Form: 97 Report
Date: Jan 26, 1988
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Close Encounter With Boomerang at Central Barren, IN, May 1987
Source: CORYDON DEMOCRAT, June 10th, 1987


Along with many residents of the Corydon area, Deputy Sheriff Steve Harnrn has seen the strange lights several times. This is one of the best encounters to date as reported originally in the CORYDON DEMOCRAT, June 10th, 1987.

The incident occurred during the week of May 19-23, 1987, exact date unknown.
His latest encounter, three weeks ago at about 2:38 AM, was his closest.

"I came over a hill in Central Barren on rny way back towards Corydon, and the headlights of my truck hit it. I have halogen headlights and when they are on high beam, they're extremely bright.

"I came over the hill, and there it was, close to the ground, maybe within a hundred feet of the roadway." He said the object was about one-half mile in front of him at the time.

"It's shaped like a boomerang and it's huge". After his first look at it, the object disappeared, but he saw it again about two minutes later. "When I first hit it with the headlights, the orange lites were the only ones visible. When it reappeared, it was pretty well straight up from where I first saw it, but it was way high." The lights had gone to blue, he added.