The 1977 UFO Chronology

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Released 16 November 1977
Map of sightings for 1977, courtesy of Larry Hatch's "U" Database (Pending)

Created: August 15, 2007; Updated 4 March 2018
This is currently a 24-page chronology of UFO incidents and events for 1977
. Our thanks for these chronologies must go to our documentation team: Richard Hall (the original 1977 chronology from UFOE II), William Wise (Project Blue Book Archive), Dan Wilson (archive researcher), Brad Sparks (Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns), and Jean Waskiewicz (online NICAP DBase [NSID]). The latest entries were provided by A-Team member Mike Swords. You will note the many foreign reports that we are now being able to access. Our special thanks to Dan Wilson for getting those to us. As more come in, this page will be updated.

This is the year that the MADAR Project got its real test. Go to July 10th and listen to the datatape recording! There were seven detections of magnetic anomalies by the Multiple Anomaly Detection and Automated Recording system at my Mt. Vernon, Indiana facility, within a six week period! There were UFO sightings within 60 miles NW and 85 miles SW at the same time MADAR was triggered.

Finally, in November, I was invited by the press to view the motion picture Close Encounters of the Third Kind" before it was officially released.

Francis Ridge
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The 1977 UFO Chronology

Jan.-May, 1977; UK
Miniwave of UFO sightings, including round and triangular objects (NICAP UFOE II, Section VIII).

Jan. 1, 1977; Creysseilles, France
1:30 AM. A pink glowing sphere hovered in the sky for six minutes, then flew away to the east toward the Mezayon Valley.

Jan. 1, 1977; Chabeiul, Drome, France
7:50 PM. A lenticular metallic disc with flames coming from the bottom made a 180-degree turn and flew off toward the south. The witness's eyes were sore from the glare of the light.

Jan. 1, 1977; Valence, France
8:00 PM. Mr. and Mrs. Perez had a close encounter with a ten-meter long ovoid object that chased their car. They also complained of eye pain and conjunctivitis as a result of the encounter, and a watch of theirs had stopped working. The UFO made a reappearance 40 minutes later.

Jan. 1, 1977; Leca de Palmeira, Oporto Province, Portugal
9:00 PM. A TV crew filmed a UFO. It made a sound like an electric motor.

Jan. 1, 1977; Eyragues,Bouches-Rhone Department, France
10:00 PM. A luminous hemisphere-shaped object, about .65 meters in diameter, maneuvered and glowed among trees. Broken branches were found later in the area.

Jan. 4, 1977; Carapito Beira Alta, Portugal
12:30 a.m. A man was training his German shepherd dog in a pine grove when the animal suddenly became agitated and sat next to him. He then saw hovering 10 meters from the ground a dark metallic domed object that was emitting a beeping sound. Near the object was a very tall, heavy set figure, human like. The object suddenly emitted a silvery lighting flash and disappeared, and so did the bulky figure. The witness suffered from severe headaches soon after the incident, and his dog died with no obvious cause of death in August of the same year. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1977, case # 106, citing Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos & Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia De Los Encuentros Cercanos con Ovnis).

Jan. 16, 1977; Moscow, Russia
On a clear and cloudless morning a giant flying saucer appeared over the southwestern part of Moscow, Russia. It was photographed as it hovered for more than an hour. It had a grayish-blue surface, but was distinctly visible against the blue sky. (Source: Paul Stonehill, The Soviet UFO Files, p. 69).

Jan.18, 1977; Bussieres-Saint-Georges, France
1:00 AM. A UFO witness was thrown into some bushes when three glowing balls of light flew overhead at one a.m. The witness had 75 minutes of missing time, and the incident was followed by many days of persistent headaches. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue 317).

Jan. 21, 1977; St. Bernard Parish, LA
Boat brightly illuminated by round glowing object, abnormal silence, heat, boat held back as if by invisible force, light beam, time loss (NICAP UFOE II, Section VI).

Jan. 21, 1977; Bogota, Colombia
Night. An Avianca airline crew observed a light that followed their plane in a zigzag flight, and reacted to flashing landing lights. (Reference: AIRCRAFT / UFO ENCOUNTERS FILE Military, Airline and Private Pilot UFO sightings from 1942 to 1996,Compiled and © 1997 by Dominique Weinstein). Brilliant white light zigzagging erratically at high speed, confirmed on ground and airborne radar; responded to pilot at 25,000 feet flashing his landing lights. Five witnesses. 3 mins.  (NICAP UFOE II, Section III).

Jan. 21, 1977; St. Bernard Parish, LA
8:45 PM. Two hunters spotted an extremely bright light which seemed to appear from nowhere. The light moved over them and just hovered. There was no sound coming from the light source, but the men could feel heat emitting from it. The light moved slowly toward a fire station located close by and appeared to hover for about 30 minutes. Finally it moved over to the Shell Oil Plant for awhile and then disappeared as quickly as it had come. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, February 1977, page 4)

Jan. 21, 1977; St. Bernard Parish, LA
Night. Two adult males were doing some [mildly] illegal poaching along the Dike Canal, one guy in a boat and the other moving parallel on the shore. They were not in close approximation when the man in the boat saw a bright red light in the sky. Suddenly the light seemed right around him as the boat was engulfed in the glow which extended to the surrounding landscape. It was too bright to see through to make out any shape behind it, and the only thought that the poacher had was that this was the game warden and he'd been busted. But there was no noise, so no helicopter, and the light flew away into the woods. His partner was already back at their camp, and saw none of this. When the boatman paddled back to camp, his story was met with derision. The two both got into the boat and began to go down the canal, this time using the outboard motor as power. The light reappeared and moved in on them. The boatman's hair was felt "standing on end" with fright. Worse, although the motor was running, the boat was not moving--seemingly held in place by whatever this was. Then the light quickly left and "the boat lurched forward with great force, as if what was holding it back released the motor's power once again. Both men were thrown but neither fell out". The light again flew at low level into the trees and continued on for some distance until they lost it. They estimated that the light was about 15-25 feet in diameter, mainly circular [though hard to see], of a "diamond texture" [by which they apparently mean that it appeared faceted with diamond shapes], and strikingly fast only when it moved toward them. Both men reported "nausea, stomach aches, and fever, for a period of two days following". They intuitively connected this with the incident but the researcher did remark that it was flu season. Neither witness was interested in UFOs and neither used the terms UFOs or flying saucers during the interviews. Normal checking revealed no balloons nor aircraft in the area at the time. (Submitted by Mike Swords. Source: NICAP Report file by Dr. Ted Peters, February 7, 1977; "Mysterious hovering light observed by Yscloskey men", St.Bernard News, January 26, 1977; "Mysterious hovering light still a mystery", St.Bernard News, February 9, 1977; Ted Peters in the MUFON Journal #111, February 1977 [ in this article it is claimed that an anonymous phonecaller, claiming to be a night guard on duty, said that he saw the thing too].

Jan. 26, 1977; Anchorage, KY
Dogs barked while object was present. (Woodward)

Jan. 27, 1977; Prospect, KY
1:05 AM. A teenager spotted a rectangular, orange-red object coming down to near his jeep. His jeep's radio failed 15 seconds into the sighting. He felt compelled to watch the object, which stayed in the vicinity only a short time. Later under hypnosis, however, he related being taken inside the object and examined by three strange creatures who were shaped like machines. The electrical system on his jeep went haywire the day after the sighting. (Source: Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, case 406, citing CUFOS; IUR,2,4)

Jan. 27, 1977; Clarksville, TN
Evening. Humanoid report. Concerned businessman while driving through Clarksville had a bizarre experience. (MUJ-110)

Feb. 2, 1977; Pineville, MO
CE-II, one witness (EGBA,577)

Feb. 2, 1977; Louisville, KY
Close encounter (CE-II) one witness. (EGBA, 510)

Feb. 3, 1977; Tasmania, Australia
9:30 PM. Several children at a youth camp at Seven-Mile Beach observed a stationary, dome-shaped object hovering near the beach. The object then moved behind some trees, partially obscuring it. On the dome was a row of windows through which at least two of the children reported seeing a thin humanoid figure with a round head. It seemed to be moving back and forth behind the window. One child described the object as similar to two plates placed edge to edge, with flashing yellow white lights along the edge and a red light on top of the dome. The object disappeared from view behind the trees. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1977-68, citing Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre).

Feb. 4, 1977; Basford, Staffordshire, England
2:25 AM. An automobile club patrolman sighted a luminous orange object at some distance from his car. His two-way radio had heavy static while the object was in view. There was simultaneous radio interference at the Stafford police headquarters. (Source: Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, case 407, citing Northern UFO Network News, 1977)

Feb. 7, 1977; Newcastle-under-Lyme, England
12:30 PM. School students from a school saw a gray flattened cigar-shaped object moving slowly through the sky, surrounded by a vapor or mist. It changed color to orange, then to green, and flew off toward the east-southeast. The sighting lasted 10 minutes. (Sources: Northern Network files, case report dated March 1, 1977; Awareness, July 1977, p. 20).

Feb.10, 1977; Tucson, AZ
7:30 PM. From a window in her house Ms. Lois Stovall saw a luminous object in the sky approach her house from the north. She and her grandmother, Mrs. Alice Buckner, went out to the yard for a better view and saw it hovering over a small tree less than 50 feet away. It was capsule shaped with a cylindrical vertical axis, and transparent on the side facing them with dark vertical bars. Through the transparent surface they could see a flame-like light and a human-shaped figure, gray all over gray, that looked puffed up like a balloon. It had ridges or rings running round the appendages, like the Michelin Man. She could not see any hands or feet. This figure in an inflated suit was about four feet tall and was standing crouched over in a space only barely big enough for him. The light was coming from between his feet. Mrs. Buckner walked directly beneath the object and tried to touch it but it was hovering two feet too high. She could see there was a faceplate in the being's suit, and she could barely make out some sort of face behind it. The object began to ascend, and soon passed out of sight to the south. Ms. Stovall saw three helicopters with glowing red cabin lights flying very low over the adjacent school grounds. The investigators were unable to find any plausible source for these mystery aircraft. Mrs. Dessie Turner, a neighbor, also saw the object while it hovered, and estimated that it was 6.5 feet high and 2.5 feet in diameter. She thought she could see a shadowy figure inside. She also saw the helicopters. (Sources: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Encounters, case 1977-8, citing Coral Lorenzen, APRO; Coral & Jim Lorenzen, APRO Bulletin).

Feb. 17, 1977; Pembrokeshire, Wales
During the day a teacher and two canteen workers at Broad Haven school watched a silvery yellow cigar-shaped object glide over a field emitting a loud humming sound. Before it left the area, a human-like figure was seen briefly to step out of the object and then go back inside. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1977, case # 1386, citing J. A. Brooks, Ghosts and Legends of Wales).

