The 1988 UFO Chronology
March 4, 1988; Eastlake, OH
Coast Guard witnesses, large illuminated ellipse hovering over Lake Erie, landing on ice.
 Smaller  triangular objects emerged, zipped around independently

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This is currently a 9-page chronology of UFO incidents and events for 1988
. Our thanks for these chronologies must go to Richard Hall (the original 1988 chronology from UFOE II), Dan Wilson (archive researcher), and Jean Waskiewicz (online NICAP DBase [NSID]. You will note the many foreign reports that we are now being able to access. Our special thanks to Dan Wilson for getting those to us. As more come in, this page will be updated. Previous chronologies (1947 to 1969) involved the expertise of two other team members: William Wise (Project Blue Book Archive) and Brad Sparks (Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns). Bob Gribble's entries are those filed with the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington, now operated by Peter Davenport. Trace cases are now being entered with the help of Ted Phillips, Center for Physical Trace Research and retrofitted into previous chronologies as time permits.

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The 1988 UFO Chronology

Jan. 3, 1988; Grimsby, England
5:00 PM. Some very bright lights in the sky paced a car for several miles. It was seen for nine minutes before it departed by shooting straight up. (Source: Timothy Good, The UFO Report 1990, p. 11).

Jan. 4, 1988; Vetterslev, Denmark
6:45 PM. Two 35 centimeter red spheres maneuvered low over a field starting at 6: 45 p.m. and continuing for two hours. Melted snow and small footprints were later found in the field. (Source: Scandinavian UFO Information Newsletter, issue #11)

Jan. 15, 1988; Fort Wayne, IN
2:45 AM. Three minute observation of a disc 2-1/2 semi trucks long and over telephone pole near factory 200' up. Not investigated. (MUFON Indiana, FI McCormick).

Jan. 19, 1988; Foreman, AR
Glowing red object followed car, moved up and down as if following contours of local terrain (UFO Evidence II, Section X).

Jan. 19, 1988; Benton, LA
5:00 PM. A father and daughter were driving to pick up the mother from work. They pulled into the parking lot of her work and stopped to wait for her. The lot, the street, and the nearby Interstate highway were all in their normal hubbub of activity. The daughter brought her father's attention to a streak of light in the sky. Almost as soon as he focused on it, the light seemed to appear immediately in front of them, about 150 feet away and about 50 feet above the ground. It was a dull silver or steel gray disc-shaped object. Around the perimeter were openings like wind scoops, which spun about fairly rapidly. From the top of the disc emerged a sheath from which extended rotary blades like those seen on helicopters. The craft performed this extension as they watched, although the blades did not turn. The disc was about the size of an automobile and about five feet tall. It never made any noise for the minute and a half of the performance. A strange silence permeated the environment. "It seemed...that there were no cars moving, [we] didn't hear a thing in the world. Nothing. Just like the world stood still." Then the device zipped away, and as soon as it had left "the traffic on I-20 came alive and the parking lot became active." (Source: Michael Swords, International UFO Reporter, Summer 2002, p. 21).

Jan. 20, 1988; Mundrabilla, Western Australia, Australia
About 4:10 AM. Four members of the Knowles family were en route from Perth, Western Australia, to Melbourne, Victoria,by car, when they reported observing a bright, egg-shaped object ahead of them along the road. During the next very confused period of time, they believed that the object had lifted their car off the road, and burst one of its tires. A "black dust" was reportedly found,  both on the  inside and the outside of the car. Two analyses of this material found nothing unusual. A television station paid the Australian Mineral Development to test the vehicle for radioactivity, there was none above background. AMDEL stated that the car tire had failed due to being under-inflated. (Sources: (1) Personal investigation by Keith Basterfield and other members of UFORSA and UFORA. (2) UFO Research Australia Newsletter. April 1988. Vol.6.No.1.pp5-20. (3) UFORAN May 1989. Vol.7.No.1.pp3-9.)

