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UAP  Intelligence  SIGHTING  Summary  for  2014

Updated 20 Feb 2018   

Reports Count
12/2014 495
11/2014 529
10/2014 778
09/2014 816
08/2014 906
07/2014 1077
06/2014 767
05/2014 649
04/2014 658
03/2014 508
02/2014 541
01/2014 707

January. 1, 2014; Liberty, MO
1:10 AM. The witness is a retired Air Force pilot and retired commercial pilot. He called this in because he did  not want his name made public, but the event was so strange that he felt that someone  should know about it. He was traveling home with his wife on Highway 152 near Liberty, MO after a New Year party when they both noticed a large chevron shaped craft to the NW of their position that was very low and appeared to be hovering. The craft was stationary and almost completely sideways, meaning that they saw the top or bottom of the craft as the wing portions were pointing almost directly vertical. It was similar in shape to the Stealth bomber but had elongated wings that bent back towards the rear. The craft was a dark grey or black color and had rounded edges along all of the sides. There were yellow/gold dull lights on the tips of the wings, which brightened and dulled several times. He saw no red or green lights on the craft, which indicates that it was not a conventional aircraft. He began to slow down because he was concerned. The craft moved only slightly as it hovered. His wife asked him what it could be but he had no explanation. Then the object disappeared and reappeared almost instantly (1 second) closer to them, only approximately 60' ahead of them and 30' to the side of the road. There were no other cars on the road at the time which he found odd given that it was New Year's Eve. He and his wife only had one glass of wine earlier in the evening so were not under the influence of alcohol. What happened next he cannot explain and has been wrestling with it since the event occurred. They were suddenly driving down their own street which is three miles from where they saw the craft and it was an hour later! "I do not have any recollection as to how we got from the highway to our street nor what happened for an hour when we should have been home within a few minutes. We both felt very tired suddenly and went directly to bed, then woke up very late the next day at around 1:00 p.m. which is not normal for either of us as we are early risers. We went about our business as usual that day, but later that night while watching television my wife asked me if I remembered seeing that strange craft last night and I suddenly remembered the event. This entire thing concerns me greatly and I'm confused about what we saw, and what happened to us during the hour of missing time. I have not spoken to anyone I know about it but needed to talk to someone and that is why I called because it has been weighing heavily on my mind. I would like to know if this has happened to anyone else." (MUFON 53836)

January 17, 2014; Kansas City, Kansas
10:40 PM. Single witness driving in car saw triangular object with multi-colored lights on the underside. Object remained stationary somewhat above treetop level throughout sighting. Through windows on leading edge, two Caucasian-looking humanoids with light brown hair and grey uniforms could be seen standing. Object about 31-100 feet in size; no sound or trail. Some lights were steady, others blinked. Duration: Not given. (MUFON 53715)

January 30, 2014; Redmond, Oregon
5:00 AM. Witness driving home from gym saw large (“as a house”) disc-shaped object hovering silently above a field. Witness stopped car and observed object from about 500 feet away. UFO had approximately 10 flashing red lights on leading edge and a “tail” section. No other features were seen. After some moments, UFO sped away.  Witness believes his presence was responsible for UFO’s departure. Duration not given.  (MUFON Case 53805)
February 3, 2014; Wellsville, OH
8:00 PM. The sky was very clear and the moon fairly bright. Witness heard very loud jet like sounds start up all of the sudden so much so that it rattled the windows. He got up and looked out his window and noticed  a red light going straight up and straight down repeatedly, then it stopped. That's when he noticed a second red light in the sky next to it and this one started going from side to side and side repeatedly, then it stopped. Then, all of a sudden the cloud lit up bright white and above the cloud he could see a rectangular-like or blimp-like object light up and its white light flashed on and off about 10 he watched the thing fly across the sky. It was bigger than his house and maybe 200 ft off the ground. There were power lines and those were 500 feet tall and the object was lower to the ground than these. He also has a couple big oak trees out there and it was just above the tops of the oak trees and those are maybe a 150' tall. The first one went up and down again once then he heard the jet like sound start up again and he saw a white cloud form above his house. It flew across sky as it flashed on and off. (MUFON 61846)

February 6, 2014, Norcross, Georgia
2:45 a.m. While traveling home from Atlanta, driving on I-85N, a man and his partner witnessed the bright (white) lights of what appeared to be a low-flying aircraft. They first noticed it as they drove under Jimmy Carter Blvd overpass in Norcross, Georgia, turning a slight corner in the highway. At first sighting, they both assumed it was a low-flying airplane. Because of the bright white lights (and also because it seemed to be stationary), they both assumed the aircraft was flying directly toward them. As they approached the lights, they both noticed the strange, rectangular row of lights, commenting that it wasn't an airplane (that it was too low) and nervously joked that it was a UFO because neither of them could identify the type of craft. As their vehicle approached the exit for Indian Trail-Lilburn (the next exit from Jimmy Carter Blvd), it became clear that it definitely wasn't any known aircraft because it was hovering and completely still. The craft was hovering near a short tower right before Indian Trail exit, and as they passed underneath, he glanced up to see its triangular shape. The craft was pointed North to Northeast, had several white lights along the bottom side of the triangle's perimeter, including the rear side, which also had a single, red light at the rear. Because he was in the left-most lane (not including the HOV lane), he didn't have time to traverse the number of lanes to his right in order to take the Indian Trail exit (to get a better look at the craft). He had to take the Beaver Ruin Road exit, which was 1-2 miles away. They kept their sights on the craft via the rear and side view mirrors of the vehicle, but lost sight of it once they were too far away. He took the Beaver Ruin exit, making a U-turn of sorts, and got onto 1-85 South. They searched the skies for the craft, but by the time they had made the turn-around, the craft had already disappeared. (MUFON Case 53948)

February 16, 2014; ???, Missouri
7:15 PM. Witness was walking his dog and was looking up and saw an object in the sky. He then heard a humming or buzzing-like sound. He kept watching and the object made a sharp turn to his left and quickly disappeared.The craft was long, between one hundred to three hundred feet, and had some windows down the sides, but he was unable to see if there was a cockpit. Duration ???  (MUFON 54110)

February 18, 2014; Chandler, IN
8:45 PM. Witness had walked outside to his truck, then noticed something unusual above the field at the end of the road. A lighted object, much larger than a commercial aircraft, was hovering over the tree line. He lost the object behind the trees for a moment when he took some items from the truck, inside, When he went back outside, the object had started ascending upward slowly like a leaf falling, sometimes zig zagging back and forth as it ascended. He yelled for his wife to check it out and she witnessed it traveling upward in a zig zag fashion. It finally disappeared behind a cloud. After his wife went back inside, When he turned around on the porch to go inside he saw an identical object in the sky to the NW ASCENDING in the same leaf like manner. 10 mins. (MUFON 54145)

March 2, 2014; North Port, Florida
6:30 PM. A graphic artist watching some blackbirds flying southwest suddenly observed metallic sphere about 10 to 20 feet in diameter fly by to the northwest at a distance of 200 to 300 feet and a speed faster than that of a small airplane. UFO had a gold-copper color and a shiny surface that reflected its surroundings. No sound heard or apparent method of propulsion seen. 20 secs. (MUFON Case 54562)
March 6 Wyoming Cheyenne, Wyoming
9:40 p.m. Some five to 10 miles south of Cheyenne, Wyoming, two men driving north along I-25 in a pickup truck spotted three greenish-yellow lights in the sky ahead of them and slightly to their right, moving in a southerly direction. Initially the lights were oriented horizontally and flashing, and the witnesses thought they were observing a C-130 from nearby Francis E. Warren Air Force Base. Abruptly, however, the lights rotated into a vertical orientation, alarming the men, who now believed a C-130 crash near them was imminent. The truck accelerated down the highway in response, but the lights then assumed a 45-degree angle, seemed to bank toward the truck, and disappeared from view above its roof (unfortunately, the truck had no sunroof). At this point, the witnesses—believing the lights part of a single object—estimated it was about 500 feet away. The driver rolled down his window and assayed a quick look out, but saw nothing due to the roof, while the passenger observed the object to be continuing its southward course. The UFO was soundless throughout the encounter, and no structure was observed between the lights. 2 mins (MUFON Case 54501)

