 minutes to an hour and twenty-five minutes.  A series of disturbing psychic experiences had occurred to the witness before and after this time. In late winter of 1974-75 the witness went to a psychologist in an attempt to recall the missing interval. Under regressive hypnosis the witness saw himself turning off I-71, asking himself "Why am I doing this?", and driving down a dark, narrow tree-lined road, seeing three beings on the road, one with both arms and legs outstretched, forming the silhouette of an X. Two others were closer to his car.  He next saw two sets of eyes ahead and a face forming and shimmering on his left. Each set of eyes was projected into his brain and out again.  His next impression was of approaching a craft with a door on the upper side. He felt terror but as he passed through the door he felt relief.  He next felt himself lying on a table and saw beings with a silvery metallic look. One was bending over looking at his legs. A brightly lighted instrument was brought close to his head, hurting his eyes.  Presently he was out of the craft, standing and watching it lift off. It was black, outlined by a shimmering white light. (Ref. 5, First hand investigation).

Oct. (no date determined), 1973; Blyton, IN
6:00 p.m. A lady and her son observed some strange lights in the east, but had to leave to attend a school program. On their way they stopped and got out of the car to get a better look and a large domed disc came out of the north, heading south. It was described as "at least 30' across, and looked like two dinner plates; one sitting normal, the other face down on it and a dome on top." It was metallic gray, had colored lights on it, but the main witness was not sure where. She reported something that looked like "large windows, where the dome was on the round saucer part." The object headed south, curved SW and they lost sight of it. (MUFON Indiana, FI Drescher/Ridge files)

Oct. 1, 1973; Giles, TN
Evening. Two witnesses reported egg-shaped object with brilliant light on top disappear behind nearby trees. Imprints were found. (SL-76,17)

Oct. 1, 1973; Anthony Hill, TN
8:15 p.m. Three teenagers saw a huge, hairy robot-like creature that walked mechanically with its hands upraised. It had a large head. An egg-shaped UFO was also seen at the same time. This occurred during a thunderstorm. Imprints were later found. (CHR 73, 11)

Oct. 3, 1973; Polo, IL
Evening. Police officer saw object over Mt. Morris that appeared to project its orange glow in a beam toward the ground and moved with occasional stops. "Seemed to follow (Burlington Northern) RR tracks", Hoak said. Sheriff's deputies also reported seeing the object in the sky in W. Ogle County. (News clipping)

Oct. 3, 1973; Jackson, MO
6:15 a.m. Truck driver injured by UFO: The Eddie Doyle Webb case. (John Schuessler/Edward O'Herin, Sympap93, 60-84)

Oct. 4, 1973; Chatsworth, CA
Elliptical object with dome hovered about 10 feet off ground, swaying back and forth. Humanoid being appeared, reentered craft when observed (UFOE II, Section Xll).

Oct. 4, 1973;  Simi Valley, CA
A man driving on the Simi Freeway saw a 30 by 50 foot triangular object in a dust cloud near the road, 80-100 feet away and swaying 10 feet above the ground. An 8-foot hose dangled from the bottom. A clear bubble, 3 feet in diameter, swiveled atop the UFO. As he watched, a being crawled around from behind the machine, looked at the witness and scrambled out of sight. The humanoid was of normal stature but wore a silvery wet suit. The bubble began rotating faster and disappeared inside the object, which emitted a whirring noise. A fog enveloped the craft, which then disappeared. An unidentified woman had reported a similar sighting a week before. (Ref. 5)

Oct. 5, 1973; Zeigler, IL
3:00 a.m. 15 mins. Lady saw object emitting high intensity light that hovered near her residence. She thought her hallway light was left on and got up to turn it off and saw the UFO and the back yard bright as day. The light hurt her eyes. Vision affected all day. (NCS)

Oct. 5, 1973; Laurel, IN
6:16 p.m. No sound/3 mins. House sized object seen through binoculars. Bottom of hovering object had pale grey lines that divided it into three sections. In each section was a circle of lines in the white bottom.(?) (Worley files)

Oct. 5, 1973; Connersville, IN
7:17 p.m. Buzzing sound heard by some. Police received about 100 calls. Approx 1.5 hours. Unseen shape with red and white lights. A few saw circular shape. Object hovered, jumped, made fantastic low altitude passes over city. (Worley files)

Oct. 5, 1973; Waterloo, IN
8:15 p.m. 3 Hours 45 Mins. Object sat in eastern sky from 8:15 to nearly midnight, when it finally diminished into a light point. Mushroom shaped with flat bottom. Red flashing light on top. Hanging down under the object were long ropes. These were described as being about the thickness of a man's arm, and about half as long as the height of the craft. There were three of these on each side of the bottom and they did not hang straight down but rather slanted a little to the outside. The craft and ropes all glowed a beautiful gold color. Two witnesses. (Worley files)

Oct. 5, 1973; Saint-Mathias-de-Chambly, Canada
Five small humanoids in orange garb observed in vicinity of orange domelike object. Circle of flattened grass found at landing site (UFOE II, Section XII).

Oct. 6, 1973; St. Mathias, Quebec, Canada
Shortly after midnight a married couple saw bright lights on their property. Later in the morning, they observed a dome-like "tent" about a third of a mile away; a second, smaller object emerged from it and moved across the ground to a distance of about 200 feet.  Five figures of small stature, wearing bright yellow garments and helmets, moved quickly back and forth between the two objects for an undisclosed period.  When the witnesses next looked, all had vanished.  Ground traces of various descriptions were found at the sight. (Ref.5,  First hand investigation)

Oct. 6, 1973; Egypt Attacks Israel
The Yom Kippur War, Ramadan War or October War , also known as the 1973 Arab-Israeli War and the Fourth Arab-Israeli War, was fought from October 6 to October 26, 1973, between Israel and a coalition of Arab nations led by Egypt and Syria. The war began on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur with a surprise joint attack by Egypt and Syria crossing the cease-fire lines in the Sinai and Golan Heights, respectively, which had been captured by Israel in 1967 during the Six-Day War. The war had far-reaching implications for many nations.

Oct. 7, 1973; Middleton, OH
10:00 pm. Cigar shaped object with disks. No sound. Huge orange cigar shaped object with 5 accompanying disks moving rapidly through sky over city. Many retirees in complex of apartments and people on streets viewed objects. Same objects seen several nights before by many others. Many calls to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. (Worley files)

Oct. 9, 1973; Fort Wayne, IN
Evening, Military radar at nearby Baer Field picked up the object, but officers were unable to contact the craft or determine what it was. Police said 750 persons spotted the UFO and calls came in from 15 different areas. (Kirksville, Mo. "Daily Express", SL-73,12)

Oct. 9, 1973; Eaton, IN
7:30 p.m. No. sound. One hour plus. Object hovered above canning factory in residential area of town. Factory employees observed object over plant and finally west of it. Chief of Police thought the lighted object may have been 3,000 or 4,000 high, and attempted to photograph it with no luck. Multicolored lights in circle on object pulsing or moving in counterclockwise sequence. Other sightings this time period and police received about 200 calls. (Worley files)

Oct. 10, 1973; Magnolia, MS
Round, shiny, metallic object on or near ground, something rectangular about the size of a small person emerged; later reentered, and object took off. (UFOE II, page 341)

Oct. 10, 1973; Near Dayton, OH
8:00 p.m. At least 15 sightings of unidentified flying objects "covered with red, green and blue lights" zooming about at tree-top level, were reported in Southwestern Ohio Wednesday night. The UFOs, sighted in the Dayton-Cincinnati area, were all classified "unofficial" by Wright-Patterson Air Force Base officials. None were detected on radar because they apparently were flying too low. The first sighting was reported shortly after 8 p.m. by a New Lebanon Township officer. "He didn't want to say he saw it, but he said it," Montgomery County Sheriff's deputy Michael Sullivan reported. "The officer said it was oblong and covered with lights. It appeared stationary in the sky about tree top level for several minutes until he tried to shine his cruiser spot light on it," Sullivan said. "It then zoomed toward him and then shot straight up in the air... after he turned out his light... and disappeared." Sullivan said the UFO sightings lasted from a fleeting moment to 12 minutes. "They would be behind the trees and come up and fly away... as if you startled it or something," he said. "No balloon, helicopter or kite can move that fast or has that many lights attached or can go so quickly in a straight-up direction," he said. A spokesman at Wright-Patterson, whose UFO center was discontinued several years ago, said there would be no attempt to investigate the sightings unless there was an "imminent danger." Sullivan said his officers 'certainly can't chase them." (UPI, The Columbus Dispatch, October 11, 1973)