Jan. 24, 1988; Gulf Breeze, FL
5:30 PM. Allegedly, Ed Walters took his twenty-first UFO photograph of a domed disc shaped object. The blurring movement of the object suggests that when the object left it accelerated at 20 G's, according to photometric analysis. (Source: Timothy Good, The UFO Report 1990, p. 210, citing MUFON UFO Journal, issue # 239).
Barking dogs alerted to triangle, treetop height. (Animal Reaction Cases, Joan Woodward)

Jan. 31, 1988; Eureka, PA
6:30 PM. A woman had a close encounter with a silent charcoal black triangular object while driving in the suburban town of Eureka, Pennsylvania. The object passed only 30 feet above her car. It had three bright white headlights on the side facing her when sighted, six small white lights underneath in two clusters of three, and a red light on the bottom forward. The edges of the object sloped out underneath. (Source: Stan Gordon, MUFON Field Investigations Database, case # 880940).

Feb. 9, 1988; Oswestry, Shropshire, England
8:00 AM. In Oswestry, Shropshire, England a 45 foot in diameter yellow cloud of something that looked like fog was seen straddling a hedgerow. It glowed brightly and made a noise like rushing air. A dog ran into it and disappeared for a time. The two adult witnesses, a man and a woman, reported feeling a tingling sensation and smelling a sulphur smell. The dog was later found unconscious, wet and hot; its eyes were red and it seemed close to death. It died a few weeks later. (Source: Jenny Randles, Time Storms: Amazing Evidence for Time Warps, Space Rifts, and Time Travel, p. 11).

Feb. 11, 1988; Beira, Mozambique
Pilot saw hovering object, intense lights like searchlights in a triangle; climbed vertically out of sight (UFO Evidence II, Section III).

Feb.14, 1988; Greensburg, PA
1:50 AM. Witness observed a large delta shaped craft hovering at 20 feet altitude. Through several windows, humanoid figures could be seen inside. It emitted a dull light that extended towards the ground. ( Source: Mufon Journal # 274)

Feb. 15, 1988; Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
12:20 AM. Nocturnal lights and a domed disc descended over a high tension tower in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England then silently shot off. (Source: Timothy Good, The UFO Report 1990, p. 22).

Feb.16, 1988; Rosehill area of Willenhall, England
Time not given. Two police officers saw a very large spinning oval-shaped UFO with flashing red and green lights around its circumference in the Rosehill area of Willenhall, England. It made no sound and flew off quickly toward the southeast. Two more cops saw the same or a similar UFO from Walsall. Their reports were sent to the Ministry of Defence. (Sources: Gary Heseltine, UFO Magazine (UK), July 2003, p. 10, citing Nicholas Redfern, A Covert Agenda, p. 165; Timothy Good, The UFO Report 1990, p. 23).

Feb.18, 1988; Bentwaters, England
9:30 PM. (2130 hours) Two men exploring a wooded area near an Air Force base watched several UFOs and mysterious lights maneuvering over the area and on the ground. They saw star-like objects overhead, green fireballs flying through the forest, an object that had white front lights and red tail lights rise up diagonally and blink out as it reached the top of the trees. They also observed several large pulsating disc shaped objects that appeared to change size and color. A huge floodlight was soon shining out of the forest floor aimed at the sky. There was also an object on the ground at the far end of the field, which had three rectangular dark orange windows. Several human like figures appeared to be moving in front or inside the windows. Two security patrols from the nearby base were apparently seen nearby, also observing the events. (Source: Terry Ecker, UFO Magazine Vol. 6 # 2)
Feb. 22, 1988; Irwin, PA
Time not given. In suburban Irwin, Pennsylvania a silent, orange disc-shaped object flew close by to three witnesses. It had a colorful aura, and shot two beams of light down before zig-zagging away. (Source: Stan Gordon, MUFON UFO Journal, May 1989; MUFON field investigations database, case 880302).

March 3, 1988; near General Belgrano, Argentina
8:30 PM. The brothers Farisano were returning home from a soccer championship when they noticed some strange lights above a nearby bridge. As they approached the lights their vehicle engine suddenly stalls, they attempted to re-start it without any positive results. They remained in their truck observing the lights. They could now see that the lights were on a spherical object, with a large red light on the top, and several white lights in a row on the bottom section. The object appeared to hovering close to the ground and inside the transparent mid-section the witnesses could see a shadow like figure moving about. The object was silent and it suddenly moved slowly out of sight, at that moment the truck engine re-started and then the witness drove home. (Source: Jorge Horacio Cosso, ONIFE)

March 4, 1988; Eastlake, OH
8:35 p.m. local. Coast Guard witnesses, large illuminated ellipse hovering over Lake Erie, landing on ice. Smaller triangular objects emerged, zipped around independently (UFO Evidence II, Section I).

