The 1987 UFO Chronology

Created: July 3, 2009, updated Oct 15, 2021
This is currently an 8-page chronology of UFO incidents and events for 1987
. Our thanks for these chronologies must go to Richard Hall (the original 1987 chronology from UFOE II), Dan Wilson (archive researcher), and Jean Waskiewicz (online NICAP DBase [NSID]. You will note the many foreign reports that we are now being able to access. Our special thanks to Dan Wilson for getting those to us. As more come in, this page will be updated. Previous chronologies (1947 to 1969) involved the expertise of two other team members: Rebecca Wise (Project Blue Book Archive) and Brad Sparks (Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns). Bob Gribble's entries are those filed with the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington, now operated by Peter Davenport. Trace cases are now being entered with the help of Ted Phillips, Center for Physical Trace Research and retrofitted into previous chronologies as time permits.

Francis Ridge
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The 1987 UFO Chronology

January-March, 1987; Belleville, WI
Flurry of sightings including cigar-shaped objects, a radar tracking, and other features (UFOE II, Section VIII).

Jan. 8, 1987; Lakeland, FL
A couple in Lakeland reported a large vertical cylinder in the sky over their house on this night. (Source: Timothy Good, The UFO Report 1990, p. 198).

Jan. 9, 1987; near Jozsa, Hungary
2:30 AM. A member of a road maintenance crew was out on a routine check when he saw an object with brightly lit windows on a nearby field, which he felt was a farm building. He stopped the car to get a better look. Now he could see that it was a disc shaped craft rounded off at the rim, with a row of circular windows on its center. Under the windows a door like opening could be seen. Two figures stood by the opening, these wore dark coveralls and appeared heavyset. At the top of the object some yellow flashes could be seen. (Source: Karoly Hargitai, IUR # 14-2)

Jan. 29, 1987; Zimbabwe
5:43 AM. Several Mozambican laborers working in Zimbabwe reported seeing a large, brightly lit balloon-shaped object passing over Chimanimani, Zimbabwe. The witnesses were able to see two men inside the craft. One was dressed in blue and the other in white. The witnesses interpreted the object as "witch doctors" traveling from South Africa. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1987, case # 1050, citing Cynthia Hind, MUFON Symposium Proceedings 1987).

Jan. 30, 1987; Alaska
A U.S. Air Force KC-135 airplane flew inbound from Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska to Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, Alaska. At 20,000 feet the airplane crew sighted a very large disk-shaped UFO that was similar to the one encountered by the JAL Flight 1628. The UFO moved to within 13 metres (40 feet) of the KC-135. And as can be determined by the U.S. Air Force Pilot's question 5:29 minutes into the video, it's apparent that he has been briefed about the JAL Flight 1628's UFO encounter. The answer by the FAA official was also very interesting. He said, "It's very rare seeing the lights (UFOs) up there". He thereby admitted that UFOs were seen from time to time, albeit rarely! And the silly notion that the U.S. Government (here the FAA) is not investigating UFO sightings or is not interested in UFOs, can once and for all be ruled out by listening to the message the U.S. Air Force Captain received from the FAA (5:42 minutes into the video). The FAA message to the U.S. Air Force Captain said, "Call the local FAA office in Anchorage after you have landed at Eielson Air Force Base". Then the Captain asked, "That's concerning the object we were looking at?" "Affirmative", answered the Eielson Air Force Base official.

Jan. 31, 1987; Alaska
Alaska Airlines Flight 53 encountered several very large disk-shaped UFOs that trailed them. The UFOs eventually flew away from the airplane, moving about a mile a second!" Flight 53 was told the object was not being tracked on ground radar, but the crew had picked it up on their onborne radar. The Alaska Airlines segment can be seen 6:00 minutes into the video.