Oct. 11, 1973: Montgomery County, OH
Dawn. About fifty motorists pulled off the expressway to watch two plate-like objects. State Highway Patrol was dispatched. (SL-72,13)

Oct. 11, 1973, Pascagoula, MS
7:00 p.m. The Pascagoula Incident involved two men, nineteen-year-old Calvin Parker and forty-two-year old Charles Hickson, both of Gautier, Mississippi, who were fishing in the Pascagoula River when they heard a buzzing noise behind them. Both turned and were terrified to see a ten-foot-wide, eight-foot-high, glowing egg-shaped object with blue lights at its front hovering just above the ground about forty feet from the river bank. As the men, frozen with fright, watched, a door appeared in the object, and three strange beings floated just above the river towards them. (See full report).

Oct.11, 1973; Tanner Williams, AL
A three-year old boy reported to his mother that he had been playing with "some old monster" in the backyard. He said it was gray with wrinkled skin and pointed ears. This occurred near the Pascagoula abduction in both time and location. (Ref. 5)

Oct. 11, 1973; Laurel, IN
7:30 p.m. 3-Mins. Sounded like swarm of bees. Object hovered over little town at tree top height. Jiggled up and down and sideways. Looked like two saucers together with cabin on top. Bottom was trisected with circle in each of these. Truck driver blew air horn and craft took off over trees at fantastic speed. (Worley files)

Oct. 11, 1973; Loud Blasts Heard Over U.S.
                      Rock Island, IL and region. 7:40 p.m. Two loud shock waves. Pentagon report said the blast was heard over a large portion of the U.S..(SL-73,9)

Oct. 11, 1973; Connersville, IN
7:50 p.m. Four witnesses reported two objects flew over at 400-800 feet and headed east. Each oval-shaped object looked like it had around 25 yellow and green lights, with a mist around them. (Worley files)

Oct. 12, 1973; Cincinnati, OH
Humanoid being observed in object like transparent "bell jar" (UFOE II, Section XII)

Oct.13, 1973; Hollywood, FL
8:30 p.m. A former naval pilot, his wife and two children spotted a "flying saucer like" object. The man observed the object for about 25 minutes through binoculars as it traveled inland moving in wide counter-clockwise circles. The object was flying at high altitude and spinning. Dozens of white lights were observed on the object. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, December 1973, page 3)

Oct. 14, 1973; West Central OH
                                                               About 80 reports of UFOs (discs with red and green lights, elliptical objects) by citizens and police.

Oct. (middle), 1973; Connersville, IN
Around 8:00 p.m. Grey fish-shaped object with plastic-like compartment on front and portholes on sides. Hull illuminated by some 25 gold colored lights around bottom. Witness experienced heat, and their ears hurt from the humming sound as object hovered and passed over field near Fountain St. Two dark figures with very large white eyes were in the pilots compartment. Seen from shoulders up these were thinner build than humans. Two more occupants of the same description were seen in portholes along side of craft. Witnesses afraid but did not run due to curiosity. (Worley files)

Oct. 14, 1973; Boston, OH
Evening. About eighty reports. Woman "hysterically" told law officers an oblong object with blinking lights landed in a field in Highland County. She was screaming and claimed a couple of cows were killed when the object landed. (SL-73,11)

Oct. 15, 1973; Martinsville, IN
Evening. In South Central Indiana, Morgan County Deputy Sheriff Robert Williams said he saw an unidentified flying object that "took off from the ground" Monday night just northeast of Martinsville. (News clipping)

Oct. 14, 1973; Greenfield, IN
Three men in their late teens observed a very bright round object having sequentially flashing white lights on the periphery and steady red and white lights seen below the periphery. The night was clear and the object was much larger and brighter than the stars and planets. The men observed the object for 5 to 10 minutes until it moved off at a rapid rate and disappeared behind the tree line on the horizon. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, December 1973, page 3)

Oct. 15, 1973; Omro, WI
The witness was awakened sometime after midnight by a brief, high-pitched sound;  the room was lit up with a bright, orange-red glow, and he saw three humanoids 4-5 feet tall materialize. They had bald heads, grayish-white wrinkled skin and rounded ears. They moved mechanically. The witness passed out, then came to on the floor, propped against the wall, unable to move. The entities were examining him with an oval object that showed the bones of his legs when it passed over them. He had a severe headache and passed out again as a being reached toward him. He awakened toward dawn on the floor.  He found lights on in the bedroom and the bed sheets folded neatly back.  He reported the incident to CUFOS in June, 1974 after a second curious incident involving his girl friend. There are some inconsistencies in the details of the account. (Ref. 5, First hand investigation).

Oct. 15, 1973; Morgantown, WV
Numerous witnesses at Raleigh County Airport reported a UFO with red, green, and white lights. Local pilot chased it, reporting that the whole thing would change color at the same time. The object kept moving away from him and he could not catch up with it. (UFOE II, Section VIII)

Oct. 15, 1973; ??? Arkansas
12:00 a.m. Boy, his mom, and grandmother were driving on a rural road to a grocery store and saw a cigar craft hovering either over a tree or next to it about 40 feet or less off the ground, right next to the road and near a house. They pulled over and they got out of the car to look. The craft had no windows, seams, and was dark gunmetal matte grey in appearance and was the size of a yellow school bus. The boy tried to walk under the ufo, but his mom said, "no" and his grandmother (still in the car) was shreiking. There was no sound comiing from craft and they watched it for approx 15 minutes, then drove off when another car pulled up as they were driving off. (MUFON 8081)

Oct. 15, 1973; Connersville, IN
4:30 p.m. No sound, three witnesses, 45 seconds. Appeared six blocks from witnesses home. Silver colored oval dome on top with three green doors. Craft size of house. Three lines came together on bottom of craft. During this period in which the trisected UFO was seen three different times in this period of a few weeks no publicity had appeared in newspaper about what its bottom looked like. This one too sped off horizontally. (Worley files)

Oct. 15, 1973; Huntington, IN
Dusk. UFO terrorized Indiana farmer and his wife by chasing his truck as he raced for home. Object vanished in a dazzling burts of speed. (Press report)

Oct.15, 1973; Lambert and Marks, MS
Woman saw an orange oval giving off red glow hovering at treetop height; husband in a separate location also saw object and watched it move at high speed. (UFOE II, Section VIII)

Oct.15, 1973; Henryville, MS
Motorist encountered elliptical object with blue and orange body lights, legs, standing on the road. (UFOE II, Section VIII)

Oct. 15, 1973; Connersville, IN
7:30p.m. Forty-five workers saw a round object during their break. Five men from the D & M Dishwashing Manufacturing Co. saw a round object over the AVCO test area. One witness rushed into the plant to tell others and a total of 45 watched the object. The object descended into the trees and rose up again and flew off in a northeastern direction. The object had yellow and blue lights reflecting onto silver. There was no sound connected with the UFO. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, February 1974, page 3)

Oct. 15, 1973; Connersville, IN
9:00 p.m. Oval with dome, no sound, 1 Min. Seen at rear of D&M Mfg. plant when workers stepped outside for break. Craft with row of yellow lights and intersecting lines on bottom hovered over Government contracted test facility (explosives) west of plant. This is 6 blocks north of where a craft hovered at 4:30. No landing indications found at site. (Worley files)

Oct. 15, 1973; Nr. Berea, TN
10:30 p.m. Awakened by the barking of their dogs, a farm family saw lights from a UFO in the woods. Then James Cline saw a being with a glowing white head cross the road 50 ft. away. Claw-like tracks were found in the road later as well as landing marks 22 ft long by 12 ft wide where the UFO had been. (UFOE II, Section VIII); CHR73,18)

Oct. 15, 1973; Connersville, IN
11:30 p.m. Three witnesses. No sound. Fishlike object suddenly grew larger and in the blink of an eye appeared just above the ground over a field on the north edge of E. Connersville. One abductee lost 1.5 hours. Humanoids, 4'. Eight to ten people seen onboard! (Worley files)

Oct. 15-16, 1973; Pine, LA
Sheriffs saw and chased pulsating orange objects that alternately hovered, swinging like pendulum, darted around at high speed (UFOE II, Section V, VIII).   

