The 1974 UFO Chronology

  March 23, 1974; Albiosco, France
Map of sightings for 1974, courtesy of Larry Hatch's "U" Database (Pending)

Created: May 15, 2007; updated 17 Nov 2018
This is an 11-page chronology of UFO incidents and events for 1974
. Our thanks for these chronologies must go to our documentation team: Richard Hall (the original 1977 chronology from UFOE II), William Wise (Project Blue Book Archive), Dan Wilson (archive researcher), Brad Sparks (Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns), and Jean Waskiewicz  (online NICAP DBase [NSID]). Our latest repots come from the files of Mike Swords.

Humanoid Reports (HR, occupant sightings, Cat. 7) are still up. By 1974 the cattle mutilations are becoming a major issue to farmers in many U.S. states and by 1979 the phenomena will have claimed the lives of over 10,000 head of cattle. Night-time helicopters are often reported in the vicinity of mutilated cattle. Helicopter pilots take alternative routes or are flying 500 feet higher in order to evade angry stockmen with big guns.

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The 1974 UFO Chronology

Jan. 4, 1974; Berwyn, IL
5:15 p.m. Two women were driving, saw hovering object (about 75' high) with two bright lights in front shining straight ahead, and smaller lights around the sides. As the object began to move, witnesses began to follow it 1/8-1/4 mile. When in motion, two lights were off and red tower light was visible. Object passed behind buildings at aircraft speed. (SL 75,15)  

Jan. 6, 1974; Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada
11:30 p.m. 15 year old Carl Nicholson made a call at 12:30 AM to the RCMP Detachment in Dartmouth, N.S. to report his observation of a UFO an hour earlier. Constable D.S. Fontanne made a patrol to the area to see the witness. When the Constable arrived he was informed by Nicholson that the object had appeared to land down behind the trees. Fontanne interviewed the youth and discovered that the teenager was baby sitting for his parents but at about 11:30 PM his dog had begun barking outside. Curious he had looked out of the window and observed an object in the sky. He watched the object for about an hour before it seemed to land and decided to report it to the RCMP. During the period that he watched the object it hovered, moved across the sky and then landed in a wooded area about three miles [ 5 kilometers] away. Though Nicholson could not see the actual shape of the object, he reported that it had four colored lights-blue, yellow, green and red- fixed horizontally across the object. However prior to landing a large white light came on underneath the UFO at which time it was just above the tree line. That night the sky was partly cloudy and there was a very bright moon. Nicholson had kept an eye on the area where the UFO had appeared to land and up until the Mountie had arrived, he had not seen he object rise from the trees. Fontanne as well had kept an eye on the spot and stated in his report that it had not lifted off while he was there. Cst. Fontanne was impressed with Nicholson's sincerity and believes the youth saw what he said he saw, but the RCMP report makes no mention of any checks being made, even superficially, of the supposed landing area, with Halifax or Shearwater radar or their respective Air Traffic Controllers. (Don Ledger, 1998, Maritime UFO Files, Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, NS, p.99)

Jan. 6, 1974; Santa Ana, CA
Early morning. Martin W Barry, a Marine sergeant, was making his usual early morning 5 mile run in a park, in a driving rain, when he came up with a 7-foot tall, bulky figure standing in a slumped forward posture, long arms dangling nearly to the ground. Behind it, hovering only a few feet off the ground was an orange pulsating flying saucer. The creature's head, with large eyes, accounted for more than half of its height, and its legs were "squashed" and "stubby." It waddled up to Barry and struck him on the chest, felling him into a pool of water then waddled away and climbed aboard the UFO, which rose into the sky. Others reportedly saw UFOs over Santa Ana that day. (Humcat 1974-63; Andrew Gallagher, Ideal's UFO Magazine # 1, Type: B)

Jan. 7, 1974; Warneton, Belgium
8:40 p.m. Domed disc with flat bottom, 23-33 ft. diameter; 7- 10 ft. wide. Flange around base. 3 legs. White and orange alternating bands on glowing object. Three humanoids. Broad shoulders, heads shaped like inverted pears. Long arms, large eyes, no noses. Two were 5 ft. tall with 1-pc dull metallic gray suits. Cube-shaped helmets with face visible. One <5 ft. tall with rings on torso, round helmet. Occupants outside landed object approached witness in his car. One had a pointed metallic rod in hand. Witness felt paralysis and pain in the back of his head. (Ref. 5, Reference 1, Section XII) R,L car

Jan. 8, 1974; Springfield, OH
3:13 a.m. Leaving his job, witness's car lights dimmed and motor stalled. He saw multicolored lights descend just yards in front of car, followed by the appearance of a blinding white oval of light 6 ft in diameter, apparently the interior of the object. Five small (3-4 ft) occupants observed, sitting to one side on high-backed seats. They wore bright-colored robes and each had long brown hair reaching to the floor. Their faces could not be recalled by the witness. The surroundings and car interior were brightly illuminated. After 5 minutes, the interior light was extinguished and the object ascended rapidly with another display of colored lights. A maintenance man on the premises had noticed a failure on his "pager" radio four times between 7 and 10 p.m., although no lights or UFOs were then observed. 5 minutes, E-M effects (CHR 74-02. Investigator:  Leonard Stringfield, CUFOS)

Jan. 22, 1974; Norton, MA
A man on his way home from work spotted what he described as a flying saucer near a gravel pit in this New England town. He saw a light in the air and as he approached it, the light became brighter and larger. His description of the object was that of a red dome on top with another dome beneath it shaped similar to a child's swimming pool. The lower dome was edged with white lights which reflected onto the upper dome. A third dome was below the first two and appeared to have two ports at the rear which gave off orange and white smoke as it disappeared into the night. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, February 1974, page 2)