February 1987; 175 mi NE of New Zealand's North Island
The HMNZS Southland was a (non-nuclear) Leander class Frigate. She was classified as an anti-submarine cruiser and operated both the G750 omni-directional sonar as well as the 177m attacker sonar. In November of 1986 New Zealand DOD had the Southland run exercises from Auckland about 20 km into the Hauraki Gulf and turn around and return with sonars in active mode to draw in and detect USOs. On multiple occasions the Southland was followed up to the harbor by a pair of unidentified underwater craft (USOs). These USOs did not present propellor noise and could not be identified. They would consistently break away before the Southland entered the harbor. In February 1987, the Southland was located approximately 175 nautical miles North East off the tip of New Zealand’s North Island. At one point the Southland’s sonar detected a large underwater craft (USO) following directly astern that was estimated to be about 150 feet in width. Since the USO was directly astern, they could not determine the length of the object. Again, the USO could not be identified as no propellor sounds were detected. The USO moved silently. The USO was directly astern at all times and it maintained a constant distance of 20 km and with a relative speed that was again constant to the ship. The ship’s speed this was continuously changing from between 20 knots at its slowest to around 28 knots as the captain attempted to shake the object off. The ship also carried out during this time random course changes from port to starboard while also increasing and decreasing speeds. During one sharp turn, the sonar operators were able to measure the length of the USO, which was approximately 800 feet. The largest submarines are the Typhoon class submarines with a length of about 575 feet. The USO was 30% longer than the largest known submarine. After the turn, the USO began to accelerate closing the 20 km distance from the Southland. It took between 25 and 30 seconds for the USO to close the distance and pass beneath the Southland, which was when the ship lost all power and was left adrift leaving the crew on deck waiting for hours to be spotted and rescued. Clearly the USO had to accelerate to close the 20 km distance that it had been maintaining. The USO had instantaneous accelerated from the original speed of about 23-32 mph to a higher speed, which it then maintains closing the distance. This will be a lower bound on the underwater speed of the USO as it closes the x = 20 km distance in t = 30 s. 0.667 kps = 1492 mph So, at minimum, the USO was observed to be traveling at about 1500 mph underwater. The second calculation is based on assuming a minimum acceleration. Here we assume that the USO accelerates at a constant rate during the maneuver. At minimum the acceleration was 4.5 g (4.5 times the acceleration of gravity at Earth’s surface), with a maximum speed of almost 3000 mph underwater. In summary, we can safely say that the 800 foot long USO performed a maneuver exhibiting an acceleration of at least 4.5 g, reaching a speed somewhere between 1500 and 3000 mph underwater.  

Feb. 6, 1987; Selma, IN
9:50 PM. "I was watching TV when rny wife ran in the house and said, 'Come outside. I want to show you something'! I went out the front door, and across the road just east of a small woods, approxinately 1/4-mile away I saw a UFO with a bright white light which seemed to be facing at us. It was hovering in one spot, not moving, and it did not make any noise at all. It was a clear and calm night and I knew it was close enough to be heard if it made any noise. My wife left her car running & lights on. She told rne to get in the car and 'it' would follow us, so we went east down towards Windsor and it stayed parallel with our car. We then turned around and went back east again. It still followed us.... (later) it went northward behind our house approximately 1/8th mile away and it hovered above the houses behind us. It then went back SW & zig-zagged erratically and then flew rapidly NW and vanished from sight soon after." (NUFORC/MUFON Indiana/FI Ridge)

Feb. 7, 1987; Potters Mills, PA
Motorists encountered hovering large oval object, lights around perimeter, terrain brightly illuminated (UFOE II, Section IX).

Feb. 25, 1987; Pasadena, CA
Movie producer Paul Davids and two others watched two silent, silver domed discs maneuver close to his residence in Pasadena, California. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, December 1994).

