The 1993 UFO Chronology

March 12, 1993 Release

Created; December 15, 2008, updated 24 April 2011

This is currently a 15-page chronology of UFO incidents and events for 1993
. Our thanks for these chronologies must go to Richard Hall (the original 1993 chronology from UFOE II), Dan Wilson (archive researcher), and Jean Waskiewicz (online NICAP DBase [NSID]. You will note the many foreign reports that we are now being able to access. Our special thanks to Dan Wilson for getting those to us. As more come in, this page will be updated. Previous chronologies (1947 to 1969) involved the expertise of two other team members; Rebecca Wise (Project Blue Book Archive) and Brad Sparks (Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns). Bob Gribble's entries are those filed with the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington, now operated by Peter Davenport. Trace cases are now being entered with the help of Ted Phillips, Center for Physical Trace Research and retrofitted into previous chronologies as time permits. Since I was Indiana State Director (MUFON) at that time, some of our Indiana cases are listed here.

Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator

The 1993 UFO Chronology

Jan. 9, 1993; Popudinske Mocadliny, Slovakia
12:01 AM. The witness saw first an orange ball of fire resting in a field. Later they saw a flying triangle only 30 cm in diameter that landed on top of a nearby pigeon house. A door opened and a tiny smoky humanoid exited the object. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1993, citing Dr. Milos Jesensky).

Jan. 9, 1993; Slagle, MO
Cattle ran from area of blue oval ring. (Animal Reaction cases, Joan Woodward)
Jan. 21, 1993; Tuttle, OK
Dogs barking throughout town as triangle was in area. (Animal Reaction cases, Joan Woodward)

Jan. 31, 1993; east of Columbus, WS
8:10 PM. A farmer in Dodge County east of Columbus had a close encounter with a large flat disc-shaped object with a dome on top. It illuminated the farm with light beams that faded and intensified. Sheriff deputies then chased the UFO for 20 miles. (Source: UFO Newspaper Clipping Service, February 1993).

Feb. 9, 1993; Colebrook, NH
7:25 PM. A young boy went outside saw a disc-shaped object approaching from the northeast. He went and got his stepfather, and both of them witnessed two hovering discs. The discs appeared to be the size of a house, about four feet apart, and only 50 feet in altitude. They seemed to have a pink glow on the far sides. These lights blinked, and then both discs disappeared. (Sources: Sandra Black, MUFON Field Investigation case files, case 930604J; MUFON UFO Journal, October 1993).

Feb. 9, 1993; Bridge of Earn in Central Scotland
At night, Mr. C. Wagh was at the Bridge of Earn in Central Scotland when he sighted six white lights in a straight line. He viewed then through binoculars as they hovered for the next 15 minutes. They seemed to be about 6 to 8 feet apart. They suddenly went out. (Source: Ron Halliday, UFO Scotland: The Secret History of Scotland's UFO Phenomenon, p. 159).

Feb. 18, 1993; Connersville, IN
Time not certain. Several persons reported a small aircraft going down. Ground search found nothing. Would have been written off as a meteor but a pilot reported he saw the object from his plane at 1,000', thought it was an Army flare to his north. Pilot reported  the object  was at  about 300-400 feet  for about  one and a half minutes, too long and too low for a meteor. (MUFON Indiana, FI Don Worley)

Feb. 24, 1993; between Mosca and Hooper, CO
10:30 AM. A silent bell-shaped object, the color of brushed aluminum, buzzed a car being driven by two women on Highway 17 in the San Luis Valley. It headed off toward the sound flying at 100 feet above the highway. (Source: Christopher O'Brien, The Mysterious Valley, p. 53).

Feb. 27, 1993; Grain Valley, MO
A man saw a saucer-shaped UFO that was only 100 feet away from him. A calf was discovered missing. (Source: Paul Ferrughelli, Computer Catalog of UFO Reports, 1988-1994, citing American UFO News).

March 4, 1993; east of Lynview, KY
11:45 AM. A large ball-of-light buzzed a police helicopter and released three smaller fireballs east of Lynview, Kentucky. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, March 1993)

March 4, 1993; Delaware County, OH
12:45 AM. Lady, age  35, was driving south bound just across the Marion/Delaware county line on US Route 23 which is a divided four lane highway. She saw lights ahead on the road she thought might be a police car turned sideways on the median. As she got closer she noticed that the lights were on the far edge of the north bound lane and came from an object hovering about fifty feet in the air. She pulled up abeam of the object and stopped her car in the left of the two south bound lanes. It was about sixty feet from her. Excitedly she rolled down her window. The object floated down to about fifteen off the roadside. It made no noise. The bottom of the object was a charcoal gray and had small clear lights around the circumference. There was what appeared to be a clear dome on top in the shape of a fastback car. There were two large square lights on each side where the dome met the bottom of the object. The object was a little larger than twice the size of her car. She watched the object hover for awhile and then found the courage to get out of her car to approach it. Before she could do this, the circumference lights went out and the object took off away from her at an extremely high rate of speed. It seemed so fast she thought the object might have disappeared after it started moving. (MORA,13)

March 12, 1993: "Fire In The Sky" Released
A comprehensive story of a logger named Travis Walton who mysteriously disappears in 1975 only to turn up bloodied and bruised five days later. Walton and co-workers accidentally discover a UFO and unfortunately they all escape except Walton who is elevated aboard the bizarre aircraft. Onboard he undergoes painful unearthly medical treatments and tests.

