The 1986 UFO Chronology
  March/April 1987 Issue of IUR discusses Nov. 17, 1986; Alaska JAL Flight Incident

Created: Sept. 11, 2013; updated 9 Dec. April 2016
This is currently an 11-page chronology of UFO incidents and events for 1986
. Our thanks for these chronologies must go to Richard Hall (the original 1986 chronology from UFOE II), Dan Wilson (archive researcher), and Jean Waskiewicz (online NICAP DBase [NSID]. You will note the many foreign reports that we are now being able to access. Our special thanks to Dan Wilson for getting those to us. As more come in, this page will be updated. Previous chronologies (1947 to 1969) involved the expertise of two other team members: William Wise (Project Blue Book Archive) and Brad Sparks (Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns). Bob Gribble's entries are those filed with the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington, now operated by Peter Davenport. Trace cases are now being entered with the help of Ted Phillips, Center for Physical Trace Research and retrofitted into previous chronologies as time permits.

One final note: This was  the year I became State Director for the Mutual UFO Network, so a number of entries stem from those investigations. I reference these from my book, Ref. 4, "Regional Encounters: The FC Files".

Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator

The 1986 UFO Chronology

Jan. 7, 1986; Butler, PA
UFO emitted six light beams toward ground. (Ref. 1, Section IX).

Jan. 7, 1986; Pittsburgh, PA
About 20 minutes later in Pittsburgh, silver-gray disc with body lights hovered, mist formed around it. Object tilted, moved out of sight (Ref.1, Section IX).

Jan. 9, 1986; Hartford, CT
9:00 PM. Multiple cars stopped along Interstate 84 in Hartford, Connecticut to watch a silent boomerang-shaped object, estimated to be the size of a Boeing 747, with white, red, blue and green lights as it moved low through sky, then hovered for 15 seconds before heading off to the west. The boomerang seen over Hartford and New Britain was also seen by dozens of witnesses in Torrington, Connecticut. A family reported the UFO, with 10 white lights, hovered directly over their house, engulfing their home in a brilliant white light. They were so frightened they fled to the basement. (Sources: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case # 14294, citing Dale Goudie, CUFON; Philip J. Imbrogno, Contact of the 5th Kind, pp. 5-7).

Jan.12, 1986; Valparaiso, IN
5:00 PM.This case involved what appeared to be a 12' diameter disc observed for 10-seconds. No sound was noticed and the object reportedly was less than 100' off the ground most of the time, and at one time actually lower. It appeared to be a vehicle/device and passed overhead, according to the witness. (Ref. 4, Exhibit II)

Jan.15, 1986; Mokotow, Poland
7:00 PM. The witness was walking home on Wiktorska Street in Mokotow, Poland when he saw a dull metallic bowl-shaped flying object descend and land in a vacant field between two buildings. Moments later a hatch slid open from the top of the object and a woman dressed in black came out. The man felt compelled mentally to go with the woman, who took him inside the UFO. it was very bright inside the craft and he saw two men wearing dark tight-fitting overalls with hoods. He was ordered to lie down on a table, and at this point he lost consciousness. He later awoke standing at the door outside of his house with no recollection of what happened in between. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1986, case # 952, citing UFO Newsclipping Service, issue # 209).

Jan. 29, 1986; Dalnegorsk, Russia
7:50 PM. Object crashes, traces. (Ref. 3, Phillips)

Feb. 8, 1986; Lima, OH
7:00 PM. While driving on State Route 117 in Lima, Ohio a young couple spotted a dark triangular UFO with three bright lights, hovering over some trees near a farm. The object was estimated to be 50-60 feet long and made no sound. Their sighting lasted five minutes. (Source: John P. Timmerman, International UFO Reporter, July-August 1986, p. 9).

Feb. 12, 1986; Lima, OH
12:33 AM. CE-1, 1 witness, triangle, loud sound, 1 min. (no dertails) (IUR-II,4)

Feb. 12, 1986; Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosi Mexico
In the afternoon, several students at the local primary school "Tierra y Libertad" saw an extraordinary bright light descend from the sky and land or hover on top of an electric transformer box about 50 meters away. Several students among them, 10-year old Teresa Mayola, observed three short luminous figures detach themselves from the light and float over to some nearby roofs, and then descend to the schoolyard. The figures were described as luminous, about 1.20 meters in height, with large pointy ears. Their faces were covered by a strange fuzzy growth. One of the creatures reportedly entered the school and was apparently chased by some of the students. A teacher reported seeing strange blue lights hovering above the power lines. (Source: Contacto Ovni)

Feb. 28, 1986; New Castle, PA
11:30 PM. Mulitple witness, hovering oval object, body lights, 15 meter object, 2 landing legs. Traces, brightly illuminated the area, moved up, down, and sideways. Dog agitated during sighting (Phillips, Ref.1, Section VII).