March 1987; Western, KY
Humanoid Remains found. First hand report from a retired medical doctor who alleges he accidentally found the skeletal remains of two humanoids, possibly of alien origin, on his farm in western Kentucky in March 1987. (Stringfield, Mutual UFO Journal, Number 249, January 1989)

March 4, 1987; Mauckport, IN
11:15 PM. "I was a short distance west of my house, feeding my dog. Upon returning, suddenly a bright light was cast from behind. I immediately turned to see what it was as there had been nothing in the sky while feeding the dog. Never having seen anything like it before and being close to Fort Knox, I decided at first it must be some sort of helicopter. However, no sound, no blinking lights With such a definite orange glow and the shape, I could not think after a few Minutes (of what) that it could possibly be. I stood outside ny door and watched for several minutes and it continued to hover in the same spot with a slight jerky movement at times. I then decided to call a neighbor and have them look at it., but I entered the door and started thru to phone, still watching I saw more of a movement and ran back to to the door, and at that time the small lights came on around it and it shot upward at a terrific rate of speed, leveled off and went to the north over a hill and tall trees and was out of sight in seconds." (MUFON Indiana, FIs Delehanty/Baker).

March 10, 1987; Corydon, IN
11:30 PM. According to MUFON, a silent triangular shaped UFO buzzed Corydon at 11:30 p.m. (Source: Paul Ferrughelli, Computer Catalog of UFO Reports, 1988-94, case 578,  MUFON Indiana, Francis L. Ridge).

March 12, 1987; Army Interplanetary Unit
US Army Intelligence letter confirming the existence of the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit, alleged to have been involved in UFO recovery operations. (Timothy Good, Above Top Secret, page 484)

March 13, 1987; Corydon, IN
10:30 PM. Harrison County Deputy Sheriff Steve Hamm was called to the residence on Mickey Shawler concerning strange lights. They observed up to twelve lights during a four hour period. At one point one of the lights came within 250' of the witnesses. One sighting involved a quick descent. All of the lights were very bright and  different colors: white, red, green, and a couple were orange.  Objects at times were in front of, and passed behind, a tree line at range 1/2 mile. No sound was heard. Objects maneuvered,  hovered,  wobbled. This was the beginning of a local flap at Corydon involving what we later termed OBOLs, Orange Balls of Light. (MUFON Indiana, FI Delehanty).

March 13, 1987; Moose Jaw, Saskachewan, Canada
4:54 AM. A silent, tapered 12-foot long cylindrical object pursued a car near Moose Jaw, Saskachewan, Canada for four minutes. It followed the car with three witnesses closely, coming to within an estimated 40 feet. It gave off no Exhaust. (Source: MUFON UFO Journal, May 1989).

March 13-17, 1987; Corydon, IN
More sightings by witness Mickey Shawler investigated by MUFON (MUFON Indiana, Jim Delehanty).

March 23, 1987; Corydon, IN
10:15 PM. At 9:15 PM Louisville Courier-Journal's Bill Weronka and his wife Carolynne met with Micky Shawler at Shawler's residence to look for UFOs. "We arrived at Shawler's house about 9:15 PM. Shawler, a waitress with two children, told us "they" had been there already. "Right," I thought. "Just missed 'em." 'I'm sure they'll be back, though,' she said.We sat at Shawler's dining room table and talked about her experiences with whatever it was that had been visiting her." The objects returned an hour later and were observed by two sheriff's deputies.  (See full report above. MUFON Indiana, Delehanty/Ridge files)

April 29 1987; Swansea Wales
10:30 PM. A young woman was returning from a night out with her boyfriend and young child. As the car drove up to the driveway the boyfriend noticed some curious lights reflecting off the car but paid no attention. As the woman walked to the front door she heard her daughter apparently mumbling to herself behind her. The girl suddenly became more agitated and mentioned something about "ghosties." While the woman looked back she was horrified to see a large gray oval shaped craft hovering low over her garden. The craft had a bright light around its rim. Suddenly the object vanished in plain sight. Later the little girl recalled being drawn towards the gray oval craft and talking to somebody. Later both her mother and the little girl had vivid dreams of lights and strange figures, short in stature with huge heads and large eyes that were friendly and said they wanted to help. (Source: Jenny Randles, The UFO World 1989)