Jan. 23, 1974; Llandrillo, Wales
8:30 p.m. The entire village heard a terrific explosion preceded by the violent shaking of the ground. Going outside people saw blue and orange lights floating in a circle around Cader Mountain, east of the village. Police and RAF personnel were in the area almost immediately and cordoned off access to the supposed crash site on a barren hilltop. A nurse on the way to the crash site after being telephoned by police headquarters was on her way up the mountain with her daughters when she saw something sitting on the ground ahead of her. It seemed to be intact and it was very large, circular and glowing orange. The nurse and her daughters were within a few hundred feet when police and military forces showed up and clearly told her to leave the area. Researcher Tony Dodd, was reportedly approached by a retired military man using the name of "Robert Prescott" that told him that he and some others had been assigned to transport two crates from the crash site at a place called Porton Down military personnel opened the crates and the Prescott saw two humanoid figures about 5 to 6 ft tall, very thin, almost skeletal in nature with a covering skin. Other units supposedly transported live aliens from the "crash" site. (HC addition # 3925; CSETI, Nicholas Redfern, "Cosmic Crashes", Type: H)

Jan. 24, 1974; Aische-en-Refail, Belgium
Disc-like object on ground near road; engine restarted by itself when object departed. (Ref. 1, Section VI) E,R car

Jan. 25, 1974; Evansville, IN
6:30 p.m. WTVW's David Goodnow (later CNN anchorman) saw three glittering red-colored objects like illuminated sign, blinking at random, very bright, with smaller white light on each side (like oOOOo) with no sound. They moved to the north and were observed for several minutes. Camera man also saw them. As lights moved away it appeared they were not on one object but were separate. (Ridge files, UFOFC)

Jan. 26, 1974; Lisbon, Portugal
V-formation of luminous 10-15 orange discs observed by airline crew, B-727 (Ref. 1, Section III).

Jan. 26, 1974; Santa Ana, CA
Pilots report 5 objects circling plane.

January 27, 1974; near Irwin, Pennsylvania
Around 2:00 am a woman driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike became concerned when she saw a UFO with two bright lights in the sky. The female driver said the lights shown down toward the highway. Then in a stunning move the UFO dropped down next to her car and kept pace. The woman speeded to 60 miles per hour and the UFO kept up. As she drove along her car lost power (electromagnetic effects). The driver feared that the car was going to stall. Eventually the UFO streaked away and the automobile began to operate normally. (John Chase, “Flurry of UFO Sightings Startle Pennsylvanians”, by David Branch and Robert B. Klinn; Santa Ana Register, Santa Ana, California, May 22, 1974, Wednesday, B-7; Skylook Magazine, MUFON, May 1974).

January 28, 1974; at Sewickley (near Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania
Around 10:30 pm two witnesses reported a large silver cigar shaped UFO drop to within 150 feet above trees before moving out of sight. The UFO had a bright light and red light on the front of the craft. A single bright light was on the rear of the object. One of the witness contacted the control tower of the greater Pittsburgh Airport only to discovered there were no planes in the area. (John Chase, “Flurry of UFO Sightings Startle Pennsylvanians”, by David Branch and Robert B. Klinn; Santa Ana Register, Santa Ana, California, May 22, 1974, Wednesday, B-7; Skylook Magazine, MUFON, May 1974).

Feb. 4, 1974; Shores Community, TN.    
6:00 p.m. UFO shaped like wooden shoe with transparent dome atop seen outside witness's house,  hovering 6 ft over garden.  Emitted buzzing sound and disrupted TV reception. Domed area glowed soft white, and heads and shoulders of 2 humanoid occupants were seen within; UFO had one large light in front, two at rear. Buzzing stopped, UFO made turn and slowly left area silently. (CHR- 74-04, W.A. Darbro, ANLEY Ingram)

February 7, 1974; between Woodale and Laurelville, Pennsylvania
Around 12:55 am, a Motorist was on Route 982, when he spotted a disc shaped UFO hovering over a field . The UFO was 30 feet in diameter, above the field at an altitude of 150 feet and about 100 feet from the witness. The UFO had a sold white top, while the bottom showed red, green and blue lights. A humming sound was heard and a strong “chemical” odor was noticed. (John Chase, “Flurry of UFO Sightings Startle Pennsylvanians”, by David Branch and Robert B. Klinn; Santa Ana Register, Santa Ana, California, May 22, 1974, Wednesday, B-7; Skylook Magazine, MUFON, May 1974).

Feb. 13, 1974; Barrington, NH
A student from the University of New Hampshire reported observing a cigar-shaped object that appeared to have brilliant white lights on both sides. The witness further described the UFO as having an elongated dome on the top with a red light toward the front. The craft moved slowly but with controlled maneuvers and then suddenly sped completely out of sight. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, April 1974, page 4)

Feb.14, 1974; Ely, NV
Round orange object paced, approached truck, E-M effects on lights and engine, truck lifted off road, steering control lost, feeling of vacuum (Ref. 1, Section VI).

Feb.14, 1974; Petite-Ile (Reunion), France
1:30 p.m. A man was walking along a rural road when he suddenly felt a force pulling at him and a tingling sensation. He then saw a white, disc-shaped object with transparent dome hovering just above the ground. A light beam was directed at him from the apparent craft. Three small beings, about 1.0 to 1.2 meters tall, were moving in and out of an opening and acting interested in the terrain. They had antenna-like projections on their heads and had bright white metallic clothing. A fourth being was seen to emerge, then they all re-entered the craft, the opening closed, and the object took off and flew away. The witness was badly frightened, lost his voice, and had headaches and impaired vision for two days. (Ouranos No. 14, 2nd Quarter 1975. Investigated by M.J. Bertil. Translated from the French by Jacques Deschenes.)

Feb. 17, 1974; Stuart, FL
An unidentified flying object was reported to have landed on Fifth and Jackson Streets. The witness immediately called the local newspaper to report the sighting. The newspaper decided to send a reporter to the scene of the sighting, but as the reporter approached the intersection where the object had been reportedly seen, the area appeared to be completely deserted. The newspaper man then noticed a brilliant object only about 5,000 feet off the ground. It blinked on and off like a light bulb. The reporter was only able to view the UFO for approximately 15 seconds before it disappeared from sight at an incredible speed. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, May 1974, page 2)

Feb. 18, 1974; Chelsea, OK
Dog and cattle frightened by slow moving oval

Feb. 28, 1974; Hirson (Aisne), France
5:30 a.m.  The witness was riding his motorcycle to work, when suddenly he found himself face to face with two humanoid beings and having no memory of having stopped the motorcycle. It was still dark at this hour. In an adjacent field he saw a dark circular object. The two beings about 1.7 meters tall were blocking his way, and he became frightened. They were wearing dark coveralls with square helmets and gloves. The beings produced a small piece of substance something like chocolate and gestured for him to eat it, which he did. The beings then stood aside and let him go, He was stunned and bewildered, but immediately fled. Physical traces were found at the landing site. (Inforespace No. 20, April 1975;  Lumieres dans la Nuit No. 139, November 1974. Translated from the French by A.D. Mebane.)