March 19-June 15, 1986: Brazil.
Concentration of sightings including many physiological effects cases and traumatic effects (Ref. 1, Section VIII).

March 21, 1986; Santa Ana Corrientes Argentina
1:00 AM.A farmer reported seeing an object with brilliant lights descend and land slowly near him. Two short humanoids wearing black tight fitting outfits emerged from the object. These approached the witness; signaled to him, then spoke in an unknown language. The beings left when the witness told them he could not understand them. A six-meter circle of burned grass was found on the site and the witness suffered from headaches after the incident. (Source: UFO Data Base, Ref. 3, Phillips)

March 25, 1986; near Downingtown, PA
12:30 AM. A triangular object with rounded apexes approached and then hovered ahead of a car with three witnesses near Downingtown, Pensylvania. It made no sound. The encounter lasted more than four minutes. (Sources: MUFON UFO Journal, December 1986, p. 8; Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, p. 368).

March 27th, Gary, IN
8:32 PM. The object hovered near the Lake of Four Seasons near Crown Point. It was described as pyramid-shaped with red and blue lights near the "altitude" of the triangle and corners. The object appeared at first to be at about 8,000' up and larger than a house at the sane distance. Best range estimated at 6,000'. The object looked strange: a shape, with dots of lights, that maneuvered, circled a radio tower at very high speed. "This thing was huge!" It allegedly made a 360-degree circle around the area in about 5-seconds. There was about 30 minutes of missing time reported. (Ref. 4)

Spring of 1986; Near Crandall, IN
Late Afternoon. An abduction apparently took place. Crandall is 8 miles northeast of Corydon, and 13 miles west of Louisville, Kentucky. A man, his 14-year old son, and a neighbor boy (about the same age), were fishing. Late that afternoon they saw an oblong object which they thought was the Goodyear Blimp. This object was at 100-150' altitude, had portal windows on the upper half and lights on the bottom half. The only sound they heard was on departure, when it sounded like a "vacuum cleaner". The sighting portion lasted about 45-seconds, too short for the Goodyear blimp. The description doesn't match, either. Later, they found that they had "missing time" and had been abducted. This turned out to also be a year for a rash of sightings in the Corydon area. (Ref. 4)

April 26, 1986; Chernobyl, USSR
1:23 AM. Chernobyl explosion preceded by UFO activity

May 1986; Taboleiro, Brazil            
2:00 AM. Multiple witness, brilliant yellowish light changed to blue-white, near a corral of horses, EM effects, traces. (Ref. 3, Phillips)

May 11, 1986; Sedona, AZ
Head-on pass of object below Cessna 172

May 11, 1986; Deridder, LA
9:45 PM. A three-foot diameter disc with lights buzzed a car with three witnesses traveling on Highway 26 in Deridder, Louisiana at only six feet altitude. There were no electromagnetic effects noticed. The object next shot straight up into the sky and disappeared. (Source: Robert Gribble, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, case 1087).

May 15, 1986, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Multiple witness, object close range, 30 minute observation, breaks electrical wires. (Ref. 3, Phillips)

May 15, 1986; Gerais, Brazil
10:00 PM. Multiple witness, object with beam, burns. (Ref. 3, Phillips)
May 15, 1986; Calalzo di cadore, Italy
11:00 PM. Not translated. (Ref. 3, Phillips)

May 17, 1986; Westerville, OH
11:40 PM. CE-1, 1 witness, delta-shaped object with lights, hissing sound, 5 minutes. (CUFOS, CIQ-19)

May 19, 1986; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
G,A,V, major R/V Case involving seven aircraft      

June 3, 1986; Nego, Minas Gerais state, Brazil
On this night Paulo Pereira Campos was returning to his home accompanied by his two daughters in a rural part of Nego, Minas Gerais state, Brazil. He noticed a luminous yellow, oval-shaped object approaching them. They all ran and hid in a bamboo grove, where they watched the object land about 200 meters away. Two short figures emerged from the UFO and walked around the area for 15 minutes. They then entered the craft and it took off and left. Footprints were found at the site. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1986, citing Antonio Faleiro).