Late April, 1987; Corydon,IN
10:30 PM. Close encounter with a hexagon-shaped object over farm tractor. Paul Hauswald, 14, was working in a field when he suddenly realized, "I could see where I was going with no trouble. I could see the spreader and everything". He looked up to see lights - blue, white and orange - hovering above his tractor. The lights followed him up and down the last couple of rows as he spread manure on a corn and soybean field two miles east of Corydon alongside S.R. 62. He didn't stop to stare or turn off the tractor. "I just wanted to get done and get out of there."..."Yeah, I was scared. Then, just... whoosh and it was gone." He drove the tractor back to his father's barn, a trip that took less than 5-minutes, and began the task of refilling the spreader, about 15-rninutes later, while still in the barn, he saw a saucer-shaped object with different colored lights fly over the silo. "It was all white on the bottom. It had five sides and was bigger than a house. It hovered at about 1,000 feet."(MUFON Indiana, Jim Delehanty)

May 16, 1987;  Winnipeg, Canada
Airliner en route from Toronto to Winnipeg. Huge unidentified target on weather radar for four minutes (UFOE II, Section VII).

May 26, 1987; Fairmount, IN
10:45 PM. Object shaped like inverted ice crearn cone, stopped directly overhead, altitude approximately 50'. No sound. Bigger than a house. Solid object. Witness could feel body temperature going up. Witnesses immobilized, could not move. Object stationary for 25-seconds. Total observation time: 3-rninutes. (MUFON Indiana, FI McCormick).

Late May, 1987; Central Barren, IN
2:38 AM. Deputy sheriff Hamm has close encounter with a large boomerang-shaped object. Along with many residents of the Corydon area, Deputy Sheriff Steve Harnm has seen the strange lights several times. This is one of the best encounters to date as reported originally in the CORYDON DEMOCRAT, June 10th, 1987. It occurred during the week of May 19-23, 1987, exact date unknown. at about 2:38 AM, and was his closest. "I came over a hill in Central Barren on rny way back towards Corydon, and the headlights of my truck hit it. I have halogen headlights and when they are on high beam, they're extremely bright......I came over the hill, and there it was, close to the ground, maybe within a hundred feet of the roadway." He said the object was about one-half mile in front of him at the time. "It's shaped like a boomerang and it's huge". After his first look at it, the object disappeared, but he saw it again about two minutes later. "When I first hit it with the headlights, the orange lites were the only ones visible. When it reappeared, it was pretty well straight up from where I first saw it, but it was way high." The lights had gone to blue, he added.(CORYDON DEMOCRAT)

June 11, 1987; Mesa De Ibarilla, Guanajuato, Mexico
Midnight. A family camping in the area saw a number of luminous objects maneuvering over the area. At one point two round objects landed on a nearby field and 4 dwarf-like figures were seen to briefly come out and then go back inside. The objects then left. (Source: INFO Journal # 63, Denys Breysse Project Becassine)

June 16, 1987; Adriatic Sea off the shore of Riccione, Italy
Two amateur astronomers, after having heard a strong hiss, saw on the mirrored water of the Adriatic Sea off the shore of Riccione, Italy a luminescent object of ovoid shape. During the few minutes of the sighting, the object changed coloration several times. (Source: Marco Bianchini, USOCAT by Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU). citing La Gazzetta, June 17, 1987).