Feb. 18, 1977; Salto, Uruguay
Disc hovered, illuminated barnyard, farm animals reacted, watchdog later died. Witness felt electric shock, heat, paralysis; physiological and physical effects (NICAP UFOE II, Section VI).

Feb. 24, 1977; Langenargen, Lake Constance, Germany
Humanoid encounter (NICAP UFOE II, Section XII).

Spring, 1977; Lumberton, OH
Alleged skirmish between U.S. military forces and a landed (or disabled) alien craft. (Case B-13 in Status Report II, Leonard Stringfield; SYMPAP, 1978,77)

March 5, 1977; McNatt, MO
11:00 PM. Lonnie Stites and his wife, Deborah, were driving their pickup truck around a bend in the road when "the whole area lit up like a football field light was turned on, and a very bright light was shined on our windshield." He saw a man of normal height or slightly smaller stature standing alongside the road. He was human looking, but dressed in green coveralls with square glasses and a tight green cap over his ears. He was "waving us down." Up on the hill was another figure carrying what appeared to be "a ball of electricity about the size of a basketball." The second figure was walking away from an object that looked like a water tank, about 10 feet across and 10 to 15 feet tall, with red lights going around it. The UFO was about 50-60 feet from them. Mrs Stites said that she saw two people on the hillside carrying "basketball sized lights," and that the UFO at one point flew over the truck. They turned the truck around and drove away in great fear. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1977-11, citing Monte Blue Skelton & Bob Pratt).

March 6, 1977; Sylmar, CA
1:05 AM. Mr. Kiese, a security guard, age 18, witnessed an orange, domed disc-shaped UFO descend into the field near his factory's security gate. The UFO either landed or hovered close to the ground for five minutes, but no noticeable landing traces were found at the site. (Source: Ann Druffel, MUFON UFO Journal, March 1978, p. 12).

March 6, 1977: Evansville, IN
5:55 PM. Four witnesses, 5-mins. Two objects, three minutes apart. First one big enough to hold an 18-wheeler. (Ridge files)

March 7, 1977; Chaumont, Haute-Marne, France
Radar-visual UFO approached Mirage bomber, sped away (NICAP UFOE II, Section II).

March 7, 1977; Winchester, Hampshire, England
9:00 PM. Mrs. Jane Bowles was driving with a friend, Mrs. Ann Strickland, along a country road when their car stopped and a brilliant glow "like a white sun" lit up the area around them. An oval object was observed that was luminous and making a humming sound. A man emerged from the UFO, one similar in appearance to the one involved in Mrs. Bowles earlier close encounter. He was human like with long hair, a beard, and pink eyes. He approached, holding out his hands, and touched Mrs Bowles. His hands were warm to the touch like a human's. The man looked at Mrs. Strickland and then spoke in an unknown language. He gave something to Mrs. Bowles which she would not divulge, and then he returned to the UFO, which ascended into the sky with a hum and high-pitched noise. The women returned to Winchester, and Mrs. Bowles observed that her hands were red and swollen. She had to remove her wedding ring and she found the skin underneath raw. (Source: David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Encounters, case 1977-12, citing Lionel Beer, BUFORA).

March 8, 1977; Gatchelville, PA
7:30 PM. Nine independent witnesses watched a red ball of light maneuver against the wind. Holes were found burnt in the ground at a possible landing site. (Sources: Allan Hendry, The UFO Handbook, p. 120; Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 11471).

March 9, 1977; Nelson, North Lancashire, UK
3:10 AM. A cigar-shaped, metallic object appeared in the sky, so the two witnesses stopped their car for a better look. The UFO had lights at either end that were changing color and the entire object was surrounded by a gray mist. The witnesses heard a sound they described as being like the tide coming in and going out. As the object came quite close, their car's engine stopped and the headlights dimmed. After five minutes, the object flew off and the car could be restarted. Both of the witnesses came down with headaches shortly after the sighting. (FSR, Vol. 23, No. 2, (NICAP UFOE II, Section VI).

March 10, 1977; Indianapolis, IN
4:00 PM. Hoax photo. (APRO Bulletin)

9:05 PM. The pilot and first officer of an United Airlines DC-10 observed a round bright white object. The object had strong effects on the autopilot and the three compasses. (Reference:  UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA EIGHTY YEARS OF PILOT SIGHTINGS Catalog of Military, Airline, Private Pilots Sightings from 1916 to 2000 Dominique F. Weinstein)

March 13, 1977; Pen-Y-Cwm, Pembrokeshire, Wales
9:00 PM. Stephen Taylor, age 17, was walking home from a visit to his girlfriend's house when he saw an orange, luminous, pear-shaped UFO in the sky. He walked to a friend's house to tell him but was not believed. About half a mile further on he noticed that he could not see the lights of farmhouses to his right. Looking closer, he saw that they were obscured by a large dome-shaped object, dark in appearance, about 30 to 40 feet in diameter and 40 feet high, that was resting in the adjacent field. Around its underside there was a dim glow of light. As he watched he heard footsteps, and looking around only a few yards away was a figure "like a skinny human six-foot tall." The being looked "like an old man" with high cheekbones, and had large round eyes resembling those of a fish. Over its mouth was a box like device with a tube leading over the shoulder. It was wearing a one-piece suit that looked semi-transparent. Taylor took a swing at the figure and ran for home. On arrival he found his dog acted strangely toward him, snarling and barking, and had to be put outdoors. The dog behaved normally the next day. (Source: David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1977 -13, citing Randall Jones Pugh, BUFORA).

March 15, 1977; West Jacksonport, Door County, WI
8:30 PM. Mrs. Joan Le Clair and four other local people saw a UFO hovering over some nearby trees. Mrs. Le Clair looked through binoculars and could see an elongated object, green on top and bottom, with a red band around the center. "There appeared to be another compartment on the bottom of this disc, and I could see windows in this lower part. There appeared to be a figure inside the object." After three minutes the UFO sped away. Other observers of the UFO failed to see the windows or the occupant. (Sources: Sturgeon Bay Advocate, March 17, 1977; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1977-14 (A1715), citing Thomas Heiman).

March 20, 1977; Pebble Beach, CA
On this night a husband and wife were in a pair of sleeping bags by the seashore when they saw a bright disc-shaped object come from the ocean straight towards them. The woman had a brief recollection of seeing several tall humanoids without mouths, who communicated with her telepathically and showed her a book. She later recalled that the craft was flat, streamlined, and black in color. A beam of light was shone on the couple and apparently took them inside the UFO. The eyes of the aliens were reportedly black and shiny but rounded towards the nose and did not blink. The aliens were about six and a half to seven feet, thin, with delicate bodies, and very long fingers. They wore skintight one-piece diver outfits like wetsuits. Their heads were completely hairless. The inside of the craft resembled a doctor's office: it was very bright white and warm. The wife was made to lie on a very cold table, where she was strapped down and observed many instruments, one of which made a buzzing sound. The woman had been involved in previous close encounter incidents. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1977, citing WBS Newsletter, special edition # 4)

March 21, 1977; Los Angeles, CA
8:50 PM. Two witnesses on a flight at 1500', two UFOs at 1/2-mile range,15 seconds duration. (Haines printout)

March 23, 1977; Farmland, IN
5:40 AM. Snowy morning. Blue lights were ahead which lady thought was a snow plough. One blinking light of unknown shape flew across in; front of her then suddenly 6 to 12 blue lights took up position 2 to 3 feet in front of her slowly traveling car. The car was illuminated with a blue light and static came on radio. When the lights dived a red light came on as if breaking. The small lights all flew off together and out of sight over a field. Next day at spot in road her car radio went dead. (Worley files)

March 24, 1977; Clearfield, Pennsylvania
Negatives of alleged UFO were found to be blank. See clippings. (Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos)

March 29, 1977; Pacific Ocean W. of California
3:22 PM. A document has been located and scanned, and details from the observer are in the directory linked above. This involves UFOs tracked by B-1 bomber. (Jan Aldrich)

April 4, 1977; Tucson, AZ
1:30 AM. A 52-year-old woman was watching jackrabbits by moonlight on the Veterans Administration Hospital grounds when she heard a whirring noise and looked up to see a luminous white UFO coming down for a landing. It was ellipsoidal in shape with fuzzy contours, and landed approximately 30 to 40 feet away. The top of the object was a soft luminous pink, and something like a horizontal periscope or boom protruded form the right side. The object was about 40 to 50 feet in diameter and about 20 feet high. The whirring ceased when it landed, but she saw no landing gear. Then a human like figure, well over six-foot tall with very broad shoulders, walked toward her from the UFO. She had not seen him emerge through a door in the craft. He wore a silvery one-piece uniform that was tight-fitting, like a frogman's wetsuit, and he had on mitten-like gloves. He spoke to her, saying "I am Onleel, I want to talk with you, come with me." She saw only his eyes and no other facial features. The eyes were large and dark. The voice was probably telepathic and it seemed to come from his eyes. She felt compelled to obey. The next thing she remembers she is inside the ship, with no recollection of how she got onboard.

April 4, 1977; Gorham, Coos County, NH
8:15 PM.. Susanne Fortier was walking on the lawn behind her house with her collie dog. We heard a sound like a "wind or whistle" and she then observed a small object land in the vicinity of the children's playhouse. It was about five feet in diameter, with eight "pods or legs", windows or doors all around it, and an antenna on top. The interior was a bright red, and it contained six three-foot-tall occupants who had long slit-like eyes, ape like noses, and no hair. The skin of their faces seemed very wrinkled. They wore gloves. Mrs. Fortier could hear "a garble of voices" talking, like a bunch of CB voices, and felt a great deal of heat come from the craft. She watched it for about 15 minutes, after which it rose straight up and flew off to the south. When she got back in the house she found her face and legs red from the heat. Her dog, which reacted noticeably to the object, would still not let her go near the area a month later. No traces were found at the landing site, which had been muddy. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1977-15, citing investigator Mrs. Lorraine Duchesne, MUFON).