March 5, 1988; Fairport, OH
Brightly lighted ellipse descended onto ice, flve to six smaller triangular objects emerged, darted around independently (see section I)

March 10, 1988; north of Sheffield, England
8:45 PM. UFO investigators on the A61 highway north of Sheffield, England saw a large pulsating orange ovoid UFO fly by at 400 feet altitude (Source: Timothy Good, The UFO Report 1990, p. 25).

March 12, 1988; Edwards AFB (near), CA
Ground radar case.

March 13, 1988; near Croton Falls, NY
10:00 PM. The witness was driving home alone on a dark road surrounded by woods and a large reservoir when he noticed several bright white lights off to the left just above the reservoir. The witness continued on slowly until he stopped his car by a clearing. He then watched the lights approached and realized that they were connected to some type of very dark structure. As the object passed over his car he looked up to see a huge triangular shaped object. The object had only lights in the front and the underside appeared to have sections that receded inward, inside this area he could see white flashes of light. Suddenly the next thing he knew was he was back in the car and driving away from the area. Later after several restless nights the witness was hypnotized and was able to recall that as the object passed directly over the vehicle he was somehow levitated into the object. Inside he found himself lying on a table in a dark room. He was surrounded by several short gray beings with large round dark eyes. One of the beings was moving some type of instrument around his head. Another being inserted an object up the witness nostril. Later he was escorted by one of the beings to a "control panel." He was then let go and has the feeling that the beings will one day return. (Source: Phillip J. Imbrogno, UFO Universe, Fall 1989)

March 16, 1988; Yukon Territory nr Carcross, Canada
Dog responds and hides in close encounter. (Animal Reaction Cases, Joan Woodward)

March 20, 1988; Wisconsin
John Salter, Jr., and John, III, abduction (UFO Evidence II, Section XIII).

March 23, 1988; East Tamar Highway, Tasmania
Motorists saw bright light ahead, engine lost power, radio failed. Four square yellow lights and light beam visible. Car returned to normal after lights disappeared (Basterfield, 1997a).

Spring 1988; Crawfordsville, IN
11:10 PM. This was a CE-2 involving two adult witnesses. A craft with no sound stalked them, passed overhead affecting a Fuzzbuster radar detector indicating the presence of microwave radiation. The witnesses were returning home, nearing a housing addition. The young lady and her mother-in-law smelled "sewage" or an odd smell, saw an airplane flying very low, which looked like it was in trouble. Witnesses stopped the 5-speed TransAm on the road, turned around and parked. They thought it was going to crash. Object moved toward witnesses, put extremely bright light on them, setting off Fuzzbuster ("m, me, me sound"). Object described as orange-red in color, football-shaped, very low. At one point, lights shot off from the object. Older witness who was very calm previously now said, "Let's get out of here!" Both witnesses were terrified. Driver (younger girl) doesn't remember turning around or driving. Car seemed to have been "towed" or that was the sensation.. Afterwards witnesses became sick, stomach hurt, were mumbling when they returned home. They should have made the trip in 15 minutes, but got home at 12:35 AM, 1-hour and 10-minutes longer than it should have taken. Both drew pictures which were identicle. Witnesses would not file a report. (MUFON Indiana, FI Roger Lamberson & Fran Ridge)

April 3, 1988; Gulf Breeze, FL
2:45 AM. A mother and daughter were awakened by a throbbing sensation and the sound of a tree falling. They looked out and saw a flying object only 50 feet above the ground, with a circle of orange "porthole-like" lights around its middle. A beam of light struck the mother, who had a strong feeling of being watched. The entire encounter lasted over two hours. The mother is also employed as a schoolteacher (see the other schoolteacher reports in 1968 and 1982 for similarities). (Source: Donald M. Ware, MUFON UFO Journal, March 1992, p. 18, citing field investigator V. Lyons).

April 9, 1988; Stode, Sweden
1:00 PM. A triangular UFO hovered for three minutes over Stode, Sweden. It vanished in a cloud of smoke. (Source: AFU Sweden).