March 9, 1974; Milan, Italy
Luminous saucer-shaped object with colored rings ahead of plane confirmed by Milan radar, chased by pilot (Reference 1, Sections III, VII).

March 13, 1974; En route San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Cordoba, Argentina
Argentine Airlines plane flanked by two glowing objects that paced it for several minutes, then sped away (Reference 1, Section III).

March 17, 1974; Taiwan
TWA airliner crew observed shiny oval or cigar-shaped object, five smaller spherical-appearing satellite objects (Reference 1, Section X).

March 18, 1974; near Newton, Pennsylvania
Around 8:30 pm a motorist on a deserted section of a back road  witness a group of light in the sky. The lights dove out of the sky and came within 12 inched of the hood of the drivers car, passed over the vehicle and disappeared. As the UFO got close to the car his radio came full of static (electromagnetic effects). At the same time his car’s headlights dimmed and his ampmeter indicated that his battery had completely discharged. His speedometer now showed 40 miles per hour and his car did not stop. As the driver continued on he noticed he was getting tired (Physiological effect) so much so he could barely keep from falling asleep. At this the driver hit a guard rail. (John Chase, “Flurry of UFO Sightings Startle Pennsylvanians”, by David Branch and Robert B. Klinn; Santa Ana Register, Santa Ana, California, May 22, 1974, Wednesday, B-7; Skylook Magazine, MUFON, May 1974).

March 21, 1974; Valdehijaderos, Salamanca, Spain
2:15 a.m. Disc. 33- 40 ft. dia. Smooth metallic surface with no seams or rivets. 3 metal legs, 18" high. Indescribable glow. Four human-like beings 6' 4" -6' 8" tall. Walked normal. Tight-fiiting brilliant metallic 1-pc suits came over head. Occupants beside landed object, doing something on ground, gesticulating. (Maximillio I. Sanches, Ref. 5, (Ballester Olmos, 1976, pp. 44-45; see Section XII [E,L]) diesel truck

March 23, 1974; Hanover Township, Pennsylvania
Around 12:55 am two officers for the Pennsylvania State Game Commission were patrolling Hanover Township when they came across a UFO. It was a sudden event when the officers witnesses a UFO about 300 yards from their vehicle. The UFO was a glowing cigar shaped object as large as six times the length of their car. They referred to the UFO as a “giant fuselage.” The men reported the object emitted no sound, yet it was pulsating light towards the ground. (John Chase, “Flurry of UFO Sightings Startle Pennsylvanians”, by David Branch and Robert B. Klinn; Santa Ana Register, Santa Ana, California, May 22, 1974, Wednesday, B-7; Skylook Magazine, MUFON, May 1974).

March 23, 1974; Castile de las, Guardas, Spain
Motorist pursued by one of three mushroom-shaped objecsts associated with larger elongated object. (UFOE II, Pg. 415)

March 23, 1974; Albiosco, France
A classic French UFO picture. Photographed by an anonymous French medical doctor. Taken on March 23, 1974 in Tavernes in the department in Var, during a major UFO flap over France. Skeptics doubted the picture on the grounds that "luminous rays cannot end like this." 

March-June, 1974; Spain
Concentration of UFO sightings, including vehicle encounters (Reference 1, Section VIII).

March 30, 1974; Hombreiro, Lugo, Spain
Blinding light from hovering object, car engine quit, lights went out. Object flew away with whistling sound, car then functioned normally (Reference 1, Section XII).

April 8, 1974; Fayetteville, IN
Close encounter with two witnesses. No details. (Hynek 4-19?, possibly Don Worley Files)

April 14, 1974; Vedrin & Courriere, Belgium
8:00 p.m. ...and continuing for close to two hours a flurry of UFO sightings was reported. The SOBEPS organization conducted a thorough investigation. Sightings included a luminous globe emitting bright silver-white light crossing the road ahead of a car; a spinning circular object with rows of body lights that changed directions, stopping and starting; elongated or cylindrical metallic-appearing objects with body lights; and a disc white on top and bright cherry red on bottom, joined by a dark central band. ("Easter UFO: A SOBEPS Inquiry" by Frank Boitte, Brussels, Belgium.)

April, 15, 1974; Woodside, South Australia, Australia
7:30 PM. local time. Six people were travelling in two separate cars. An individual in one vehicle reported seeing an object travelling to their SE. Both cars pulled up. The object is reported to have passed over the cars, and one individual said that their vehicle suffered a temporary loss of power. The object is described as having a spherical, spinning base, with four bright lights shining from a dome. It looked metallic. It then headed towards the horizon. Total duration is said to be five to six minutes. (Source: Advertiser (Adelaide) newspaper, dated April 17, 1974.)

April 16, 1974; Casale Monferrato, Italy
Morning. Disc. Dark ring with transparent cockpit on top. Row of lights around circumference of ring. Object rotated. No sound. Three humanoid beings. Object hovered, occupants visible in lighted transparent cockpit stared at witness. (Carla and Mauro Bellingeri, Ref. 5, Reference 1, Section XII).