Oct. 16, 1973; Hattiesburg, MS
Motorist driving to work, object landed on top of his car, all four doors flew open, then closed and he felt weight lift off car, saw a lighted object with blue, yellow, and gold rings around it moving away to south. (UFOE II, Section VIII)

Oct. 16, 1973; London, OH
School bus driver saw a glowing yellow-orange oblong object moving west to east. Object hovered above some trees, its glow completely lighting up the area. Finally rose straight up and moved away. (UFOE II, Section VIII)

Oct. 16, 1973: Chillicothe, OH
Motorist buzzed by three luminous objects; one with blinding green light followed her home. About 15 minutes later a nearby Greenfield police officer reported following a huge object, white with a glowing red light, for about five miles." (UFOE II, Section VIII)

Oct. 16, 1973: Burbank, CA
Landed UFO with humanoid figures inside (UFOE II, Section VIII, XII)

Oct. 16, 1973; Between Gulfport: and Biloxi, MI
A cab driver reported that he was confronted with a. blue, oblong UFO that landed in front of his car on Interstate 90.  His car stalled and its lights and radio died. He heard a tapping on the windshield and saw a crab-claw like thing and two shiny spots. The driver reportedly confessed to a hoax, but this has not been confirmed. (Ref. 5)

Oct. 16, 1973; Burbank, CA
Two children, ages 2 and 4, reported a UFO with a pointed dome and rays emanating from the bottom. It made a buzzing sound. As many as four occupants were mentioned. They invited the older boy to look in the object. When the boys' father stepped into the back yard minutes after the sighting, the family dog was barking furiously. (Ref. 5, First hand investigation).

Oct. 16/17, 1973; Lehi, UT
A woman was abducted front her home, as well as possibly three of her children and a neighbor boy, and given a medical examination on board a craft. Carrying a "machine" of some sort, three beings lifted the woman from a couch and carried her by the arms. Her next memory was of a big, bright room with lots of "lights and buttons" and glass tubes containing liquid. She observed four or five humanoids on the craft and at least two human beings. The humanoids did not communicate with her, were coldly efficient, and made her feel like a guinea pig. They were 4-5 feet tall, with head coverings (helmets?), no noses, long fishlike mouths, orange hands (gloves?) with two or three big claws or fingers that opened "like a clasp." They had large oval eyes that wrapped around the side of the head. The pupils were big, black and round and moved a lot. Their suits were a fluorescent "silvery and blue" (the three beings in her home were described as wearing shiny, bright white uniforms). During the exam she was hooked up to a machine, probed with needles, given a blood pressure test and a gynecological exam. The beings were able to read her mind. One of the humans was bald, about 55, and talked with her and helped during the exam. They gave her a shot to make her forget, then carried her (floating?) out a door to be reunited with her children. The incident took 45 minutes to an hour. (Ref. 5, First, hand investigation).

Oct. 17, 1973; Pikesville, MD
At three o'clock in the morning a woman was awakened by a sound like an explosion. She heard a loud humming sound, walked out onto her front porch. There she saw a red, transparent ovoid object, 15 feet long and 6-8 feet high. On top was a bubble. Inside she saw a human figure standing up.

Oct. 17, 1973; Princeton, IN
4:40 p.m. Two young boys spotted a strange object just before dark. Described as silver and looking like a "fish", this distant object may have been an airplane reflecting sunlight, except that it hovered at first then took off real fast. Besides that, the "fish" description has cropped up several times in this chrono where little publicity was given. "Kevin came home in near panic," said Mrs. Charles Whitehead, Princeton 'That's how I knew it wasn't just a little boys' joke." Her nine-year-old son and his friend. Teddy Waldroup, 7, reported seeing the unusual object in the sky while playing at the St Joseph School playground. (Princeton Daily Clarion, Oct. 18)

October 17, 1973; Milan, MI
7:30 p.m. Witness reported a blimp-like object hovering in the distance over a neighbors house. The object was East and to the North slightly, when first observed. It moved, hovering slowly across his path, and disappeared heading south.The object resembled a large blimp like structure with flashing colored lights (red and green). As he drove closer he noticed that it did not have a tail like blimps. He rolled the window down expecting sounds of activity, but there was no noise. It suddenly seemed to gain energy and swiftly moved out of sight before he could get a better look at it, like a bullet from a gun. (MUFON 2560)

Oct. 17, 1973; Connersville, IN
8:00 p.m. An 11-year-old girl and her cousin had been making a scarecrow in the front yard for Halloween. They heard a humming sound and thought that it was an airplane, but when the object that was producing the noise stopped dead above them, the humming quit. The object was saucer-shaped, silver gray on top, with bright lights along the bottom. They were so shocked that they didn't know what to do. So they just stood there and stared at it until what they described as "fogs" started to come out of the craft, then they ran into the house. There was a "pfft" sound when the "substance" was ejected. When their curiosity got the better of them, they went back into the yard. Three glowing white "fogs" or objects had come out of the object and one had circled the field. After this, the craft started to hum and headed towards the woods in the northeast. After a total of three minutes the object went below the tree-line and was lost to view. Witness had scoop mark type scar on her leg below her knee. (MUFON Indiana, FI Worley; Ridge files)

Oct. 17, 1973; Warner Robins, GA
9 p.m. A cigar-shaped object chased a vehicle, making a humming sound. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1973-38; David F. Webb, 1973: The Year of The Humanoids).

Oct. 17, 1973; Elkhorn, WV
Pulsating object photographed during sighting wave (UFOE II, Section VII).

Oct. 17, 1973; Near Wayne, NJ
Two men, driving on Route 23 to New York City from work, saw a large, round, silver craft hover over a field, then land. They stopped and got out of the car as the object descended. Then the driver got scared and drove off. The other man conversed with seven beings (four men and three women?) who got out of the UFO,  The witness' credibility was questioned. (Ref.5).,

Oct. 17, 1973; Clinton, IL
Police and citizens saw as many as eight yellow-orange, highly maneuverable objects. (UFOE II, Section VIII)

Oct. 17, 1973; Johnson City, TN
Several sightings of UFOs: circular copper-colored object that descended, hovered near ground, took off straight up; tall humanoid being who accosted children; glowing red sphere that alternately hovered and moved. (UFOE II, Section VIII)

Oct. 17, 1973; Crowley, LA
Offshore oil platform crew saw oblong object with several colored lights hovering about 1,000 feet overhead emitting a whining sound. As object descended to within 100 feet, platform's electric power system failed. (UFOE II, Section VIII)

Oct. 17, 1973; Powhatan, LA
At least 10 reports from central Louisiana. Pulsating luminous object changing colors seen near woods, illuminating the terrain; luminous object hovering and gliding along above ground in a field; luminous object with window-like markings hovering overhead." (UFOE II, Section VIII)

Oct 17, 1973; Nr. Danielsville, GA
A silver, oval-shaped object landed on C.S, Rt 29, 300 feet ahead of Paul Brown's car, forcing him to make a panic stop. Two small  4-4-1/2  foot beings clad in silver suits and white gloves appeared underneath the UFO. They had reddish faces and white hair. Brown stepped halfway out of his car with a gun in his hand. The beings turned and reentered the craft, which took off with a whooshing sound.  Brown fired several shots at it with no apparent, effect. (Ref. 5, UFOE II, Section VIII, XII)

Oct. 17, 1973; Eupora, MS
A 50-foot wide, dome-shaped UFO hovered 2-3 feet above Highway 82 at twilight, seemingly suspended on a "beam of light."  The primary witness' car lights went out and the engine died when it was 100 yards from the craft. Another car stopped just behind him. A second UFO hovered about 60 feet above the first, illuminating it with a light. Both craft were similar, like inverted cups, and had greenish blue flashing lights. A catfish-like creature came out from the top of the lower UFO, holding onto a handrail. It had gray, fish-like skin, a wide mouth, one glowing eye, flipper-like feet and webbing between the legs like a "flying squirrel." It had feather-like object on its back which opened and closed when it moved. (Ref. 5, UFOE II, Section VIII, XII).