April 28, 1988; Gulf Breeze, FL
No time given. A single witness driving on US highway 98 east of Gulf Breeze, Florida had a disc-shaped UFO pace his van. The UFO stayed just ahead of the van and beamed a blue beam down onto the road. At the same time planes were seen circling the area. (Source: MUFON field investigation files, case #880501; Donald M. Ware, MUFON UFO Journal, August 1988, p. 6)

May, 1988; Corydon, IN
12:50 AM. A UFO again visited Corydon. The sighting was actually too brief (5-seconds), witness' age and reliability are in question without further information. The object was observed thru a window at night. No sound detected. Later, an MIB case (Men In Black) was reported in relation to this case. However, this is a typical OBOL case (Orange Ball Of Light) in Harrison county. Possible actual object, probe, or something indigenous to the area. (MUFON Indiana, FI Mike Baker)

May 1988; near Leningrad, Russia
9:43 AM. A man out skateboarding alone noticed a metallic oval shaped craft approaching him at high speed. The witness ran in a panic but the object caught up to him and landed nearby on a tripod like apparatus. The witness became curious and walked towards the object, he could see that it was an egg shaped craft with two antennae like protrusions in the front and a flashing red light on top. As the witness tried to walk away several short strangely dressed humanoids grabbed him, they dragged him inside the object as the witness screamed. Inside he found himself lying naked on a small table, surrounded by the humanoids that spoke in an unknown language. The witness attempted to steal an "object" in order to prove the incident but it became very hot and heavy and he had to drop it. He was finally released. He glanced at his watch and noticed that only 5 minutes had gone by, but to him it had felt like 2 hours inside the object. (Source: Antonio Huneeus, IF Bulletin, Vol. 1 # 3)

May 1988; Quantock Hills, Somerset, England
During the day the witness had been out taking photographs of the countryside when he noticed a large object approaching and making a low noise. The craft flew directly over his head at very low altitude. The craft was shaped like a saucer with stacked decks and protruding wings. It was an extremely complex structure. A humanoid figure was seen standing on the rim of the craft. The witness took several photographs but as the craft left it emitted a strong heat wave that destroyed the negatives. The witness developed very serious ill aftereffects after the incident. (Source: Ken Phillips, Judith Jaafar, Northern UFO News, # 162)

May 10, 1988; New Haven, IL
7:40 PM. Missile-like object observed by three witnesses in an auto. Object observed for a few seconds and was traveling northeast to southwest, skimming the tree-tops (50-100' up) at "tremendous speed". It resembled "a shark", was gray in color, about 25' long, but smaller than a jet. Object had no wings, made no sound, and the tail fins were different (like horizontal stabilzers). There was a jet fighter, most probably an F-4 Phantom, in the area at the time flying higher, but on a parallel (possible pursuit) course. Witnesses say jet was seen and heard less than 10-seconds later and "on the same track". "It appeared to be looking for the object." The object was further described as somewhat missile-shaped with a nose slightly turned up with some small fins where the rear horizontal stabilzers would be on a conventional aircraft. Also, there was an indentation or ring near the midpoint where it looked like the object was joined together. "It was a missile or something else." Object range at closest point was estimated to be 100-200'. Sighting ended as object was hidden by trees. A final note concerning the object's motion: "It flew right over tree tops, fast. Later, a jet flew low. It (object) could move up & down easy as it went." (UFOFC, FI Francis Ridge)

May 11, 1988; Gulf Breeze. FL
8:00 PM. On the shore of Pensacola Bay, a couple in their sixties videotaped several UFOs over Gulf Breeze, Florida for 8 minutes. Initially there was one yellowish-orange object, which was joined by others. The lights brightened and pulsed, hovered, then descended; and faded in and out of view. They made no sound. (Source: Donald M. Ware, MUFON field investigations database, case 901113).

May 23, 1988; Fredericia, Denmark
4:00 PM. A black cylindrical object hovered in the northern sky for 30 minutes, as seen from Fredericia, Denmark. It then appeared to vanish. (Source: Scandinavian UFO Newsletter, issue #12).