March 16, 1993; Tikaboo Valley, AZ
8:31 PM. Two investigators parked out in the remote desert of Tikaboo Valley and started watching mysterious lights maneuver over the area. One of the lights began to approach. It was a large object with bright square-shaped light panels that glowed amber and blue. It transformed into two or three bright orbs of light, and as it passed over their vehicle one of the men attempted to snap a photograph. At this point a state of confusion seemed to have overcome both witnesses, as both then became aware of a strange vehicle driving quickly away from them. A period of missing time was noted. Later, under hypnotic regression, the first investigator was able to recall that the UFO stopped and hovered over their vehicle. He was then floated up through the bottom of the object and inside was met by a being that seemed to emerge through the brightly lit interior wall of the craft. The humanoid being was gray in color and about six feet tall. Its eyes were slanted and it had what appeared to be black plastic shields over them. Its head was egg-shaped. He wore a two-tone gray suit, with a lighter V in the front and a black belt with a black tube on his right side. He also sported a triangular emblem enclosing a helical coil on the suit's left breast. The being had long arms that ended in four long fingers. He communicated with the witness, then took him gently by the arm and escorted him inside a brightly illuminated dome-shaped room. The witness remembers seeing the second investigator lying on the floor, as if frozen, and apparently being guarded by a short gray humanoid. He was then placed on a metal table that tilted 30 degrees to face a curved wall filled with a row of video screens. The being said that this process was a mind-sharing procedure that would allow the witness to learn new things. After what seemed like five minutes he was returned to an exit and floated down to the ground, about 20 feet below. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database, case # 1343, citing William F. Hamilton, MUFON UFO Journal, issue # 304).

March 19, 1993; Guanica, Puerto Rico
9:40 PM. A huge flying saucer loomed over a water tank in the state forest near Guanica. It was silent and lit up the area. (Source: Larry Hatch, U database, case 15994).

March 20, 1993; Catemaco, Mexico
5:00 AM. Mr. Julio Chagala was sleeping in his home when he was suddenly awakened by a bright blue light that entered his room through a window. Everything seemed to become very still and his surroundings were enveloped in that strange blue light. Looking out a window he saw a gold colored disc-shaped object, about 15 meters in diameter, land on a nearby field. The craft was totally silent when it came down. A hatch opened and several very large figures exited. They were about 2.5 meters in height but human in proportions, and they wore tight-fitting silvery diver's suits. They had long arms, pale complexions, large blue slanted eyes, and long golden-blond hair. Mr. Chagala had by this time walked outside and approached the craft. The visitors saluted him with gloved hands, waving and then gesturing for him to enter the craft. Once inside he noticed that the humanoids had long pointed ears. He also saw numerous consoles and what appeared to be comfortable seats, he also saw a metallic table with several different instruments. One of the humanoids showed him a screen where he saw scenes of war, destruction, and ecological collapse. The craft had taken off and soon landed in an strange beautiful city, filled with humans of all ages. A large golden sun illuminated the city. He was taken to a crystalline waterfall that was surrounded by lovely colored stones. There the humanoids explained to Mr. Chagala that his destiny was to heal and care for his fellow man. He was also told that the aliens had several bases in the area, including one at the Ixtamalapan Lagoon. Chagala was warned of a different kind of humanoid that also visited the Earth, and these were the ones responsible for the reported animal mutilations. His hosts described them as the short, large-headed humanoids with huge black eyes, four fingered hands and protruding stomachs. They typically wore tight-fitting maroon outfits and traveled in small flying craft with ball-shaped landing gear. Mr. Chagala was eventually returned home. He experienced a drastic weight loss after the incident but recovered. Other local residents reported low-flying lights over the area about same time as his encounter. Currently Mr. Chagala is a known healer that uses natural herbs and remedies. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1993, citing Grupo Cassiopeia Mexico).

March 26, 1993; Roslyn Estates, Nassau County, NY
Time not given. A 20-year-old woman was standing on her back porch when a silent, multicolored domed disc "glided over the house" at an estimated 150 feet altitude. She first thought it was a low flying plane, but dismissed that idea because of the shape of the object. The dome on the disc was as tall as the width of the object. The object was covered in bright white flashing lights. Jets soon showed up, apparently to chase the object. (Source: Herbert S. Taylor, MUFON field investigations database, case 930402J; MUFON UFO Journal, February 1994).

March 29, 1993; Princeton, IN
11:30 PM. A close encounter with a domed disc was phoned in to the UFO Filter Center at Mt. Vernon. The witness never filled out the forms but the Notice of Initial Report stated the incident occurred between Haubstadt & Princeton, was reported to the Indiana State Police, and involved an object described as a domed disc about 50' above the ground, about 100 yards away, and one row of lights at the dome and three lights on the bottom  Object hovered, then moved. No sound reported. (MUFON Indiana, Ridge files).