April 19, 1974; Altamont, NY
Between 9:30 and 10:30 PM. A mother and daughter saw a bright light which seemed to be only several hundred feet from their house. Curious, they walked toward it until within about two hundred feet. From that close, the thing looked like an oval, resting on the roadway. It appeared to have large windows on the top half, from which came a brilliant golden glow. Changes of contrast in this light gave the impression that something was moving around within. The mother sent the daughter to get a neighbor friend, and they returned shortly. The neighbor testified to all of this, as well. The mother then retreated to her home and phoned her husband, who dropped what he was doing and hurried over. As he arrived, he was able to see an object rising from the area. It shifted speeds and accelerated out of sight at an "exceptionally high rate of speed". Everyone excitedly exchanged information, and all agreed that they had seen the same thing. As an aside, during the bulk of this encounter, the neighborhood dogs were putting up a continuous volley of barking. The next morning the witnesses got together and went out to the site. There they found an area of burnt grass 50 to 75 feet in diameter. [of course there is no knowing if the object caused the later witnessed trace. This thought particularly arises in this case since the object was said to be resting on the road. This would not be a problem if one assumes that the object rested more than one place, or that the witnesses misjudged the resting spot 200 feet away in the night. Nevertheless, it is an inconsistency as regards the trace]. The sighting stands as a well-witnessed CE1 with a possible CE2t [trace] and a possible CE3 component. (Submitted by Mike Swords. Sources: Ernest Jahn, NICAP case file, CUFOS; NICAP 's the UFO Investigator, November 1974; and Ted Bloecher, original HUMCAT notes [CUFOS]). Tthe date of this sighting is uncertain and has been reported erroneously as the 30th in the literature. The 19th is given as the more likely date due to context from a followup tape interview; much confusion is still possible on this due to the date of a later sighting also dated the 19th, but August, upon the investigation of which this earlier case came out).

May 2, 1974; En route from Guerrero state to Mexico City, Mexico
Morning. Carlos Antonio de los Santos Montiel was flying en route from Guerrero state to Mexico city in his Piper Aztec 24, he became aware of three objects positioned extremely close around the plane. He heard a noise from below, as if one of the objects had collided with his plane. He then noticed that the aircraft controls and landing gear were frozen. (APRO Bulletin, Vol. 24 No. 2, Aug 1975)

May 5, 1974; Lincolnshire, IL
Six photos taken. Boys sight UFO, Hynek called in. (Review Vernon, IL, May 23, 1974 clipping)

May 7, 1974; Coatsville, PA
9:00 p.m. Disc with lighted dome on top. Four silvery legs. Three gray humanoids. <5 ft. tall. Large elongated heads. Short legs. No helmets. Occupants beside landed object seemed to examine disc's legs, re-entered object and disappeared. (Witness: Margaret K. Roffe; Ref.5)

May 9, 1974; Daylight, IN
(Date may not be correct) Evening. Local man (and six others) claim he was abducted. Jordan. (Investigated by Mike Cristol)

May 20, 1974; Hampton Beach, NH
00:30 a.m. Disc. 50-60 feet in diameter. Domed above and below with central rim. Four landing legs. Hatch folded down, ramp came out. Humming sound. One humanoid-like being 6' tall. Light colored coveralls. Two hoses ran from back of jaw area to back of head. One hose running down back. Object landed on beach. Hatch opened and occupant stood in opening. Occupant briefly stepped out onto sand. Re-entered object and departed. (Ref.5, Molon)

May 22, 1974; Fairfield, OH
10:00 p.m. Boat-shaped or oblong object 50-60' wide. Green and white lights around lower part rotating 3 to 4 square windows emanating white light. Brightly lit transparent area on top. Two small, dark humanoids. Object rising and falling as it hovered over a house. Occupants visible in top part of object in cramped position, continually gesticulating or moving levers. Object then moved horizontally and departed at high speed. (Ref.5)

May 23, 1974; Calhoun, IL
10:00 p.m. State Police at Parkersburg, Illinois, took this call and relayed the information to CUFOS. Three witnesses reported a close encounter with telephone affected. Few details. (CUFOS)

May 24, 1974; MADAR Event #5
2:42 a.m. This, yet unexplained incident was never correlated with any sightings of UFOs anywhere, local or regional. But it was rare and one of those incidents that occurred in the wee hours . 

May 28, 1974; Albuquerque, NM
A resident was awakened to see a large glowing object moving across the western face of the Sandia Mountains. It was so bright that no discernable structure could be seen. The witness opened his window to listen for noise coming from the object; there was none. As he watched, the object appeared to land on a nearby hill where it remained for an hour before it shot into the air and vanished. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, July 1974, page 3)

May 31, 1974; Salisbury, Rhodesia to Durban, South Africa
2:30 a.m. Prolonged car-pacing case during which motorists experienced E-M effects, loss of steering control for their vehicle, abnormal cold and silence, translocation from one place to another, altered appearance of the terrain, humanoid encounter, and amnesia. (Skylook No. 88, March 1975, Mutual UFO Network.)

June 6, 1974; South Hampton, NH
9:30 p.m. A family driving along Route 150 encountered a structured object with a row of body lights. They fled in fear with the object following. When they stopped, the object hovered with a "bobbing, fluttering motion" above an adjacent field. The body lights flickered and changed color from yellow-green to bright red to pink, then dark green and deep blue. The lights dimly illuminated a bowl-shaped undersurface. When the object began to descend as if to land, the witnesses again became frightened and fled. (Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 2, 1974. Investigation by Raymond B. Fowler.)

June 11, 1974; Lincolnshire, IL
No details but recorded as close encounter one with seven witnesses. (CUFOS)

June 14, 1974; nr Medellin Castle, Spain
5:30 a.m. Lasted 1-1/2 hours and was seen to the East in the direction of Venus and disappeared as Venus would at sunrise. Some investigators report that the witness may have been the town drunk, but here for-the-record is what he reported. This man driving 200 miles north of Seville saw an object shaped like a pot (truncated cone) flying rapidly toward him at low altitude (estimated 100 meters). Frightened, he turned off his car headlights, but the object followed his car parallel to the road about 70 meters away to the right. When he switched his headlights back on, the object began approaching so he switched them off and the object retreated again. When he arrived at his father's property, the object hovered over the barn, moving up and down, so he ran into the house. Later he went outside to check, and the object was still hovering there. It was lighting the entire area like daytime. Three humanoid beings were visible inside the object. Early the next morning at sunrise, the object abruptly sped away. Other witnesses in separate locations also saw an object. Questionable. (Inforespace,  No. 22, August 1975; translated from French by Jacques Deschenes.)