Summer of 1988; Greensburg, IN
11:00 PM. A young couple was dating and they were at the lady's home, 6-miles outside of Greensburg, in the back yard talking. They saw to the southeast, five very bright orange glowing objects, hovering. They got in their car and went for a closer look. "As we approached the farm", the lady stated in her report, "all but one of the lights went out. They had been very close together all in a cluster." As they went back up Base Road toward Greensburg, it seemed to be following them. When they sped up or slowed down it appeared to do the same. "Then we cut across a side road which, if it would have stayed there, would have put us directly under it. It did stay hovering until we were approximately 1/2 a city block away. We could almost make out an outline. Then it took off toward Greensburg..." Duration: 30-minutes. (MUFON Indiana, FI  Don Worley)

June 6, 1988; West Point, FL
On this morning in West Point, Florida a UFO was seen ascending straight up into the sky. (Source: Paul Ferrughelli, Computer Catalogue of UFO Reports, 1988-1994, case 369).

July, 1988; Plainfield, IN
4:00 AM. Male of unknown age (but self-employed) was in his bedroom, noticed a "blinking" light on his bedroom wall. At first he thought the lights may have been coming form a police unit or possible a fire truck. He looked out his bedroom window to notice five objects 1.50 to 2 feet in diameter "floating" approximately 5 to 6 feet away from the window and about 6 to 7 feet off the ground. Somewhat scared he watched the objects change from white discs to "big bubbles" with pulsing blue lights coming from within the objects. The objects then changed color to orange and shot up "and took off at a high rate of speed." The objects were first seen in a corn field to the east of the house and were last seen in the yard on the north side of the house. The location was in a rural area of Hendricks County. The sky was reported as clear with no other weather conditions reported. (MUFON Indiana, FI Norma Croda)

Summer, 1988; Greensburg, IN
11:00 PM. Couple was dating and they were at the man's home 6-miles outside of Greensburg, in the back yard talking. They saw to the SE five very bright orange glowing objects, hovering. They got in their car and went for a closer look. "As we approached the farm", the lady stated in her report, "all but one of the lights went out. They had been very close together all in a cluster." As they went back up Base Road toward Greensburg it seemed to be following them. When they sped up or slowed down it appeared to do the same. "Then we cut across a side road which, if it would have stayed there, would have put us directly under it. It did stay hovering until we were approximately 1/2 city block away. We could almost make out an outline. Then it took off toward Greensburg... " Duration: 30-minutes. (MUFON Indiana, FI Don Worley)

July, 1988; Plainfield, IN
4:00 AM. Mate of unknown age (but sefl-employed) was In his bedroom on the morning of the sighting, he noticed a "blinking" light on his bedroom wall. At first he thought the lights may have been coming form a Police Unit or possible a Fire Truck. He looked out his bedroom window to notice a five objects 1.50 to 2 feet in diameter "floating" approximately 5 to 6 feet away from the window and about 6 to 7 feet off the ground. Somewhat scared he watched the objects change from white discs to "big bubbles" with pulsing blue lights coming from within the objects. The objects then changed color to orange and shot up "and took off at a high rate of speed. The objects were first seen in a corn field to the east of the house and were last see in the yard on the north side of the house. The location In in a rural area of Hendricks County. The sky was reported as clear with no other weather conditions reported. (MUFON Indiana, FI Norma Croda)

July, 1988; MacMillan Pass, NWT/Yukon Border, Canada
Horses panic as object flies by UFO. (Animal Reaction Cases, Joan Woodward)

July 1, 1988; Aegna Island, Tallinn, Estonia
11:30 PM. Two young witnesses saw an approaching disc shaped object in the sky, soon the object stopped over the harbor. Frightened the boys hid in their summerhouse. Soon curiosity took over and both went outside again. They saw that the silvery object emitted colorful rays of light in three different directions and was hovering now 20 to 30 meters in the air. A hat shaped object bout 3 meters in diameter now emerged from the bottom of the larger object and descended, landing next to a rock. In the glowing light a small emerald green colored humanoid with a helmet like headgear and a black box-like instrument in its hand could now be seen. It seemed to hop from stone to stone in the shallow water. The humanoid then stopped and placed the black box in the water. After retrieving the black box, the humanoid sort of slid backwards and re-entered the small hat shaped craft, which quickly rose and entered the larger hovering object. This object then flew away at incredible speed. For about a week after the incident both boys were troubled with headaches and general malaise, which soon disappeared. (Source: Erkki Alo Kirde, and Igor Volke, Estonian UFO Network)

July 24, 1988; Kopparberg, Sweden
2:40 AM. On Lake Ojesjon in Kopparberg, Sweden three brilliant hat-shaped discs followed a boat for five kilometers. The four witnesses reported that there was an "oppressive silence" that surrounded the UFO. (Source: Andre Liljegren, AFU Sweden Newsletter, issue # 34).