March 30, 1993; Kadima, Israel
3:00 AM. Aviva Carmel felt drawn to leave her bed and go outside. There she witnessed a silver metallic craft land: first the front end touched down, then the rear. She estimated the size and shape of the craft to be similar to an "orange storage tank" or fruit silo, about sixty feet in circumference. She approached the landed craft to investigate and when she got to within twenty feet she saw one of the crew. He was 2.5 meters tall and wore silvery foil coveralls that clung tightly to his body like a second skin. He also wore a helmet with a tinted visor that prevented her from seeing the being's face. Later the following day Carmel ventured back into her backyard and saw the imprint of the craft. It was a circle 22 feet in diameter formed from still living vegetation. Plant life outside the imprint area had died. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1993, citing Barry Chamish, FSR, Vol. 39 # 4).

April 8, 1993; Lebanon, OH
2:20 AM. Prison guards and police sighted a nocturnal flying object with small lights around it. There were four calls to the Ohio Highway Patrol of UFO sightings at around 2:30 a.m. as well. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, July 1993).

April 8, 1993; Sloan, NV
10:40 AM. A cloud of dust was seen in the desert near Interstate 15 in Sloan, Nevada by police. Then a huge silver disc rose from the ground and flew off. (Source; Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 16021).

April 17, 1993; Indianapolis, IN
9:30 PM. Possible close encounter by one witness driving due north. This case was handed off by CUFOS to MUFON Indiana, but has little information to confirm a UFO situation. The object was dark at first with a bright forward light then later white only. An onsite investigation was not conducted because the FI, Will Ott,  had resigned. (MUFON Indiana)

April 19, 1993; Black Heath near Salisbury, England
8:45 PM. A dark charcoal colored cylindrical object was spotted on the ground. The object was 60 feet in length and had four landing legs, two of them appeared to be damaged. Two short, 3.5 foot tall beings with slanted eyes were seen on board. According to the witnesses, a large US Air Force helicopter flew into the area and carried the craft away. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1993, case 2356, citing Jonathon Dillon, UFO Magazine (UK), November-December 1994).

April 29, 1993; Tarn, France
No time given. A sonar-like ping sound was heard, then a silent triangle UFO was seen hovering above Lasgraisses, Tarn, France. It had white "running lights." (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue # 318).

April 30, 1993; Millville, MA
2:05 AM. A 30-year-old man went outside and saw lights approach to a distance of 3,000 feet. The object was shaped like a triangle and had several red lights on it. He waved his arm and saw a white light at the rear move to the center and beam directly into his eyes for a few seconds. The object continued in flight until it moved out of sight, at an estimated speed of 200 mph. It made no sound as it flew. (Sources: MUFON UFO Journal, November 1993, p. 17, field investigator Morton Schafer; Richard F. Haines, CE-5: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, p. 81).

May 6, 1993; near Highway 150 in Cherryville, NC
6:30 PM. A video of a silver domed disc-shaped object, with 6 seconds of footage, was filmed by a 42-year-old woman near Highway 150. (Source: UFO News Clipping Service, November 1993).

May 10, 1993; west of Fortaleza, Ceara State, Brazil
In the pre-dawn hours of the night six witnesses on a road west of Fortaleza, Ceara State, Brazil recorded three hours of videotape of a nocturnal object which had several satellite objects exit from it and then merge back into it. (Source: Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone: Terror and Death in Brazil--Where Next? p. 291).

May 13, 1993; Indianapolis, IN
4:36 PM. This disc-shaped object was in view for two minutes and observed by one witness while driving along I-65. When the observer first saw it, it looked quite thin and "had a strange thing on it like perhaps an antenna".Object too far away and of limited value.  (MUFON Indiana, FI Will Ott)

May 13, 1993; Kadima, Israel
2:00 AM. During a restless, sleepless night in Kadima, Israel Danny Rotem felt compelled to get in his car and drive. At around two a.m. he drove to the nearby forest and saw a large egg-shaped object on the ground. He left his car and then a tiny being, perhaps a meter and a half tall, appeared. The being told Danny, "We were waiting for you." The humanoid floated in front of him as he walked toward the craft. He does not remember how he got inside, but realized that the object's inside dimensions seemed larger, by far, that they could be judging from its outside dimensions. In the middle of the room was a pillar with an enormous pedestal. There were 13 aliens in the room. Two of them led Danny to a side chamber where he was put on a very comfortable sofa. He was told, telepathically, not to worry, "that he was on a mission; you'll know what it is in time." They then made an incision on his left wrist. His next memory was of being in his car again traveling home. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1993, citing Leading Edge: UFOs in Israel, Past & Present).

May 14, 1993; Mildura, Victoria, Australia
4:00 AM. A four-meter long white glowing ovoid UFO flew over heading northeast. It then made a 90 degree turn and followed a car. The lights and radio of the car both temporarily died. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case #16046).

May 14, 1993; Ashbourne, England
2:15 PM. A domed disc flew over homes in Ashbourne, England at a low altitude, making no sound. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, July 1993).

May 18, 1993; Lisbon, Portugal
Night. A 31-year-old Astrid Ramos reported seeing a hovering circular object from which descended several small humanoids. The humanoids then took her onboard the UFO. She was paralyzed while the humanoids performed several medical tests on her. They inserted a long thin tube into her nose, which caused her to feel a strong pressure inside her head. She was eventually released and soon began suffering from severe headaches. A Dr. Borja examined her and reportedly located an implant deep within her brain case. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1993, citing Fabio Picasso).

May 19, 1993; Kenyon, RI
10:20 PM. On a misty night a woman was abducted into a 50 foot wide saucer-shaped object and kept there for five hours. Inside she was met by two three foot tall humanoids. She reported that she was later transported back to her house via a blue beam of coherent light. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1993, case # 2389, citing UFO Newsclipping Service, issue # 268).