April 5, 1977: Deerfield, IL
2:17 PM. 1-1.5 mins. Pilot driving on I-94 northbound on a cold, cloudy day (overcast at 5,000') saw object coming toward him (southbound) first in distance then directly above him later on. Described as a silver mushroom three times the apparent size of the moon, moved silently toward Chicago against the wind.  (IUR,2,5)

April 6, 1977; Ste. Dorothee, Quebec, Canada
7:00 PM. The witness, a woman in her thirties living on Rue Cleroux, Ste. was in her kitchen when she saw a strong light come in her back window. When she raised the blind she saw a disc-shaped object with a dazzling, pulsating white luminosity, about 35 feet in diameter. It was hovering several yards above a tree 35 feet tall. It bore a pulsating red luminous domed cupola on top without windows. Around its lower periphery revolved yellow, green, blue, and red blinking lights. She heard a buzzing sound like a huge swarm of bees. After watching the UFO for perhaps 15 seconds, she ran to her bathroom and hid. Two minutes later the noise and the light ceased. She went out on the street in front of her house where she found a 13-year-old boy, Jos Madison, pointing a carbine at the sky. The now silent disc-shaped UFO was hovering 100 feet up in a tilted position. Jos did not fire his gun, but called to his friend Alair Narby, also 13 years old. Jos's two sisters also joined them and watched the UFO, which was now moving from place to place above the houses by jumps too rapid to observe. It then stopped in place for more than five minutes, during which Mrs. Madison came out and also observed it. Now after sunset, the UFO moved off toward the Nadon River, where it again dashed back and forth. The two boys followed it to the Nadon field by the river, in which there was a temporary pond formed by melted snow. They saw the UFO approach the river, flying very low, and it skimmed over the pond producing a loud sizzle of boiling water. It then landed behind a slight rise. It then emitted a very strident sharp sound. After four or five minutes a humanoid being appeared, visible from the waist up because of the terrain. He had a helmeted head, shiny red and metallic shoulders, and was seen from the rear. He appeared in front of the object. Above his head was a red light, apparently floating in midair. He looked to the right and left, then bent down and was not seen again. Shortly afterward the disc rose, lit up, and at an altitude of about 65 feet resumed its erratic movements. Darkness had fallen and the boys returned home, finally running because it seemed to them the UFO was following them. They temporarily suffered partial deafness, perhaps from the UFO's noise. At least three families on the block experienced total interference with their TV reception during this time. At the landing site different tracks and what appeared to be footprints were found. (Sources: Marc Leduc, UFO Quebec, April 1977, issue # 10; HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1977-74, citing Marc Leduc).

April 7, 1977; Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales
5:00 AM. Mr. Cyril John, age 64, a former local political leader, was up early for an early start to London when he noticed a light shining in his bedroom window. Looking out he observed two objects. The first was a silvery-gray egg-shaped object with a bright orange-red light on top of it. It was about four feet across and was rocking gently in the air about 60 meters away. The second was a seven to eight foot tall humanoid figure, who floated in the air with arms out and legs bent back, like a "free fall parachutist." There was only about 35 feet between the man and the observer. No features could be seen on the figure's face, and it wore a uniformly silver-gray "boiler suit." It remained motionless in the air for more than 25 minutes. Then both the being and the ovoid object began slowly moving off, gradually disappearing from view in the distance. (Source: David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1977-17 [A1719], citing Randall Jones Pugh, British UFO Research Association).

April 8, 1977; Cedar Springs, MI
2:00 AM. A domed disc-shaped object flew around two witnesses, hovering and flashing over some nearby trees. Ring ground marks were found on the ground. (Source: CUFOS files, report dated April 10, 1977).

April 12, 1977; Oxelosund, Sweden
Shortly before 11:00 a.m. a woman in the city heard a shrill whistling sound. A brown, four-meter diameter disc hovered 100m over a water tower. It had an antenna with a sphere on top. It hovered in place for four seconds. When the UFO departed a strong noise was heard causing windows to vibrate. It left toward the southeast. (Sources: UFO Information Sweden, May 1977, p. 17; Bertil Soderquist, MUFON UFO Journal, January 1978, p. 5; Don Johnson).

April 12, 1977; Tucson, Arizona
At 3:30 p.m. two young girls walking under a highway overpass by a canal and were following a path up a small hill when they saw a UFO hovering above some nearby brush. The craft was dark gray, metallic, and shaped like a drum. It had four to six long spider like legs hanging from its bottom. The UFO rose slowly and disappeared towards the southeast following a curved path. From out of some bushes beneath where the object had been hovering, a thin, human-like figure emerged. It had long brown hair and was wearing a blue top and dark pants, but it also wore strange looking boots. Behind the thin figure five other shorter figures appeared. The group walked briskly away in single file, towards the desert and into the distance where they could no longer be seen. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1977, case # 1810, citing Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo, Destino, Vol. 27 # 3, quoting APRO; Don Johnson).

April 12, 1977; Henschen, Indiana
At 11 p.m. a couple were driving to their trailer home and had to make a stop to change their baby's diaper. As the husband looked for a diaper in the car he glanced out a window and saw a twelve foot tall hairy creature with fierce glowing red eyes. The creature uttered some guttural sounds and made an apparent aggressive move towards the car. They drove off quickly, but the creature chased their vehicle as they attempted to flee. It pounded angrily on their car and dented it, flinging its arms up and down. The following night the couple saw a similar creature perched near a tree that was overlooking their mobile home. The creature took several steps towards the house and was shot at by the husband several times, at which point it seemed to jump up and disappeared in plain sight. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1977, case # 1710, citing Jim Barnett, UFOs and Alien Encounters # 1; Don Johnson).

April 12, 1977; Rising Sun, IN
Humanoid report. No details. (EGBA,680)  [Probably the same as Henschen, Indiana case]

April 12, 1977; Herbrandston, Dyfed
On this night there was a red glow in the sky when an 11-year-old boy reported seeing a figure 50 meters away dressed in a silver diver suit, wearing a large helmet and with a square, featureless face. The being drifted through a closed gate on a country lane. (Sources: Hugh Turnbull, FSR, June 1977, p. 6, citing Western Telegraph, April 28, 1977; Don Johnson).

April 14, 1977; Luxembourg, Germany
2:00 AM. Three witnesses on board a flight at 31,000'. Seen briefly four times. Radar and E-M. (Haines printout)

April 19, 1977; Little Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales
2:00 AM. The radio of hotel owner Rosa Gremville suddenly went dead. Moments later she heard a loud humming noise outside and looking out she was dazzled by a "huge moon lighting up the area, moving about like a seesaw." It descended and landed in a field 100 yards behind the hotel. "It was round, with flames coming from the top of a dome. There was a light on it, like a pulsating star." Two creatures 8 or 9-feet tall emerged from the dome through the flames. They wore cream or silvery colored jumpsuits. She could see no facial features nor any hair on these creatures, even though see tried to discern what they looked like through a pair of binoculars. They looked as though they had hands, but she saw no fingers. "I though their feet were webbed." The figures walked around near the object for about 15 minutes. Mrs. Gremville wanted to scream, but she had lost her voice. She went in search of another witness and when they returned the UFO and humanoid figures had gone. Burn marks were found on the ground at the site the next day. (Sources: David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1977-18; Randall Jones Pugh, FSR, August 1977, p. 6 for BUFORA).

April 20, 1977; Herbrandston, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Mark Marston, age 11, was looking for bird's nests in a hedge when "a red glow appeared in the sky 50 yards away." A few moments later a figure appeared and drifted through a closed gate at the other end of the field. It was dressed in a silver suit, like a diver, with a large helmet and a square, featureless face. It approached Mark rapidly, who turned and fled for home, screaming. (Source: David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1977, citing Randall Jones Pugh for BUFORA).

April 25, 1977; Pampa Lluscuma, Chile
3:50 AM. Eight soldiers on a military patrol suddenly saw a bright light nearby. The soldiers' dog and horses remained still while the lights hovered nearby. The leader of the group, Corporal Armando Valdes, ordered the other soldiers to put out their campfire. The two large lights were about 800 meters away, and hovering close to the ground. Cpl. Valdes approached the lights, ordering them to identify themselves. At this point a bright light enveloped Valdes and he vanished in plain view of the others. The others began frantically searching for him but they were unable to find him. At around 4:15 a.m. Valdes suddenly reappeared. He had a strange look on his face and he emitted a sinister laugh, asking several times where his mother was. Then he said, again in a very sinister sounding voice, "you will never know who we are and where we come from." The others noticed that he appeared to have a week's growth of beard, whereas he had been clean-shaven just an hour ago, and his digital watch indicated the impossible date of April 30. He was almost in hysterics and one of the soldiers had to slap him, at which point he fainted. One of the other soldiers, Raul Salinas, who had been standing a few meters back of the others, noticed a strange humanoid creature behind some nearby rocks. He described it as half animal and half human; no facial features were visible, but it seemed to be wearing a helmet and was carrying a red light. Salinas was stunned to see the creature appear at several places simultaneously, he thought that maybe it could have been several humanoids. He did not mention this to the others at the time, since they were already scared, but the others did not see the humanoid or humanoids. When Valdes woke up he could not remember where he had been. It is assumed the Chilean military conducted various medical tests on Valdes. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1977, case # 3062, citing Diego Contreras & Raul Nunez).

April 29, 1977; Oxford, OH
A car being driven by a 47-year-old woman and accompanied by another female passenger was paced by a white glowing object for three minutes. The description of the shape differed, but one of the women described it as a disc-shaped object. The incident occurred near a Nike missile base. (Source: Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, June 1977, p. 3).

April 20, 1977 - CIA Memo Declassified
               Memo from CIA Director Walter Bedell Smith to Director, Psychological Strategy Board, declassified 20 April 1977 (Good, Above Top Secret, 511)

May 1977; France. Groupe d'Etude des Phenomenes Aerospatiaux Non-Identifies (GEPAN) organized under the auspices of the French national space agency for the study of UFOs.

May 3, 1977; Hainault Forest, Essex[?], UK
3:55 AM. Police took an emergency telephone call. The caller said that some strange object was over the forest near the small lake. Two policemen were directed to the scene. Arriving, they proceeded along the lake road and noticed a "large bright red light" across on the eastern shore. They stopped, exited their vehicle and observed a "bell tent" shaped thing, about 300 yds distant. This object continuously pulsated from dull to very bright red for the next 2 to 3 minutes. The UFO seemed to be hovering silently. Then, as they watched apprehensively, the object appeared to "dissolve on the spot". As the thing was no longer visible, the officers decided somewhat reluctantly to go across the lake and investigate the spot. As they were doing this, one of them looked up and briefly saw a shape of a thin, large, white crescent hanging in the sky. This "apparition" also dissolved on the spot. Reaching the location of ground zero, as best they could tell, they found nothing at all, except a strong smell of burning. No cause could be determined. A report was immediately made to the local UFO investigator [The Essex Hotline], and the investigator [Barry King] came out the next day. [actually King interviewed the officer that very night]. In daylight, one large bush was found to have damage--flattened in the center and slightly burned. The gorse bush appeared to have had a very heavy weight set onto its top center, the result of which was to break almost all the limbs including snapping off the central branch. The pattern of breakage was to displace the branches into an outwardly radiating splay. No radiation nor magnetic anomalies were found. (Submitted by Mike Swords. Source: "Landing at Hainault Seen by Police", Flying Saucer Review 23, (2):1977).