Sept. 22, 1988; Walcha, New South Wales, Australia
About 7:30 PM local time. A man was driving his car alone at 100-105 kms/hr, when the engine suddenly lost power and slowed to 60 kms/hr. This loss persisted for 10 minutes, after which full engine power returned. Some minutes before the power loss he had noticed a bright reddish-orange light in the sky at 20 degrees elevation. On the return trip, with two passengers the same thing happened at the same locations. This time, the air temperature in the car changed from normal to chilly. The engine temperature gauge dropped to zero.The same or another red point source of light was seen at 20 degrees ESE. (Source:  Dickeson, B. & McGhee, M.'A possible vehicle interference case.' UFORAN. Vol.7.No.1.pp14-21.)

Sept. 25, 1988; Lorain County, OH
10:30 PM. Three separate cars stalled on State Route 113. The occupants of the cars then spotted a silent, silver, delta-shaped object in some woods. They noticed that the treetops near the object were swaying despite the fact that there wasn't any wind at the time. (Source: Thomas M. Olsen, FSR, June 1989).

Sept. 28, 1988; Atherton, IN
12:30 AM. An object approached three witnesses in a pickup truck (evidently one of the witnesses was a child), appeared to react to the door being opened on truck and interior lights coming on, approached them, engine would not start. Object passed over them with a humming sound. Engine then was able to be re-started, object reversed course and headed toward truck again "like a flip of a dime". The witnesses fled the scene. As they rounded a curve, they lost the object. Primary witness stated they were terrified. Wrist watch & truck clock lost time. Witnesses apparently were not UFO enthusiasts. They assumed at first that the object was just an aircraft. The light evidently was very bright and hurt their eyes. The next events, if true, truly eliminate manmade sources. The object came within 25' and exhibited a humming sound and E-M effects. This was apparently not an example of a scared witness hitting the gas pedal, "flooding" the engine, for even the radio failed. In add. (MUFON Indiana, FI Mike Palmiter)

Oct., 1988; Greensburg, IN
9:00 PM. Approx. 5-miles south of Greensburg, IN, (nearest place is Milhausen), lady standing in driveway with a neighbor (who saw object first). She ran into the house screaming. Her husband who had been sleeping ran out to see what was going on. Observed slowly-moving object in southern sky. Fields and buildings illuminated by yellow light from great lights on object. Followed object to field near Napoleon. Object slowly moved south and out of sight. Object was described as "humongus", shape unknown, with 5 or 6 round (about 16' in diameter) lights in a circle. Object made a faint "whoooo" sound. There were four witnesses. (MUFON Indiana, FI Don Worley)

Oct. 19, 1988; Bloomington, IN
11:15 PM. Witness was downtown on Kirkwood walking up alley beside the Runcible Spoon and was just getting ready to cross 6th Street to get to her car. She looked up in the sky and saw some kind of fairly large object flying slowly over the vicinity of the public library. It was very cloudy and the object was close to the moon. It had several small lights on it. "I kept thinking it must be an airplane but it didn't look like an airplane, too many lights I thought. I looked away and looked back again and then I saw a white spotlight or beam of light heading down from the craft at about a 30 degree angle. The beam was about the length of the object. It was moving almost due south I thought so I drove to the South side of town to try to catch a glimpse of it, but no luckl While I was watching for it I saw a dark vertical line or band of clouds moving across the sky but that makes no sense at all to me in terms of this sighting. It almost looked like the tail of the twister and it gave my heart quite a shock." (MUFON Indiana, FI Will McCracken)

Oct. 24, 1988; Valparaiso, FL
Dog and cat wanted to approach rectangle above treetops. (Animal Reaction Cases, Joan Woodward)

Nov. 6, 1988; Vittsjo, Sweden
10:00 PM. A silent, mysterious low-flying "airplane" and a mushroom-shaped disc were sighted in Vittsjo, Sweden. Television interference and flashing lights were reported at the same time. (Source: AFU Sweden case file catalogue, case 34).