March 8, 2014; Richmond, Virginia
11:24 PM. A witness out walking dogs observed lights in the shape of a large rectangle hovering about a mile in altitude. Three or four “flares” shot downwardly from what presumably was the “bottom” of the rectangle; simultaneously, he saw three small lights to the left of the rectangle shoot across the sky and merge with it. He was able to take one blurry photograph with his cellphone, and shortly thereafter the lights flew off at a great velocity. 10 mins. (MUFON Case 64410)

March 14, 2014; St. Louis, MO
5:20 AM. The witness was driving to work on Hwy 64 westbound around Washington Park. Spotted a large triangular object hovering just under the clouds. It was still twilight so the only thing he could see was the orange glow of the light being omitted from the craft which was three lights. One large bar and two orbs to the "rear". It was facing NE east then pivoted E tilted 20 degrees and rose through the clouds. This lasted for about 5 min. Also judging by distance and height compared to the St. Louis arch it must have been a mile in diameter. (MUFON 56292)

March 14, 2014; Prospect, OH
6:03 AM.  Chevron shaped craft flew over barn. Orange glow lit up solid from tip to tip. Seemed to speed up out of sight to NE in less than 6 sec. No sounds. Witness was was waiting for some kind of sound. Nothing. (MUFON 54679)

March 16, 2014; ???, OH
1:15 AM. Witness stepped outside to smoke and looked straight south from his porch & noticed what seemed to be a large flock of birds that were glowing and moving in his direction & as it progressed N it passed directly over his head at a very high altitude. He could see the space between the lights (which were round and a weird yellowish orange with a diffused white background) seemed to be shaped like an outline of a birds wing. It seemed to be connected to similar shaped pieces of craft to make a double-row of lights in front and along sides in a singular line. Looked be be V-shaped while looking south but when it got overhead it looked like a fat twinkie traveling fast and direct. The witness stated that It would have taken 100 airliners to span that amount of space at that altitude. He ran around to the other side of the house and watched it continue North.The shape of the grill stood out between the lights though it was the only real part that did not get blurred by the strange glowing lights. No pulsing or blinking occurred. No sounds. Witness had10 years of military service and had spent years on an aircraft carrier & had seen a lot of aircraft, "but never this sized which really was freaking amazing."  He described the grill as a black "X" but the lines  curved making them look like wings which was a pattern across the front. When overhead, he had raised his hand straight out, and and it wouldn't cover it. (MUFON 54835)

March 18, 2014; Austintown, OH
8:20 PM. While traveling east on I-76 crossing over the Meander Creek Reservoir Bridge the witness observed two distant orange lights in the sky. The two lights seemed to be stationary. As he came closer to the S.R. 46 overpass he noticed that the lights were slightly moving. After he crossed under the overpass, he looked up and to the left (north) and observed two black triangles to be seemingly gliding at about 200-330 feet off the ground. The second triangle appeared to be approximately 30-50 feet behind the first and slightly higher. Both were gliding without any noise; not typical for flying objects, especially this low to the ground. The objects were also making a slight left turn (north) passing over S.R. 46. The BTs were traveling with the flat end forward, point to the rear. The front two corners each had an orange light, with no light on the rear tip. Both objects appeared to be the same in size, color, and flight. After turning around approximately a half mile down the road on I-680, he returned to the area of S.R. 46 at I-680 (approximately 1-2 minutes) and did not see the objects again. He remained in the area for another twenty minutes but did not see anything else. Skies were partly cloudy, but clear in the viewing area, winds approximately 4 mph blowing southeast. The area of observation was well lit with building and streetlights, and contained heavy amounts of traffic. Witness is 33 years old, a military veteran of 9 years, and police officer of 11 years. 1-2 mins. (MUFON 54801)

March 19, 2014; Perth, Australia, NNE 23
9:13 AM WST.  The ATSB has commenced an investigation into a serious incident, near collision with  an unknown object involving a De Havilland DHC-8, VH-XFX near Perth Airport, Western Australia. While passing 4,000 ft on descent the crew observed an unknown object tracking directly towards the aircraft. The crew maneuvered the aircraft to maintain separation. As part of the investigation the ATSB will interview the aircrew. A report will be released within several months." - This ATSB preliminary report goes on to provide general details as follows. * See NARCAP report.

March 26, 2014; Oaklandon, IN
10:30 PM. Witness was heading ENE on Hwy 67 in Oaklandon and had just left a restaurant after celebrating his godfather's birthday. The road curves north for a brief moment, and he noticed three really bright lights in a triangular pattern to his NE. He thought, "It's just a plane, but that's really low." He started looking at it more and more as he got closer, and as the road bends back to the NE, was able to see several more, smaller lights (but not of any color, and no red or green light signaling any sort of wing) around the three large lights, which he could then tell were pulsating. He couldn't make out any sort of lines that would give off the shape of the object. He came to the stoplight between McCordsville and Oaklandon (it was red), so he turned the heater and radio off and rolled down his window to see if he could hear anything. By this point, the object was slightly behind and to the left of him. It couldn't have been more than a few hundred feet away from him, but it was absolutely silent. (MUFON 54981)

March 30, 2014; Kokomo, IN
1:30 AM.  Witness was driving down Markland by Markland Mall and 31 when he noticed a shining circular disk in the sky, He pulled over to make sure of what he was seeing and it started spinning faster, and two other disks came out and formed a triangular shape while continuing to spin. "They dispersed millions of 'ball-like' things which were glowing, then disks flew off very quickly and the glowing balls vanished," 2 mins. (NUFORC)

March 30, 2014; O'Fallon, MO
10:30 PM. The man and his friend were bow fishing near Dalbow Rd., off of Highway 79, when they got lost following the stream, moving to different landmarks. They ended up finding a road, but had to cross a stream, and got soaked. They followed this road left and saw in the distance a little, tiny house. Then about a quarter mile up they found the actual house, and saw who must've been the owner leave about 5 minutes before they got on the road. They turned around and jogged the other direction. It wasn't completely dark yet, and they saw three orange lights in a triangle formation. There were some towers out there with lights on them and stars, but this was neither. It was extremely close to them, possibly 100-200ft away and 50' in the air. It wasn't moving at all and was a hundred or so feet long. There was a hazy body in between the three lights, looked like it blended in with the black/purple part of the sky that it was inhabiting. One light especially would dim and brighten randomly. It got intensely bright two times. They took their eyes off of it while they were running and it was gone when they looked again. 10 mins (NUFORC)

March 30, 2014; Nashville, TN
11:00 AM. Witness reported a cylinder-shape object in a very cold, perfectly blue sky. He watched it come from the W, no sound, What was odd was it looked like it may have been about 40-50 long, but was covered in mist, with possibly a 25 foot contrail, that quickly disappeared. As it started to come over his parking lot, he started to hear a helicopter coming from the N (probably from Fort Campbell). As soon as the 'copter was heard, the object made a 90 degree turn, straight up. When the black copter (no markings) got there, no more than 3-4 seconds, it was gone. The copter turned and headed back North.1-2 mins.  (NUFORC)

March 31, 2014; Chattanooga, TN
3:00 AM. Witness was laying in bed and saw a light being shined in the window lighting the opposite walls of the room. Upon looking out the window a bright light in the sky was observed, possibly a few hundred feet in the air, flying over the house. It was completely silent and hard to describe. The witness ran to the front of the house to continue watching it for about15 minutes or so as it floated to the SE. The witness lives by an airport and does see airplanes all the time at night. This was coming from a direction that airplanes usually don't come from, and was completely silent, A plane flying in that direction would have been out of sight within minutes. 15 mins. (NUFORC)