June 19, 1987: New Albany, IN
10:00 PM. This case involves a woman who allegedly observed a UFO at close range. She stated that she saw several persons in the craft. Her description of them due to distance was such that it was not possible to draw a sketch. She was in bed and heard a loud noise, similar to a squadron of airplanes. She looked out the window (which was open) and saw a large object shaped like a 'cake', two layers with windows; one row blue, the other, an arnber-orange color.  "She said that she counted 47 of these rectangular—shaped windows in the object. The object was solid, appeared dark grey when moonlight was on it. Object was stationary and was seen for about 4-rninutes before moving out of sight. Sighting occurred in city limits, but hills were close with some wooded area. She claims to have seen three humanlike figures moving around inside lower level of this object. She said they appeared to be 'normal' size, and had on some type of tight-fitting jump suits. No faces were seen, just shadows against the lighted background, at one point, one of the figures 'stooped' down to pick up something. The other two seemed to be 'doing something with their hands.' For some reason she 'feels' like one of the three was a woman. She viewed the beings for about l-2 minutes total, then they moved out of sight. Object was about the size of a garage, some 200' away from her window. Object appeared to be wider than it was high (15' tall). (MUFON Indiana/Delehanty)

July, 1987; Willisville, IL
10:00 PM. Perry County Deputy Sheriff had just stopped an individual to give a ticket, saw bright spotlight, corne on. "The light was enough even from that distance (1/4 mile SW) to read the driver's license." Object then stopped over witnesses for about 30-seconds, light went off and object seemed to vanish. Object had been black, "boomerang"- shaped, with one very bright spotlight shining straight down, last seen slightly NE at tree-top level. The object ! made no sound and was visible about 2-minutes total. Witnesses thought it was a stealth bomber. (FI Barbara Becker)

July 4, 1987; Pensacola, FL
On this Fourth of July holiday two adult women in Pensacola, Florida were outside in the evening setting off sparklers when they spotted a light in the sky. It first appeared to be flying south but it then turned in their direction and approached, coming to within 30 feet of them. Both ran into their house screaming. (Source: Rex Salisberry, MUFON case investigation files, case 890704).

July 14, 1987: Evansville, IN
2:32 AM. Two witnesses reported OBOLs (orange balls of light) for three minutes. Objects were evenly-spaced and tracking a path east to west. Objects winked out in unison twice during event. (MUFON Indiana, Hartig)

July 14, 1987; Georgetown, IN
12:10 AM. Steve Henry from the Indiana State Police contacted FI Jim Delehanty at 12:30 AM about a  UFO sighted by a man and his family near New Albany. Object was round and had light blue and white lights around the edge. Observed about six minutes. (MUFON Indiana, FI Jim Delehanty) 

July 14, 1987; Evansville, IN
2:32 AM. Two security guards reported OBOLs (orange balls of light) for three minutes, tracking east to west in the northern sky. Objects winked out in unison twice during the observation. (MUFON Indiana, Hartig).                                                            

July 23, 1987; West Pensacola, FL
In the middle of the day six spheres made 90 degree turns in the sky in broad daylight over West Pensacola, Florida. (Source: Timothy Good, The UFO Report 1990, p. 198).

July 24, 1987: Savannah River, GA
An ovoid shaped object hovered over US Route 301 in Savannah River, Georgia, not far from the Savannah River nuclear facility. It had green and orange bands of color alternating from the top and bottom. (Source: Michael Hitt, Georgia UFO Phenomenon 1947-1987, p. 84).

July 31, 1987; Terre Haute, IN
11:00 PM. Abduction report, pyramid-shaped object, two percipients. No details. (Teverbaugh)

Aug. 1987; Corydon, IN
11:45 PM. Date unknown, 45-minute observation of, at first, distant  objects. While looking out window, lady saw strange lights and went to the door to watch. Then from the east "this great big black object came into view. The balck object passed right by the two lights. Then another light came off the large black object which circled around the woods with the three lights following it down into the tree line and then back up about three times. When last seen the big object was gone but the three lights came out of the woods, stopped for a few seconds, then went straight up and out of sight. (MUFON Indiana, FI Delehanty)

Aug. 8, 1987; near Denver, CO
A security guard sighted a large circle of light over a pasture near Denver, Colorado. Two cows were found dead and mutilated the next day. (Source: Timothy Good, Alien Contact, p. 59).

