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The Antarctica Sightings (E-M Case, Photos)
July 3, 1965

Richard Hall:
July 3, 1965; Antarctica
Scientific witnesses, photographs, extraordinary maneuvers, E-M effects, instrumental data. Argentine, British, and Chilean military and scientific personnel at scientific stations observed a "curious celestial body" for about 20 minutes. At the Chilean station, where 10 color photographs of the object were taken, Air Force Commander Mario Jahn Barrera described it as, "Something that moved at a frightening speed, zigzagging and giving off a blue-green light. ... it was something solid, which caused interference in the base's electromagnetic equipment. . -. no apparatus constructed by man to date has anything like this, either in shape, speed, maneuverability or other characteristics." Apparent official secrecy since the photographs, scientific data, and witness reports have never been made public. Personal efforts by the author to obtain analysis reports through embassies in Washington, D.C., were unsuccessful. Special significance: Multiple scientific witnesses and simultaneous instrumental and photographic confirmation.

Fran Ridge:
Special thanks goes to Jan Aldrich who provided numerous documents and press releases to us in February of 2003. Mark Rodeghier also provided some clear copies of old newspaper clippings from the CUFOS files, along with some notes by Dr. Hynek. Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos submitted one of the earliest records, the account from the APRO Bulletin. The latest addition is the pdf file from the CIA site. Full documentation of this series of incidents has been neglected for over forty years. It was reports like these that prompted my MADAR UFO detection project. At one point the UFO stopped in midair and "we were amazed to see it hover motionless for several minutes." (Quotes from reference 1, below.) Various news accounts described the UFO as being lens or lentil shaped, or like a "flying saucer". Daniel Perisse, commander of the Argentine station "Orcadas," confirmed that the UFO alternately hovered, accelerated and maneuvered at tremendous speed. While being tracked by theodolite and watched through binoculars, the UFO also registered on magnetograph tapes and caused strong interference with variometers used to measure the earth's magnetic field. Strong radio interference occurred at the Chilean station, temporarily blocking efforts to report the UFO to the other bases. 

Detailed reports and documents
reports/650703Antarctica_report.htm (Fran Ridge)
Glowing Object Seen At Canberra Airport (Indy Star, 16 July 1965)
Sightings at Scientific Stations in Antarctica, July 1965 (Richard Hall)
Instruments & Hypothesis (Dr. James E. McDonald)
docs/Antarctica/6507MufonSympap_87_Antarctica.pdf (SYMPAP)
docs/Antarctica/6507July_1965_Antarctica.doc (Above Top Secret, T. Good)
Department of State AIRGRAM - Celestial Body Observed Over Antarctica - pdf file (NSA)
TWX, Letters to NICAP from Lt. Cmdr. Pagani (NICAP)
Translation of News arcticle: "CLARIN", Buenos Aires, July 7, 1965 (NICAP NYC)
Translation of Official Reports From Naval Ministry of Argentina (NICAP NYC)
Translation of News arcticle: "EL MERCURIO", Santiago, Chile, July 7, 1965 (NICAP NYC)
Documents, UFOs Sighted in Antarctica (Jan Aldrich)
Documents, Antarctica 1965 (Timothy Good)
183-page study in Spanish, 116-121 in English (Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos)
Avistamientos OVNI en la Antarctic en 1965 (Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos)

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