March 31, 2014; E. Liverpool, OH
8:30 PM. Witness was outside on his phone with a friend, looked up because he heard a humming noise and witnessed a large triangle shaped craft with dim triangle shaped lights on the bottom. It had a red pulsating light in the middle of the craft and white lights on each tip of the triangle. It was roughly 500 to 800 ft above when it passed over him and was heading in a very slow but straight path NW from his position. He watched the craft until it disappeared after roughly 5 minutes behind trees. His girlfriend witnessed it's very slow movement as well. 5 mins. (MUFON 55119)

March 31, 2014; Dayton, OH
9:05 PM. The man and his wife were cooking out in their back yard on a very clear night and were both sitting at their table in the back yard. Suddenly a very bright orange light moving very fast with what looked like bluish streaking light coming out of the back of it appeared in plain sight and stopped abruptly. The craft was very close to the ground, estimated at about 500 feet and possibly 5 miles from them. At first they thought it was a meteor, but when it hovered for about three to five minuets they knew they were looking at something out of the ordinary. They live very close to Wright Patterson Air Force Base so they thought maybe the base was doing something, possibly secret. But as they watched it fly away rather slow, they noticed there was no usual air traffic in the sky at all. They then noticed two jets taking off from the Air Force Base as the craft dissipated into the distance going from SW to N. The jets turned their lights off at what seemed to be about 500-1000 feet.. 3-5 mins (NUFORC)

April 11, 2014; Indianapolis, IN
10:45 PM. Witness was on the grocery store parking lot placing groceries in the trunk and heard a fighter plane type sound approaching them, but didn't see anything. About 3 seconds later they saw a fighter plane coming from the W heading NE. The fighter was traveling very low and very slow. "If I had to guess I would say 2,000 feet in altitude. I told my son and my friend 'look it's a fighter plane''." They watched it for about 8 seconds as it flew by directly above them. Then a large gray object approached the fighter from the rear at a very fast speed. The object had no navigation lights like the fighter jet had. It only had 4 very dim bar lights between the main body and the wings. "I thought it was going to crash into the fighter plane." It slowed down suddenly about 3 plane lengths away behind the fighter and followed for about 5 seconds. Then the object gained speed, made a hard right, and then a hard left, cutting off the fighter. The object could be seen more clearly when it turned because it banked left. Then the witnesses could tell that the object was shaped like a stingray without a tail. It was gray and about 12 times larger than the fighter plane. Four dim bar lights on each side where the wings joined the main body. The wings were not fixed. "The wings rippled at opposite rhythm like a stingray." The object took off heading NW very fast. The fighter gained speed and continued NE. Two seconds later another fighter coming from the W followed the path as the first plane but traveled at a faster speed. 20 secs (NUFORC)

April 19, 2014; Richmond, KY
8:47 PM. Five people were taking a short trip from Barbourville, Kentucky to Lexington, Kentucky to check out the malls. On the way back home going through Richmond they saw a white light in the sky in front of the car that went from bright to dull to bright again. Then as the highway made a turn they could see it out of the back passenger side window. That was when they got a closer look at it. It looked like it was closer to the car by then and they could clearly see a dark triangular craft with white lights on each of the three corners. No sound was heard coming from it. They watched it out the window for about ten seconds then all the sudden, it disappeared. Forr about a minute they kept their eyes glued to the window trying to find it, but it never reappeared. 5 mins (NUFORC)

April 20, 2014; Powell, TN
10:13 PM  A young man was running with his Iphone and headphones on, listening to music in his yard at night. The object was behind him, then he saw it, and it seemed to stop overhead. He went into the house to tell his mother and stepfather to come and look at it. His mother went outside first to look on the porch but did not see anything until she went to their driveway, and then saw a huge object. She reported that something was coming across the sky, slowly, and was huge, white, and glowed very brightly. It had blue lights on top and red on the bottom of it, She called her son and his stepdad over and told them she had seen it. They went over and saw it again and tried to get a picture, It stayed in one place for a while, then spun around making a loud whizzing sound, then it went across the sky and was gone.  (MUFON) 55630, 55631

May 5, 2014; Frankfort, KY
3:14 AM. Silver gray about 30 feet long with 5 panels and what appeared to be 4 windows. The man was on his way home from work at Versailles KY at 2:54 AM. Drove about 8 miles west on Highway US 60 West to get to Interstate 64 West, a quarter of a mile or so from the interstate, He noticed something that looked like a low flying plane. He looked at the time on radio and it was 3:14 AM. He has tinted windows on his car so he let his window down to get a better look at it. At that time he was close to the stoplight for the left turn to get on the interstate. The light turned red and he stopped. He noticed the craft in the air stopped also. It really got his attention then. When the light turned green he proceeded left and drove up the ramp onto the interstate. A tractor trailer passed and he got in behind it. To his left on the other side of the interstate he noticed the craft, which was keeping up with his car. The speed limit is 70 and the truck in front of him was doing about 60. He decided not to pass and stay back and see what this thing was. It went out of his view before he passed the Kentucky River bridge. After the bridge there are rock walls on both sides going westbound. After clearing them the craft appeared at about 10 o'clock to his left. He let his window down to try and get a video of it, but couldn't get it. It was about a quarter of a mile from his exit home and it started to bear to the left. He took the exit right and when he got to the end of the exit he stopped at the stop sign. The craft made a right turn and stopped too. He proceeded right in the left lane and the craft was on the other side of the road just above the utility poles. He needed to go about 1/3 of a mile to make a left turn to get home. It stayed with him. When he slowed down to get in the left turning lane the craft turned left. He made a quick turn right and raced up the street about a half mile maybe less to the Super America store. He parked in front and the craft went overhead and up in the sky. It took the appearance of a star. He went inside and got something to drink and he told the cashier about something following him. He went outside and looked up and it was still there. He got in his car and proceeded to make a right turn on US 127 South. The craft went from being a star into being some type of ship. It was within 30 yards from his passenger side window on the right. It hovered for maybe 10 seconds and slowly proceeded south up the street. He didn't remember anything until he pulled up at home to park his car. He had lost 20 minutes somewhere. The craft went to the western sky and took the appearance of a star again. He ran inside for a few minutes and then came back out to see if it was still there. It was and it looked like an orange star. He got his phone and got about 49 seconds of video. (MUFON 56143)

May 6, 2014; Murfreesboro, TN
9:05 PM. A man and his wife were headed home from Nashville and were a few miles north of Murfreesboro when he noticed a strange light in the sky to the SW. He believed it was a plane at first, then a helicopter due to it never seeming to move. He assumed Ihe was following it by coincidence. As they started getting closer to it, his wife suggested it was a tower that had a malfunctioning light. Then it slowly crossed the interstate, heading NE and then sped away, about 5 times faster than it had previously been hovering. The object itself, as it finally flew overhead, he could tell was very flat, but upright, and diamond-shaped. It glowed white and pulsates at a rather even rate. At random times a blue light flashed from its bottom area, but not in any regular pattern. He was excited by seeing it and it raised many questions for him. They lost sight of it due to driving down I-24 and the fact it randomly sped away at an angle behind them. (MUFON 56066)

May 8, 2014;  Monticello, Mississippi
9:30 p.m. Walking outside with the intention of orienting his solar panel array to align it properly for the next day’s sunrise, a homeowner was stunned to observe the underside of a disc-shaped object 300 to 600 feet above him. The object had bright, bluish-white lights with intervening red lights extending about its periphery, with the red lights being located unevenly between the bluish-white lights. The entire object slowly rotated. The witness estimated it had a diameter at least equal to that of a Boeing 747 (185-250 feet). As the object began to slowly move toward the west, the witness observed its upper half was hemispherical or dome-shaped, with a diameter somewhat exceeding that of the lower half, so it formed a kind of overhang with respect to it. The witness described the UFO as resembling “an upside down oil rig with appendages.” It made no noise, and normal animal/insect sounds seemed to be absent.<> As the object began moving away, the witness ran into his house to retrieve his cellphone, but the glowing object had disappeared into the distance before he was able to take a photograph. Duration not give, (MUFON Report 56134)