May 5, 1977; near Ragusa, Italy
Midnight. The witness, a truck driver, had made a rest stop at a truck stop on the major highway near Ragusa, Italy when he saw a yellow light illuminate the cab. The light originated from a gray metallic, oval-shaped object that was hovering near the truck and close to the ground. It had a rotating ring around its middle and two circular openings, one on the top and one on the bottom. A figure wearing a dark gray coverall and a helmet could be seen inside one of the openings. It seemed to be controlling and directing the yellow beam of light. It made some hand gestures towards him as if greeting him. A flattened area was found in the grassy field. (Sources: Maurizio Verga, ITACAT: Italian UFO catalogue, case 93; Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1977, case # 1522, citing ITACAT).

May 5, 1977; Tabio, Cundinamarca province, Colombia
9:15 AM. A 22-year-old Cessna 150 pilot trainee, Sr. Lopez Ojeda, had a close encounter with a white object that looked like an inverted plate while flying over Tabio, Cundinamarca province, Colombia. There was a brilliant flash of light that temporarily impaired his vision, and the airplane's control would not respond for a short while during which his surroundings seemed strangely altered. (Sources: Richard H. Hall, Uninvited Guests, p. 291; MUFON UFO Journal, June 1977; Dominique Weinstein, Aircraft UFO Encounters, p. 50; CUFOS files, citing newspaper clipping dated May 6, 1977).

May 6, 1977; Encinitas, CA
A large domed disc-shaped object descended into canyon. A school teacher and fifteen students witnessed the descent, and said that they could see figures inside the craft. It was seen again one hour later. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 12693).

May 7, 1977; Undersaker, Jamtland, Sweden
A powerful spotlight from a silent, delta-shaped object lit the forest in Undersaker on this night. A very large second object, also triangle shaped and with three large windows rose in the beam of light. Both objects hovered over the trees, then changed shape from triangular to rectangular. (Sources: Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, November 1977, p. 8; Richard F. Haines, Project Delta: A Study of Multiple UFO, p. 191; UNICAT database, case 195, citing Allan Hendry).

May 8, 1977; Joliet, IL
2:00 PM. Adult couple driving westbound watched as a silver "straw hat" the size of the moon rush eastbound over I-80 (and their car) making no noise. Object, which was in view 30-seconds, was flying against the wind. (IUR,2,6)

May 8, 1977; Joliet, IL
2:30 PM. Adult couple experienced object like a silver sphere with "Saturn ring" or halo around it, heading eastbound. 30-secs. (IUR,2,6)

May 9, 1977; Harding Township, NJ
9:30 PM. Mrs. Nancy Allocco and her two children, Lee, age twelve and Nell, age fourteen, observed a large glowing object in the sky. The witnesses were traveling in a car when they first saw the object. When the three witnesses reached their driveway, they again could observe the moon-shaped, orange-white light. The three observers sat in the car after parking in the driveway and watched the glowing sphere. As they watched the light suddenly began to move away and then just as suddenly, it disappeared. The Allocco home in Harding Township is approximately ten miles from the Livingston Shopping Mall where Leslie Hendricks had observed the same or similar object.( Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, July 1977, page 1)

May 9, 1977; Morristown, NJ
9:30 PM. Leslie Hendricks while walking out of the Livingston Shopping Mall observed a large glowing sphere high up in the southwestern sky. The sphere was about the size and color of a harvest moon. It appeared to be hovering at an altitude higher than that of an ordinary commercial aircraft. Leslie watched the glowing ball for approximately fifteen seconds. The intensity of light of the object kept changing from bright to dim and back to bright. After about fifteen seconds the object suddenly moved to the northeast at a high rate of speed and disappeared. It should be noted that the sky was completely overcast and that neither the moon nor any stars were visible.( Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, July 1977, page 1)

May 11, 1977; Clearfield, PA
3:00 AM. A housewife reported sighting a green glowing ball with a dark equator hovering near her home. It shot straight up into the sky and was gone in less than a second. (Source: Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, June 1977, p. 8).

May 11, 1977; Bonner Springs, KS
9:45 PM. A silent disc-shaped object with white windows hovered for 75 seconds, then flew away slowly. (Source: Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, June 1977, p. 36).

May 17, 1977; Lothian, Scotland
9:00 PM In Tranent and seven surrounding towns in Lothian, a domed disc-shaped object and other objects were seen in the skies on a clear evening. One of the witnesses was a 13-year-old boy named McKenzie. The UFOs generally flew off to the east. The sightings lasted at least 20 minutes. (Source: FSR, November 1978, pp. 30-31).

May 17, 1977; near Belem do Para, Para State, Brazil
9:30 PM. In the village of Icoaraci, two fiery balls of light were seen in the sky. One was green, and the other was red, and they came from opposite directions and collided causing a tremendous flash and a sound like thunder. The sky filled with a pink smoke, which slowly dissipated after 20 minutes. (Source: Otto Raymundo, MUFON UFO Journal, July 1977, p. 8).

May 18, 1977; Pacific, MD
Humanoid report. No details. (EGBA,576)

May 20, 1977; Vienna, VA
9:45 PM. Doris Cuningham and her nine year old son were proceeding toward their apartment building when the child suddenly motioned for his mother to look over the pool. Hovering no more than twelve stories above the ground was a large circular shaped object. The object had a glowing orange top and different colored twirling lights. Within seconds the object sped off. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, May 1977, page 4)

May 23, 1977; Santiago, Chile
6:00 AM. 8A fiery looking torus-shaped object hovered and tilted over Santiago. A beam extended from the object, and swung back and forth like a pendulum. At ball of light was at the end of the beam. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, January 1978).

May 26, 1977; Orange, Australia
Dog and horse raise alert to bright object near ground. (Woodward)

May 26, 1977; Dowagiac, MI
4:10 PM. An ovoid object followed an airliner for 30 seconds according to one of the passengers aboard. The witness, a radio announcer, reported that the object was larger than the airliner and flew away toward the east. (Source: Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, July 1977, p. 3).

June 6, 1977; Yorkshire, UK
Oval object over vehicles, felt heat, mass displacement. (Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 23, No. 5; Rodeghier, 1981, p.70)

June 12, 1977; Crystal Lake, IL
Night? The sole witness was attending a meeting at a hotel, and at some point went outside into the street. Whether he wandered off a bit or not is not recorded. Somewhere along the street, he spotted an "entity" lying on the ground apparently in trouble. Emerging from the nearby alley were three more similar entities, who proceeded to retrieve their companion and retreat back into the alley from whence they came. All through the experience, an "abnormal" silence enveloped the area, no one else, nor no traffic was present, and he seemed to experience what veteran UFO researchers call the "OZ effect". A quote from a letter by Ted Bloecher discussing the case with CUFOS field worker Robert Runser: "He mentioned that strange recurring silence 'like a vacuum' that turns up over and over, and that he was unable to hear traffic noises on the street". There was no observation of a UFO in this case. The entities were described as 4-foot tall, slight build, largish head, large eyes--no skin color mentioned. The beings were wearing a cover-all type garment, colored dark green metallic that shimmered. A silver ring connected this garment at the neck to a clear see-through helmet, like a bubble. Their heads were not round but more like an almond and the shape of the helmet reflected this. CUFOS' Douwe Bosga seems to have been primary field investigator, and therefore there may be a fuller case file at the Center. Ted Bloecher felt the case had high significance, due to the pattern of the OZ effect, of which he was one of the earliest UFOlogists to take notice. Note also that Ted wondered if the witness had "missing time" even at this early date. There is no note, however, if a follow-up was done. (Submitted by Mike Swords. Sources: Ted Bloecher: 1978 MUFON Symposium Proceedings; and Bloecher to Robert Runser [letter], August 10, 1978).

June 16, 1977; Middelburg, Eastern Cape, South Africa
5:15 AM. A glowing object engulfed a van being driven by a single witness, a Mr. Gouws, in a brilliant light. The man experienced amnesia when exposed to the intense light source and may have possibly been abducted, as he has an hour of time unaccounted for. There was a buzzing sound accompanying the light and the van's engine and lights died. Later the engine restarted spontaneously by itself. Mr. Gouws was so fearful after the incident that he was shaking like a leaf. (Sources: Richard Hall, Uninvited Guests, citing MUFON UFO Journal, September 1977; Richard Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, p. 256).

June 17, 1977; Austin, TX
2:00 AM. A 29-year-old man returned home in Austin and saw a light in the distance he thought was an airplane but heard no engine sound. The object, a yellow-orange disc, flew along the shoreline of the lake, passing in front of the witness at his lake front home, and flew from view into the distance. (Source: MUFON Investigation files, case #890709).

June 17, 1977; Castelo de Bode Dam, Portugal
12:00 noon local. José Fransisco Rodrigues was flying a Portuguese Air Force Dornier 27 light plane over the Castelo de Bode dam, when suddenly, emerging from the clouds, he saw a dark object against a backdrop of white stratocumulus, slightly to the right of his plane. Thinking that the object was perhaps a cargo plane, he banked to the left and immediately radioed to ask if there was any traffic in the vicinity. The reply was negative. As the pilot completed a turn to port, the unknown object suddenly appeared at his eleven o’clock position "no more than six meters away". It was definitely not a cargo plane. The upper section, partially concealed by cloud, was black, and on the lower section there appeared to be four or five panels. The object was approximately  13 to 15 meters in diameter. Suddenly it accelerated and vanished from what the pilot believes was an initial stationary position. The Dornier began to vibrate violently and went into uncontrolled dive. Struggling to regain control, the pilot pushed the control column forward. Air speed increased to 140 knots then 180 knots as the ground came nearer. Control was fortunately regained when almost "touching the tree tops" and the plane was landed in one piece. - with a badly shaken pilot. During the encounter the directional electric gyroscope (connected to a magnetic compass) rotated wildly, and by the time the plane landed it had deviated by 180° relative to magnetic compass. (Source : Beyond Top Secret, by Timothy Good, 1998; Richard Haines, Case 42)