Oct. 17, 1973; Falkville, AL
Alleged humanoid photo. Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw photographed a 5' foot being in a silvery suit after investigating a reported UFO landing. The Chief stopped his car in the road and the thing moved slowly like a robot toward the car. When 10 feet away it turned and began running. The Chief pursued in the car, but the being accelerated and disappeared when the car spun off the road,  "He was running in a very odd manner, from side to side, arms down to his sides, and it looked as if he had springs under his feet to propel him. He could take 10 feet. ... at one step,"  (UFO Casebook, Ref. 5, First hand investigation).

Oct. 17, 1973; Loxley, AL
Clarence Patterson and his pickup truck were sucked up into a huge/cigar-shaped object with a green light. He was pulled out of the truck by about six robot-like beings who seemed to read his mind. The next thing he remembered, he was back on the highway-going about 90 mph in the truck.  He may have been on board for up to 30 minutes. A sulphury smell was noted during the sighting. (Ref. 5, First hand investigation, UFOE II, Section VIII)

Oct. 17, 1973; Watauga, TN
Evening. A circular, copper-colored UFO hovered just off the ground while a 6 ft being reached out of a doorway and tried to grab two children. It had two claw-like hands and blinking eyes.(CHR73,21)

Oct 17, 1973; Pikesville, MD
A woman was awakened by a sound like an explosion. She heard a loud humming, walked out onto the front porch and saw a red, transparent oblong object, 15 feet long and 6-8 feet high. On top was a bubble. Inside she saw a human figure standing up. (Ref. 5, First hand investigation).

Oct. 18, 1973; Near Chatham, VA
Two youths were chased by a white "thing" 3-4 feet tall on White Oak Mountain. The thing had a shimmering body, large head with no eyes and ran sideways. A green, hazy cloud was seen moving away. Several other reports of objects were made in the area. (Ref. 5)

Oct. 18, 1973; Fort Knox, KY
7:15 a.m. Sergeant First Class Ralph E. Green, motor sergeant for the Headquarters Company 194th Armored Brigade, spotted the UFO Thursday morning. "I was walking up the road by the motor pool and I caught sight of this extreme burst of light twirling in the air. It had a bright red light on top and a bright red light on bottom. And in between were these rotating lights . . .green, blue, yellow,  and red." He described the object as oval-shaped with a dark background. It seemed. enormous although it was too far away to really estimate its size. "It was roughly a mile or so away and roughly 1,000 feet off the ground," he said. When Green first saw the UFO, it was slowly coming toward him, but then it slowed and "hovered over a wooded area in the tank trails by the motor pool," he explained. Green yelled at PFC Eddie R. Halstead, who was working in the motor pool's tool room. PFC Halstead also described the UFO as circular with red, green, blue end yellow lights flashing around the center . . ."like a Christmas tree."..."The UFO hovered over the area for a while, SFC Green said. "It was positioned so still. . .it looked like it would fall out of the sky. It wasn't even moving, then it slowly started to veer off to the right, made a real sharp right turn and disappeared. It went so fast it went plumb out of sight." (Louisville Courier, Oct. 25)

Oct. 18, 1973; Rosewood, OH
7:30 p.m. American Airlines Flight 21, a Boeing 747 at 33,000' encountered apparently the same UFO witnessed by Capt. Coyne and his crew over Mansfield, OH. (CUFOS,92)

Oct. 18, 1973; Galion, OH
9:00 p.m. (+-) Walter and Mary Kowalchik near Mansfield were talking on the local network of  their Ham radio group with Richard Swain, a Technical Sergeant in the Air Force, who was in Galion, Ohio. Kowalchik reported: Swain said, "There's something strange. First of all, it's a strange light. No airplane has a light like that. It's an orange glow, rather than a flashing red or green. And secondly," he said, "it isn't behaving like an aircraft. -Now wait a minute, there's something strange herel" And he was all excited.  He was in Galion and he said it was heading towards Shelby. (Ref. 7, page 87, Zeidman)

Oct. 18, 1973; Shelby, OH
9:00 p.m. (+-) Now it so happens that Mr. Eldon Heck sent his wife out in the yard to scan the skies while he was on the air. She came back to report that she was sighting something strange over the Shelby area. (Ref. 7, page 87, Zeidman)

Oct. 18, 1973: Mansfield area, OH
9:00 p.m. (+-) Then we have a report from Gordon Sponseller who was also in the Air National Guard, and he reported while on the air, "There is a strange object. I can't identify it because all I can see is a light. I cannot see an object, but I can see a strange light, and the manner in which it is maneuvering—it' s very rapidly in one direction and then a sudden stop."  Sponseller said that no object with any mass at all could possibly stop that suddenly. "Something is strange," he said. "Either someone is shining a light against some clouds, or it's a type of maneuvering that is very fast." (Ref. 7, page 87, Zeidman)

Oct 18, 1973; SW of Mansfield, OH
9:00 p.m. (approx) The Kowalchik sighting. Mary sighted an aircraft in the sky, and she knew it was an aircraft because of the flashing lights on the craft, and it was moving at a very steady rate across the sky like an airplane would, whereas the other object was moving very rapidly from spot to spot on the skyline. So Mary called Walter out and as he got there she said, "Look at that! Oh my God, they're gonna crash!"  Because they were on a collision course—at least it appeared from there, and they did come close together and veered off--the orange object veered off, and the plane kept going on, and that's about the extent of our sighting. (Ref. 7, page 88, Zeidman)

Oct. 18, 1973; Mt. Vernon, IN
10:30 p.m. Lady had gone to bed but was disturbed by a noise, described as sounding like a barge on the river. She decided to go outside and check it out. She saw an object over her garage and to the south, merely an outline produced by as many as 50 lights, not exactly evenly-spaced. It didn't appear to have any body, and it had a red flashing light on the rear, long and narrow, about 3 times as long as it was wide, moving real slow East to West. She observed the long side view about 3 minutes, and right in front of her house it turned south toward the river and she saw the end view, described as like a squared-off cigar. At this time it was really low and she said she should have seen metal as it went past a tree. 5 minutes. (UFO Filter Center Files, FI Fran Ridge, MUFON SSD).

Oct. 18, 1973; Mansfield, OH
11:05 p.m. Army Reserve helicopter encountered domed, craft-like object that beamed green light into cockpit, lifted helicopter off course (UFOE II). The Army helicopter 68-15444 was returning from Columbus, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio, and southeast of Mansfield Airport, Ohio while flying at an altitude of 2500 feet and on a heading of 030 degrees, SSG Yanacsek observed a red light on the east horizon, 90 degrees to the flight path of the helicopter. Approximately 30 seconds later, SSG Yanacsek indicated the object was converging on the helicopter at the same altitude at an airspeed in excess of 600 knots and on a midair collision heading. Captain Coyne observed the converging object, took over the controls of the aircraft and initiated a power descent from 2500 feet to 1700 feet to avoid impact with the object. A radio call was initiated to Mansfield Tower who acknowledged the helicopter and was asked by Capt. Coyne if there were any high performance aircraft flying in the vicinity of Mansfield Airport, however there was no response received from the tower. The crew expected impact from the object; instead the object was observed to hesitate momentarily over the helicopter and then slowly continued on a westerly course accelerating at a high rate of speed, clear west of Mansfield Airport then turn 45 degrees heading to the Northwest. Capt. Coyne indicated the altimeter read a 100 fpm (feet per minute) climb and read 3500 feet with the collective in the full down position. The aircraft was returned to 2500 feet by Capt. Coyne and flown back to Cleveland, Ohio. The flight plan was closed and the FAA Flight Service Station notified of the incident. The radio returned to normal 10 minutes after the incident, having gone completely dead on both UHF and VHF frequencies just after Coyne had established contact with Mansfield control tower. Some witnesses on the ground reported seeing the helicopter as well as and object "like a blimp" and "as big as a school bus" hovering above the helicopter. When the UFO's green light appeared it was described by the witnesses as "like rays coming down and the helicopter, the trees, the road and everything turned green."  Capt Coyne : "From a speed of 600 mph, it abruptly slowed down to our exact speed of 100 mph and hovered above us." Co-pilot Jezzi: "The object was cigar-shaped, metallic grey, with a dome on top." Staff Sergeant Healey : "It was about 60 feet long, without any portholes or intake openings that we could see. At first it was just showing a red light in nose. Then a green spotlight at the back swept around and shone into our cabin." (Sources: Zeidman, NARCAP Case 36, Army Disposition Form, 23 Nov 1973 )