May 25, 2014; Clinton, Utah
10:25 PM. A male witness in his backyard spotted three cross-shaped objects in a V-formation directly overhead. Each limb of the cross resembled a daisy petal. The objects were approximately 500 feet in altitude and travelling faster than 150 mph. They seemed to be gray or gray-white in color. A flash of light was seen in the general area in which they disappeared. 20 secs. (MUFON 56623)

May 26, 2014; Sellersburg, IN
6:30 AM.  Witness was walking out to his car from his home when he noticed what first appeared to be an airliner overhead in the clear blue sky. It was moving from W to E at high altitude and at a comparible speed to an airliner. As he looked closer, he noticed the object did not appear to have wings. At this point, he pulled out his phone to take a few pictures of the object. He then took a short video. After the object was far enough away so as not to be visible, he got in his car and cropped the photos down to get a closer look. It was then that he was pretty sure that what he had just seen was no conventional aircraft. It appeared to have no wings or tail wing. It also appeared to be rectangular in shape, with perfectly squared front and back. and did not look at all aerodynamic in the pictures. He shared the video and pictures with a friend who is a UPS pilot, and while he cannot completely rule out the possibility it was an airplane, he is equally puzzled by the rectangular shape and lack of visible wings. (MUFON, see images at case #56640)

June 1, 2014; Independence, MO
12:00 AM. Two balls of light and one large UFO near Army Ammo  Plant. Reported to ASD in person at the site, the witness is a deputy sheriff. He works nights and patrols eastern Independence. For a couple of years he had been seeing strange lights or balls of lights in the trees and along the highways (78 and 7). The lights range from baseball sized to larger than a basketball and are generally white, blue, or orange. At the time of this most recent event he was driving north on Highway 7 just past the Little Blue River when he noticed a small white ball of light and a larger orange fireball to his east (right side) at about 30 yards from his position also moving north at approximately 45 mph. He watched the objects for approximately 10-15 seconds then they moved further east and out of sight. At that point, he noticed a sliver metallic spherical shaped object NE of his position, which would have been near or over the Army Ammo Plant. The object was hovering and spinning, and at times looked like a saucer shape, then morphed back to a spherical shape. It began to move very slowly further north for a few more seconds, then stopped. He pulled into the Little Blue Trace Park and got out of his vehicle to observe it more closely. The object remained in the area, moving very slowly around in circles and back and forth just above the tree line approximately 300 feet from the ground and perhaps approximately 500 - 1,000 feet away from him,or maybe more. Then the object flew away at a high rate of speed to the SE at 75 degrees. It appeared to stop, and at that point was very small and looked like a large planet. Then this object and four others that were already in that position that just looked like stars moved around a little bit and then stopped close together. A small fighter jet came into the area from the east and circled twice in a large circle, then returned in the same direction it came from. [Note: This is the same location as the Blue Springs Lights in 2012, a sighting of a spherical UFO in 2013, and the recent 1969 report.] (MUFON 56942)

June 2, 2014; Oakville, MO
10:45 PM. Slow moving, silent, in populated area, moved off slowly after hovering, had to have been more witnesses. Traveling south on Telegraph Road witness noticed object slow in the sky just off to the west. It was an oval with 8 strobe lights forming the outline. He pulled off the road and observed the object hovering from less than 500 feet, and it was silent. After about 1 minute the object started north right over Telegragh Road with an altitude of around 500 feet. Witness followed it in his car but object increased speed and he lost sight at 255 and Telegragh Road. (MUFON 56794)

June 3, 2014; Anchorage, Alaska (out of region)
2:00 PM. Huge rectangular craft, 500 ft in diameter, at 5000 ft following an airliner. Object went through clouds and reappeared changing shape from square to rectangle over the Turningan Arm Mountains heading to Kenai Alaska,  Also  observed two jet fighters heading south above anchorage in hot pursuit. 2 mins. (NUFORC)

June 3, 2014; O'Fallon, MO
8:30 PM. Four UFO's diamond formation, flew north, no sound, dark grey opaque. The witness left to go walking/jogging at 8:15pm CST. He was looking at the sky, thinking dusk was fast approaching. He looked to his right, in the South, he saw four UFO's that formed a diamond pattern as they flew together they stayed flat and went on an angle as if to get a better view of whatever they were looking at. With four of them, he found it odd that there was NO noise, not even a faint peep. With the size, each one there should have a noise. There was one more witness to the sighting but he didn't know her. He had seen her jogging before, in the past. The objects were smoky grey to a dark grey color, disks, circular with details, another circle shape on the bottom. It had a (MUFON 56811)

June 3, 2014; Columbia, MO
11:15 PM. Transparent or invisible object that intermittently reflected lights from the ground. Witness was on the south side doing a night road paving job and saw a flash of light in the sky to the north  He continued watching the spot when he saw it again, this time it had moved south closer to him in the area of the sky of the Big Dipper. It didn't appear to emit light but reflected the lights from the ground, " kind of flaring appearing to be round or spherical". He continued to watch the sky and follow its course south but it did not appear again. (MUFON 56946)

June 5, 2014; Martinsville, Indiana
10:16 PM Isaac Triangle AN1 1 -
It was heading north from South. it flew directly over my position and over my house I went to the other side of the house of served the pattern of lights low and then make a 90-degree turn to the east at the other horizon. Completed Unknown 56865

June 6, 2014; Mt. Vernon, Indiana
7:25 PM. Anomaly (MADAR-27) detected at the MADAR Station. Possible Coronal Mass Ejection.

June 11, 2014; Murphysboro, IL
9:30 PM. Driving down the highway witness observed a large metallic sphere traveling from north to south. No sound. He checked local air traffic and there were no aircraft in the area at the time. (MUFON 57001)

June 13, 2014; Charleston, South Carolina
7:03 PM. A married couple observed a diamond-shaped object appear over trees at the end of their driveway. Four facets of the object came to a point at the top, and four facets to a point at the bottom. The apparent size was that of a golf ball held at arm’s length. Bright red-orange lights located along the vertical intersections between facets outlined the object. The lights were steady, and no sounds were heard. Slowly the object gained altitude as it moved toward the east and ultimately vanished from sight. 3-1/2 mins (MUFON Case 57074) 57074_diamond-ufo.jpg

June 17, 2014; Long Lane, MO
Midnight. Three persons were driving home on A highway headed north. Husband was behind the wheel, reporting witness was in the passenger seat, daughter in backseat. The lady saw a light ahead flashing that didn't seem normal even from a distance (about quarter of a mile). Her husband replied it might be a tower. She knew somehow that it wasn't right. Then husband said maybe helicopter. Within a few seconds they were directly under it in the middle of road. They stopped for approximately 10-15 seconds, but it felt like a lot longer. It was about 25 feet above them. She said that because she could see things on the bottom of it, and when they drove off it was about ten to fifteen feet above the trees. It was triangular,dull grey, darker long shapes on bottom. Brighter light in middle, two smaller lights on both sides of front point, two small lights on both sides of large light, then three lights across wider backend. The light was not normal. Bottom was flat and had some sort of bars or legs that the lights kind of reflected off of. Her husband wanted to get out. She yelled for him to go (move on). She was scared and wanted to get the hell out of there. He started to drive away and she grabbed for her phone to take a pic but was to shook up and scared to operate. It sat in same spot after they drove away. They could see it until trees started blocking it out. Three or four cars passed as they were driving and it still didn't move. (MUFON 57123)