June 12, 1986;  Lake Trasimeno, Italy
Two persons observed three deep blue colored objects flying in a triangular formation. When they over flew Lake Trasimeno they descended vertically into the lake. (Source: Marco Bianchini, USOCAT by IItalian Center for UFO Studies (CISU).

June 13, 1986; St. Joseph, MO
12:30 PM. A shiny, silver torpedo hovered for three minutes, then shot away to the northeast. (Source: Bob Gribble, National UFO Reporting Center, case 1122).      

June 15, 1986; Santiago, Chile              
2:00 AM. Blue object, structural damage. (Ref. 3, Phillips)

June 26, 1986; Pittsburgh, PA
9:49 PM. Two objects flew parallel to each other. After a minute of flight they began rotating around an imaginary center, stopped with one ahead of the other, and moved off. One of the objects brightened for several seconds. (Source: International UFO Reporter, November 1986, p. 14).

July 6, 1986; Sonoma, CA
5:15 AM. A nurse reported that a white glowing disc followed her car through several turns. It flew away in the direction of Napa. (Source: Robert Gribble, National UFO Reporting Center, case 1177).

July 17, 1986; Westwood, MA
12:26 AM. A UFO zigzagged over Westwood. (Source: Paul Ferrughelli, Computer Catalog of UFO Reports, 1988-1994, case 757).

July 31, 1986; Richmond, IN.
9:00 PM. A huge bright light, brighter- than the full moon, reportedly came at the lady while she sat in her 1978 Ford F-200 pickup truck parked in her driveway. The object zoomed toward, then stopped in front of the truck. The light was so bright that she had to shield her eyes with her hand. She could make out no details. Object approached from the east. Duration, several seconds. No report filed. (Ridge)

Aug. 1, 1986; Banksons Lake, MI       
10:30 PM. 76 meter object, human effects.

Aug. 3, 1986; Richmond, IN
9:15 PM.A somewhat repeat of the July 31 incident. However this time the lady's truck engine was running, slowed, and reportedly died, As the object approached from the west she again had to shield her eyes. There are no details during this 15-minute encounter. The engine restarted OK after the light zoomed up high in the sky. However, the engine later acted as if it needed a tune-up. The lady was so frightened she took the longer way home and arrived at 10:15 PM, a 45-minute time loss since she was originally only 5-minutes from home. No report filed.  (Ridge)

Aug. 12, 1986: Eastern United States
9:50-10:10 P.M. Lighted object seen over wide area moving SW to NE was Japanese satellite.

Aug. 13, Indianapolis, IN
7:50 PM. A hamburger-shaped object having a metallie-like reflection was observed by three persons for 4-5 minutes during fair weather conditions. The initial investigation and transcribed recorded interview was conducted by John P. Timmerman of CUFOS, followed up by Arlan Andrews. No other details. (Ref. 4)

Aug. 15, 1986; Calalzo di Cadore, Italy
UFO landed, witness had two-hour memory loss, strong physical traces at site. Memory later returned of two humanoid beings, views inside a craft (Ref.1, Section XIII).

Aug. 17, 1986; Montgomery, IN           
4:00 AM. Multiple witness, object hovers, traces. (Ref. 3, Phillips)

Aug. 17, 1986: Montgomery, IN
4:00 AM. Grissom Air Force Base near Peru, Indiana (formerly Bunker Hill AFB), got the call and told the witness to contact Francis Ridge, Director of the UFO Filter Center. The primary witness' background included 4-1/2 years USAF radar maintenance (RAPCON), was currently self-employed, primary endeavor was system startup of complex, computer-controlled instrument systems. He had over 2,000 hours pilot in command, selected aircraft, primary midwest and Pacific northwest. His companion had spent 6-years in the US Navy, part of that time in the S.E.A.L. Team 1 group, which is a secret Navy counter-intelligence corps. Also had experience in military operations, including parachute (HALO), and SCUBA (VDT). Presently was a pit foreman in stripmine operations, then currently attending a local university, majoring in Agronomy. It happened on a Sunday morning, about 4:00 AM. The primary witness: "(We were) driving east on (a) county road one mile north of Montgomery, Indiana. (We saw an) extremely bright light at about 800-1,000 feet slowly descending and moving to the (south west). (My) initial thought was (that it was an) aircraft on (a) wide base leg to Davies County Airport. Light was approximately at pattern altitude when first sighted. Initial personal reaction was curiosity. As object approached 150-200 feet altitude, object was hidden by stripmine spoil bank. Personal reaction at this time was that object was helicopter or fixed wing aircraft that had crashed. As we cleared the spoil bank on the south side, with a view into the stripped area, object was hovering over a coal crusher. Area of crusher was bathed in diffuse whitish-colored light, definitely not the same wavelength as the light observed in windows of object. My personal reaction at that time and the reaction of my companion as verbally discussed, was that object was surveying the coal crusher. Our reaction was then one of curiosity, tinged with fear. Object then pulsated lights in windows, twice at about one cycle per second (1 hertz frequency). Then object wobbled on vertical axis, first with left (west) side, dipping slightly, then right side (east), dipping slightly at the same frequency. Object then rose slightly and started slowly in our direction. Both our personal reactions at that time was panic. Companion who was driving, verbally stated, 'Shit, now it's seen us!' We then left as fast as possible heading east on county road."  The case gets more complicated as these men fear they were later abducted.  (Ref. 4)

