the Project HARVEST
2017 UFO Chronology

August 18, 2017; Korkyra Island, Croatia

Updated 28 August 2018

September 17, 2017; Plymouth, PA
03:30. A triangle-shaped object was hovering over power lines. The witness went to his business at that time because an alarm had gone off. “Upon arrival, I saw a craft hovering above the power substation,” the witness stated. “Maybe 20 feet above the station. It was hard to tell as it is pretty dark at about 3:30 a.m. It was something I had never seen before in my 50 years living and working in the area. Basically, it had three lights on edges. It shot straight up out of sight at a tremendous speed after a short while.”Pennsylvania MUFON State Section Director Frances Iannitto closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.  (MUFON CMS case 86738)

August 18, 2017; Korkyra Island, Croatia
Witness was on a vacation on the island and like every other morning she took a ride to the town to get a coffee. The photos were taken just outside the town of Korcula, with a nice view to the Monastry of St. Nikola. She had noticed a beautiful sunrise above the old town and stopped the car to take a photo with an iphone. It had live photo and makes two pics in one second. In this iphone she was able to click to each photo and then have a few frames to see before the final photo was shown (like a mini video).
After few days she wanted to post some photos on Facebook and started to search the best...and then noticed something strange. She found two pics, one is normal and on the other the object pops up, some "flying object" from nowhere. Witness was confused because there was no recollection of seeing something like that when she took the shot. She was concentrating to make a nice photo, there where (there was ) a lot of sun, and she wanted to make it quick because she was at the road with her car. Both photos are taken in a fraction of a second and has this "video effect" so it is very clear that the ufo on second photo appears out of nowhere. When she realized that maybe she had something interesting she was so excited and showed her husband. He is an amateur but passionate photographer and he was astonished. After closer examination he concluded that this is no some anomaly on the lens or something and it seems that definitely it was a real flying object. When you use the iphone feature you can see the movement of the bird in the beam of light in the position above the object so you can actually see the quick time that passed from the moment the 2 photos where taken and also clearly the moment of the appearance of the ufo.  (MUFON CMS)

Oct. 25, 2017; Pacific Northwest
4:30 p.m. PST. Radar tracking of primary target crossing N. California at very high speed and 37,000 feet.  Object had also been observed from an airliner which reported the very large, white, unidentified "aircraft" had been southbound then abruptly made U-turn to the north and then became invisible to radar. Three aircrews were able to keep a visual on it for almost 45 minutes as it proceeded into Oregon and Washington airspace at over 450 kts. but unable to identify it. ARTs tried to contact the object which was not putting out a transponder code and apparently NORAD scrambled F-15's very early in the incident. 

Dec. 9, 2017; A dozen states reporting.
5:41 AM. Event was dramatic and unexplained is underscored by the fact that the Air Force attempted to induce Channel 9/CBS News in Denver into believing that the phenomena was the result of a flight of C-17 military transports flying over Colorado, in tight formation. To see details go to the NUFORC for December of 2017 for the date 9 Dec.. NUFORC