June 19, 2014; Wheat Ridge, Colorado
1:10 a.m. A short, but intriguing, sighting began when a police officer drove into Anderson Park as part of his routine patrol activities. After entering the park, he observed a somewhat oval cluster of five or six motionless lights roughly 150 yards away and adjacent a tree line on the far side of a softball field. Each light was of a red, green, or blue color and about three feet from its neighbor, with the highest light approximately six feet above the ground; collectively they occupied a volume of space the size of an automobile. Although the softball-sized lights were bright as automobile headlights and possessed an LED-like quality, they barely illuminated the ground or trees, in contradistinction to typical headlights. He drove toward the lights, but a mere five seconds after seeing them, they abruptly switched off in unison and were not seen again. No vehicular noises were heard at the time. The officer subsequently approached the area where the lights had been and observed the grass and edges of tree leaves were coated with what appeared to be frost; moreover, he could see his breath. In the beam of his spotlight, a light mist or snow could be seen falling. This was peculiar in view of the approximate 50-degree F. ambient temperature and the fact that he had not encountered such conditions in other areas he’d patrolled earlier in his shift. However, the frost did not appear disturbed in any way, and normality otherwise prevailed in the park. Some days after the officer had filed a sighting report with the Mutual UFO Network, he discovered the existence of video taken by a security camera on a nearby park building. The video shows what appear to be two independently moving clusters of flashing red, green, and blue lights approaching the area where the officer would report his sighting. Also seen is the patrolmen’s car as it makes its way through the park. The sighting location itself was beyond the field of view of the camera.  5 secs. (MUFON Case 57173)

June 21, 2014; Wappapello, MO
4:30 or 5:00 PM. A football field-sized object was slowly moving over the lake. Standing in peoples creek park overlooking the lake, the witness heard a noise that sounded like a jet fighter circling. He moved around to see an opening in the trees and there, about only 300 yards away and half a mile high, was a circular-shaped object lit up with lights. It looked to be moving about 40 - 50 miles per hour and was about 80 yards in diameter. The object wasn't making a sound, what he had heard was coming from one or two jet fighter's which he could not see. At first glance the object looked to be cigar shaped. but he was sure it was round, from the positioning of the lights, which were only one color, appearing like lights controlled by a dimmer switch  turned down really low. (NUFORC).

June 22, 2014; Lake Ozarks, MO
1:29 AM Large cylinder with 5-6 sections lit up with different shades of orange. The witness was at a fire investigator conference at Port Arrowhead Resort and was just finished visiting with friends and headed back to his hotel room when he noticed a strange object in the sky. He stopped and got out of the car to get a better look at it. The object was moving in a straight-line path at approximately 80 degrees going east to west. It had 5 to 6 different sections on it and was a cylindrical shape. Each section lit up with a different shades of orange light, and at one point all the lights went out, then came back on again. It moved quickly and soon was out of his field of vision behind trees. The size was big - it would take a thumbnail to cover it up at arm's length. 15-secs (MUFON 57260)

June 27, 2014; Indianapolis, IN
9:15 PM. Witness reported a flat black square object flying northeast at altitude of plane on approach to Indy airport. Object flew directly over his home near intersection of I-65 and Lafayette Rd., traveling northeast approximately 20 degrees from true north  Altitude: in between a high flying hawk and private plane on approach to Indianapolis International airport. Notes: - Not a balloon or bird - held altitude - silent - no lights of any kind. 5 mins. (NUFORC)

June 28, 2014; Marysville, OH
2:38 AM. Hexagon shaped aircraft with blue lights spotted flying above US Rt. 33 between Marysville and Dublin. Witness was driving westbound on US Rt. 33 towards Marysville and was getting close to Scottslawn Rd. when he saw an aircraft of some sort that he initially thought might be circling around to land at Union County airport. But then it started heading towards him above Rt 33. It seemed to be rather low, so he paid close attention to it. As it drew nearer to him he came to realize it did not appear to be an airplane or helicopter. He got a good look at it as it passed above him out the driver side window. It was maybe 200 feet up in the air, and it was a hexagonal shape, and on the bottom of the craft, there was a large blue circular light in the middle, and smaller blue circular lights at each corner of the hexagon. Also, what struck him as being very strange is the craft made no sound. If it were a jet or any other craft he was familiar with, at that altitude, it would have been pretty loud. It was really weird, and freaked him out. It was headed towards Dublin, OH down rt. 33. 30-secs (NUFORC)

July 1, 2014; Willowbrook, IL
10:50 AM. The witness I was heading north on Cass Ave. to get on the highway to go to work. At the time he was driving past the property that Argon National Lab is located on. He first noticed the object because it was reflecting the sunlight in a way that seemed to make it glitter; easily visible against the clear blue sky. At first he thought the object was a plane but thought it was strange that it was reflecting light in the way it was. Upon further observation he determined that the object didn't seem to be following any sort of linear path, but instead seemed to be maintaining its position for the entire duration of the observation. The object appeared to be a thin elliptical shape that was spinning along its horizontal axis. After watching it for less than a minute he decided to call a family member and tell them what he was seeing. Almost as soon as he had that thought, the object instantly vanished from sight leaving no trace that it had been there. (MUFON 57528)

July 2, 2014, Vancouver, Washington
At approx 1:00 p.m. Police officer was on-duty and near an intersection, in his vehicle, facing E with his window rolled down, providing an unobstructed view, and noticed movement in the sky, approximately 45 degrees above the horizon to the SE. He observed a metallic disc, silver-in-color and circular in shape, moving rapidly right to left across the sky from the S to the NE. The object was shiny and glinted in the sun as it moved and appeared to be several thousand feet in elevation, and from his perspective, appeared to be the size of a dime held at arms-length. He heard no sound. Further, it looked uniformly metallic and circular, with no visible wings, tail, windows, lights, landing gear, or other components of conventional airframes, both rotor and fixed-wing. It also did not look similar to any Unmanned Aerial Vehicles he had observed. The object traveled up and to his left, which was NNE. He saw it increase in elevation rapidly in a straight line, and it appeared to be traveling faster than any conventional aircraft. After approximately five seconds, he observed the leading edge of the object shimmer and disappear. He observed this continue, as an image of the surrounding blue sky enveloped the object, moving in a vertical line across the surface to the rear edge, until the object blended in with the sky behind it. As this change occurred, he observed a slight blurriness in the changed areas, inconsistent with the sky behind it. This distortion was similar to looking at an object immersed in water. However, once the entire object had changed, this effect stopped and he immediately lost sight of the object. The time from complete visibility to disappearance was approx 2-3 seconds. Approximately thirty seconds later, he observed an F-15 fighter flying rapidly along the same course the disc had taken and was extremely loud while passing over, whereas the disc was silent. According to the witness this object was a real, physical, tangible craft, and it exhibited flight characteristics at least comparable to a military fighter aircraft. Further, the object's ability to adopt complete camouflage, which was capable of effectively mirroring the surrounding environment, is a capability which to his knowledge has not been successfully developed or implemented. Radar data has been obtained and analyzed that confirms this account. (MUFON 59652)

July 3, 2014; Niles, IL
11:15 PM. State police sergeant on patrol on a side street observed (2) pulsing round red lights in the SW sky, one on top of the other, which appeared to be a cell or water tower in the vicinity of Maryhill Cemetery. There are no such structures in that area. The objects began moving slowly from west to east, one slightly behind the other. He parked his squad car and shut off the engine and all lights, and got out. The objects were much farther away and larger than originally thought. There was no sound in the relatively quiet night air. The objects glided eastbound, slowly and deliberately, were basketball-sized spheres, approximately 5-times the size of the strobe lights on an airplane, with a shimmery white halo completely circling the sphere. The red light was unlike anything he had ever seen, having a pulsating, almost "liquid" or "living" appearance, and glowing, rather than piercing the night sky. When the first craft was almost directly in front of his line of sight, the spheres both suddenly "receded" quickly up and into the western sky, but much higher. There were two other witnesses close by and he talked with them. They verbally confirmed that what we had seen had not been fireworks or flares of any kind, but were definitely very large, unidentifiable aircraft. Twenty 20 minutes or so prior to this sighting, he was unable to connect to the internet on both his Blackberry cell phone or his in-car Panasonic Tough Book Laptop with Verizon air card. Five minutes after the spheres ascended out of sight, both were back online. He did not think to take photos of the craft because the camera on his Blackberry produces very poor quality photos. Sev mins. (MUFON 57602)