Aug. 11, 1987; Osbornville, NJ
Shiny oval, hovered; brightened, took off like a shot, left white trail; stopped abruptly, maneuvered, lights flashed, shot straight up out of sight (UFOE II, Sections IX, X).

Aug. 22, 1987; Hawesville, KY
11:00 PM. Lady observed the object for about 3-5 minutes. The locale of the sighting was Hancock County, Hawesville, KY., described as rural with fields and hills. The sky was clear. The object observed in the NW near the ground, estimated at 15-20'. The object was stationary, but was closest to her as she drove by it. With the help of her husband they estimated the distance as 50 yards. Possible abduction  attempt (stalking).  "I was traveling west on U.S. 60 about 11:00 PM. I had left my parents home in Hawesville and was headed (West) to Lewisport, alone. I first noticed some bright red and blue lights to my right (North). I thought it was an airplane or lights from an industrial plant. As I approached the object I noticed brilliant gold, blue and red lights on what seemed to be on the sides of the object. And it gave off a white glow beneath the object, which lit up the ground below and surrounding trees. The object hovered over the same location. As I approached this, I became very shaky. My knees were so weak (that) I could not apply pressure to the gas pedal. I watched the object for a few minutes. I finally got my legs to move and left as fast as I could. I had a terrible feeling of being alone and lost." (MUFON Indiana, FI Fran Ridge)

Aug. 23, 1987; Corydon, IN
10:20 PM. The incident reported below is a well-witnessed event, a case involving at least 12-15 witnesses, five of which were MUFON Field Investigators. Part of the event, which lasted approximately 5-10 minutes., (a 1.5 minute segment) was videotaped. As a result of recent, intense UFO activity in the Corydon area, we had conducted a field test of our Rapid Deployment Group and ventured to Corydon, Indiana, and talked with approximately 50 witnesses. The initial investigation/meeting at 8:00 PM our time (9:00 PM their time) lasted about an hour. We then proceeded to an area where these NL's were being observed. We observed a jet aircraft coming from the west and I requested that a camcorder be used to gauge resolution and serve as a "control sample". Scott Wilkerson (FIT) conducted the "filming". There were four lights on the jet. At approximately 10:20 PM, an object described as brilliant orange, suddenly materialized in the SSE. The suddenness and the brilliant orange, flare-like characteristics were unmistakably unusual. The elevation of the object was approximately 20-25 degrees at the beginning of the sighting. The object appeared to be an orange headlight and appeared to be either hovering or moving toward the witnesses. At one point there was a rapid descent down to the left, all the time the brilliance varied only slightly. Several times the light winked completely out, only to flare up again. After about 5-8 minutes, the object went into a flat W-E flight mode at a relatively slow rate of speed at an elevation of 10-15 degrees. One member, Harold Hartig, a former radar operator (and GOC spotter) for the USAF and FI for MUFON, reported that through 10x50 binoculars, he observed a red light, about 1/200th in intensity compared to the orange light, in-trail. Later, he reported that at one time the object appeared as two orange balls, undeniable, with a very small sharply focused red light slightly above the gap. Another observer also reported the red light in trail. Jerry Sievers, Assistant State Director, verified the fact that the configuration in the beginning was defined as a small red light trailing the larger orange mass. The only person to see the red light were the ones using binoculars. At no time did the red light vary its set distance from the parent object. It was "apparently" part of the same object. However, during the 1.5 minute segment where the object was videotaped, the red light was in the lead as the object headed East. During this "filming" period the object "winked out" twice. The duration of the "winkout" was approximately the same, leading us to believe that the object passed behind two telephone or power poles. One such transit was verified. During the last 30-seconds or so a small commercial or private aircraft (not a jumbo jet) entered the immediate area from East to West on an "apparent" collision course with the anomalistic target. Several seconds of videotape document this as it "appears" as a near miss. Not knowing for sure that the objects were the same distance from us was the only consoling factor. The  vertical separation was almost zero. The aircraft "appeared" slightly lower and closer to us when viewed on videotape. Due to curvature of the Earth, however, this may be misleading. The aircraft was traveling at least twice as fast as the unknown if at the same approximate distance. The ceiling according to Flight Service earlier in the Day was 4,000 broken. There were some clouds remaining at that time in the South and East. If the aircraft was traveling at 120 knots, the other target must have been under stall speed. Another orange target was observed by some observers and an attempt to lock-on with the camcorder unit was made without success, due to preoccupation with the primary target.