June 17, 1977; Cotile Lake, LA
Dusk. Five individuals, husband and wife, their two daughters [approximately young teenagers; exact ages not stated but there is a picture], and a close family friend [an adult male], had been camping, fishing, and swimming. And,as the sun had set, they began to break camp and go home. They were working in two groups [Mom and Dad as one and the friend and the two girls in the other]. The latter were on one of their treks to the pickup truck, which in these woods had to be parked a fair walk away, when the UFO event occurred. Just before they reached the clearing that led to the road, they began feeling a "low frequency vibration" in their bones. Looking upwards, they saw "the outline of a huge craft, or UFO. It hovered completely still, and had points of light surrounding its shape. It appeared to have 'parking lights' on. It was huge. I would guess the size to be about 75ft across, 50ft high.[this is the family friend speaking, by the way]. It was disc-shaped, but plates and sections were clearly visible. The children had been talking, but now, they too noticed the humming noise, and followed my gaze upward to the UFO. At this very instant, The craft floated directly above us, almost. It moved immediately, yet gracefully. Almost in a 'magnetic' sense of control....Before we could react, the middle of the craft started to glow, but I suspect that this was an illusion of a floodlight, for I looked to my side and the children were brightly illuminated. In their shock, mouths still open, holding the swimming gear. Before we could shield our eyes or turn away, there came from the same source several rays or beams of blue light. They were not diffused, but not unlike laser beams. They appeared to strike us at the solar plexus. It was an intense, electric, silver-blue, thin beam. Three to five of them...we were immediately affected. I recall hearing crackling sounds in the air, right around us. But not loud or threatening. We were trapped in what I guess was a force field, for we couldn't move, hardly at all. In a few moments, our entire bodies shown in the eerie blue 'aura'. We slowly [could force] our heads down to see our arms glowing with electric blue light. Movement was difficult, as in a dream, slow, heavy. After what seemed to be about ten seconds, all the lights vanished instantly, along with the force field. The craft began to glide away, over the treetops...parking lights still on. The children became frantic, but not frightened. They began shouting 'did you see that flying saucer? Did you see those lights coming down?' " The adult kept an outward calm and tried to relax the girls. Frankly, he admitted, they seemed to take it much better than he did, and he was inwardly terrified. The girls' parents were back at the camp and saw none of this. The case was reported to Allen Hynek by a friend, and he later visited the witnesses and spoke to all three [however a case file of Hynek's trip, if one was made, has not been located--all we know is that he credited the case enough to use it in his public talks]. (Submitted by Mike Swords. Sources: Cotile Lake file, CUFOS, [contains correspondence and a photo of Hynek with the witnesses, and two of the site; "Is there something out there watching?", Alexandria LA Daily Town Talk, April 20, 1980; article contains a drawing of the event).

June 21, 1977; between Salford and Bury, England
On this day a 10 meter long silver cigar shaped object followed two people riding on a motorcycle between Salford and Bury. It replicated all of their turns and was completely silent. It finally flew off behind a house. (Source: FSR, August 1978, p 10).

June 23, 1977; between Noupoort and Middelburg, South Africa
5:15 AM. A driver of a newspaper delivery van driving between Noupoort and Middelburg saw a dull glow at a quarry beside the road. A glowing phosphorescent UFO then came out of the quarry and hovered in front of the delivery van, causing the van's engine and headlights to fail. After a few moments the UFO departed, making a buzzing sound when it left. The engine of the van started by itself, then stopped, then started again when the driver pressed the pedal. (Source: Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, p. 71, case 413, citing MUFON UFO Journal, September 1977).

Sometime in 1977; Gand Forks, North Dakota
Around midnight Objects seen jumping around in thev sky, Minuteman launch codes screwed up. (Robert Hastings).

June 24, 1977; La Caleta, Dominican Republic
1:00 AM. A UFO was sighted hovering over the sea from the coastal town of La Caleta. Sr. Cruz watched as the object extended a tube from its bottom, and then sucked up water. Two occupants could be seen inside the object, viewed through windows in the craft. Sr. Cruz's car engine failed, and he felt a numbing sensation in his arms and legs. (Sources: Leonte Objio, APRO Bulletin, January 1982, p. 6; Stendek, September 1978, p. 5).

June 28, 1977; between Abadan and Ahvaz, Iran
On this night a man with a flat tire was stopped on the highway between Abadan and Ahvaz, Iran when he suddenly felt heat from a "huge, bright object" that was very close to him. Mr. Shojacei reported that the UFO changed color from red to green to purple, then its lights went off. For 45 minutes the lights stayed nearby, surrounded by fog. When he turned off his car headlights, the UFO would extinguish its lights. (Source: Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, January 1981, p. 15).

June 21, 1977; Centeno, Argentina
no details

July 1977; North Fork of Salmon River, Idaho
Forest Service employee 6 years of experience. One Sunday the man who has worked for the Forest Service went to visit a lookout who had experienced UFO experiences. The visitor was high above the the North Fork of the Salmon River when he suddenly found himself three miles away from where he had taken his last step. He has no doubt about the reality of this event. He knows of no intervening event and has come to the conclusion that he was abducted. lt took him until 1980 to realize what had happened to him. This man has been a forest worker. He is now retired from a teaching career. (HS-4, Doerter)

July of 1977: Connersville, IN
Evening. Three young boys, Todd being 12-years old, were playing on the-playground north of Maplewood School. Low in the sky off to the east they noticed three lights which they thought were some type of military aircraft. But as the lights approached, not changing position, they couldn't see any stars between them. The other two boys fled, but Todd was entranced as this now massive triangle-shaped thing came in over the trees in the east and moved overhead at, what he thought, was about 150'. There was a low-toned hum as it moved at about 25-30 mph. Each side of the triangle looked about 300' wide, as it passed over Todd fell backward and laid on the grass looking up at it. It continued moving west, then all of a sudden disappeared. The craft was in view about 5 minutes. The report was filed in 1992 and Todd was unsure where the other two boys were. It had been a long time. A Form 5 for Psychological/Physiological cases was filed because Todd had reported that his eardrums, as well as other organs, vibrated during the incident. (Worley files)

July 1, 1977; Timaru, South Canterbury, New Zealand
2:10 PM. A Piper Cherokee pilot observed a black cigar-shaped object enveloped in a "heat of haze" flying at 1,800 to 2,000 feet. (Reference: UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA EIGHTY YEARS OF PILOT SIGHTINGS Catalog of Military, Airline, Private Pilots Sightings from 1916 to 2000 Dominique F. Weinstein)

July 1, 1977; Aviano, Italy
3:00 AM. Electronic alarms suddenly sounded at the NATO base and then home to the 40th Tactical Group. Something had set off the magnetic and motion detectors in the high hurricane type fence protecting the Victor Alert compound, a facility that housed fighter aircraft, their crews, maintenance and support personnel. Simultaneously a power outage occurred at the Victor Alert facility, and though a back-up system immediately kicked in, minor power fluxes went on for the next 15 to 20 minutes. Soon security personnel were reporting a strange light display off to the northwest, off base, perhaps 200 meters beyond the fence line, over a soybean field. Luminous round object with dome hovered above a NATO base security zone, spinning; changed color, emitted sound like swarm of bees (NICAP UFOE II, NICAP UFOE II, Section II).

July 4, 1977; Arlington, VA
Prior to a fireworks display, a retired USAF Colonel, his wife and another couple observed two star like objects for thirty minutes. Both objects moved at random speeds. They also appeared to be stationary in an irregular position during the course of the sighting. The witness, who is presently an aerospace engineer, stated, " I was fascinated by the fact that each object duplicated the exact motion, course and speed of the other." Upon their departure in tandem, in a northwesterly direction, their speed was estimated to be that of MACH 5 plus. "The speed was so rapid upon their departure that the objects appeared to leave trails." (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, December 1977, page 4)

July 4, 1977; Toppenish, WA
7:45 P.M. PST Four witnesses observed a disk-shaped object approximately 20-22 feet in diameter hovering overhead for around five minutes. Description:  I saw people in a disk shaped object approximately 20- 22 feet around hovering over me for around 5 minutes with 6-7 people on board. In a phone interview with the witness she stated the object was spinning (on the inside).  She described the color as a "primer gray" and says that she could see welding indentations on the craft. The craft had no markings or emblems. She could see the occupants clearly. They were wearing white lab coats and one of the men was wearing a red tie. She described one woman as wearing 1950s style glasses. The occupants were all human. She stated that the craft made a musical sound similar to the melody heard on ice cream trucks. The craft sped away executed several rapid back and forth movements shot straight up and disappeared.

July 6, 1977; Steynsburg, South Africa
5:50 PM. A spherical light--larger than the apparent size of Venus--moved, hovered for two minutes, and then shot away. (Source: Awareness, April 1979, p. 4).

July 7, 1977; Zhang Po, China
Three thousand residents of Zhang Po saw two huge, orange-colored UFOs descend from the sky during the showing of an outdoor movie. Eyewitnesses heard a humming sound and felt heat emanating from the objects, which maneuvered just above the crowd. The UFOs generated a panic and stampede in which two children were trampled to death and dozens of other bystanders were injured. (Anthony Lee, FSR, March 1983, pg. 24).

July 8, 1977; Jessup, MD
Silvery disc with dome, green windows, moved erratically around farm for 20-25 minutes, fled away slowly. (CUFOS report, Rodeghier, p.71 [E] tractor)

July 9, 1977; Flat Rock, MI
2:30 AM. A dull silver saucer-shaped UFO hovered off to the left side of a road. It was only about 200 feet above and the ground and 150 feet from the road. It had many red and green lights around its rim, and a beam of light illuminated the ground for two minutes. The object floated away over the treetops moving toward the southwest. (Source: J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies case files).

July 10, 1977; Pinheiro, Brazil
1:00 AM. A chicken farmer was walking to town to catch a bus. A bright greenish blue light appeared and swooped down from the sky to chase him. It circled back and came to hover above some nearby woods, and he could now make out a V-shaped craft. He shone his flashlight at it and was suddenly struck by a light beam from the craft that knocked him down, creating a tingling sensation before he lost consciousness. At one point he awoke briefly to see several men staring at him. They examined him in silence. He finally woke up several hours later, and felt terrible pains throughout his body that prevented him from working for two months. (Source: Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone: Terror and Death in Brazil--Where Next? and in Timothy Good (ed.), The UFO Report 1991).

July 10, 1977; MADAR Event #9
1:05 AM. The alert siren and proximity alarm was activated. MADAR recorded a 17-pulse disturbance (mp3)  in the local magnetic field. The anomaly lasted 55 seconds. This was the longest disturbance on record at the station at that time and the fluctuations were the most erratic ever recorded by MADAR's event recorder. Background radiation was a normal 16 counts per minute. No phone calls. No visual sightings from our facility. The police department was alerted, but had heard nothing from callers or cruisers.
July 12, 1977; MADAR Event # 10
1:48 AM. The proximity alarm and siren was activated at 1:48 AM. Data tape showed no reading of a pulse (called the "phantom pulse") which turns on the system, therefore it is not recorded. The background radiation reading was 18 cpm, still normal for the area. No reports.

July 12, 1977; Mt. Vernon, IL
2:10 AM. Our local police dispatcher reported to the UFO Filter Center at Mt. Vernon, INDIANA, that multiple witnesses were reporting unusual lights to police at Mt. Vernon, ILLINOIS, which is 60 miles to the NW.  (UFOFC, Ridge files)

July 12, 1977; Mayfield, KY
2:10 AM. Police radios were reporting unusual lights being observed at Mayfield, KENTUCKY, which is 85 miles SW of the UFOFC at Mt. Vernon, INDIANA. (UFO Filter Center, Ridge files)

July 12, 1977; MADAR Event #11
At 4:35 AM. Proximity alarm and siren activated. Two hours and 47 minutes had elapsed and MADAR had recorded another anomaly, a 5-pulse, 53-second disturbance. Radiation was a normal 16 cpm. Sometime within an hour, the facility's smoke alarm started beeping. There was no smoke or noticeable fumes. The beeping signal indicated that the smoke alarm was not getting enough power, indicating the batteries were low. Later, the batteries were checked and in perfect order and not replaced until six months later! Something had caused the voltage to drop for a very short time. Whatever had caused it was an anomaly in itself, because there was nothing wrong with the unit or the batteries.