Oct 18, 1973; Near Savannah, GA
A tiny silver being was seen standing beside U.S. Rt. 17. A line of autos slowed down to observe the humanoid, but no one left his car. (Ref. 5)

Oct. 19, 1973; Oswego, NY
5:45 a.m. Two farmers, 25 and 16, were at work, One was in the barn and the other outdoors. The second witness was in the process of bringing cows in for milking. He was 20 feet from the barn when a red/blue domed object appeared over the barn, passing over his head and then over a 250 x 450 yard pasture containing five cows. The object was apparently not traveling fast. As the object passed over the five cows, they ran in all directions, two of them breaking through a barbed wire fence to the S and one breaking through the fence to the N, sustaining injuries.

Oct. 19, 1973; Draguignan, France
Four youths in two cars drove up a small mountain (le Malinont) to investigate the sighting of an orange-yellow UFO seen earlier by a friend and his girl. No UFO was seen, but a diffuse white glow silhouetted a being approaching the group. Later two of the witnesses saw three entities pursuing their slowly retreating car. The entities were wearing one-piece suits with a waist-high red light. The head or helmet was square with luminous, rectangular eye slots. One of them wore a gas-mask with a veil covering the face. Their gait was slow and mechanical. Meanwhile, in the other car, the other two witnesses twice saw two sets of "red legs" crossing the road and later their car was swung sideways across the road, then back again. Other effects included heat, a smell of burnt insulation tape, the beings conversing with modulated whistles, one of the cars being shaken while parked, a powerful white light beam and E-M effects on both cars. No traces were found. (Ref. 5, First hand investigation,  Section XII Rodeghier, 1981, [L] car).

Oct. 19, 1973; Ashburn, GA
Woman had power failure in car, encountered a small humanoid with metallic-appearing garb and bubble helmet (UFOE II, Section XII).

Oct.19,1973; Copeland, NC
Bluish oval object hovered near mobile home, three-foot-tall humanoid in golden metallic suit seen nearby (UFOE II, Section XII).

Oct. 19, 1973; Indianapolis, IN
Cessna pilot, object on radar. No details or listed source.

Oct. 19, 1973; Albany, OH
7:30 p.m. Upon arriving home, witness saw a "ghost-like" figure floating about 50 ft above the ground at 1000 ft distance; it was about 4 ft tall  and thin, "like a person draped in a close-fitting sheet."  It was seen only briefly when she noticed a bright white object moving about, and approaching to within 200 ft, before going away. Object was about 20 ft in diameter and about 25-30 ft off the ground. Later, as she made supper, she saw a "little blue-green thing" about 2.5 ft tall and with a face with "spiky things at the tops and the sides of the head," look in an open door; it had stumpy arms  (she saw no legs), and quickly disappeared from sight. UFO sightings occurred about the same time in nearby Athens and elsewhere. (Eberhardt, Sympap75,74, Ref. 5)

Oct. 19, 1973; between Vernon and Sherritts, OH
8:35 p.m. Radar/visual, 2 witnesses. No details (Haines Summary of Cases Reviewed, Sympap79,116) Table 1, 116,

Oct. 19, 1973; Goshen, OH
9:00 p.m. (=-) While out on his farm with his coon dogs, "Sam" came upon a dimly lit object sitting in a field on tripod legs, approx. 300 ft away. The object was saucer-shaped with a dome atop, and about 75-100 ft wide, with two blue and two white lights. Three humanoid figures of roughly normal size were seen moving about the object. The dogs "carried on something fierce" and approached no closer; after almost three minutes, the figures were seen climbing up a ladder under the center of the object, which then took off vertically. 3-min. (Personal communication from the investigator via Len Stringfield, January, 1975, CHR73,56).

Oct. 19, 1973; Ashburn, GA
A woman was driving on Interstate 75 when her engine, power brakes and steering quit. No UFO was seen, but a small, metallic man appeared after she had pulled the car to the roadside. It had a bubble-dome head with rectangular eye openings. The head moved like a robot. From the elbows down, the arms were narrow and wrinkled, like a chicken's legs. It moved around the car, then was gone. Afterwards she found the engine billowing smoke and the hood intensely hot. (Ref. 5)

Oct. 19, 1973; Campbellsville, KY
9:30 p.m. Two men followed an object that looked about the size of a B-52, then lost sight of it behind a cluster of trees. "I do a lot of flying myself," one commented, "and when I first sighted this object I thought it was going to land at the airport." (see news clipping)

Oct. 19, 1973; Copeland, NC
A farm couple encountered a blue, oval UFO hovering near their mobile home. Then they saw a 3-foot humanoid in a gold metallic coverall. Their dog fled the area to return the next day. (Ref. 5)

Oct. 20, 1973; Campbellsville, KY
2:00 a.m. An early morning encounter with a "triangular-shaped object about the size of two cars" hovering about tree-top high not more than 100 yards" from home. "Early Saturday morning about 2a.m. a dog awoke our little boy," said Richerson. "My wife went to calm him down and while she was bent over to pick him up she looked out the window and saw this glowing object across the road. She came in and woke me up and we stood there for about 15 minutes watching it hover in a field across the road. I wish now that I had gone out but it startled me." (See drawing/news clipping)

Oct. 20, 1973; Mt. Vernon, Indiana
6:50 a.m. The primary witness was a conductor on a L&N train that had an encounter with a UFO. They had passed through Mt. Vernon and were headed east nearing the Lamont crossing, which is about 2-miles west of the outskirts of Evansville. A nocturnal light incident had preceded this close encounter. When they neared Caborn (6-7 miles east of Mt. Vernon), the conductor told the rear conductors by intercom that they had seen a real bright light behind them. When they got near St. Phillips, one of the rear crew reported that there now was a train following them, on the same track, and the RR blocking system showed something approaching them. As they approached a steep hill at the Lamont Crossing, one of the diesel engine units overheated and the train was immobilized. When the object behind the train backed away, the blocking system showed the object retreating. The diesel unit was now restarted and the train, loaded down with coal, made it up the hill and on into Evansville. There were two other incidents two days later (See full report. UFO Filter Center, FI Francis Ridge, MUFON SSD).   

Oct. 20, 1973; Fort Smith, AR
Glowing disc descended within 6' of car, "computer-like" sound. (Southwest Times Record, Oct 21, 1973; cited in Rodeghier, 1981, p. 59 [E,R,L] car).

Oct. 21, 1973; Covedale, OH
A mother and her son observed a gray humanoid near a UFO. The being was completely surrounded by a bell jar-shaped area of light. No facial features could be discerned. Ground traces from the UFO were later found. (CHR73,32)

Oct. 22, 1973: Upton, Indiana
6:50 p.m. A man was farming and noticed an object which looked like it was going to land. No sound was heard. The man and his young daughter were about 2-3 blocks from the OWL (my designation for an object with lights) sitting in their pickup, then moved to the other side of the field to watch. Described as dark and triangular with "real bright", "red, white (or amber) and green" lights. This object was either on or near the (RR) tracks just before a train heading NW went through. Object dimmed and hovered near passing train for about a minute, then took off towards Mt. Vernon. Daughter was scared. (UFO Filter Center Files, FI Fran Ridge, MUFON SSD).