Aug. 31, 1987; Bangor Submarine Base, WA
10:55 PM. A dark, domed disc-shaped UFO with a mast or antenna on top came down quickly over the high security Bangor submarine base housing, home of the Trident nuclear ballistic submarine fleet in Bangor, Washington and hovered over a playground. Two boys who were sons of military personnel, ages 8 and 10, were sitting on the swings and saw an occupant with a big head, big pointed "cat" ears, wrinkled skin, and a greenish complexion in an open hatch. It had a thin, spindly body, long webbed fingers and toes, and tabs or suction cups on the ends of the fingers and toes. It also had a wrinkled mouth "like an old grandma's." The boys estimated the being to be about six feet tall. It pointed a device that directed a beam of energy at the two boys on the swings, causing the levitation of the metal swings. The boys fled quickly into the home of one of them and got his mother, who saw a row of lights in the sky as the UFO took off and flew away. Mrs. Springsteen, the mother of one of the boys, then had the boys draw separate sketches of both the UFO and the alien, which were remarkably similar. (Source: Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D. case investigation, report dated September 3, 1987; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case A2266).

Sept. 1, 1987: Bangor, WA
Ellipse with windows beamed light down on children in playground, two humanoids visible in object (UFOE II, Section XII).

Sept. 14, 1987; Hebron, IN
9:00 PM. Night close encounter with wing-shaped object with lights by one witness for 9 minutes. No details or sound for this object less than a hundred feet away at one point. (MUFON Indiana, FI Mike Rigg)

Sept. 14, 1987; Mt. Vernon, IN
9:45 PM. The investigator and his six-year-old son and a sheriff's deputy were outside talking on a nice clear evening when they all witnessed a very strange craft in the northeast. The "object", itself, was not visible, but the lights on it were mostly dim red and orange, and the craft made no noise as it passed going N-S at low altitude. By low altitude we mean that usually utilized by small aircraft. The size of the object at arm's length was about 3" and it appeared somewhat like a Christmas tree on its side. Both adults under-reacted and they continued on talking while the youngster watched it pass out of sight in about three minutes to the South. (MUFON Indiana, SSD/FI Francis Ridge)

Sept. 16, 1987; Memphis, IN
11:25 PM. 36-year-old male noticed a bright light over his house while driving North on Trealor Rd. As he approached the Wagner horne, the bright light was slightly SW of his house over the open field which belongs to the Mans'. It moved very slowly and he could hear no sound of engines. He carne into his house and phoned Mike Wagner to corne over and look at the lights in this diamond-shaped pattern. Mr. Wagner saw same lights over his property. Lights were primarily white, some red. One light in center was extremely bright white and shone a beam all the way to the ground, back and forth. 30-minutes. (MUFON Indiana, FI Delehanty)