July 4, 2014; Mt. Vernon, IN
9:30 PM. The lady and her husband went outside approximately between 9:15 and 9:20 to set off a few fireworks and watch neighborhood fireworks. At approximately 9:30 they noticed an object traveling from the east to the west then southwest. The object appeared to have 3 reddish/reddish orange lights in a triangular pattern. It made no sound. They observed it for approximately 5 minutes. It seemed to be really high but really big and followed a straight line and did not waiver. Her husband estimated that when it suddenly disappeared it must have been over Illinois or maybe even Missouri. The object did not disappear behind trees, it disappeared from the sky like turning out a light. Several planes flew over in the next 15-20 minutes going different directions and altitudes. All observed to have blinking lights and you could hear the engine on these planes. (MUFON 57635)

July 8, 2014; Joplin, MO
About 9:30 PM. My wife and I were on our way home, about a block before our house, a man flagged us down frantically waving his arms and pointing to an object in the sky. He was walking his dog who was barking wildly at the object and jumping high into the air. It had approached from the NE. As we watched it cross directly overhead it looked to be about 300 feet off the ground. It was off white in color appearing to be illuminated by a yellowish light coming from within it. It was as big or bigger than a house and was completely silent. It was boxy shaped with multiple angles kind of like on a stealth airplane, It looked like it had darkened square windows in parts of it. It was flat on the bottom with round orange and red randomly flashing lights all around the bottom edge. The lights were round with a dark center (like donuts) they were the size of stop signs. As it continued moving away it was heading SW. and then slightly turning South it seemed to be going approximately 100+ mph. It suddenly turned off its lights, all of them went off like they were quickly dimmed and not just cut off. Two lights on the back, one orange and one red stayed on slightly longer than the others (about 0.5 seconds) These lights seemed to have a burnt look to the dark centers as if maybe exhaust or flames had at one time come out of there. It then started to descend sharply as if it were going to land (or crash) somewhere nearby. It stayed perfectly level as it descended behind the trees on the horizon, it seemed to form a light mist or fog around it as it descended. I noticed that along it's flight path every dog was going crazy, barking and howling. Me, my wife, and the guy that flagged us down, got into my Jeep and drove in the direction we thought it may have gone. We were using a spotlight that plugs into the cigarette lighter to search the fields next to the roads. After driving about a mile, the spotlight suddenly went very dim and the seat belt warning beeper started sounding repeatedly and quickly, also the Jeep's automatic transmission would not change gears, When I tried to go into reverse it would not go into gear without a struggle. All of this continued for about 5 minutes and then suddenly everything went back to normal (It is a newer model Jeep Wrangler and has never done anything like this before). At this point I wondered what we would really do if we found anything. I began to feel a little fearful. We continued searching nearby roads and fields but didn't find anything unusual. On our way back home, as we passed the same location as before, our spotlight again dimmed and the beeping alarms in the Jeep began again. We looked around the immediate area but didn't see anything. Again this lasted for about 5 minutes. Shortly after, we turned around and passed this spot a third time, but this time nothing happened. We finally gave up our search and went home, by then the spotlight was working at full power the Jeep was working properly and nothing else occurred. The man that flagged us down turned out to be a neighbor who lives about a block away. He is a retired commercial airline pilot from England. He said he had never seen anything like this before. (MUFON 57853)

July 8, 2014; Kettering, OH
11:30 PM. Observer was driving home on highway and saw a light to the west about 10 yards ahead and about the height of a semi-truck and it went across the highway to the east and disappeared behind the trees. The vessel appeared to have a window in which a pinkish light was coming from, which made him question whether the object was a remote controlled vessel. It appeared to be a little larger than a basketball, and was low enough that he thought he might hit it. (MUFON 57843)

July 12, 2014; Cleveland, OH
Around 11:30 AM. Man and his wife were driving on 77N (around Grant Ave.) headed towards downtown Cleveland when he glanced towards the sky and saw a thick disc like object flying NW to W. It was a white/grey color with the right last quarter of it being bright red. There didn't appear to be any lights emitting from it. He asked his wife what the object looked like to her & she said possibly a blimp. In his opinion it was way too flat and moving too fast to be a blimp. The object could have been flying over Newburg Heights, Tremont, or Ohio City. It looked very large from the distance he saw it from which was at least 1 mile away. He saw it for a solid 10 seconds before trees on the southbound side of 77 blocked his view. (MUFON 57991)

July 15, 2014; Lexington, KY
Midnight. Witnesses were lounging in the grass of the backyard with their dogs when the lady noted a black, triangular shape object hovering above her house. They were both laying on their backs and it was directly above them in the sky. She looked at it for at least a minute before pointing it out to her boyfriend, who then also studied it...he confirmed that it was black (or at least dark) and triangular shaped. It seemed to be pointing in an easterly they lay there discussing it for at least another minute. They watched the object slowly rotate (as if on an axis) in the completely opposite direction (west) - making no noise and showing no fuel trails- and then it was just gone. (MUFON 59404)

2014 June 19 Colorado Wheat Ridge_case 57173.pdf

July 20, 2014; Antioch, TN
Noon. Witness heard his dog barking unusually aggressively. He walked outside and looked in the direction of his dog's vision, and there it was, hovering in the SE sky. It hovered for about 5 mins then gained altitude to above a planes normal cruising altitude. He and his neighbors saw 3 "propellant glows" behind it in pyramid form that looked somewhat similar to the Space Shuttle Endeavor. It left towards the Eastern sky only to get smaller and smaller and ultimately looked like a nighttime star (at 6pm), then completely disappeared. He has 5 pictures, but only submitted only one. (MUFON). ttp://

July 27, 2014; Joplin, MO
4:30 PM. Strange incident in area of reported UFO sighting and landing. The lady, her 12 year old son, his friend, were traveling South on Rangeline Rd. It was raining and they were just outside of Saginaw near McCutcheon Dr. They had been shopping at the mall and she was taking her son's friend home before going home. Suddenly a loud noise was heard within the car, causing the speakers to also emit a strange noise that they had never experienced before. There was also a loud thump. All three of them were immediately disoriented. The display on the car, including the clock, the radio, and dash lights all turned off, then turned back on. Everything had set back to the factory presets. There were no other cars around. She checked because at first she thought she had been hit by another car. They dropped his friend off and when they glanced up and to the right, there was a huge owl sitting, unmoving, in the middle of the day, on a power line. It looked stoic and fake. Very out of place. Her son and she both felt weird, had headaches, and went home and went to bed early. The next day her husband had to reset all the radio stations in the car, the clock too. Their car was brand new in 2012. (MUFON 59248)

July 27, 2014; Clarksville, TN
9:20 PM. Photographed during lightning storm, in the distance, south of Clarksville. Witness captured an object in several of his pictures that he could not identify, which were not discovered until the next day. Upon further examination of the pictures (zooming in), he discovered that the object in one of the pictures was star like, but in the other pictures, it is more disc shaped. The object was stationary in the pictures, and after approximately 20 minutes, it was gone.