June 18, 1974; Metcalf, IL
Midnight. Beginning of a series of abductions. Son of farmer had been apparently abducted and no one knew it for some 12 years or spring of 1986. Natural recall of abduction into craft and removal of sperm. Elderly farmer saw object land in soybean field around 12:00 a.m. (Don Worley files)

June 18, 1974; Metcalf, IL
4:30 a.m. Second elderly farmer watched fiery object take off from bean field. (Worley files)

1:15 AM. A gentleman was up late when a "Bumm..Bumm..Bumm.." sound occurred, as if something very heavy had fallen onto the ground. He looked out the living room window and saw a UFO hovering low over a near field. It was a disk with a red domed area, an orangish lower area punctuated by oval "windows" from which came white light. See detailed report at link. (Mike Swords. Sources: Marc Leduc, "Un Atterissage et des Humanoides a Drummondville", UFO-QUEBEC,vol.1 [1], 1975; and Yurko Bondarchuk, UFO Canada, 1979; and "Robot occupants reported", MUFON Journal, November 1974; and "Robots in Quebec, Canada", APRO Bulletin vol 23 [3], November/December 1974; and "UFO Canada_April 1979", UFO Encounter, #82, August/September 1979).

June, 24, 1975; Queensland, Australia
7:45 PM. Mr Eric Falkenburger saw a bright light from his car. He estimated that the object passed about 1500 feet from his vehicle. It was just below tree top level. He said that as he watched the object, it "suddenly shot off at a great speed and as it went, bright cone shaped searchlights suddenly shone from the object." (Source: NICAP UFO Investigator. October 1975. p.2. which doesn't cite any original source for this sighting.) [Note by Keith Basterfield. A search of Australian UFO periodicals failed to locate this sighting].
July 9, 1974; Kingston, NY
Elliptical object with body lights hovered low, moved toward police car; officer turned spotlight on it, brilliant white beam from object illuminated patrol car (Reference 1, Section I).

July 17, 1974; Beloite, Yugoslavia
Photo. No details.

July 30, 1974, Solitude (nr. Mt. Vernon, IN
8:50 p.m. The Sheriff contacted Fran Ridge right after the incident had occurred and was reported. Ridge's Rapid Deployment Team of three men were on the road to the area within minutes. Near Solitude, Indiana, just a little over three miles north of us, a Mt. Vernon couple and their little boy were on their way home from a play in New Harmony, heading south on Hwy 69. They observed an object silhouetted against the moonlit haze in the southwest. Although a few miles away, the object had a clear cigar shape with three white lights. They continued driving down the highway and, as they got over the top of some hills, the object started to descend, getting larger and larger all the time. Right at the bottom of the hill they slowed down and the object appeared to be hovering. It was approximately a hundred yards from them then, and it was moving, but very slow. The adult male witness reported: "It acted like it was on water or floatin'-like." It now had four lights on it, two on each end, the shadowy object was was long and slender, "kinda cigar-shaped." At one time "it was just right above us, maybe 50-60'. Well, you couldn't believe the size of it. It was real large. We went down the highway just a little further. We were going to park the car, so we pulled in there and were getting out of the car and we couldn't find it. It had just vanished." The object was "thin on the ends" and, "as it got to the middle, it was thicker. But like I say, we could just see the shadow".  Duration: 7-18 minutes. (UFOFC files, Fran Ridge)

Aug. 11, 1974; Concord, NH
In the early morning hours eight police officers from several jurisdictions observed low-flying saucer-like objects with red, blue, white, and yellow body lights. One officer reported an elliptical object with dome on top. When some officers flashed their patrol car lights at a group of the objects, they appeared to signal with flashing lights in return. (Concord Monitor & Patriot, Aug. 12, 1974.)

Aug. 13, 1974; Laurel, MS
Just after midnight Aug. 12/13 two motorists driving between Laurel and Meridian independently reported to police that they had seen UFOs. In one car an Air Force officer and his family saw two large saucer-shaped objects displaying a blinding bright blue light approach, then buzz the car three times.  (New Orleans States-Item, Associated Press story, Aug, 13, 1974.)

August 15, 1974; Mt. Vernon, Indiana - MADAR Event # 6
MADAR was triggered at 19 minutes after midnight. But this time we had a logical explanation. One of the data recorders tied into the MADAR system mode control panel that recorded sounds in the control room, picked up a clap of thunder almost immediately. A close lightning strike had pulled the sensor off north.  There is always the possibility that a UFO during a severe storm might have actually attracted a strike , but there were no reports of any strange objects being observed. 

Aug. 21, 1974; Sparta, IL
Time not given, or other details. CE-1, multiple witnesses. (CUFOS)

August 26, 1974; Feignes, France
9:00 PM. The daughter of the house had gone into town where there were holiday festivities. She was late returning and her father walked outside. He saw not her but something in the sky. The thing was like a perfectly round black hole, standing out starkly against the gray of the evening, and also outlined with a low-intensity white corona. He guessed the thing to be about 200 meters away. It seemed to be descending, but very slowly. He went in and got his wife. She watched with him, as the thing descended to 20 meters off the ground. Then, if things were not strange enough, a line of corona split the hole horizontally, like a "D" and its mirror image. The "D's" moved slowly apart, and the right-side one [the "proper" D] seemed to either move away into the distance, or shrink away until it was gone. So, we are left with a mirror-image "D" sitting in the sky. From the curved edge of the inverted D, a "line" or "veil" began to be drawn across the blackness, almost like a stage curtain. As it moved to the right, it revealed, contrasted to the blackness, the forms of what appeared to be two entities attired like astronauts, that is, in full spacesuits and helmets. Their gear, though white, was said to have a greyish tinge and be metallic in character. They moved about seeming more like puppets than living beings. They were in fact very two-dimensional. The two witnesses were stunned by this "show" and watched somewhat mindlessly for 40 minutes. Snapping out of it when their thoughts returned to their tardy daughter, the father got to his car and drove to town; the mother went inside. The hole was still in the sky, and the puppets still blundering around within it. During this whole affair, there were no cars in evidence on the road, no noise from the "object", and generally no sounds that they could remember at all. It is reported that the mother looked no further for the object, and even the father, upon his return with his daughter, did not look for it. The French investigators reported that the witnesses were very simple, practical folks, "completely devoid of any interest in the UFO phenomenon." Well, a high strangeness "display" indeed; and about as meaningless seeming as anything in the UFO literature. Did some ultra-technology kid put on an amateur stage production with his hyperspace puncturing wormhole kit? Cases like this make "universal theories" to explain the UFO phenomenon largely a Don Quixote Windmill Tilting exercise. (Mike Swords. Source: J.M.Bigorne, "Dividing UFO with Occupants", Lumieres Dans La Nuit, #151, January 1976 [translated by Gordon Creighton for Flying Saucer Review, vol.22 [1], 1976. Note in the title the model-dependent wording. The case as read might not describe either a "UFO" or "occupants". Forcing witness descriptions into "comfortable" identifiers might preclude the flexibility needed to see the phenomenon in its true complexity).