Nov. 28, 1988; Banning, California
After midnight. A woman woke up and rolled over in bed to see a white ball of light overtop of her dresser.  It was about fifteen inches in diameter, slowly moved about six inches across the top.  It was a dull graying white light with a soft glow.  Before she could scream, she passed out.(Mike Swords)

Nov. 29, 1989; New Haven, IN
1:30 AM. A 17-year-old female witness spotted two, large, bright white lights while driving on a rural road. The lights approached her car and positioned themselves behind the car, and then pursued the auto for 25 minutes. Frightened, the driver turned onto a private driveway and switched off the headlights. At this point the two bright lights passed directly overhead illuminating the car, house and the surrounding area. The young mother, whose baby was asleep in the car, could clearly see a disc-shaped craft, bigger than a small airplane, pass overhead at treetop level. She heard no sound. As the craft moved out of sight, she drove away with the headlights off. About a quarter of a mile down the road she turned on the headlights and the vehicle once again pulled alongside her car and paced her for another five minutes. It then moved out of sight. (MUFON Indiana, FI Fran Ridge)

Nov. 29, 1988; Cleveland, OH
9:30 AM. While out walking on a clear sunny morning, a 72-year-old retired engineer observed a "huge" cigar-shaped object with a surface like shiny chrome.The craft remained stationary at low altitude about a mile away for 15 to 20 minutes. While watching the vehicle, the witness alao observed another bright object move across the sky at fantastic speed at high altitude. It did not leave a vapor trail. (NUFORC)

Dec. 4, 1988; Indianapolis, IN
2:00 AM. While driving home from his restaurant at Carmel to Indianapolis this Sunday morning, Jim and his girlfriend (she was driving) were stopped at a red light near Hwy 465 when they observed a white light in the west. Mr. Tucker is quoted: "After watching it for a couple of seconds, it just took off at an unbelievable speed to the south, almost out of sight, then back to the north, rig-ragging, then to a complete stop, almost to the same area where we first spotted it." Then they turned going south and the light was observed from (his) passenger side and appeared to be following them at a slow speed, as if it were pacing them. About a mile and a half down the road the primary witness either saw the object or sensed it and he yelled for her to pull the car over. They pulled off at a spot that overlooks 465. At this time a large object was coming straight for them, about 500 above, passing directly over their car. "It was filled with round lights on the bottom, but I didn't notice any beams of light shining down. The lights were very bright." (Exhibit 2K). Object looked something like the space shuttle, with a tapered rear-section. There apparently wasn't any noticeable sound associated with it, except for sound of the rush of air, which may or may not have been associated with the object itself. It passed over very quickly across the highway and seemed to disappear behind a billboard which looked to be about 200 yards away. He then pushed in the cigarette lighter,which for some reason refused to "pop out". He then noticed that the radio wasn't working, which had been on prior to the sighting. He later found that all the fuses in the 4-month-old car were blown, except for the ones for the headlights. Five minutes later they saw the object appraoch one more time, stopped for a few seconds, then withdrew. (MUFON Indiana, SD/FI Francis Ridge)

Dec. 4, 1988; Harrisburg, PA
Silvery oval object hovered, brilliant illumination, physiological effects. UFO maneuvered erratically, emitted silvery white trail when flew away (UFO Evidence II, Section V).

Dec. 25, 1988; Clinton, IN 7:30 PM. Ten-minute sighting by two witnesses, a close encounter. These same two people who showed fear during and extreme fatigue after their first encounter (Sept. 28) this time strangely under-reacted to an object as big as a house. The couple said that on Christmas night they were driving to Mr. XXXX parents home in the Clinton area. It was a clear evening and they noticed lights in the sky through the windshield. He said the object itself was dark but had three lights on each side in a line. The lights were green, red, and white. He said the object was as big as a house, about 150 feet off the ground, and about a half a block away. They said there was no sound associated with the object which they observed for about ten minutes. It then went away very quickly as they arrived at the parent's house. (MUFON Indiana, FI Mike Palmiter)


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