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Saucer & CE-III
December, 1951
Ref Springs, North Carolina

Dec. 1951; Red Springs, North Carolina
9:00 p.m. At dusk, Sam Coley's 12-year old son called his father and 17-year old sister out to see a strange object coming out of the sky. It was shaped like two saucers put together, with a cabin like bulge in the center. It was almost silent; a slight "purr" could be heard. It stopped about 6 ft above the ground, about 300 yards from the house. "It gave off no light except from windows in the cabin. Coley said he saw a man inside." After hovering for 10 minutes, it took off, almost silently, "like a bolt of lighting." The police chief apparently lost his skepticism after the interview. (Barry Greenwood, Albert Rosales).

Detailed reports and documents
1951_12_00_US_NC_Red_Springs_CE3.pdf (Barry Greenwood)
1951_12_00_US_NC_Red_Springs_CE3_clip.pdf (Barry Greenwood)

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