Oct. 22, 1973: Maunie, Illinois
Evening. The conductor involved in the L&N train incident on the 20th had been talking with various persons, and the dispatcher at Evansville told him that someone at Mauni had called sometime Monday and reported that an object was seen flying over a train there, right over the engine. (Source: Logged 749, RR employee)

Oct. 22, 1973; Hartford City, IN
9:45 p.m. Couple in car with baby approach small bright silver figures bouncing on highway 9 miles east of Hartford City. They seemed to be dressed in silver suits with tube running from face to chest. On the feet of the two small figures were square looking objects that extended over at the heel. The frightened female driver opted not to turn and instead sped at the figures and swerved around them as they moved clumsily in slow motion attempting to get off the highway. Down road calmer male witness took over and returned to area (home was nearby). The figures had disappeared but witnesses observed a snake-like pattern of lights over nearby cornfield. Next day in this field small footprints were found by State Policeman sheriff's deputy, and witness. (Worley files, CHR73,34; UFOE II, Section XII).
Oct. 23, 1973; Hartford City, IN
12:15 a.m. A wrecker truck driver, gas station owner, encountered these same figures about one mile south of the first sighting. He first noticed cats, rabbits, possums etc moving out of the locality then spotted the two figures in the pasture field. They were too bright and turned their backs to the light so he observed them only with the side of his wrecker headlights. The high pitched sound was also present. He too noticed their square footwear with the heel overhang. The little figures bounced slow motion into the air two times with arms flopping a little. Then on the third bounce they both just took off in a feet down position. The startled observer lost them when they sailed out of the area illuminated by his lights. He did see some tracer-like lights coming down from above. (Worley files).

Oct. 23, 1973; Russell Springs, KY
A woman saw two 3-ft tall beings in her carport who walked around the side of the house, entered a craft "shaped like a washing tub" sitting on the ground, which then rose over the house and disappeared. The men were reddish and walked like they were on tip toes. The ground was disturbed where the craft had been sitting. (CHR73,36; UFOE II, Section XII).

Oct. 24, 1973; Mt. Airy, NC
Rash of UFO sightings by citizens and police. Round, red-orange objects, rapid flight, erratic maneuvers. (UFOE II, Section V)

Oct. 24, 1973; Dobson, NC
Motorist experienced E-M effects as oval object landed near his car. Encounter with frightening being. (UFOE II, Section XII).

Oct. 24, 1973; Fayette County, IN
No sound,15 secs. Dark object with blue and red lights and one intense white light which blinded him. Object arose from in front of trees south of witness and passed over auto then went out of sight in the north. State Police called. (Worley files)

Oct. 24, 1973; Fredericktown, OH
About 9:00 p.m. CE-III; possible CE-IV. Woman in car pulling into drive, notices her headlights appear to cause a "washtub" object to light up and illuminate her back yard. (See report. MORA3/93)

Oct. 25, 1973; FBI Letter
Letter from the FBI Director denying the Bureau's involvement in the investigation of UFOs. In 1976 the FBI released 1,00 pages of UFO-related documentation.

Oct. 25, 1973, US Forces go on DEFCON III
The U.S. became concerned that the Soviet Union might intervene in the Arab/Israeli (Yom Kippur War) and U.S. forces including Strategic Air Command, Continental Air Defense Command, European Command and the Sixth Fleet were placed on DEFCON III Alert.
Oct. 25, 1973, North West Cape, Exmouth, Australia
US NAVCOMMSTA Harold E Holt. (1) At about 1915 hrs local time, a Lt Commander Moyer was travelling south on Murat Road, when he saw an object in the sky to his west. After about 20-25 seconds, the object accelerated at speed to the north of his position. It was initially seen at about 20 degrees elevation, to the west. It appeared as a large, black object. He estimated its angular size as half a degree. It was initially stationary, and there was no associated noise at any point in the observation. There was no trail or exhaust. It was last seen at 45-50 degrees elevation, and at 345-350 degrees azimuth. (2) At about 1920 hrs local time, an Australian civilian US Navy employee fire captain, noticed a large, stationary, black object in the clear sky. It had a 'halo' around the centre, which appeared to be either revolving or pulsating. He watched it for an estimated four minutes, after which it took off at speed, in a northerly direction, and disappeared after a few seconds. When first seen, he estimated it was at 12.degrees elevation, and at 270 degrees azimuth. There was no associated sound at any point. It was last seen at 12 degrees elevation, 320 degrees azimuth. (Source: Handwritten statements and proformas, completed by the two men, and copies handed to Sydney researcher Moira McGhee, in 1975, by a representative of the RAAF.) [Note by Keith Basterfield. After closely analysing all the available data, in my opinion, there remains the possibility that the objects seen by the two men were flocks of birds.]

Oct. 25, 1973; Christy Creek, KY
9:00 p.m. Glowing orange oval hovered 300 feet above car, light reflected brightly off of car hood; object then sped out of sight. (News clipping; UFOE II, Section VIII)

On 26 October, CINCSAC and CINCONAD reverted to normal DEFCON status.

Oct. 28, 1973; Villa Bordeu, Bahia Blanca, Argentina
Disc. 13ft. diameter. Three human-like beings: Two short-haired blond men 1 long haired blond woman. Silvery clothing. Object hovered 12 ft. above ground. (Dionisio Yanca, Ref. Molon Study; UFOE II, Section XIII).

Oct. 31, 1973; USEUCOM went off DEFCON III
USEUCOM (less the Sixth Fleet) went off DEFCON III status.

Oct. 31, 1973; Okawville, IL
Time not given. About 20 miles southwest of Okawville. Eight; high school students were driving a station wagon when they spotted an unexplainable light hovering above the road directly in front of them, and then quickly disappeared. (News clipping) 
Nov. 1973; Quebec, Canada
Numerous reported landings, humanoids, and E-M effects on cars in province (UFOE II, Section VIII).

Nov. 1, 1973; Mt. Vernon, IN - MADAR APD 00m00s 18 cpm
At 9:47 p.m., the Multiple Anomaly Detection And Recording unit was triggered. The background radiation level was 18 cpm, normal for the area, but something had caused the disturbance. Something probably within a five-mile radius had tripped the sensor, right at the peak in sightings. There was a sighting of a blue and green light at Bufkin, just a few miles north of the MADAR site. It had moved up and down, back and forth, beginning at 10:40 p.m. and there was a humming noise associated with it. 

Nov. 1, 1973; Morehead City, NC
Round object with red and green blinking lights around circumference hovered near car. (UFOE II, Section VIII)

Nov. 1, 1973; Bufkin, Indiana
10:40 p.m. A male witness called the UFO hotline at the UFO Filter Center at Mt. Vernon, Indiana, and reported that a blue and green object with a humming noise was observed for about 10 minutes, about 5 miles NE of Mt. Vernon at the tiny rural community of Bufkin. The object was maneuvering, back and forth, first from west to east, then north to south, while moving up and down. It was last seen to the south at the Meade Johnson Plant just east of at Mt. Vernon near hwy 62. The report was one of many coming in to the Center during the wave of 1973. Call was recorded.  The encounter range was determined by the humming noise reported. (UFOFC, Ridge files, FI-4)

Nov. 2, 1973; Goffstown, NH
2:45 a.m. UFO with bright yellow light paced car, moved in front of it; motorist felt dizzy and numb. Police officer responding to call also observed it.  Witness could see that it was an orange and gold globe covered with hexagons like a honeycomb, with an oval window on the upper left. The red, green, and blue flashes were coming from somewhere near the center of the object, and she could hear a high-pitched sound. (UFOE II, Section VIII)

Nov. 2, 1973; Mt. Vernon, IN
10:37 p.m. Chief of Police Wilfred Clark & Officer John Tucker were on a pursuit of a drunken-driver who had gone into a ditch. While they were waiting for a wrecker they observed an OBOL (Orange Ball of Light) which reacted to light. Flashlight seemed to cause the object to get brighter and closer. After about 1-1/2 minutes of observing the object the squad car spotlight was put on it and the object moved off. (UFO Filter Center Files, FI Fran Ridge, MUFON SSD).