May 20, 1993; Ottawa, CANADA
Airliner crew from Flight 112 saw dark blue, metallic-appearing triangular object (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section III).

May 26, 1993; Hayes, England
10:45 PM. A very fast moving disc-shaped object stopped and hovered over the Barnhill schoolyard. It then vanished in place. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, July 1993).

May 28, 1993; Near Victoria, Entre Rios province, Argentina
10:20 PM. Four witnesses noticed a bright light floating very close to the ground within a wooded area. It rose above the treetops and illuminated the ground with a powerful beam of light. Its movements were erratic and sometimes slow, and it soon disappeared from sight. After ten minutes another four witnesses arrived and the craft returned, this time closer to their position. It seemed to float about five meters above the ground. Using binoculars they were able to see several very tall human-like silhouettes, about 2.7 meters in height, moving around on the ground in front of the light. A similar object was seen the next day in the same woods. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1993, citing Raul Oscar Fantini).

June-November  1993; Antelope Valley, CA
Numerous sightings, photographs reportedly taken (NICAP UFO Evidence II, Section VIII).

June 8, 1993; Antelope Valley, CA
Round UFO with satellite objects (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section X).

June 9, 1993; Lawrenceville, IL
Dusk. A man, his and two children, saw (one hour before sunset) a large silver-colored blimp or cigar in the east. Object was stationary when two jets under it at very high speed. "Blimp" went straight up, after jets passed, then returned to original position, then  travelled slowly to the SE. Duration: 15 minutes. (UPRO, Unexplained Phenomena Research Organization, Jerry Sievers files)
June 14, 1993; Piketon, OH
11:00 AM. Pete Hartinger had been notified by an individual who had called the Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base that a UFO had been sighted. The base gave Pete's hotline number to her. The caller was the mother of the boy who had been a_witness to the sighting.  Pete handed off the case to Delbert Anderson. The witness, a 12 yr. old boy living near Waverly, Ohio, was finishing mowing the lawn at his home when suddenly his dog began barking furiously and the dog's hair stood on end. The witness was facing away from the direction in which the dog waa barking and when he turned around, much to his surprise, he saw an object hovering over the field which borders his home. Due to the fact that the fact that there were no reference points available to tell the exact distances and sizes it is difficult to tell exact parameters of the UFO. In any event, the witness described an object having three. levels. The first two levels from the top down were described as a dome-shaped object and then a flattened  oval in the middle. Both of these levels had a greyish-white color. The third level was described as a flattened oval shape which was black in color. They re-enacted the sequence of the sighting and determined that it was in sight for about 5-10 seconds. When the objject took off  it executed a loop and disappeared in the distance. The boy had called his mother at her workplace shortly after the experience. When she arrived home at lunchtime she found both the boy and his dog hiding in the corner of the home, scared to death. (Sourcve: RUFOS, bj: Delbert Anderson, chief invest* S, Ohio MOPON A9st. St. Dir./ Animal Reaction case, Joan Woodward)

July 9, 1993; Bishopstone, England
7:00 PM. A domed disc-shaped object, looking like a Mexican sombrero with light all the way around its rim, was seen by several witnesses. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, January 1994).


July 13, 1993; Kendallville, IN
9:30 PM. Knopp sighting. Noble County Sheriff's Department was alerted to UFO sightings. The object was observed at approximately 9:30 hours and described as a dark object with numerous red lights, flying at a very low altitude, heading in a NW direction. One preliminary report suggests the object was less than 50' off the ground. (MUFON Indiana, Form M, SD/FI Fran Ridge)

July 13, 1993; 8 mi. so. of Albion, IN
Bt. 9:00 & 915 PM. (16 mi. south of Ligonier). The wife and son saw an object AND lights. It was described as oval behind two red lights, size of object not determined. The object passed overhead on a continuous flight path. The husband heard it, but couldn't understand why he could not see the helicopter. (Anderson case. MUFON Indiana, Form M, not investigated, FI Bruce Engstrom)

July 13, 1993; Ligonier, IN
Bt. 9:00 PM & 9:20 PM. Krider (confidential) sighting. Kenneled dogs barking during 20 minute sighting of 3 rotating lights. (Animal Reaction cases, Joan Woodward). Five minutes. Upon returninq from an auction in Ligonier and about 4 miles south of that city the car with four witnesses encountered several bright red-orange lights through the trees directly in front of them. They originally thought that the lights were some form of train light, because they knew the train tracks were just a short ways ahead, As they continued on south and approached the tracks, they couldn't tell if the lights were moving, but noticed a freight train going west. When they stopped the car to wait for the train they observed the lights above and slightly behind the train to their right. The lights, which did not blink or move at all at this point, covered an area of the sky longer than the length of one box car, and positioned about 2-3 times that height. This would put the lights at around 25 feet above the ground and 400-600' away. After the train passed, they drove over the tracks and stopped about a tenth of a mile down the road and jumped out of the car. The lights were behind them, back towards the train tracks to their right, After a couple of minutes the lights slowly drifted west. No sound was ever heard at any time. (MUFON Indiana, FI's Bruce Engstrom & Robert Taylor)