Sept. 24, 1987; Corydon, IN
9:53 PM. Duration: 15-seconds. The witness was a 16 year-old farm boy and student (Junior) at Corydon Central High School. Tirn Kendall reportedly experienced a CE-2. He was driving approximately 35 rnph (heading home) down the Elizabeth-New Middletown Rd. and noticed a bright blue light behind him about 300 yards away. Within seconds, an object (saucer with top & bottom domes) proceeded to pass him. UFO was size of standard car and tilted left to avoid hitting barn. It passed him, moved in front, then tilted right to avoid hitting house. Powerlines, trees were also adjacent to house. UFO went straight ahead and then shot straight up, paused and then accelerated out of sight. When UFO passed (the car) there was a slight stall to his automobile engine, headlights, dashboard (lights) dimmed and radio went out for a few seconds. Saw windows in top and bottom domes. Object glowed a greenish-yellow. Multicolored lights seen around rirn (primarily red, orange, but some blue and green. Had bright blue light in center of bottom dome. Had antenna on both top and bottom domes, he described them as 'weather vanes'. Estimated covering 1/4 mile distance in less than 5-seconds. (MUFON Indiana, FI Delehanty)

Sept-Dec.1987; Foreman and Ashdown, AR
Sighting concentration, including 60 reports to sheriff's office in Little River County.

Nov.-Dec. 1987; Central, ND
Flurry of sightings including oval objects with flashing body lights.

Nov. 11, 1987; Gulf Breeze, FL
First five photos reported taken by builder Ed Walters (UFOE II, Section VII).

Nov. 23, 1987; Shreve, OH
8:25 PM. Lights. Dogs and cats non reactive to quad search lights (IFO) (CIQ-24)

Nov. 25, 1987; Okaloosa County, FL
An abduction alegedly occurred in Okaloosa County, Florida not far from the town of Destin. A woman reported that her 5-year-old son was apparently taken aboard a UFO that night. He had been sleeping on the couch late that night, when he told his mother that a short, robot-like entity approached him and he was levitated up and into a hovering, disc-shaped object that was in a clearing in some nearby woods. He remembered being medically examined. He also reported that his throat hurt when he tried to talk about the experience. (Sources: Timothy Good, The UFO Report 1990, p. 200; Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1987, case #58, citing Donald M. Ware, MUFON).

Dec. 5, 1987; Indianapolis, IN
3:00 PM. Tubular object at CE range for 5 minutes. One witness. (MUFON Indiana, FI Lynn Gutherie)

Dec. 14, 1987; Lauceston, Tasmania, Australia
Elliptical object landed ahead of car, blocked road; headlights and engine failed, blinding light from underside. Car dragged toward object (UFOE II, Section XII). [Click on link for details and documents].

Dec. 17, 1987; New Albany, IN
11:30 PM. Frank Stamper and Terry Hamlin were each in their own vehicles. Both had left work at the same time. Terry was about a half block behind Frank. Frank pulled over first and stopped to watch the craft. Next, Terry pulled over and stopped to watch the craft. At this point Terry was less than half a block from Frank. Terry could see Frank but Frank did not see Terry. Frank is 32-years-old, married, and has three children. He is a sharp and hardworking electronics technician. Object described had conard wing configuration but absolutely no sound. (MUFON Indiana, FI Delehanty)

Late 1987 or Early 1988; E. Peoria, Illinois
Around 6:00 p.m. A young high school couple were on their way to a friend's house when they noticed  a bright light ahead of them down the highway. As they approached it, it stayed right over the highway, and when they got very close it was right in the middle of the road, directly in front of them, and "it was huge"! The witnesses were now very frightened. As they were close to coming under it, the light “swiveled down”, and they were in a huge circle of incredibly bright light. Going the speed limit, to stay in that light for that long, was a good little distance and they never seemed to get out of that circle of light. The object was totally silent, and as big as it was not far above them, they should have heard something, a hum, buzz, whirr, something, but they heard nothing. The object was shaped like a massive triangle, and except for the one huge spotlight that was shining down on them, the rest of the lights, which appeared to be in rows, were red, blue, and green. After a couple of minutes of this, the light “swiveled back up” and shot off to the their left behind them, very fast, and met up with two other identical objects, hanging motionless in the air. The witnesses had not noticed the other two objects before. They also noticed immediately that while the other was above them, the formation would have formed a triangle. When the one that had been above them joined the group, all three flew off in a blink. (Email to Fran Ridge in January of 2017)


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