Form: 97 Report
Date: Oct. 31, 1987
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Close Encounter With Hexagon at Corydon, IN, April 1987
Source: CORYDON DEMOCRAT, June 10th, 1987


Late April 1987
10:30 PM
Corydon, IN
No sound

The CORYDON DEMOCRAT article, 10 June 1987, was written by Lynne Hansen:

Paul Hauswald, 14, was working in a field about 10:30 PM four weeks ago, when he suddenly realized, "I could see where I was going with no trouble. I could see the spreader and everything" .

He looked up to see lights——blue, white and orange—— hovering above his tractor. The lights followed him up and down the last couple of rows as he spread manure on a corn and soybean field two miles east of Corydon alongside S.R. 62. He didn't stop to stare or turn off the tractor. "I just wanted to get done and get out of there."

"Yeah, I was scared. Then, just... whoosh and it was gone."

He drove the tractor back to his father's barn, a trip that took less than 5-minutes, and began the task of refilling the spreader, about 15-rninutes later, while still in the barn, he saw a saucer-shaped object with different colored lights fly over the silo.

"It was all white on the bottom. It had five sides and was bigger than a house. It hovered at about 1,000 feet."


 Jim Delehanty:

Interview conducted at witnesses home, 10 October '87, 11:30 AM.

We interviewed these two individuals (Paul & Chris Hauswald) on the incident which occurred last spring. They were operating a tractor in the field of their farm, when, all of a sudden Paul claimed, "he could see everything", like it was daylight. He had no idea what the object was, but it was huge and round-shaped (maybe more like a stop sign shape). (It was a) brilliant white light, (it) hurt his eyes to look at it. He was scared and didn't know what to think. The UFO followed him for 10-15 minutes as he continued to operate the tractor. He estimated the UFO to be 100 feet high over him. He turned on the lights on the tractor and the object accelerated out of sight. No sound was heard, and no electromagnetic effect on tractor. The UFO returned over a large silo about 20-rninutes later (about 80' high). It disappeared shortly in the same manner.

Both of these boys and their mother have seen the orange types many times in the area. They were interviewed by WLKY-32 (along with Janet Reising) in early September. Paul has seen lights as recently as 25 September. He claimed at that time (that the) light seemed to almost get close to the ground. He mentioned a man who has claimed that he saw one touch down on the golf course at Corydon Country Club. Individual is reluctant to discuss his experience. Paul also said that he has seen a large cigar shaped object in the distance at dusk. We feel that these are two, industrious, concientious boys who are definitely telling us of an unusual experience. Their mother reiterated this and says (that) they are not ones to watch a lot of TV/movies. They both work very hard on the farm and are interested in farm life.

The Form 1, signed on 10 October, adds a few details:
The duration of the sighting was listed as approximately 15 minutes, but the two events, which included the last and best description, probably totaled over 30-rninutes. There had been TWO witnesses, not ONE as the CORYDON DEMOCRAT article had implied. Chris Hauswald's experience needs to be isolated, unless he was right with Paul. Paul Hauswald was 14. His brother Chris was 11. They were eighth and 6th grade students at the time. Their vision was excellant,