July 13, 1993; 2-1/3 miles ESE of Cromwell, IN
9:20 PM. (15-20 minutes after the Kxxxxxx sighting at Ligonier) The Krider woman's mother saw the same lights in the south as she let one of her dogs out. By then all four dogs were barking loudly. Then the primary witness arrived and she and her mother and her two teenage children watched the lights to the south, about l/8th to l/4th of a mile away, moving very slowly to the right in a northwesterly direction. When the lights reached a clearing they appeared to rotate (as one unit) and angle away at great speed. The two leading lights were closer together. Attempts were made to find possible witnesses from the train, but were unsuccessful. (MUFON Indiana, FI's Bruce Engstrom & Robert Taylor)

July 13, 1993; Churubusco, IN
9:00 PM. Pollack sighting. Three helicopters with red lights and noise that vibrated the house passed directly over the witness. (MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Engstrom)

July 13, 1993; 5 mi. So. of Ligonier, IN
9:05 PM. Glasson sighting. The primary sighting mentioried by the newspapers. The wife saw them first, later up close (within 40 yards), while driving home. She originally feared that they might be on a firetruck near her home. When she reached home about 5 minutes later the stationary object consisted of two flashing red lights only, about 120' away and 20 feet above the ground. The lights seemed to be 30-40' apart <3-4" at arm's length). There was no sound heard as the object lit up the ground as it hovered below the top of the nearest tree, As she pulled into her driveway she noticed a couple of cars had stopped on the road and watching as well. The witness then ran into the house to get her husband and son, who saw nothing at first until they moved to another location. They also got to see the lights, but by then they had moved from their original position to about 190 yards away and were only very bright, flashing red lights now at about 200' altitude and in the distance.

July 13, 1993; 3-1/2 mi. so. of Ligonier, IN
9:30 PM. Two teenagers (one the 15-year-old daughter of the woman above, Glasson) were driving south on Sparta Lake Road saw several red lights moving at a low altitude and making a humming sound. They stopped and got out of their car to watch as the lights maneuvered over farm buildings and then go behind some trees. Source: MUFON investigations files, cases 931244J and 931245J, MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Engstrom).

July 13, 1993; 7 mi. N-NE of Columbia City, IN
9:15-9:30 PM. Baker sighting. A man and his neighbor reported points of light only. No sound reported or expected at this greater range estimated by the witness(es) at 1/2. mile. The lights were in view for about two minutes and were thought to be very low, abou 100'. (MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Engstrom)

July 13, 1993; Syracuse, IN
9:15-9:30 PM. Michael sighting. Three helicopters with noise, but nearly quiet, range two city blocks. (Form M, MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Engstrom)

July 13, 1993; Whitley County, IN
9:30 PM. Rowe sighting. Witness not contacted. This man said in a newspaper interview, "It had lights, it was quiet, it was low and it was slow." He and his 14-year-old son were watching the Major League Oil-Star baseball game when they saw a group of six to eight red lights outside. "It was so weird because it was so quiet." It reportedly hovered about tree level. (MUFON Indiana)

July 13, 1993; Cromwell, IN
9:30 +. Three people traveling south on Rte. 3 saw a number of lights that appeared to be a multi-colored oval-shaped UFO. It made a whining noise. (Source: MUFON investigations files, cases 931244J and 931245J, MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Engstrom).
July 13, 1993;  3-1/2 miles south of Ligonier, IN
9:30 PM. The 15-year-old daughter of the witnesses in another case (Glasson), along with her boyfriend, had seen the lights. He had dropped her off in the driveway and she came running into her home. Her mother said, "She looked like she'd seen a ghost and said, 'You wouldn't believe what we just saw.' I said, 'Oh yes I would.'" They had been about a mile and a half away from her home when they had first seen the flashing red lights. The lights were moving, not hovering. fit one point the lights were about 50' apart and began to slowly circle a metal barn. The lights were very bright, so bright an object in-between could not be discerned, ft low pitched hum could be heard at this closest approach which was at about 50 yards, ftfter about two minutes the sighting ended when, after one slow circling of the barn, the two lights suddenly got closer together indicating a rapid departure in a westerly direction. The young couple then went home to tell her parents, whom had just witnessed the strange themselves. (MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Engstrom)

July 13, 1993; Cromwell, IN
9:30 PM. Priestley sighting. A mother and her son were driving to Cromwell and observed an oval pattern of pulsating red lights in a straight line. A few minutes later they arrived home at their trailer and the lights were right over it, covering a little less than the same length of the 60' trailer, or an area about 50' long. The lights were 5-10 feet above the trailer. Her son's eyes are better and he described blue lights in-between the red ones. The red ones all brightened and dimmed at the same time. A one point the straight line row of lights separated into two equal rows moving left and right, then floated away in unison (as if they were part of the same object) and headed toward Cromwell. There was a high-pitched whine with this sighting which was witnessed by two people and at less than 30' away! (MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Engstrom)

July 13, 1993; 3 mi. east of Syracuse, IN
9:15-9:30 PM. Mxxxxx sighting. Cigar-shaped object with red body lights maneuvered at low level.  (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section I).. This man, a private pilot, was on his porch and heard a dynamo humming sound. He went to his backyard and saw a multi-colored cigar-shaped object drift slowly toward the west, rise up 50-70 feet, and then drift to the north. It passed in front of trees, and then behind some more trees and was gone from view. <>Blimp or cigar-shaped craft that was 100' long and 50-100' off the ground. He had it in sight for 5-minutes and said it had a pulsating hum associated with it. The object moved on a continuous flight path, hovered, moved. (Source: MUFON investigation files, case 931243J, MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Engstrom)