July 12, 1977; Roseto Degli Abruzzi, Italy
1:50 AM. A domed disc passed over a hill in Roseto Degli Abruzzi. Two kids playing with walkie-talkies experienced RFI radio interference. (Source: Maurizio Verga, ITACAT: Italian UFO Catalogue).

July 13, 1977; Emden, MO
Dog started barking at 3:00 AM. This barking was unusual, described as a "scared" bark. (Woodward)

July 15, 1977; MADAR Event #12
10:06 PM. A 4-pulse, 4-second disturbance, radiation 13 cpm. No local reports, but see Belleview, KY below.

A few days later, on a routine visit to the Mt. Vernon Police Department as part of my local PR work, the dispatcher, Officer Kermit Steele, had advised me that they had picked up transmissions on the police radio from two locations. This had happened RIGHT AFTER I had called him on the 12th! At approximately 2:l0 AM, citizens had been reporting UFOs to police at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, 60 miles to the northwest of us! Also, reports were coming in from Mayfield, Kentucky, 85 miles to the southwest!

Jul 15, 1977; Bellevue, KY
10:45 PM. Mrs. Fern Frey (name changed) was lying in bed with her 11-year-old daughter who was asleep. She was shocked to see her bed light up with a bright green glow. Thinking her home was being burglarized, Mrs. Frey jumped out of bed. (There was a lot of this "jumping out bed" this summer). The glow was coming through one of the two windows in the bedroom. She cautiously peeked through the curtain and watched in bewilderment as the green light retreated, "just like a liquid being drawn up through a straw." In a matter of seconds the light was "siphoned" up into a low hovering object that was shaped like an inverted saucer a couple of hundred feet away. She guessed it was about 30' in diameter and was metallic. The moon's glow reflected on it and she could determine that its visible surface was clearly divided into equal-sized squares. The bottom was in darkness, appearing flat, and it was into this section that the recoiling beam of light was drawn. The object then gracefully lifted and disappeared into a wooded area. (MUJ-122,9)

July 16, 1977; Wakefield, MA
Multiple UFO abductee Betty Andreasson had her sixth close encounter experience on this night in Wakefield, Massachusetts. (Source: Raymond E. Fowler, Casebook of a UFO Investigator, p. 137).

July 17, 1977; near Barra do Corda, Brazil
A domed disc-shaped UFO, resembling a straw hat, landed on a ranch near Barra do Corda, Brazil. The ranch owner saw a short, hairy humanoid get out of the object, carrying "tools." (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 12248).

July 18, 1977; Palomares, Spain
A red, round object hovered over some olive trees in Palomares, Spain at 2:10 a.m. It directed a beam of light to the ground. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, May 1978).

July 21, 1977; Porter, TX
4:15 AM. Officer John W. Bruner, a deputy sheriff, was on duty and was the first person to observe the phenomenon. Officer Bruner and his partner Officer Coogler were parked west of the object which appeared to be approximately 1/2 to 1 mile away. Bruner and Coogler got out of their vehicle and tried to observe the object better by shinning their light on it. The object moved toward the men and the officers turned off the light because they became nervous at seeing the object's response to their light. The object then moved back to its first location. The two officers concurred that the object appeared to have six portholes surrounding a type of framework. The two officers observed the UFO for approximately 45 minutes. During that time period, the UFO appeared to stand still in mid air, pulsated, traveled at incredible speeds and flew with erratic mobility. The officers described the UFO's apparent size to be about that of a grapefruit. Officer Bruner is convinced That the object he saw was not a balloon or a helicopter. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, October 1977, page 4)

July 22, 1977; Croix-en-Plaine, France
An 18 meter in diameter domed, bowl-shaped disc hovered 50 meters over a house in Croix-en-Plaine, France at 10:30 p.m. Rays from the UFO converged on the roof of the house. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, November 1979).

July 23, 1977; Lindley, NY
12:45 AM. A 26-year old woman and her 13-year-old niece looked out their bedroom window before retiring and saw 11 or 12 white lights in a "dipper" shaped formation that were moving about in the sky. One bright light appeared on a hill 300 yards away. They could hear a whooshing sound, then two lights rose in the air. Then next heard footsteps from the creek, about 100 yards away, and saw two small figures floating up and down in front of a tree by the creek. After this they saw several more figures, at various spots, carrying what seemed to be flashlights. They wore tight-fitting, "skin diver" suits with glowing green belts. A luminous red rectangular object was seen by one of the witnesses. It approached the creek, and then backed away. At this point both witnesses developed severe headaches. They then saw a figure on a distant hill shining a light on a tombstone there, and the stone seemed to rise up into the air and move back and forth. A figure taller than the others, who were less than four feet tall, stood near the light on the hill and called out with an "ooh, ooh" signal. The others all approached him and, five minutes later, deployed back into adjacent fields. One of them approached the house. He came under the second story window and dropped to the ground, as if to conceal himself, he then approached the door and rattled the handle. By this time, 3:45 a.m., the older witness had called her mother, who notified the state police. All of the lights and figures disappeared just prior to the arrival of the police, the lights in the sky being indistinguishable from stars. Both witnesses believed only an hour had passed but actually over three hours had elapsed. They complained of burning eyes and headaches that lasted for two days. Footprints were found in the area. (Sources: International UFO Reporter, August 1977, p. 36; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1977-37 (A1742), citing Ted Phillips, Douglas Dains, & Dr Gary Truce for CUFOS).

July 24, 1977; east of Cruis, France
10:30 PM. On Route 951 east of Cruis, a couple, Mr. & Mrs. Gaizand, reported seeing a white luminous form shaped like a hemisphere sitting on the ground by the side of the road. The object was about 7-8 meters in diameter and about 2.50 meters in height, and was about 40 meters away from the road. It had three bright bluish-white lights. Next to the craft stood two human-like figures. The figures were about 1.65 meters in height and wore gray uniforms and helmets. Mrs. Gaizand was seized by a panic and begged her husband to drive away. Both suffered from conjunctivitis and insomnia after the encounter. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, November 1980, issue # 195).

July 24, 1977: Henderson, KY
8:40 PM. Report not phoned in to UFO Filter Center but came over police scanner (KNI Net) at UFOFC. Report of an "aircraft going down" prompted law enforcement officials to look for a crash. None found. (UFOFC, Ridge files)

July 26, 1977; MADAR Event #13
                        This was in the wee hours again, at 2:20 AM, a one-pulse disturbance,
                        with radiation a normal 16 cpm. The events were getting farther apart

July 26, 1977; Maldonia, Uraguay

Aug. 1, 1977; MADAR Event #14
                         10:11 PM. It was a 4-pulse, 4-second disturbance with a normal 16 cpm radiation reading. .

July 31, 1977; Normal, IL
6:30 PM. University professor called wife and secretary to see a silver "stretched cigar" three times (apparent) diameter in length. Object flew in slow straight path from 30-degrees in SW to 30-degrees in NE and was lost in the trees. (IUR,2,9)

Aug. 1977; Berlin Heights, OH
CE-2. No details other than 1-witness last name Elmer. (EGBA,688)

Aug. 3, 1977; Thaxted, Essex, England
3:30 AM. A 24-year old man named Stevens was driving when his car lost power from 50 mph to 35 mph despite applying full throttle. Two orange-red oval lights were seen hovering nearby at the time, at a distance of 300-400 yards. (Sources: Andrew Collins, FSR, January 1978, p. 25; Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, pp. 21, 275).

Aug. 3, 1977; Campos, Brazil
On this day a gray disc-shaped object was seen on the ground and three tall, thin, baldheaded figures were seen moving around the object performing various tasks. They wore gray coveralls with green belts. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1977, citing Antonio Faleiro).

Aug. 6, 1977; Pelham, GA
10:30 AM. Tom Dawson, 63, a retired car salesman, was taking a walk down to his favorite fishing pond, when suddenly a disc-shaped craft silently came into view, hovering just a few feet off the ground between nearby trees. Simultaneously, Dawson found himself unable to move, and noted that his two dogs and some twenty head of cattle seemed to suffer from the same affliction. Dawson described the object as being about 50 feet in diameter and 15 feet high, encircled by what appeared to be portholes, with a dome on top. As he watched helpless, a ramp was extended down to the ground and seven hairless, snow-white entities appeared. The beings each stood about 5 feet tall, had pointed ears and noses, and while some wore a tight-fitting one-piece suit, others wore no clothing at all. They produced a high-pitched gibberish that he was unable to understand. Meanwhile, the beings placed a skullcap looking device on his head and a hula hoop-shaped thing, that was connected to a box, around his midsection. Dawson felt that the entities were performing some sort of medical examination upon him. Then the beings gathered some leaves and stuff, and then they returned inside the craft and were gone in the blink of an eye. At some point afterwards, Dawson regained his mobility and ran uphill (estimated at 300 yards) to his trailer. He was taken to the Mitchell County Hospital as he was having difficulty breathing and talking. A physician felt he had been very shaken by some event. In fact, he was treated for hysteria and given medicine to calm him down. Then soon afterwards he was released. Dawson stated that he believed that if he had been a younger man then the ufonauts probably would have abducted him. (Source: The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters, edited by Ronald D. Story. New American Library, a division of Penguin Putnam Inc., 375 Hudson Street, New York, N.Y. 10014. 2001. Feature submitted by researcher Billy J. Rachels. (

Aug. 7, 1977; Cairo, Egypt
3:43 AM. Two witnesses on a flight, one UFO. (Haines printout)

Aug. 10, 1977; Pinheiro, Maranhao State, Brazil
Early morning hours. A man named Bogea was chased by a delta-shaped flying object through the forest. He reported being abducted and shown a strange city for hours. When he was returned in was located far from his original location. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 12283, citing Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone: Terror and Death in Brazil--Where Next? p. 100).

Aug. 10, 1977: Madison County, IN
Humanoid report. No details. (EGBA,676)

Aug. 11, 1977; South Brunswick, NJ
10:45 PM. A silent disc-shaped object came over the horizon and was seen by five witnesses, including police. There was something that looked like a "radar mast" on the object that was rotating. It rose up into the clouds and shot off toward the north-northeast after four minutes. (Source: International UFO Reporter, September 1977, p. 36).