Aug. 20, 1986; Metcalf, IL
Evening.  Metcalf, Illinois, about 30 miles northwest of Terre Haute: An abductee and his parents went out into their yard to watch a distant UFO that was hovering over the site of the torn-down old farmstead where they used to live (where the 1974 abduction had taken place). Suddenly this silver disc-shaped object flashed toward them and stopped in the sky overhead where it became a round object. Then it took off straight up and out of sight. (Ref. 4)

Aug. 31, 1986; Stanton, PA                  
9:00 PM. Object seen landing, flames, burnt traces. (Ref. 3, Phillips)

Sept. 2, 1986; Gerais, Brazil                
10:00 PM. Multiple witness, objects lands, traces. (Ref. 3, Phillips)

Sept. 4, 1986; Metcalf, IL                    
11:00 PM. Object lands, EM effects, footprints. (Ref. 3, Phillips)

Sept. 6, 1986; Evansville, IN
3:30 AM. Fran Ridge: "This was not only close to home, one of the witnesses is a good friend of my son, Brian. His reputation was excellant and he now serves in air traffic control in the U.S. Air Force. I'll refer to him as 'Mr. P'." Two young men ("P",18 & "J",25) were sitting in a pickup truck, right in the residential part of Evansville. The primary witness relates: "I was sitting in my truck with 'J' and I heard what I thought to be a semi-truck behind us and I ignored it. I heard it again and turned to look in the street. Nothing was there and I just 'blocked' the sound (ignored it), thinking it was a jet overhead." "J" finally heard the sound as it grew louder. "P" continues, "As the sound turned into the equivalent of '20-helicopters hovering above us', he turned and screamed to me to turn around. And, as I did I saw what appeared to be a blimp, coming from behind a tree. As I looked on, it wasn't a blimp at all, but was much longer and skinnier than a blimp. 'J' thought it was an Army helicopter because it was so long. It wasn't either (one), because the object had no propellers, jets, balloons, strings, wings or any other means of staying in the air. It just floated at about 3 mph from behind a tree and then behind a house. I never saw the entire object for it was so long that it never (fully) emerged from behind the house and the tree at the same time. It had to be at least 55' in length and I'd say about 6' in total diameter."  They had been looking south to southwest at first as the object floated southeast, and they viewed it for at least 15-seconds. It then turned south, and as it turned directly south it totally disappeared. When the observers saw the object at first, they ran from their truck to get a better vantage point in the street. The sky was clear. The object, when closest to them, was about 500-1500' away at tree-top level. The object's shape was somewhat cigar-shaped, with red, blue and green lites. The shape as drawn is very unusual and reminds one of the old X-15 rocket plane, with more of the stubby horizontal and verticle stabilizers and short dorsal fins on top and bottom. The object had fins in other locations, and the rear of the object was not visible, but behind a tree. (Ref. 4)

Sept. 6, 1986; Evansville, IN
Same evening as above sighting, at 7:30 PM. Three observers riding in a car on the east side of town observed four extremely brilliant red lights. "We were awe-stricken at their brilliance." They were in sight for about 15-seconds, flying in tight formation. "There was no object other than the lights that we could see." Later in the report they stated, "They were traveling in a rectangular formation and descending when we first saw them. They were traveling from northeast to southwest. Just above the treeline they made a sharp (tight) turn to the right changing their direction of travel to the northeast and appeared to be ascending (45-degress) at great speed. As they made the turn there appeared a short burst of black smoke of very light density." (Ref. 4)

Sept. 15, 1986; Paraipaba, Brazil           
7:00 PM. Multiple witness, object hovers, human effects.