July 13, 1993; 2-1/2 mi. east of Ligonier, IN
9:30 PM.  "I just carne out of the barn when I noticed an object with a lot of big cherry red slow pulsating lights flying close to the treetops." They were flying from the south to the north, coming his way. He reported that he thought the object was an aircraft about to crash. The object turned and headed west. He said he went running down the driveway, watching it until it was out of sight. No sound reported. The altitude was estimated at 200-400', range 2-1/2 miles. Observed for 1-2 mins. (MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Engstrom)

July 13, 1993; Wolf Lake, IN
9:30 PM. Myers sighting. Four members of the family were returning from a 4-H function in their pickup and saw three flashing red lights in the SW moving parallel to their movement and heading NW. The distance between the individual lights varied, indicating they were separate objects. No sound was heard due to distance (est. 2 miles) and the radio being on. When they arrived home 10-15 minutes later they saw two red objests that were KNOWN to  be helicopters coming from the east and heading SE-SW. Helicopters could clearly be heard. Investigation indicated two separate incidents; first UFOs, then IFOs. (MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Engstrom)

July 13, 1993; Cromwell, IN
9:35 PM. Taylor sighting. All three witnesses were teenagers and reported two separate sightings. One girl began to scream uncontrollably when she first saw the lights because she did not understand what they were. Both girls admitted to being afraid during their experience. The boy tried to make light of it at the time by saying that it was probably "just a UFO", trying to calrn the girls down. However, he was serious all during the interview. They reported red lights behind some trees which were about 330 feet away and to their left. They weren't certain how far the lights were beyond the trees, however. About 3/4 mile down the road they had their second encounter. They all observed two red lights, not unusually bright, each about the size of a quarter at arm's length and separated by about the length of two standard size cars placed end to end. They came from the left (SE), passed almost directly overhead, and passed to their right (NW). They heard no sound. The altitude was estimated to be about tree-top level, placing it about 30-40 feet off the ground. There was no shape or structure seen between the lights! Both sightings together probably never lasted longer than a two minutes. The lights went behind some trees and were not seen again. (MUFON Indiana, FI's Bruce Engstrom & Robert Taylor)

July 13, 1993; 4-1/2 mi. so. of Albion, IN
9:30 PM. Rowland sighting. A man and another witness reported red points of light and, no sound. Estimated range: 2 miles. Altitude: 1,000'. Duration: 5 mins. (MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Engstrom)

July 13, 1993; Kimmel, IN
9:35 PM. Mangus sighting. This sighting took place within 2 miles of the primary sighting area. This particular lady was heading home and saw two bright red lights flashing alternately over a tree. When she pulled into her driveway the garage door opener only went part way up (worked perfect after the sighting), so she left the car in the driveway and ran in to get her husband to see the lights. They both observed the lights at close range, at around 250', altitude 40'. The report describes two red rectangular lights that blinked, but stayed relative to one another while slowly floating away. There was no sound reported. (MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Engstrom)

July 13, 1993: Ligonier, IN
9:40 PM. The Stoner sighting.. Here we have to rely on press accounts, for the Ligonier police officers who reported what they saw to the media refuse to file a report with MUFON. (This could be pressure from the department). However, their simultaneous report to the media lends credence to the primary report. They said they saw a quiet, low-flying object with red lights on it near West Noble High School.They also thought it was an aircraft in trouble at first, but then realized it was too quiet to be an airplane or a helicopter. "We saw this great big object, maybe like a 747 (jet)", one of them said. "We followed it for a while, (then) we stopped the car. There was no sound or anything." The other officer said all he could see were two red flashing lights just above the tree line. "I'm not convinced it was an extraterrestrial aircraft", he said. "A dark as it was, I can't say what it was." (MUFON Indiana, press)

July 13, 1993; E. of Topeka, IN
10:30 PM. Yoder sighting. Dogs were barking, which drew the attention of the witness, who saw a "half a football", 100-150' long and 20-30' thick which hovered very low over the Elkhart River within 100-200 yards of the witness for 20 minutes. The witness said he fired a rifle at it but heard no reaction from the craft! He,tried to photograph it but he had no film in his camera. The craft was stationary, started moving and moved on a continuous flight path. Needless to say, there are many questions needing answers on this one!  (MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Enstrom)

July 13, 1993; Nr. Columbia City, IN
Evening. DeHaven sighting. An engineer at Dana Corp. in Cherubusco, said he was on Whitley County Road 550 ENE of Columbia City, when he saw what he thought were three helicopters flying in formation. But something wasn't quite right. He, like others who claimed to have seen the object, said he didn't hear the loud noise associated with helicopters or aircraft. "I stopped my truck and looked," he said. "When I first saw it, it was very spooky. It was a little freaky when you looked at it." (MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Engstrom, not investigated).