Sept. or Oct., 1974; Pacific Ocean, off Guam
2:00 a.m. (??). The USS Reclaimer ARS-42 while off Guam, had an underwater event that apparently was tracked by radar on Guam at some point. The starboard lookout report a contact. What they then saw was a single red flashing light which changed course a little and then parallelled them. Guam control acknowledged that they too were tracking something and were sending a wild weasel F-14 to investigate. This thing, now a USO, accelerated and the F-14 went to full afterburner right off the deck. The USO pulled easily ahead of the jet, crossed the horizon in seconds while underwater with no visible wake. (Carl Feindt)

Sept. 1, 1974; Langenburg, Saskatchewan, Canada
Daylight. Five dome-shaped objects in pasture, spinning and swirling grass; objects took off, aligned in formation, climbed into clouds (Reference 1, Section I).

Sept. 3, 1974; MADAR Event # 7
9:35 p.m. By this time the radar at Dress-Regional Airport was NIS (not in service). There were no local sightings reported. One of the event recorders showed that background radiation levels were 86% higher than normal.

Sept. 8, 1974; Causses, France.
10:30 p.m.  And continuing until 1:30 a.m. next morning, residents  saw an odd red-orange light, then a luminous sphere that rose from behind a hill. A motorist blinked his headlights a couple of times at the object, and it immediately darted toward him and stopped overhead emitting a humming sound, its light illuminating the terrain. After a while the object disappeared. This man and others in the area later saw a round, luminous orange-red object moving around  near the ground, its light illuminating a dock, a distillery, grapevines and other terrain features. One witness noted that no light rays or beams were visible between the luminous object and the illuminated ground. (Ouranos No. 14, 2nd Quarter 1975. Investigated by M. Grazzioli and M. De Cordova.)

September 16, 1974; Legana/ The Marches, Tasmania
c. 9:45 - 10:15 PM. A lady was driving home with her two young children. She had the radio on and was having good reception, when it developed a great deal of static. Ahead she saw the sky light up. Crossing a bridge, the car then lost power and rolled to a stop. The whole electric system was out, even the dashboard lights. An attempt to restart the car failed. Then, "a deafening vibrating noise enveloped the car." As she and the children covered their ears, "painful electrical shocks began penetrating their bodies." This went on for about a minute. The car filled with a "choking smell", and they evacuated. They ran down the road to a house some distance away, where the resident noted their alarmed condition, took them in, and after they had settled a bit took them back to their vehicle. The light was gone, and all that was unusual with the car was that its "bonnet" was hot. The car started normally, and they went home. Coincidentally, the lady's husband was out waiting for the rest of the family, and saw lights in the sky and heard a distant roar. He and the local garage checked the car and nothing was amiss. Although the children suffered no ill effects, the mother had swollen arms and fingers the next day, and a numbness in the right side of her face [with an undescribed "red mark" there as well]. Two nights later, the husband noticed a distant light which he felt was following his car. Upon arriving home, the family looked for the light. Above some trees, about 150 meters away, they saw an "inverted banana-shaped" yellow light hovering. They turned off their house lights and the object moved away. Its difficult to know what to make of this case since the auto experience contained no UFO. One must keep alive the option that some sort of scientifically-unsuspected natural phenomenon [perhaps of a plasma nature] could somehow stop auto systems and cause physiological effects. However, cases such as this do not stand alone, but rather are pieces of a large data pile of such auto stops, some of which have had readily seeable "objects" connected with them. The simplest hypothesis therefore is that the cause of the lit-up sky was an object of some sort, as seen in other cases. (Mike Swords. Sources: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre, Summary report on Tasmanian Close Encounters of the Second Kind, June 10, 1975 [CUFOS files]; and "UFOs: Family Buzzed", Saturday Evening Mercury Weekend Edition [Hobart?], September 21, 1974).

September 22, 1974; Tayenne, Tasmania
5:20 PM. A lady had parked her car along the side of the road waiting to pick up a relative. The radio said it was 5:20pm. The sky then lit up, the light brightly illuminating the interior of the car. The radio screamed a high-pitched whistle. She then noticed some sort of object moving down the slope of the roadside hill. Not liking the look of that, she tried to get the car moving and away. Unfortunately, she was overly excited and "bogged" the car in the roadside mud. Now stuck, she could do nothing but sit inside and watch what the object would do. The thing hovered in front of the witness about 30 meters away. It was about 4 feet off the middle of the road.  It had a large, but somewhat hard to see, brilliant orange-yellow dome. this was mounted on a silver-gray base which was more or less a disk. The "disk" base was composed of about 6 "layers", which ,in steps, got  slightly smaller with each lower layer. The top layer may have had "spots" or portholes. The entire stepped layer was about 2 meters thick. Beneath these layers was a much smaller revolving layer, and beneath that a "box" or "tube" which protruded for a short distance. [The largest diameter is stated to be about 4 meters but the drawing makes this seem a bit on the small side as an estimate]. The mere presence of this contraption was scaring the heck out of the witness. Then, after what was only a few seconds, the device moved over into the valley, and shot at terrific speed straight up and out of sight. The lady exited the stuck vehicle instantly and ran home. Her husband and son returned to the car but, of course, the UFO was no longer present. The car operated normally [once out of the ditch], but the radio never recovered [always had distortion]. The lady was extremely shaken, and was sick several days afterwards. Perhaps the weirdest thing in the case is the observation that after the car was towed back home, they noticed that although the rest of it was dirty, the "bonnet was exceptionally clean". It was as clean "as though given a cut and polish."  THAT apparently boggled the husband as much as anything about the case. (Mike Swords. Sources: Case file [sent by Keith Roberts] ,CUFOS; and Tasmanian Close Encounters summary as above, September 16th).