July 28, 2014; Niles, IL
4:30 AM. Witness was delivering papers when he saw this disk object come his way. His sister was with him and they got out of the car to take a look. It was about 150 feet above their heads, was a dark disk, that emitted white, orange and red lights.  It traveled very slowly, almost as if it was hovering to gaze below. As soon as it passed over a tree  they lost sight of it. They moved to try to  find it again, but about 5 seconds later, it was gone. Shortly after, they saw a black helicopter travel the same direction.  At the time of the incident they noticed car alarms we re flashing. .1 min. (NUFORC)

August 2, 2014; Flat Creek, TN
11:07 PM.  Witness looked out of the bathroom window and noticed a blood red object just above the tree line of the woods. When he first saw it he thought it was the moon, but the moon isn't that low, not at that time. And there was no Lunar Eclipse. He wanted to take a picture of it, but did not want to wake everyone in the house and didn't think he could get a good picture inside. He went back to his room, and he could still see it, but in a matter of minutes, it was completely gone and he didn't see it again. He asked people who were out that night, but they said the moon was a normal color and it was about the same time. So the witness guessed he could only see it from where he was. 5-10 mins (NUFORC)

August 2, 2014; Evansville, IN
11:10 PM. A young couple were driving home when all of a sudden up ahead just above the tree line they both observed a very unusual bright orange "fluorescent" light which was moving slowly across the sky N-S and right towards them. Overwhelmed they pulled over and observed the object float by. They heard no sound and the object was very stealth and moved like a falling leaf, The center was almost too bright to look at as the object past very close to them, It was large and perfectly round and symmetrical, They noticed the object's path take a couple noticeable directional changes as they observed it for several minutes. The object ascended to the south and disappeared in the night sky. (MUFON 58602)

August 8, 2014; Blue Eye, MO
8:00 PM. A storm was approaching from the west. The witness, his mother and father were sitting on the balcony of the house, which had a view of the W and a view of Table Rock Lake, off of highway JJ in Blue Eye. They were watching the storm get closer (maybe about 20 miles out to the west heading east) and they spotted 5 bright lights that were white in color and appeared to range in altitude from 500 feet to 2000 feet and were staggered near each other less than a mile or two horizontally. Furthermore, all lights were the same intensity, and two or three of them began to slowly move towards the south or southeast. 3 mins.  (NUFORC)

August 9, 2104; Miles City, Montana
Pilot report.

August 12, 2014; Lake Milton, OH
9:32 PM. A  man and his wife were returning to their home in Boardman, Ohio from Akron Ohio and were east-bound on Route 76. They were just W of Lake Milton, when he saw the object, very large and low, over the road. It was traveling west-bound directly towards them. He told his wife, "Quick, shoot some video!" since she had her phone in her hand, but she couldn't get it in video mode. He carries a point and shoot camera with video capability in his front pocket, and struggled to get it out, while keeping an eye on the craft, and drive in fairly heavy traffic at speeds 65-70 mph. He wasn't able to shoot any video. He had slowed quite a bit and the traffic behind him might have been getting angry. The craft originally appeared to be directly over the west-bound lane, heading W and passed by them on their left, then veered towards the NW. He could see it moving away as he looked over my left shoulder. The object was very large, slow and silent. It had a dark, triangle-shaped body with one unblinking light on each corner. The one in the front was greenish-white, the other two were yellowish-white. (MUFON 58875)

August 16, 2014; Joplin, MO
10:15 PM. The witness was driving north on Range Line Road (49 hwy) on his way home from work when he noticed some lights hovering over the trees to his right as he approached Redding Road. As he got closer he could see the dark outline of a craft that looked oval in shape from the bottom. It had lights all over the bottom which were large orange lights and small blue lights which pulsated, getting brighter and dimmer. There was no sound. As he approached, the radio speakers made a strange static noise even though his radio was not on. His headlights went off and on again. He pulled to the side of the highway because he was afraid his engine would fail and also to get a better look at the object and take a picture, but he could not get his cell phone to come on. He probably watched it for 10 minutes total time. The object was hovering just over the trees probably 100' from the ground and 100' or less from him. The object then moved slightly and then took off very fast directly east from where it was hovering. He knew it was not a plane or helicopter because there were no navigation lights and no sound, but was close enough to be heard. (MUFON 59509)

August 17, 2014; Fort Wayne, IN
8:45 PM. Young couple were outside at his home.and the young lady saw a light in the sky that caught her eye..She asked her boyfriend to look up and check it out..It was a cigar shaped object with white lights on both ends. and was moving from the SW to the NE at a moderate speed.They first thought it was a passenger jet, but this object had no wings and was totally silent.This was the first sighting. A few minutes later another cigar shaped object was observed following the same flight path but with yellow lights on both ends. The first one was fluorescent with a dark circle in the center. (MUFON 59027)

August 21, 2014; Carlinville, IL
12:21 AM. Four females driving south witnessed an orange light in the eastern sky. Upon driving six miles the orange light, now in the south, changed to red. Upon turning the car north and driving into wooded road the red object changed white and was pulsating large orb to small orb. It continued to hover over their vehicle as they drove from N-E, approximately two football fields away. Upon stopping the car at a clearing to take a picture, the object split from one large white orb into two equal but separate orbs and blinked out into darkness. 25 mins  (NUFORC)

August 23, 2014; Crown Point, IN
9:00 PM.  The reporting witness is an engineer and ex air-traffic controller.  He, his wife, and two others observed 2 glowing spheres which flickered orange/red, and moved slowly and silently from approximately N-S, size, speed and altitude unknown. He assumed they were at least some feet across and low,( no more than 1,000 feet). At first, the objects were at some distance from each other and just "floating along," something one would expect from a Chinese lantern, which they resembled. Then the lead object seemed to slow, or the other speed up as they joined up at a point in the sky. (Not conjoined or linked, just close to each other in formation). They then changed direction and moved W in close proximity to each other.  They lost sight of them as they passed their house and they had to move from the back porch to the front. When he went out to the front yard the spheres had disappeared. However, as he scoured the night sky he did see one blacked out sphere (no lights now) silhouetted against the night sky, returning back E from the direction it had come. . 2 mins (NUFORC)

August 27, 2014; Hyden, KY
10:30 PM. Strange low flying craft, no sound, very high detail, visible in night sky.  What appeared to be 3 craft moving east over the Wendover community. 3 red lights on each noticeable point and a illuminated triangular object with no lights on it but could be seen in the night sky as if it were spot lighted. Moving super slow, but some wind movement type noise even though there was no breeze. Thought to be 3 individual objects, the center area was blocking out stars. These were really low to the ground.  10 mins (NUFORC)

August 30, 2014; Salisbury, Maryland (pilot report outside MADAR region)

September 2, 2014; Joplin, MO
5:12 AM. The witness works in law enforcement as a State Trooper and didn't want his  name used, but felt it was important to let someone know what he saw. He wanted MUFON to know that he'd never seen anything like this before and hoped he never would. He was driving north on Range Line Road (49 hwy) on his routine path when a light caught his eye to the NE of his position low at the tree line. As he drove closer he slowed the vehicle because at first he thought that it must be a helicopter since whatever it was was so low that it couldn't be a plane. He then noticed that there was structure to the object and that it began to move slowly west towards the highway and closer to his vehicle. There were no other cars on the highway at that time. As it got closer and as he drove closer he noticed that the top portion of this teardrop or triangular shaped craft was elevated and that there were windows along the top portion. The windows were rectangular and placed vertically, and there were three that he could see from his position.There was a yellow/white glow coming from inside the windows. He did not see any people inside but did see movement and assumed it was the occupants moving around.The craft appeared to be at least 100'+ wide and 25' or so high. It was a dark dull grey/black metallic craft with lights on the bottom only. He saw no navigation lights. The bottom lights were an amber and a red/orange color of varying sizes but the odd thing was that there was no beam coming from any of the lights - they simply glowed. The size of the lights was from streetlight size to perhaps 24" in diameter. There was a low hum coming from the object which he only noticed on close approach at about 50'. He slowed down to a near stop when the object moved close to the highway and then spun around like a top and reversed direction. As it did so, he heard a loud static noise come from his radio for approximately 15 seconds. He did not call this in to report it because he wasn't sure what he was looking at and did not want to put his job in jeopardy in case it was a real UFO. The object then moved away slowly to the east until he could no longer see it. He realized that his vehicle was stopped on the highway although he remember thinking that he did not intend to stop. He looked at the clock and realized that he had been watching the object for 15 minutes. At that point, he heard and saw a jet moving very fast from E-W, which banked to the north and went back east. It looked like a fighter jet that may have been looking for the object he saw. (MUFON 60172)