Sept. 23, 1986; Mortegliano, Italy         
4:00 PM. Not translated. (Ref. 3, Phillips)

Sept. 23, 1986; Roncala, Italy
9:00 PM. Not translated. (Ref. 3, Phillips)

Sept. 30, 1986; Nr. Indianapolis, IN
11:45 PM. "Kathie Davis" of "Intruder's" fame had a sighting of a rectangular object near Indianapolis and later found that she had been abducted again. (Ref. 4)

Sept., 1986; Metcalf, IL
One night at 8:30 PM. A young abductee was having more problems. FI Don Worley reports: Behind the abductee's home something was pounding on a tin grain bin. The dusk to dawn light was off, so he grabbed his rifle and approached the spot. He could see nothing and finally returned to the house puzzled. About 15-minutes later the dusk to dawn light strangley came back on, so he went out again with his rifle. There, perched on the shed roof, was a very strange-looking creature. The witness stood transfixed and unbelieving for some time. He could see the thing clearly in the light. Finally it made a slight move in his direction sending real fear through him so he raised his gun and took aim. It moved out of sight. He took one shot into the darkness near the shed and ran back to the house. A later search with his father turned up nothing. The radio had been left on in the shed, so he turned it off. Later, while they were in bed, the radio came back on. No footprints were found the next morning. (Ref. 4)

Oct. 1986; Galicia, Spain
Object close, EM effects, beam, human effects.

Oct., 1986; Freetown, IN
Sometime in October, at 12:45 AM.  "I work second shift and arrived home about 12:45 AM. I got out of the truck and noticed a bright light in the sky in the east moving slowly across my property towards the house. It was an oblong object with a light coming from the bottom of the front of it. My first thought was, it was a helicopter. Then I realized there was no sound, no noise at all. It slowly moved towards the northwest and out of my line of vision. I had hollered for my wife to come see, but by the time she got out, it was gone. She went back in the house and I stayed outside, for one reason to check on my cows, pigs and so on, but mainly in hope it would return. It did. Either that or it was another one just like it. This time coming out of the west, still moving slowly, still shining a light towards the ground, but flying very erratically. It would fly in a straight line, stop, hover a minute, go straight up in the air, hang there, move on in a straight line, then suddenly drop straight down, hover, then move on in straight line once more. It was moving towards my house, against the wind, which I guess to be about 20 mph that night. As it came over the road that is on the side of the property  it suddenly turned south and went in a straight line, then down,  rather over 135 S. and out of sight.  I had climbed up on my roof when I saw it coming from the west, so I watched it proceed down 135 S. All in all, I think it would have been about 10-minutes from the time I first sighted it until it left." (Ref.4)

Oct. 6, 1986; London, England           
11:00 PM. Occupants, severe human effects.

Oct. 7, 1986; Fort Wayne, IN
12:45 AM. Two witnesses returning to Payne, Ohio, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, east on Route 14 encountered an object within 300 yards. First seen near New Haven, Indiana, it looked like they were approaching three, very low, stationary, square lights, one right after the other in a straight line. After about five minutes they came up on the object hovering low above some trees. One witness described a blue color and muted faint tones. The light from the window or square opening came down to the field at a 45-degree angle. Later, as they got behind it heading away they noticed a narrow, rectangular band of red light, and the light was moving. "It was a flow, a constant flow." Then it started to move south. They stopped at the state line and viewed the object which was now farther away. They departed the final 4 miles to Payne, Ohio, and she left her sister at her own car, and headed home, north on Hwy 49. Her sister went south and saw the object finally disappear. No sound was ever heard. Duration 30-minutes (Ref. 4).

Oct. 20, 1986; Edmonton, Queensland, Australia
About 9:30 PM local time. Driving alone through cane fields, a woman noticed that her vehicle's steering was misbehaving. About 400 metres later, the dashboard lights and headlights faded to almost nothing. There was a "buzzing" sound and the engine lost power. A bright, oval shaped, blue-green light, became visible to her right, apparently staying on a parallel course with her car. Four kilometres further on, full power and lights were restored and the buzzing sound stopped. (Source: UFO Research Far North Queensland, case file QB86002.)

Oct. 21, 1986; Mt. Vernon, IN
8:30 PM. A lady's two young sons riding their bikes noticed a square object with lights that followed them and later hovered over them. The incident scared them and lasted about 15 minutes. (Ridge)

Nov. 2, 1986; Bay Port, MI
Cow and horse responded to hovering object.           

Nov. 17, 1986; NE Alaska
Japan Airlines (JAL Flight 1628) freighter aircraft encountered lighted maneuvering objects, saturn-shaped; bright illumination, heat, radar-visual, E-M effects, satellite objects (Ref. 1, Section III).


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