Nov. 2, 1973; Mt. Vernon, IN
10:40 p.m. The witness was a 23-year-old warehouseman at Mt. Vernon Milling Co. and reported a wedge-shaped object. While at work he observed it south above Fuhrer Ford for about 15-20 seconds. "I went out to check my hopper cars. Climbing up onto the car I happened to look back. I stood on top and watched the object until it disappeared. Best I can describe (it, is) at about six city blocks away...60-100 feet in the air.... I could hear no sound.....Seemed like it disappeared as if you would shut off a TV set. It was light orange and slowly faded out," (UFOFC, Ridge files)

Nov. 2, 1973;  Goffstown, NH
2:45 a.m. Spherical object. 50 ft. dia. Covered with 6-sided facets. Oval window above mid-line. One humanoid being. Rounded head. Large egg-shape, eyes with dark oval pupils. No nose. Slit mouth, wrinkled gray elephant-like skin. Object hovered in sky terrorizing motorist. Occupant visible in window of object. Subsequent abduction later that night. ( Lydia Morel, Ref. OD)

Nov. 4, 1973; Goffstown, NH
There was another very interesting report involving two glowing creatures collecting items from the ground in the front yard of Rex Snow. It also involved animal reaction on the part of his dog. However, it did not involve the sighting of a UFO and probably would be supplemental information to the other Goffstown sighting mentioned that Ray Fowler also investigated for Nov. 1.

Nov. 6, 1973; Pascagoula, Mississippi
9:20 p.m. Officer Nations stated that he and Officer Crews were in the Coast Guard vessel and were approaching the Ryan brothers in their boat. “One fisherman was there beside the boat. From 50 yards I saw the light lighting up the boat. It was a dim light, moving in a straight line in a northwesterly direction at four to six knots. When we got directly over it, I could see that there was a light amber light source about four inches long which cast an oval-shaped beam straight ahead for four, five, or six feet. Beneath the four-inch light source and attached to it was a metallic rod a couple of feet long and about four inches wide.” Nations and Crews tried beating the object with boat oars and hooks, but it went out and reappeared 20 yards away. “The Ryan brothers chased it around in their boat and reached it again before we did. They beat it with their oars,” said Nations. Crews also described observing the light coming up from the water and onto the Ryans’ boat as the Coast Guard vessel approached. “Three boats started chasing it,” Crews explained. “Each boat tried to get on top of it. Then it was under all three boats. I looked down and saw a metallic object three feet long, three or four inches wide, and shiny like stainless steel. It went 20 or 30 yards, then went out. Then it lit up again on the same course and we tried to hit it with oars. The light went out and then it relocated again.” At 10 p.m. they lost it.

Nov. 6, 1973; Evansville, IN
2:09 a.m. Owner of Stadium Inn saw huge glowing object from front of place of business, chased at high speed on Division St.. Object at 1500' altitude and one mile range lit up Meade Johnson, looked like yellow-gold big moon. Referred by State Police. (UFOFC, Ridge files)

Nov. 7, 1973; Chesapeake, VA
Disc-shaped object surrounded by bright green halo, red light emitted from underside. (UFOE II, VIII)

Nov. 7, 1973; Winnfield, LA
Woman driving from Winnfield to Sikes on this foggy night encountered along the roadway a three-foot-tall humanoid being with a large oval head and two bright red eyes (UFOE II, Section XII).

Nov. 8, 1973; La Paz, Bolivia
Top-shaped object with windows moved with "incredible speed," darted behind jet interceptor, shot straight up in sky (UFOE II, Section II). Table 1, 116,

Nov. 8, 1973; Blythe, CA
A man driving on Interstate 10 east of the city saw a circular object with red, green, and amber body lights hovering over an orchard, moving up and down and from side to side. When he realized it was not a helicopter, he became frightened. No time reported. (UFOE II, Section VIII, Marlin Daily Democrat, Texas, Nov. 9, 1973, UPI story)

Nov. 8, 1973; Johnstown, NY
2:40 p.m.  A group of elementary school students saw a gray-white object shaped like an Apollo capsule (truncated cone) descending as if to land less than 200 feet away. The object had legs with round landing pods. When the children ran toward it, the object's legs retracted, a puff of fire was emitted and it took off upwards. No sound was heard. The object had a light rotating around it at all times, and when it ascended it had a luminous halo around it. (Marlin Daily Democrat, Texas, Nov. 9, 1973, UPI story)

Nov. 8, 1973; Falmouth, Nova Scotia
6:15 pm. On an evening with an overcast at 3,000-4,000 feet and with 15 mile visibility, two low flying brilliantly red lights were observed for 15 minutes. During this time, the family dog was described as greatly agitated. Joan Scofield, her husband and four children, saw the two brilliantly red lights, one following the other. They flew low from south to north at various speeds that ranged from slow to so fast they became a blur. Lost behind trees, they were assumed to have circled as they came back from the opposite direction. (Joan Woodward, AR Specialist)

Nov. 11, 1973; LaPaz, Bolivia
Airline crew and interceptor pilot. No details.

Nov. 12, 1973; Toronto
No details. Table 1, 116,

Nov. 16, 1973; Evansville, IN
9:45 p.m. Young man (15) and three others (l boy & 2 girls) saw object come down and land twice, tried to catch it as it traveled about 10' above the ground. Had round thing on it like an electric eye and glowing red basket-like bottom section. Conventional aircraft near had spotlights. Phoned into UFO Filter Center by boy's mother. (FI-4, Ridge files).

Nov. 16, 1973; Lemon Grove, CA
7:00 PM. Two 11-year old boys, but there are supporting reasons why this may well be a good case. The boys were outside intending to play in a vacant lot/field in the neighborhood. When they arrived at the field, there was a dark object hovering about 18 inches above it. It seemed inactive in any way. One of the boys cautiously approached it and rapped it with his flashlight. [See more details at link] (Mike Swords. Sources: "TV Interference, Fused Phone Lines, Cited in UFO Landing Case", David Branch and Robert Klinn, Santa Ana [CA] Register, December 8(?,date hard to read) 1973; "Boys Encounter Landed Object", APRO Bulletin, January/February 1974; "Boys Say UFO Hit with Flashlight", SKYLOOK (MUFON), #75, February 1974.)

Nov. 17, 1973; The Sixth Fleet Resumes Normal DEFCON Status.

Nov. 18, 1973: near Tracy, Quebec, and November 21/22, 1973: Joliette, Quebec, Canada
6:00 PM. These are two CE3 [Humanoid] cases embedded in the big Quebec wave of UFO cases that peaked in November 1973. [readers can refer to the October St. Mathias-de-Chambly CE3 listed earlier for another example of this wave]. The Tracy event began when four women [ages 24 to 14] drove out of town toward Montreal. Shortly, they noticed a luminous ball ahead of them. It flew over the St. Lawrence River just to the right of the road. It sparkled with a yellowish-white tint. The ball seemed to pulse: now larger and shining; now smaller and non-luminous. It then seemed to follow their car. It would come nearer when the countryside was less populated; further when it was built-up. Its altitude changed but it was often at telephone pole height. This was understandably scaring the heck out of the witnesses. At one point they were passed by a car at great speed. The UFO went to great height at that event. The UFO descended and hovered over a roadside field. All of a sudden they entered slow-moving traffic. Weirdly, the cars had to enter into and pass through a "pink cloud" which was lying across the road. The cloud's length was about the distance of four cars back-to-back. At this odd thing, the girls were so astonished they essentially forgot the UFO parked in the roadside field. Within the cloud "everything was very quiet and silent". They drove through without any apparent incident, and the driver accelerated back up [to about 40mph]. Then, almost immediately, she had to brake again as the "fast car" that had passed them awhile ago was wrecked in the ditch. Passing this latest congestion point, she sped up  , and immediately slammed on the brakes again to avoid hitting a "little man" sweeping in the road. This little man was slim and 5 feet or less tall. He wore dark clothing and a cap "that could hide his face". The tool that he was using gave the impression that he was "brushing" the road. The young ladies never looked at the UFO in the field again as they went on their way to Montreal, but said on the return journey the pink cloud was still there. Commentary: [Michael Swords] there may be less in this case or more. The excited girls could have overinterpreted a roadside accident and roadside flares, and a somewhat careless clean-up crewman. Or, it may be as weird as they felt. Either way, that element of the case does not diminish the lengthy and elaborate "stalker" aspect of the case.This event became the first of a series of UFO encounters in this area that very evening. At least 11 more encounters were recorded with luminous ovals or balls in the region prior to 1am.