10:14 PM. The final one for the year, an 18-pulse, 3-minute and 29-second disturbance. MADAR had logged the best and longest APD so far. And the background radiation reading was 30 cpm, a 100% increase! For the record, this was a significant reading!

Aug. 27, 1977: Aurora, MO
Humanoid report. No details. (EGBA,560)

Aug. 28, 1977; Windermere, Cumbria, England
12:10 AM An on duty police officer PC IAN MACKENZIE observed two very bright horizontal lights in the vicinity of Langdale Pike that moved towards him and grew brighter. He ruled out any type of aircraft. At the same time PS JOHN McMULLEN also spotted the UFO from his location whilst walking through Keswick with three other officers. He described the object as being hang glider or diamond shaped. At 0020 hours PS JAMES TROHEAR and PC JOHN FISWICK also reported seeing the object from their position at the Fallbarrow Park Caravan Site on the shores of Lake Windermere. Other unnamed officers were also present at that location and saw the object. PS TROHEAR described the object as triangular or diamond shaped. At 0022 hours PC ALEXANDER INGLIS was driving home with three colleagues along the A591Keswick to Bothel road when they too caught sight of the lights. As the object approached them he pulled the car over to have a better look. Despite their efforts they could not make out a distinct shape of the object. All they could make out was two extremely bright lights attached to it and there was a faint purring noise associated with it. At 0025 hours PC JOSEPH MAW and a colleague spotted the object heading in the direction of Buttermere. It was traveling at a low altitude over the surrounding fells. At around the same time PC DAVID WILD spotted the UFO whilst out on foot patrol on the A592 Rayrigg Road to Bowness. He described it as kite shaped and that it was a very large structured craft. At 0030 hours a number of civilian witnesses also spotted the object. At the same time following a police radio request for officer sightings, two further officers, PS GEOFFREY MERCKEL and PC RONALD JONES observed the same UFO from their position at Skelwith Bridge on the A593 road. They described the object as being kite shaped as they watched it go out to sea over Morcambe Bay. Multiple police witness corroboration reported from several geographical locations. On and Off Duty sighting. 17 Officers (nine named plus a number of unspecified officers). Source - A Covert Agenda by Nick Redfern. Pocket Books 1998. Pages 131-132. (Reference: THE 5TH ANNUAL PRUFOS POLICE REPORT 2006 by Detective Constable 1877 HESELTINE British Transport Police )

Aug. 31, 1977; Mediania Alta Loiza, Puerto Rico
8:00 PM. Two witnesses were sitting and chatting at the steps of their home when they suddenly noticed a disc-shaped craft flying above a nearby palm grove. The craft stopped to hover. It had a large white light on the bottom and a green and a blue flashing light, plus several brightly lit windows could be seen on its side. The object then shut off its lights and vanished. Later that night a woman had gone out in his yard to empty some cooking waste when she saw four little men wearing silvery outfits standing by a water faucet. They seemed to have short antennae like protrusions from their heads, large pointy ears, and were bald headed. They had small mouths and their necks were long and thin. They all had their arms crossed in front of their chest. The woman screamed and ran back inside her house to alert the others, but the little men had already gone when they came out. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1977, case # 267, citing Robiou Lamarche, Manifesto OVNI en Puerto Rico Santo Domingo Y Cuba).

Fall of 1977; Nr. Lewes, Sussex, England
5:20 PM. The policewoman noticed a curious, silent object, estimated to be as large as a four-inch plate held at arm's length, at no more than 300 feet altitude. A conventional plane was immediately ruled out by the witness, who had been fully trained in aircraft recognition in the Royal Observer Corps. She felt no fear and on impulse waved at the object, which then came closer. It seemed to be of a light greenish-gray metal with a moderately reflective surface. On top of the dome protruded a blue-green light, and underneath the object could be seen a very dense black circular section. At its closest approach the object was estimated to be no further than fifty feet away. (Good, Above Top Secret, 115 457)

Sept. 4, 1977; Billings, MT
10:50 PM. Airline pilot and two other witnesses encountered object at 15,000'. 75-mins. (Haines printpout)

Sept. 7, 1977; south of Havelock North, New Zealand
9:40 PM. Five members of a family, traveling in a car south of the city of Havelock North, sighted a cigar-shaped, solid-appearing object moving parallel to the road. It gave off a brilliant, hot, bluish light from its leading edge, which seemed to reflect off the rest of the body of the craft. (Source: MUFON UFO Journal, March 1978, p. 18).

Sept. 22, 1977; El Paso, TX
5:25 AM. Three witnesses. Object with row of "windows" overtook airliner, accelerated, made 90-degree turn, soared upward out of sight (Haines printout; NICAP UFOE II, Section III).

Sept. 22, 1977; Omaha, NE
Three objects like aircraft tracked on FAA radar in V-formation at almost 17,000 mph (NICAP UFOE II, Section VII).

Sept. 26, 1977; Griselles, France
8:10 PM. Five silent disc-shaped object flew along some power lines. One of the UFOs shot away very quickly. An electric oven stopped working when the UFOs approached. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 12346, citing Jean-Claude Bourret, La Nouveau Defi des OVNI, p. 238).

Sept. 27, 1977: Bellbrook, OH
CE-3. (EGBA,687)

October 21, 1977; 3-1/2 mi N of Fostoria, Ohio
3:20 AM. The engineer by the name of Howard was sitting in his locomotive cab when several box cars had been cut loose and were parked to the S of the switch track to a warehouse. The rest of the cars were being moved into position within the warehouse. He was facing S and noticed what looked to be a shooting star to the W which curved down out of the NW. The light came down in the field toward Route 23 between him and a church. Slowly, at about the speed of a walking man, it came toward him across the field. It was approximately 16 feet off the ground and stopped on the other side of the tracks between 4 and 5 five box car lengths away - 180 to 270 feet. He picked up his radio and called out to his conductor who was about 7 or 8 car lengths down the track, "Donald...come up to the engine." Donald replied by radio and asked what was happening. Howard answered, "Hey, we got a g- d­ UFO up here." By this time the UFO had moved to within two car lengths of the track. The object was "birthday cake" or disk shaped, about 90 feet in diameter and 45 feet high. It was brightly lit, with banks of 9 vertical "tubes" separated by a dark void space that reflected no light. Short horizonal tubes ran over the top and bottom of these voids. The bottom of the disk could be seen; it appeared like ceramic and was "the color of a common kind of knife sharpening stone...gray with a trace of lavender." No windows, ladders, antenna, or markings of any sort were observed. There was no sound associated with the disk. The disk was slightly tilted and rotating counter-clockwise. Both Howard and Donald used their railroad stop watches twice to time the speed of rotation. The speed was 9 rpm. The object glowed yellow. Blue, electric like energy arcs ran around the disk in a clockwise direction. As the arc touched the tubes, the tubes lit up. When the center of the tubes were touched, the ends lit up. When the ends of the tubes were touched by the arcs, the centers lit up. At one point the tower operator in Fostoria, hearing radio conversation between the three men, called and asked, "Hey, Howard, you got a UFO out there?" Howard replied, "Yes, Merv, we got a UFO up here. He's damn close." Merv then asked, "Do you want the cops up there?" The reply was, "Nol They can't drive up to where we're at. And if they do get here, they'll probably shoot at it. It Isn't hurting anybody. We're playing games with it." Howard turned on his train cab headlight for a two count and then turned It off. The object lit up very bright for a similar period of time and then dimmed down. He turned his light up twice and then turned It off again. The object reacted in-kind and then dimmed down. Testing his engine, a General Motors Model 3900, he increased the output to 1500 amps. The engine worked. The object did not respond. The walkie-talkies worked, as did the base radio on the train. After about 22 minutes the object started spinning faster and faster and got as bright as it had earlier when it responded to Howard's head light signals. Suddenly, without a sound, it took off up and to the NW until it looked like a yellow star. 22 mins. (MORA)

Oct. 1977; Lima, OH
Evening. CE-1, three witnesses, saucer hovered, paced car. (CIQ,24)

Oct. 3, 1977; Flemingsburg, KY
Dayt. Daylight disc, one witness. (EGBA,506)

October 7, 1977; location not given
Nine disc-shaped UFOs circled a Soviet Navy submarine tender on this day. The radio, electronics, and on-board communications were all disrupted. (Source: Jacques Vallee, UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union: A cosmic Samizdat, p. 29).

Oct. 13, 1977; Champaign, IL
3:55 PM. Retired police officer, ex-pilot, watched, along with other young men, a "star" in clear daylight rush from SSE to NNE, passing E of overhead in straight path w/o sound or trail. Estimated at mach 1 it slowed down and "stopped" for the last 10-15 seconds and vanished.  (IUR NF, 10/31/77)

Oct. 14, 19; Toledo, OH
Dayt. daylight disc. (EGBA,721)

Oct. 25, 1977; Asbygda Ringerike, Norway
5:30 PM. Three witnesses, including two deaf 14 year olds, Johny Myhr and Frank Sverre Mandt, sighted a disc-shaped object some ten meters in diameter that hovered and then descended behind some bushes. After about 10 seconds it rose into the air again. The boys ran to the nearby Alm school. They noticed the object ascend at a 40-degree angle, and saw several windows in the craft. There was what appeared to be a human-looking person behind one of the windows. Tracks were later found in the newly plowed field. Each track was rectangular shaped with rounded corners, and measured 14 cm by 36 cm with a depth of 10 cm. The tracks were arranged in a triangular shape. (Sources: GICOFF Sweden, September 1977, p. 5 citing a newspaper clipping; UFO Information Sweden, January 1978, p. 22 citing an on-site investigation; Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1977, citing Ole Jonny Braene).

Oct. 26, 1977; Between Abilene and Dallas, Texas
18:45 GMT. Red sphere ahead of airplane, navigation instruments and radio E-M effects; UFO changed color to white, climbed vertically at high speed (NICAP UFOE II, Section III).

Oct. 26, 1977; Japan
5:20 PM. Flight with two witnesses observed 4-5 UFOs. Very brief. (Haines printout)

Oct. 27, 1977; Sardinia
5:35 PM. Flight with 5 witnesses observed UFO, unknown altitude, range, 1,000', 5-mins. (Haines printout)

Oct. 30, 1977; near Sonora, CA
11:00 PM. A woman was driving with her husband near Sonora when suddenly a cloud of blue smoke engulfed their car. The car stopped and its lights went out. She lost consciousness and then woke up with several humanoids carrying her to a landed oval-shaped craft standing on legs. The Grey humanoids had flat noses, and were wearing coverall type suits. A blanket was put over her head but she was reassured by means of mental telepathy that she would be all right. She was then placed on a table in a shiny room, where she was examined by two humanoids while others nearby attended to other duties. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1977, case # 484, citing Thomas E. Bullard, UFO Abductions: The Measure of the Mystery).