Sept. 24, 1974; nr. Brunswick, Maine
9:00 p.m. Police officers reported a brilliant elliptical object hovering above the Wiscasset Nuclear Power Station. After several minutes it rose straight up, leveled off and flew away in an arc across the sky. At one point it emitted two small satellite objects which operated independently, then rejoined the larger craft. (National Enquirer report July 8, 1975)

Oct. 4, 1974; Mt. Vernon, IN
8:45 p.m. Strange night close encounter with three MUFON FIs out on routine SKYWATCH patrol. This report was not filed for eleven years because of the nature of the incident. Witnesses feel that the UFO knew where they were and was there BECAUSE they were there. See report synopsis. (UFOFC, Fran Ridge files)

Oct. 5, 1974; Mt. Vernon, IN
8:30 p.m. About same time as night before, this 3-5 minute observation of 6-10 white lights in string heading south to north was logged by the SKYWATCH patrol. (UFOFC, ran Ridge files)

Oct. 6, 1974; Mt. Vernon, IN
8:20 p.m. SKYWATCH patrol "Money Man" radioed "Sky King" (Fran Ridge) and "Sailor" about a "bogey" crossing the Ohio River S-N with same description as nights previous. Control Tower at Dress-Regional Airport (Evansville, IN) was contacted and ARTC Bill Lindall advised it was probably Delta 556, a DC-9 out of Memphis on Jet Airway 29 with new "see and be seen lighting". This was effective Oct. 1 and the aircraft kick on this lighting pattern when on low approach. The object of Oct. 4, however, was not the same object by any stretch of imagination, but an even more stranger coincidence. (UFOFC, Fran Ridge files)

Oct. 10, 1974; Owensboro, KY
Daytime.  Two 9-year-old girls playing on the bank of the Ohio River near the Mid-South Mobile Home Park reported spotting an unidentified flying object on the south side of the river. The girls said the object, about the size of a small automobile, was shaped like a saucer with a handle less cup atop it. They said the vehicle was a "tannish-white" with purple and yellow flashing lights. It hovered near the bank, disappeared and reappeared a short distance away several times, they said. A photographer  who went to the scene after the girls called the Sheriff and  local airport, may have seen it, too. (News clipping, Messenger & Inquirer, Owensboro, KY)

Oct 14, 1974; Robert Spencer Carr Announces Crashed Saucer
Robert Spencer Carr, a NICAP investigator and community college professor, announces that the US government has recovered a crashed saucer and dead alien bodies from a site in New Mexico. After worldwide publicity is kindled Carr releases more details over the next few days and weeks, that the saucer and the bodies are kept in "Building 18" or Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, that he first heard the story about 1961, etc.

Oct. 15, 1974; Santa Maria Valley, CA
Evening, after dark. Five young people saw a round object maneuvering over the Valley. After this the object landed on a hillside, gradually turned ruby red, then intensely white. A compass needle alternated erratically from north to NE in one-second intervals while the object was on the hillside. The object hovered above the ground, and then streaked toward the witnesses. As the object flew overhead, the animals reacted, the TV had blue spots and vertical bands, the radio would not work, and the compass needle lodged itself against the glass cover. [See more details at link] (Source: Joan woodward, Gribble, Bob, 1989, Looking Back,MUFON UFO Journal no. 258, October 1989, page 24)

Oct. 17, 1974; Near Maitland, New South Wales, Australia
About 1:20 AM. local time. A man was awoken by his dogs barking. By the time he went outside to check, it was now 2:40 AM. He went outside and saw a circular, yellow-white colored light almost directly overhead. It was stationary and at an estimated 500 feet up. He estimated its angular size as a quarter of a degree. After a few seconds, it moved slowly in a northerly direction. It then stopped over a hill, some distance away. At this point, two bright beams of light appeared from the bottom of the original light and shone directly downwards. The beams were white in color and illuminated the ground below as if it was daylight. The man went inside, and upon coming out again, could still see the original light and beams. After watching them for a few minutes he went inside and back to bed. The time was now 1:50 AM., therefore, total duration was about 10 minutes. (Source: Newsletter of the Unidentified Flying Object Investigation Centre (Sydney) No. 43. April/May 1975. p.3.)

Oct. 20, 1974; Elkhart, IN
9:45 p.m. Close encounter with spinning object 15-25' away from two witnesses and their automobile, car engine died. See clippings (main link is page 1) and Page 2.

Oct. 24, 1974; Northern Indiana
Incident similar to "Disappearance of Flight 412". UFO incident date coincides with emergency landing of two jet interceptors with one crashing and the pilot ejecting somewhere in Indiana. (Source: UFOFC)

Oct. 25, 1974; Rawlins, WY
Carl Higdon abduction (Reference 1, Section XIII).

Oct. 27, 1974; Aveley UK
Abduction case (Reference 1, Section XIII).

Oct. 29, 1974; Melrose Park, IL
CE-1. No details (CUFOS)

Oct. 31, 1974; Barrington, IL
Evening. Two 7th graders and one of their moms reported something quite large with lights all around it. Described as round and black, going around in a circle, bigger than an airplane. A beeping sound was heard. The mother reported the object as shaped like a cigar "and it had little square lights that went on and off." (News clipping from NCS)

Nov., 1974; Kampsville, IL (exact date unknown)
6:00 p.m. Lady and her son saw sharply-outlined hovering object through bedroom window, become brighter, made "whirring sound" As it came closer the light changed from white to red, size of plate at arm's length, passed over house. (MUFON, Skylook 89)

Nov. 11, 1974; Central Newfoundland Area
RCMP report of Cessna 150 encounter involving John Breen a Gander Newfoundland Air Traffic Controller who was also a  pilot/instructor accompanied by a student pilot. ATC Gander painted the object for two sweeps then it disappeared from their screns at which time Breen spotted the object down low at he guessed at tree-top level. This latter seems significant-almost as if the damn thing knew it was now being painted and dropped to tree-top level to avoid radar. This event was included in Maritime UFO Files.