September 5, 2014; Muncie, IN
7:10 PM. The object was approximately 800 feet high traveling NE silently. No lights, wings, rotors or other recognizable aircraft properties;  No markings discernible and no visible sheen or reflections. Object traveled smoothly under what appeared to be a non-random manner. Perhaps ~40 ft. in diameter or slightly larger. Flat but not saucer-like - hard, angled edges alternating up and down, reminiscent of a metal ashtray design. No contrail or emitted vapors detectable. Driver ahead of witness appeared to be recording object as she drove using a smartphone. 20 secs. (NUFORC)

2014 Sept 7 Maine Augusta_case 59680.pdf

September 18, 2014; Richmond, KY
9:59 PM. The witness noticed a flying object above Road KY25 at 2324 Lexington Road. The object slowly traveled in the same elevation to W and stopped about 1 mile Wt from Road KY25 at about 500 feet elevation. The object stayed at the same location for about 13 minutes, then took off with an unbelievable speed at a 45 degree angle and disappeared. The object had a dome shape and lights were on the bottom of it - about 8 lights spread in a symmetrical shape. The object seemed to be investigating something on the ground, then took off. (I wonder what is located around Richmond, KY, to capture their interest?) 13 mins. (NUFORC)

October 7, 2014; Columbus, Indiana
1:15 AM. A young woman, outside for a smoke, noted an approaching red light, southward bound. Her mother was summoned and both watched as a large, flat black triangle passed overhead. The object had a large central red light and a smaller red light near the leading vertex. Four white lights were spaced unevenly along each of the leading edges. The red lights pulsated slightly, while the white ones strobed irregularly at varying intensities. What looked like smoke was emitted from the rear. The UFO seemed to be 15,000 to 20,000 feet high, travelled linearly, and sometimes hovered. Moving on an ascending southwest track, it was lost behind trees. The main witness works as a flight attendant and is also a nursing student. 15 mins (MUFON Case 60475)

October 7, 2014; Siegel, IL
8:00 PM. Witness letting dog out to use the bathroom  noticed a very bright white light to the east of their home. He called his wife to ensure he wasn't just seeing things. It was about 500 yards away and a few hundred feet off of the ground. The light sat motionless for almost 5 minutes. It then started to travel straight up at a slow rate of speed. It then traveled westbound in their direction and began descending. It was moving very slowly and leveled out at about the same height he first observed. It flew right their head and continued out of sight. It was a very large almost V shaped craft with a very bright white light on the front of the craft. On the back was 5 smaller lights, one on each "wing" tip and then one halfway between the tip and the center (on each side). Then there was a light in the center of the "V". On the bottom of the craft was three red lights. The thing that bothered him most was the total lack of noise from this craft. 15 mins. (NUFORC)

October 8, 2014; Newburgh, IN
8:20 PM.  The man and his wife watch for shooting stars several times a week. This particular evening they saw an orange light coming quickly from E-W. As it got closer it shifted into three lights and appeared to be 200-300 feet long and possibly 100 feet wide. It made some sound but was not loud like a jet. It looked similar to jets flying in formation but when it was directly overhead they could see it was solid and blocked out stars as it passed in front of them. It was estimated at half the altitude that the planes normally fly above their home. When it was roughly 1/2 mile past them it made a 90 degree turn and went NE quickly. Their 14 year old son also saw it. His take was it looked like a star destroyer from Star Wars. The two lights in the rear were rectangular and were taller than they were wide. The light on the front was thin and horizontal. This all happened with a very bright full moon so they could easily see the shape. 1 min. (NUFORC)

October 19, 2014; Lake Station, IN
3:15 PM. Diving home on Dekalb Street witnesses noticed a black disc hovering that then began to move with them while they drove heading towards Pine Village Mobile Home Park. It was rocking from left to right almost as if that is how it got moving/speed. It then picked up speed and left vision heading towards Hobart. (MUFON 60218)

November 11, 2014, W. of Santiago, Chile
1:52 pm. A Chilean Navy helicopter (Airbus Cougar AS-532) was on a routine daytime patrol mission flying N along the coast, W of Santiago. On board were the pilot, a Navy Captain with many years of flying experience, and a Navy technician who was testing a WESCAM’s MX-15 HD Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) camera, used most often for “medium-altitude covert intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance." The aircraft was flying at an altitude of approximately 4,500 feet on a clear afternoon with unlimited horizontal visibility. The helicopter was flying at about 132 knots, or 152 mph. While filming the terrain, the technician observed a strange object flying to the left over the ocean. Soon both men observed it with the naked eye. They noticed that the velocity and the altitude of the object appeared to be about the same as the helicopter, and estimated that the object was approximately 35 to 40 miles (55-65 km) away. It was traveling W/NW, according to the Captain. The technician aimed the camera at the object immediately and zoomed in with the infra red (IR) for better clarity.Shortly thereafter, the pilot contacted two radar stations - one close by on the coast, and the other the main DGAC Control system (Ground Primary Radar) in Santiago - to report the unknown traffic. Neither station could detect it on radar, although both easily picked up the helicopter. (The object was well within the range of radar detection.) Air traffic controllers confirmed that no traffic, either civilian or military, had been reported in the area, and that no aircraft had been authorized to fly in the controlled air space where the object was located. The on-board radar was also unable to detect the object and the camera’s radar could not lock onto it. The pilot tried several times to communicate with the UAP, using the multi-national, civilian bandwidth designed for this purpose. He received no reply. The technician filmed the object for nine minutes and twelve seconds, mainly in IR. This sensor produces a black and white video in which the black, white and grey tones are directly related to temperature. IR detects heat, and the hotter the material being filmed, the darker it appears on the image. The officers stopped the camera when they had to return to the base and the object disappeared behind the clouds.

November 13, 2014; West Milton, OH
5:00 PM. A man and a friend looked off into a field to their left and saw what appeared to be a small passenger airliner. It was grey in color with a red stripe, and had red lights on the rear fins. It was less than 100 feet off the ground hovering in mid air. They watched it for around 2-3 minutes and then continued down the road. 3 mins (NUFORC)

November 20, 2014Fox Island (in Puget Sound), Washington
8:00 PM. A man and his girlfriend in separate cars—one following the other—spotted a large object ahead of them flying slowly. The UFO was about 50 feet above 80-foot high evergreen trees and described as being triangular with a glowing “bubble cockpit.” Two wings extended obliquely from opposite sides of the cockpit, with three white lights on the leading edge of each wing. A second similar object was seen somewhat farther away. Due to the first object’s proximity to the man’s car, it filled his entire windshield, and he estimated it to be 150 feet across. When the lead driver—the man—made a U-turn for a better view, he discovered the objects were no longer in view. No unusual sounds had been heard. Separately, the man’s mother, returning home to Fox Island somewhat later, stated she had seen the same or similar objects above a marsh on the mainland and the Sound. 30 secs (MUFON Case 61584)

December 20, 2014; nr. Belleville, Indiana
11:00 PM. Witness was on U.S. Highway 40, looked up to see a bright star in the right of the windshield, and to the right, saw a red/green light. At first glance it looked like a radio tower but there was no radio tower in that area. He began to slow down to about 20 mph so he could focus in on the object. When he looked into his upper left hand side, he saw what seemed to be a blackened cigar shaped craft, with pulsing chevron red & green lights. It looked like the lights were on a conveyor belt, basically rotating around the craft. As he began to speed back up, the craft disappeared. No sound. Sev mins.(NUFORC)  

December 27, 2014; Galatia, Illinois
5:00 AM. Witness was on the way home from taking mother in law to work. Driving down the country road, 55 miles per hour listening to the music when a kite shaped thing flew right in front of the SUV. It happened so fast she slammed on her brakes, put her car in neutral and called her mother in law, who told her to back up and see what it was. She put her car in reverse and saw it in the field to the right of her, not very far off the ground. It was shaped like a kite and had very bright iridescent white blue lighting on the bottom and side. In a panic she drive off as fast as she could. The next road to the right was the road to take home, driving very fast ans still on the phone with her she looked over to the field on her right to see if it was still there and iit was up in the air flying past her over the trees and out of sight in a matter of seconds. 3 mins. (NUFORC)