Late Oct. 1977; Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England
A uniformed officer observed a UFO at an altitude of only 500-700 feet above the Plain. He described it as being oblong with a rounded top and a flat bottom. The object was seen to travel at a very slow speed across the landscape. On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source BUFORA Vol 6 No 6 March/April (Reference: THE 5TH ANNUAL PRUFOS POLICE REPORT 2006 by Detective Constable 1877 HESELTINE British Transport Police

"A Most Remarkable UFO Documentary Film" - Robert Barrow. Argosy Cover

Nov. 13, 1977; Columbia, KY
Daylight disc. (EGBA,504)

Nov. 16, 1977 - Close Encounters of the Third Kind was released.

Nov. 16, 1977; Ellsworth AFB, SD

Nov. 18, 1977; Troy, Missouri
9:17 PM Local.  A bright white light moving at a high rate of speed came alongside a small aircraft flying at 13,000 feet between Vichy and Troy, Missouri, and paced the airplane for three minutes. The light then moved away at high speed. The pilot reported that while the light was abreast of his aircraft one of his transponders stopped working. After the UFO pulled away the transponder resumed its normal operation. The object paced the aircraft for 3 to 3.5 NM at a distance of 15 nautical miles and was fairly high above the aircraft. The pilot pressed IDENT and nothing happened. He turned on his other transponder and nothing happened. Then it took off on a 120°-130° heading and shot out of my sight. The second transponder recovered, but he could never get the first one to work again. The pilot had no trouble with the other instruments. The pilot did not notify ATC (about) a UFO. (Sources : Dr Richard F. Haines files Case 44; APRO Bulletin Vol.31 No. 4)

Nov. 29, 1977; Waimata Valley, Gisborne, New Zealand
Hovering dome-shaped object sped toward witness, stopped, beamed blue light onto dead tree, which fluoresced in bright colors. Sheep fled (NICAP UFOE II, Section VI).

Dec. 1977; Fort Mitchell, KY
1:10 AM. CE-1 (50-100' distant) with egg-shaped object, two witnesses. (MUJ-122,9)

Dec. 1977; Danville, KY
CE-2, landing, two women reluctant to talk. (MUJ-122)

Dec. 1977; near Novy Georgy Island
The crew of the fishing trawler Vasily Kiselev also observed something quite extraordinary. Rising vertically from under the water was a doughnut-shaped object. Its diameter was between 300 and 500 meters. It hovered at the altitude of four to five kilometers. The trawler's radar station was immediately rendered inoperative. The object hovered over the area for three hours, and then disappeared instantly.
(Reference: UFOs in Soviet Waters, by Paul Stone Hill)

Dec. 7, 1977; Tatapouri, New Zealand
7:30 PM. A red, disc-shaped object came over land from the direction of the sea. It followed a car with three people inside. The headlights on the car dimmed but did not go out during the sighting, which ended when the UFO veered off into the sky. When the witnesses arrived home, they found the car's battery had no water in it, even though it had been serviced only two days prior to the sighting. (Source: Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, case 416, citing Spaceview, first quarter, 1978)

Dec. 8, 1977; Los Angeles, CA
Four UFOs tracked on radar; bright, circular objects maneuvered around airliner (NICAP UFOE II, Section III).

Dec. 9, 1977: in air, 100 km east of Kununurra, Northern Territory, Australia
Daytime? A husband and wife were flying a light plane [Cessna 206] from Legune to Victoria River Downs, when she saw an object at an estimated 5 km distance. It was slightly lower and line-of-sight below the horizon so some estimation was possible. At first thought to be a plane, on approach the UFO resolved to be a lenticular, oval, or "surf-board" shape, apparently metallic, 9 meters long, 2 3/4ths meters wide, and perhaps only 1 meter thick. It was well-defined, and a "white-gray" dull metal color. It flew "sideways" as if it were a detached airplane wing. The witnesses did not try to guess at a velocity, although the thing was already out of sight when the husband tried to bank the plane to see more. The time of observation was 30-40 seconds. To this point, this sighting is hum-drum as far as UFO encounters go. But strangeness entered when the pilot attempted to report to the ground. "Approximately 5 minutes after this I decided to give my radio report of the position I was at, but found I was unable to speak to anyone, although I could hear other aircraft, and hear Kununurra calling us. I didn't gain radio communication until some 20-30 minutes later when I was able to raise Darwin....Every time I tried to transmit on the radio [VHF & HF] during the 20 minutes, there was complete static. The radio was fine after this period." Ace Australian UFO researcher, Keith Basterfield, considers the Kununurra incident one of the Australian "classics". (Submitted by Mike Swords. Sources: Keith Basterfield case report file [near Kununurra/ northern territory; 9th December 1977]; and ACOS Bulletin, October 1979).

Dec. 12, 1977; Tennessee
2:25 PM. Two witnesses on flight at 37,000', range unknown, three UFOs, 4-mins 45 sec. (Haines printout)

Dec. 13, 1977; Leitchville, Victoria, Australia
11:00 PM. An orange-red, disc-shaped object descended over a paddock. It then emitted three smaller objects that operated independently. One of these zigzagged, abruptly shot up to higher elevation, then descended again. The UFOs appeared to signal back and forth. Soil and grass samples collected from a circle of burnt grass found on the ground reveal the burn marks were caused by an electrical discharge. No electrical power lines are located near the paddock where the ground traces were discovered. The sighting lasted 30 minutes. (Sources: MUFON UFO Journal, March 1978, p. 6; Adelaide News, December 15, 1977; Bill Chalker, The Oz Files, p. 163; Richard Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty Year Report, p. 415).

Dec. 15, 1977; New Albany, Indiana
Witness, his friend & his younger brother were walking through a field which is part of St Mary's Cemetary. His ffriend spotted the flat black disc, no lights, spinning with a slight wobble, no sound.,2-mins (NUFORC)

Dec.15, 1977; Saint Ciers du Taillon, France
8:45 PM. A domed disc illuminated the area of Saint Ciers du Taillon like day, then flew away. It came back again the same site 20 minutes later. That same night a blindingly bright light came up close to a French Navy Nord-262 transport plane with three crew members aboard and followed it, circling it for five minutes. The UFO did not appear on ground radar at the naval base in Lorien, in Morbihan department, France. Also that night mysterious booms were reported up and down the eastern Atlantic shoreline of the United States at around 10:30 p.m. (Sources: Lumieres dans la Nuit, January 1981; Dominique Weinstein, Aircraft UFO Encounters, p. 41 citing J. Troadec; Washington Post, December 17, 1977).

Dec. 16, 1977; just north of Uzes, France
10:00 PM. On a highway just north of Uzes witnesses on two separate motorbikes both had their bikes stall in the presence of a Saturn-shaped UFO with a red ring around it. The UFO crossed over highway D979 going east, then flew away to the west. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, October 1978)

Dec. 16, 1977; La Aurora, Uruguay
11:25 PM. There was a great flash in the northeastern sky, followed by a UFO gyrating downward as if out of control. Huge sparks fell to the ground, and the UFO descended as if going to land, but then suddenly rose up into the sky at tremendous speed. (Source: Bob Van Der Velde, APRO Bulletin, May 1982, p. 4).

Dec. 17, 1977; Kenyon, RI
4:00 PM+. A huge domed disc dropped silently toward the ground over a meadow and stopped, an estimated 400 feet above the ground. It had a small dome on the top of the object and three square windows. When the disc turned to a vertical position both cars in the vicinity stalled. The UFO gave off a bluish-white glow, and the witnessed experienced skin burns and rashes as a result of the intense light, and eye irritations after the encounter. (Sources: Donald R. Todd, APRO Bulletin, July-August 1978, p. 4; Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, p. 72).

Dec. 17, 1977; Colorado and South Dakota
Two UFOs tracked on radar giving "strong" returns, at speeds in excess of 1,000 mph. One made head-on pass at an aircraft, observed on radar (NICAP UFOE II, Section VII).

Dec. 17, 1977; Kenyon, RI
Blue-white glowing oval, windows; one witness reported eye irritation. (APRO Bulletin, July 1978; Rodeghier, 1981, p.72 [E] pickup truck & car)

Dec. 17,1977; St-Nazaire, Loire-Atlantic department, France
11:30 PM. A flaming disc-shaped UFO flew to the south and out to sea. The same or a similar object continued to hover offshore. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, March 1978).

Dec. 18, 1977; Guadalajara, Spain
Midnight+. A 34-year-old man, Mr. Herrero Sierra was driving his pickup truck down a road at a few minutes past midnight when the vehicles lights and radio suddenly died. A man dressed in a divers suit approached and told him through telepathy to come aboard a hat-shaped UFO. Inside the object was a 14-meter wide circular room. He was released later, and discovered that he had a small wound on his arm. (Source: Jane Thomas, UFO News clipping Service, April 1978, p. 15, citing Cronica, January 26, 1978).

Dec. 21, 1977; Fort Mitchell, KY
1:00 AM+. A green glow was first seen by a married couple. This was followed by the sighting of a 12-foot-long ovoid UFO moving at a low altitude, at an estimated distance of only 75 feet. The UFO ascended slowly, then show away fast into the nearby woods. That same night there were several reports of mystery booms being heard in Burlington, Atlantic, and Bergen Counties in New Jersey. (Sources: Leonard Stringfield, MUFON UFO Journal, January 1978, p. 9; Francis Ridge, Regional Encounters, p. 63; George Eberhart, A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies, pp. 808, 811, and 820, citing the US Naval Research Laboratory).

Dec. 22, 1977; North Atlantic
2:00 AM. Two observers onboard flight at unknown altitude, range one mile, 1/2 min. (Haines printout)

Dec. 22, 1977; North Atlantic
11:40 PM. Two observers.White disc, red blinking lights top and bottom, paced airliner at 21,000' for 20 minutes; emitted green "smoke" from underside, sped out of sight (NICAP UFOE II, Section III).

Dec. 27, 1977; N. Carolina
10:54 PM. Two witnesses, two UFOs on flight at 2,000'. E-M effects. 6-10 min. duration of sighting. (Haines printout)

Dec. 28, 1977; Norman, OK
Morning. A lenticular object flew over Reaves Park at a low altitude. It was silent and had three lights that blinked in sequence. It was estimated to be flying at only 100 meters altitude. If moved away to the south, away from a grassfire. (Source: Norman (Oklahoma) Transcript, March 1, 1978).

Dec. 30, 1977; near Keith, South Australia
A white, oval light about 27 feet in diameter paced a car 30 meters away. The two witnesses, a brother and sister, reported that as they slowed their car to 8-15 kph, the engine began misfiring. They then stopped and the light continued on its course. After it was gone, the car could be started again and driven with no difficulties. (Source: Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, case 418, citing UFO Research (South Australia) Newsletter, July-August, 1978)


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