July 13, 1993; Cherubusco, IN
Evening. McGuire sighting. Had been inside watching the All Star Game on TV, about the third or fourth inning. It wasn't dark yet and he heard a noise outside. He went out to see four helicopters go almost straight overhead. All had red lights, but very quiet. Observed for about two minutes.Height was about 2-1/2 times tree-top level and he could easily see the bodies of all four aircarft, olive drab and no markings.  (MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Engstrom)

July 13, 1993; south of Ligonier, IN
Evening. Alcala sighting. On Route 33 near Kimmel. Red lights were so bright they woke him up. No details but somehow connected with Angel Taylor sighting. (MUFON Indiana, FI Bruce Engstrom, not investigated)


July 20, 1993; Antelope Valley, CA
Round UFO with satellite objects (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section X).

July 24, 1993; Dundee, Scotland
10:30 PM. A man saw a spherical object low in the sky. It glowed with a strange intensity 100 feet above the ground, and then began to ascend. After several minutes it lost its blinding intensity, split into two, then split again into two groups of 3-4 lights, all white. (Source: Ron Halliday, UFO Scotland: The Secret History of Scotland's UFO Phenomenon, p. 143).

July 24, 1993; Chaumes-en-Brie, France
11:00 PM. Four metallic discs were sighted in the sky. Each object was encircled by a different color of lights. They hovered for 15 minutes, then flew off quickly to the north. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue # 320).

July 25, 1993; Warsaw, Poland
3:40 AM. A dome-shaped object 4 meters in diameter followed two witnesses home. They videotaped the object circling their house. The next day unexplained new marks on their skin suggested to them that they had been abducted. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue no. 326).

July 26, 1993: Plymouth, Scotland
Night. A witness reported seeing a dark object hovering close to the ground. It had four bright lights on its top and multicolored lights below. It illuminated the ground with a red glow. Several figures were seen moving around, apparently in front of the object. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1993, case # 1552, citing Vivienne Olbison, UFO Magazine (UK), Vol. 12, No. 3).

July 27, 1993; Calabona Beach, Sardinia, Italy
9:00 PM. A dozen witnesses sighted a strange object resembling a "balloon" flying over the beach. At first it resembled a round black object that hovered, then it changed to an oblong, irregular shape. The witnesses ran closer and saw the object enlarging as it flew away from the area. It now looked like a helicopter with a red pulsating light. (Source: Italian UFO Reporter, October 10, 1996).

Aug. 5, 1993; Baca in the San Luis Valley, CO
2:00 AM +. The daughter of a UFO investigator watched two silent helicopter-shaped craft hover outside her bedroom window in the town of Baca in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. A beam of red light passed from one helicopter to the other. (Source: Christopher O'Brien, The Mysterious Valley, p. 186).

Aug. 8, 1993;  near Narre Warren North, Victoria, Australia
1:00 AM. Three carloads of people, including the principal witness 27-year-old Kelly Cahill, her husband and three children encountered a huge disc-shaped object hovering low above a field by the roadside. It had what appeared to be orange-lighted windows around the bottom. Humanoid figures were seen moving about inside. Their next conscious memory was seeing the object suddenly shoot away at high speed. Later, as they approached their home, they saw a tall dark figure standing on the side of the road. Later they were able to recall how they had stopped their vehicle and gotten out to approach the large UFO. To their surprise, they noticed another car stopped at the side of the road. As they walked down toward the craft, they saw a seven-foot tall black figure with huge fiery red eyes appear in the field. The figure began moving slowly towards them, apparently gliding. Kelly panicked and began yelling hysterically "they have no souls!" when suddenly dozens of similar beings appeared and began moving quickly towards the group of witnesses. The aliens were beneath the immense flying craft. They seemed to congregate in small groups; one group glided toward Kelly and her husband covering a hundred yards in a mere few seconds. Another group approached the other car, which sat motionless near the hovering craft. Kelly had a sense that the creatures were evil. She clung to her husband, fighting the feeling of blacking out, but at this point all of the witnesses blacked out. Their next conscious recall was being in their car watching the object shoot away. The occupants of the other vehicle would later come forward and tell almost exactly the same story: a story of abduction, mind control, and embarrassing medical procedures. Kelly recalled through dreams that one of the black aliens stooped over her naked body like he was kissing her navel. That night, when Kelly undressed for bed, she noticed a strange triangular mark on her navel, a mark she had never seen before. Kelly suffered from general malaise for the next two weeks, and was taken to the hospital on two occasions, one for severe stomach pains, and another for a uterine infection. The witnesses all had a two 2 hour time lapse. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1993, case # 1865, citing Bill Chalker, International UFO Reporter, Volume 19, Number 5).

Aug. 9, 1993; near Cherryville, NC
5:00 PM. A very large, fat cigar-shaped object, "battleship gray" in color, was observed from State Route 150 just over some trees. It crossed the highway close to the car without making a sound. Two cars were involved in the incident. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, April 1994).

Aug. 10, 1993; Norman, OK    
Dogs barked, light passed (excitement of witnesses a factor?)
Aug. 11, 1993; Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
10:45 PM. Three witnesses saw several dark triangular objects and a batwing-shaped object speed overhead. (Source: David Thacker, International UFO Reporter, May-June 1994, p. 6).
Aug. 27, 1993; McDonald County, MO
4:45 PM. A 30-foot long football-shaped object flew over a tree 100 meters away from the witness, making a humming sound. Farm animals were frightened by the object. (Source: Francis Ridge, UFO Intelligence Newsletter; Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 16161).

