Selected Cases by Rob Swiatek



Date: 9 August 2015

Time: 3:30 PM

Location: SW of Albany, New York


Soaring above wooded hills, two flyers in a tandem seat sailplane encountered an unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) comprising a hemisphere at one end of a linear pipe or pole about four to five feet long, oriented vertically. The upper bowl/hemisphere was about a foot high, while the pipe tapered from two to three inches in diameter at the upper end to one inch at the bottom. Three spaced horizontal “fins” or (in the opinion of one of the flyers) bands surrounded the pipe.

In a complicated set of maneuvers, the UAP flew past the glider to a point some miles away, returned at a speed of 400-1200 mph, flew in formation with the sailplane as it was executing a banking turn—remaining from 25-50 yards from the aircraft during this time—and then flew off toward the west. The original UAP then was seen to rendezvous with two others of similar construction, and all three flew off together into the distance. The glider pilot reviewed a number of drone photos, finding no correspondence with what he had observed. The UAP flew in a vertically upright orientation (i.e., not tilted) throughout the encounter; no means of propulsion were evident. A FOIA request was filed with the FAA, but as of late-August 2015 no response had been received.