Nov. 19, 1973; Sidrolandia, Brazil
Orange oval emerged from white cloud, hovered near truck, small humanoid visible inside object. (See Section XII [E] truck)

Nov. 21, 1973; on a farm in Joliette, Canada
2:00 AM. The wife of the house couldn't sleep, and was sitting up in the darkness of the house smoking a cigarette. She was startled by a white object which seemed to be standing just outside her kitchen window. When she went over to inspect, she saw a "4-foot tall thing". This was not a UFO, but appeared to be a creature of some kind. This thing had a large round head with very large, too large, eyes in it. These "eyes" seemed to glow with phosphorescence. Around this "head", or was it a helmet?, there was a halo of soft "flames". "Shoulders" angled directly down at a 45 degree slope. No more of "it", whatever it was, could be recalled. The farm lady was not at all afraid of this entity, and said, rather, that she thought it "beautiful" and was attracted by it. She said, perhaps more ominously, that she could not move away from the window. She thought the sighting lasted only about 15 seconds, and then she suddenly snapped to, and realized that something odd was happening. She roused her husband, who dressed and went outside. There was no trace of the "thing" except perhaps one fact: their dog was found "scared to death" and lying low on the ground. It would not follow the farmer as he inspected the grounds.

Nov. 21, 1973; That same evening, local police and a Catholic priest both reported UFO sightings around a nearby quarry. Once again many other cases were reported in the Quebec region. The entity in this case is unique. It is most like the famous 1952 Braxton County [Flatwoods] WV "Monster", which was one of the first entity encounters ever reported in the U.S. Sources: Claude MacDuff, "The November 1973 UFO-Invasion of Quebec" [monograph], 1976, Ted Bloecher files (CUFOS); and (same) UFOLOGY Fall 1976; and [letter] Wido Hoville to Ted Bloecher, August 19, 1976.

Nov. 23, 1973; Matthews, MO
11:30 p.m. This close encounter began with the observation of five red lights in a curve, indicating something round. The witness was driving to her grandmother's house and witnessed the bright lights which were very low out her passenger window to the east. When the lights got behind her she pulled off the road and got out of the car as they approached. Another car from the north stopped to see if she needed help, saw the lights and sped off. Object passed over with a humming noise. ((AUN10,2)

Nov. 25, 1973; Falmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
9:50 p.m. The RCMP report states that while on patrol that night, Constable Ralph Keeping was contacted by Lawrence Smith of Lower Shag Harbour. Smith reported that he and his brother Manus Smith had been driving on old Highway 3 near the western Bear Point turnoff when they encountered some lights in the sky. Investigation shows the incident turned out to be a Close Encounter of the Third Kind and possibly even more.

Nov. 28, 1973; Gallup Poll
                             Showed that 51 percent of Americans believe UFOs are "real," 11 percent claim personal sightings, and 93 percent are aware of the subject.

Nov. 28, 1973; 2 miles East of Bufkin, IN (near Mt. Vernon)
7:15 p.m. This incident involved three witnesses who reported two orange-red balls of light that hovered low to the ground in the west for about six minutes. The main witness was very shook up by the incident and contacted the UFO Filter Center while it was occurring. One object was larger than the other and was more "orange and red speckled". (UFO Filter Center Files, FI Fran Ridge, MUFON SSD).  

Nov. 30, 1973; Turin, Italy
UFO hovered and darted around near Caselle Airport, seen by pilots and tracked on airport radar (UFOE II, Section III).

Dec. 4, 1973; Turin, Italy
Thousands of people in this northern industrial city reported seeing a mysterious flying object  hovering over the city tonight. The sighting, registered on radar screens at Turin's airport and acknowledged by local police headquarters, was the latest in a  rash of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects in northern Italy. ... The object seen tonight, clearly visible to the naked eye, seemed to rest motionless in the air for several minutes and rotated on its axis, witnesses said. Six police patrols were sent to investigate the phenomenon, but as they reached a spot more or less underneath the object it suddenly shot upwards at great speed and disappeared, police sources said.  (Turin, Dec. 4 [Reuter]; Washington Post, Dec. 5, 1973, headline: Thousands in Turin Witness UFO.)

Dec. 10, 1973; Ouzoues-sur-Loire, France
About 6:20 p.m. A 50-year-old couple, several other witnesses, and gendarmes watched a silent, 5 meter tall cone-shaped UFO only 20 meters from the ground fly away toward the southwest.

Dec. 10, 1973; Hochries, Germany
About 8:30 p.m. Near the Austrian-Bavarian border, Friedrich Lennartz, 33, and Peter Zettel, 29, had a close encounter of the second kind when a multi-colored, ovoid UFO responded to a red signal rocket they had fired to get the UFO's attention. The UFO had been hovering near a mountain ski resort with the pointed end up. Its size was estimated as 9 meters in diameter and 12-14 meters tall. The top portion looked like a yellow dome. Four rows of colored lights (red, green, blue, and white) rotated counterclockwise around the lower portion. They experienced loud static on their short wave radio as the UFO changed color to a dazzling red, made a 90-degree turn, and sped toward the witnesses, traveling 5-6 kilometers in 10 seconds. It hovered close to their mountain for two more hours as their dogs whimpered to be let into the cabin, then shot upward at a steep angle at "breakneck speed." (UFOE II, Section I).

Dec. 11, 1973; Malaga, Spain
"Circular, like a flying saucer, had an intense red light." Hovered for about 15 minutes, "then departed suddenly." Multiple witnesses. (UFOE II, Section VIII)

Dec. 13, 1973; Bradenton, FL
8:50 p.m. While checking on a strange object seen near the Braden River, the witness started to turn his car around, and the high beams from his car picked up a silvery reflecting object hovering 20 feet above the river. A tube extended from the object to the surface of the water. "I just sat there a second," he stated, then he took his camera from the car and took two photographs, using a strobe. The camera was a Canon FT-QL with a 55mm lens. (MUFON UFO Symposium Proceedings, 1974, pp. 52-52).

Dec. 13, 1973; Ellwood City, PA
On a crisp, clear night a couple reported seeing a frightening object as they were about to get in their car. The UFO was described as a red light in the sky. As the object moved towards the couple, a green light adjacent to the red light came on and within minutes the object was moving at an incredible speed at right angles to the east. While the object was moving, the red and green lights remained on. Losing sight of the UFO, they got into their car and drove away. The witnesses reported that they saw what seemed to be the same object about a mile and a half from the first point, but this time the UFO was making very large circular motions over a golf course. The couple stopped their car and turned off the ignition to listen for sounds coming from the object, but there were none. They watched intently for about 5 minutes before the object disappeared. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, February 1974, page 2)

Dec. 19, 1973; Vilvorde, Belgium
2:00 a.m. Round disc.  16 1/2 ft. dia. Upper half orange, lower half dark red. Transparent cupola on top. Emblem on side of disc. Flashing body lights. Greenish glow. Muffled chirring sound. One humanoid. 3 1/2 ft. tall. Medium build, normal proportions. Dark face with glowing yellow eyes exhibiting oval vertical pupils and veins. Pointed ears. Bright green 1-pc suit with metal-flake appeal Round transparent helmet. Tubes extending to back pack. Occupant outside of landed object. Entity examined witness's garden with device resembling metal detector. Walked over wall in garden, re-entered craft and departed leaving luminous trail. (V.M., 28, Ref. Bruno Molon)

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