Aug. 29, 1993; between Crouse and Cherryville, NC
4:30 AM. A motorist chased a domed disc-shaped object in his car for 12 minutes.  A videotape of the domed object he made with his camcorder was evaluated by MUFON. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, November 1993).

Sept. 5, 1993: Depoe Bay, OR
Cat indifferent to glowing, yellow orange object. (Animal Recation case, Joan Woodward).

Sept. 7, 1993; Ile de Groix, France
No time given. A delta-shaped craft hovered low over a field. Directly under the object several small, thin, shadowy figures were seen gliding about just above the ground. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue 323).

Sept. 26, 1993; Osceola, MO
1:45 AM. Young man left girlfriend's home in pouring rain, encountered lights he thought was car in trouble off the highway. Upon stopping he noticed four lights that rose and passed over his vehicle and caused a squeal on his AM radio. Detailed 6-page report. (Amateur UFOlogy News, Oct. 1993)

Oct. 21, 1993; Byrds, IL
6:45 PM. A veterinarian.and a friend had seen two UFOs somewhere between Byrds & Chauncy, IL, on the Embarrass River. It wasn't a close encounter, but the anomalistic motion would rule out conventional objects. If the objects were as high up as suggested, the speeds would have been very great. Two objects, high up and apparently caught in the light of the setting suns rays, described as points of light, danced around in circles. One disappeared and the other. (MUFON Indiana, FI Jerry Sievers).

Nov. 3, 1993; Benton County, MO
6:30 PM. Several minute observation by two sets of independent witness points, describing in detail an object 100 yards in diameter at 2500' with lower surface features.  This immense circular object had a humming sound and turned with no banking. Four-page report provided at the link above. (Amateur UFOlogy News, Jan 1994)

Nov. 15, 1993; near Baltimore, MD
7:45 PM. On US highway 74, a house-sized ovoid UFO nearly runs a car with a single witness off the road. The UFO hovered, then shot up into the sky. (Source: MUFON case investigations database, case 931216E)

Nov. 26, 1993; Riverside, CA
7:45 PM. A witness driving reported seeing an object whirl around in the sky, then land about 200 feet from his car. A door opened on the top of the craft and several persons came out. They appeared to be normal looking humans. He heard them talking, and when they apparently noticed him they entered the craft and left. The witness believes that what he saw was a crashed alien spacecraft recovered by the U.S. military and now being manned by the government. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1993, case # 2839, citing UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World).

Nov. 29, 1993; nr Eisenhower Tunnel, CO
11:00 PM. A couple were driving on a flat, straight portion of the highway when they noticed a bright red star-like light moving slowly across the sky. The light stopped and shot straight down below the horizon. Moments later the same object approached their car and then began pacing them, positioning itself directly overhead. The object paced their car for ten miles, and then shot away out of sight. A short while later they started hearing static on their car radio and when they looked behind they saw a fast approaching bright reddish-white light. The UFO quickly closed with their vehicle and now could be made out as a glowing white, disc-shaped craft. The driver accelerated to 90 mph but the object kept pace. As he watched in the rear view mirror a figure appeared at the front of the object. The figure was very thin and had a large head with huge slanted eyes. The being's body was dark but its eyes were a bright yellow color. At this point the driver heard a voice in his head telling him that he would not be harmed, that "they" were only interested in studying him and his female companion. A period of "missing time" occurred shortly thereafter. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1993, case # 1837, citing Phillip J. Imbrogno, UFO Universe, Winter 1995).

Dec. 1, 1993; Baca Ranch, CO
8:45 PM. Author and UFO investigator Christopher O'Brien videotaped 7 or 8 aircraft--probably helicopters--escorting a large unblinking flying sphere. Mr. O'Brien and another witness watched with the aid of night vision goggles as the objects maneuvered around and over the Sangre de Cristo mountains. An unblinking craft, escorted by three helicopters, was sighted an hour later near Gunnison, Colorado. (Sources: (1) Christopher O'Brien, The Mysterious Valley, p. 202; (2) Paul Ferrughelli, Computer Catalog of UFO Reports, 1988-1994, case 1636).

Dec. 4, 1993; nr. Indianapolis, IN
5:30 p.m. Unidentified aircraft sighted by commercial pilot or pilot of business jet. Emergency situation which caused re-routing of traffic. (Fran Ridge)

Dec. 5, 1993; Arras, Pas d' Calais, France
7:20 PM. Several white ovoid UFOs with counter-clockwise orbiting satellite balls of light covered a four-lane highway for 15 minutes. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue # 322).

Dec. 9, 1993; Walpole, NH
7:15 PM. Just after dark, the witness saw a UFO settle down on a snowy field just across the road from her house. Several undescribed "aliens" exited the object and appeared to jump across the field with large leaps. They approached the witness house, and then looked in a window. The frightened witness hid. The beings then returned to their "ship" and apparently left. No traces were found at the landing site. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1993, case # 2650, citing UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World).

Dec. 12, 1993; North Somercotes, Lincolnshire, England
4:30 PM. Many people reported sighting several silent delta-shaped UFOs and lights hovering over nearby roads. Television sets reportedly changed channels without cause. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, March 1994).

Dec. 31, 1993; Yanchep, Western Australia
1:00 AM. An object that looked like a globe on a pedestal followed two people in a car for several kilometers near the shoreline, before flying off. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, March 1994)


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