Multiple Anomaly Detection & Recording

Updated 17 April 2018

Jan. 10, 2018; Ashland, Kentucky
8:00 a.m. Witness and a neighbor observed an alleged rotating disc with lighted windows. It appeared to be hovering about 2 to 3 miles from their position. They provided three photos of the event but object appears to be much closer and a ground target. (MUFON CMS)

Jan 13, 2018; about a mile north of Cedarville, Illinois
12:00 AM. Witness reported a shiny, reflective, cigar-shaped object pass over his field of vision while driving on highway 26. The object went from NW to the E over the horizon before leaving his FOV. About 45 seconds later, a second object appeared in the NW and again passed over him. Halfway through it appeared to descend suddenly straight down without changing its angle, like a helicopter. It descended for 3-4 seconds before heading in the same direction as the first object. A third object appeared from the NW and followed roughly the same direction as the previous two. Entire encounter lasted roughly 6-7 minutes or less. (MUFON CMS)

Jan. 20, 2018; Malmstrom AFB, Montana
Contact at OSI Malmstrom AFB reported that another sighting has occurred over a launch facility causing a power outage for ten minutes. Object described as over half an acre in size. Described only as black. If contacted, Malmstrom will confirm power outage but nothing more. Source considered reliable.

Jan. 24, 2018; nr Malmstrom AFB, Montana
Object observed near/over a launch facilty, described as half an acre in size. Power outage reported. (Under investigation by MUFON)

Jan 25, 2018; Cannonsburg, Kentucky
Approx. 9:20 p.m. A couple were driving down State Route 5 when they noticed some abnormally bright lights in an area free of homes or structures. What first drew their attention was how bright the lights were, and being very familiar with the area tyhey knew there was no explanation within the realm of normalcy to explain the sighting. One witness felt particularly ill immediately before and following the event. Another factor that perplexed them was that the apparent aircraft failed to produce any sound. The craft was larger than any commercial airliner. They immediately went home to research and look for similar stories as to what they had just encountered. Primary witness stated that the other person was previously a die hard skeptic. (MUFON CMS)

Jan. 27, 2018; Evansville, Indiana
6:00 p.m. Two anonymous witness were driving near Harmony Way and Cave Avenue on Evansville's west side Saturday night when they saw some strange lights moving across the sky. The objects, described as orbs (color not mentioned) that were dropping out of the clouds, two at a time, then heading west to east across Evansville before turning SE. One source says 3 sets of two orbs, another newspaper article says eight orbs. Moving pretty fast they were gone in about 6 minutes. Witnesses took videos with their cell phone and they reported a military jet was following the objects. A check by FI indicates FAA confirmed no mil jet but a conventional aircraft was on the radar at 37,9000. (MUFON, Phil Leech).

Feb. 24, 2018; Southern Arizona
Bt. roughly 3:30 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. local. A series of strange events occurred high up in the flightlevels above Southern Arizona.  N71PG, a Learjet 36 belonging to Phoenix Air, and American Airlines Flight 1095, an Airbus A321, had independent close encounters with a strange craft flying at around 40,000 feet. The planes were flying east at about 37,000 feet between the Sonoran Desert National Monument and the New Mexico border when the incident took place.
2018-02-24-FAA-Southern Arizona.mp3

March 16, 2018; Mt. Pleasant, New Zealand
7:56 PM, local. Lady reported an object described as an orange/yellow orb was observed to move towards her and up a 400' hill. Street lights went out. (MADAR Cntr)

March 20, 2018; Mt. Vernon, Indiana
Approx 6:30 AM. Witness known to this office reported he was driving to work on hwy 62 (Newburgh to Mt. Vernon) at a point between Caborn Rd. and Gun Club Rd. when he saw an object through his windshield that caught his eye. He had to lean a little forward to see it and he only observed it for about 4 secs. He had to look back at the road and lost the emerald green end-of-pencil-like object . His wife was in a different vehicle and later she said that a man had called the radio station and had seen something as well. Weather was clear and sun was just coming up. (MADAR Cntr)

March 23, 2018; Norris City, Illinois
11:43 AM. MADAR 115 went into Alert Status. (MADAR Cntr)

April 14, 2018; Norris City, Illinois
6:51 PM. MADAR 115 had 15 sec anomaly.