Nov. 11, 1974; Between Pensacola, FL and Mobile Bay
9:10 p.m. local. Marine Reserve Squadron  pilot was flying a T-39D Sabreliner with five Naval officer pilots on board on a TACAN instrument penetration training flight. They were at 25,000 feet MSL, approximately 300 mph indicated airspeed, (440 kts true air speed), in straight and level flight, and on a heading of approximately 255 degrees true. The flight instructor sitting in the right-front seat was the first to sight a single, round, red small area of light maintaining position at their 1:00 o’clock position and their altitude. The reporting witness said that everyone “…felt it was a UFO and generally were glad to have finally seen one.” Its angular diameter was about the same as half a penny held at arm’s length (approx. 15 min arc diameter). After receiving permission to deviate from the flight plan the pilot banked right about thirty degrees to fly directly toward the red light. After about a minute or more, now on the new heading of 270 degree, the red light suddenly and unexpectedly flew left directly across the nose of his airplane stopping abruptly at his 11:00 o’clock position where it remained for several more minutes. While maintaining this new position it never changed size, shape, or intensity,  Its edge was sharply defined and without any haze or blur. After about four or five minutes total observation time the light accelerated toward the West and was gone in about ten seconds; it became progressively smaller until it was no longer visible. Upon landing the witnesses all completed an “incident form” but never heard anything more about the matter.  (Richard Haines)

Nov. 28, 1974; Shabbona, IL
11:43 a.m. On a bright day with visibility limited to 6-7 miles due to haze, Hugo W. Feugen was flying his own Aeronca Champ aircraft from Dekalb to Mendota, Illinois, at 2,500 feet altitude with a compass bearing direction of 240 degrees to compensate for a cross wind. As he passed over the small town of Shabbona,, Illinois, he was checking his position on the aeronautical map that he held in his lap to determine if he was still on course with visual navigation to his destination of Mendota. When he looked up from his map, he noticed with amazement that the magnetic compass on the panel of his old Aeronca Champ number N82198 was rotating counter-clockwise at a rate of four or five revolutions per minute. He immediately became concerned for the radical behavior of his compass because this was one of the few instruments in the aircraft used for navigational purposes. He looked to his right side and saw nothing but the town of Shabbona below him. When he turned to his left, he saw an object flying parallel to his aircraft at the same speed (ground speed 75 to 80 mph) and altitude, pacing him at 120 degrees at an estimated one quarter of a mile distance. He described the object as being shaped like a disc or an ellipse. If it was one-fourth mile away, he estimated the size as 120 feet long and 30 feet thick. It appeared to be a solid object, white or dull silver in color, without any openings or protrusions. There may have been a depression on the top, but this angle was observed only for a brief second as it was departing. After pacing him for 8-10 seconds, while the compass continued to spin, the object tipped slightly and the pilot could observe that it was not an ellipse, but was round in shape. As it tipped up on an angle, it accelerated to a fantastic speed toward the east and was out of sight in less than one second. The pilot did not have his radio turned on, so there is no report of interference with radio communications. (From Skylook,89, MUFON)

Dec. 18 (?), 1974; Oldham, UK
Bt. 7:30 & 8:15 p.m. The sighting occurred one week day just prior to Christmas. The mature lady witness * was out getting some fresh air and looking towards Werneth Low, a small hill between Oldham and Stockport, and from her vantage point in Dentono. She describes two oval shapes reflecting the rising sun as they rose from behind the hill and hovered above it. One object descended back out of view. but the other elongated and flattened at one end, before discharging seven small spherical objects. The spheres were discharged in the same fashion to soap bubbles from a hoop, slowly and then accelerating away to the south They came out one at a time over a period of several minutes. The object then reverted to its original shape,was rejoined by the first and after both hovered for a few more minutes they jointly descended out of view behind the hill. The whole sighting lasted 20 minutes. [* wittess was a "respected" psychic] (MUFORA, pg. 8, Jan Aldrich)

Dec. 19, 1974; Louisville,
CE1, no details. (CUFOS)

Dec. 21, 1974; Darmstadt, IL
11:30 p.m. Three Illinois youths report UFO descended into woods. While driving, at a point approximately four miles west of Darmstadt, they were suddenly aware of a bright light illuminating the area around them. The brightly lit disk-shaped object was descending at an angle, with the leading edge lower than the trailing edge and the descent was such so they were seeing the top of the object; probably twenty or thirty feet in diameter. It had rotating lights around the lower edge of the rim that were red and yellow, red and yellow in that sequence all the way around. There appeared to be portholes around the object. It had something resembling antennas that were coming out each side of the dome and coming up as if they were going to meet at a point up above the dome of the object itself. The color of the "antennas" appeared to be blue. The object continued its descent and appeared to be in the process of landing in a wooded area about a thousand feet from the road. (MUFON Skylook 90,12)

Dec. 22, 1974; Fairfield, OH
10:00 p.m. Noticing a bright light shining in her bedroom, the 82-year-old witness looked outside and saw a "boat-shaped," or oblong, object hovering over a neighboring house. The UFO, 50-60 ft wide, had green and white lights around the lower part, and seemed to be rotating. It gently rose and fell over the  house for about 20 minutes and then moved to a new position above a nearby church. A white light shone from 3-4 square windows around the upper portion; atop was a kind of brightly lit area, in which 2 small dark humanoid figures could be seen moving back and forth in "cramped positions," continually gesticulating (or perhaps moving levers) with their arms. The beings, who ignored the witness, were visible only from the waist up. The object remained over the church nearly a half hour, rising and falling slightly, then moved horizontally a short distance and shot upward at high speed. (SYMPAP 1975,64)


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