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Object Hovers 18" Off Ground / Magnetometer Perturbation
Nov. 16, 1973
Lemon Grove, California

Fran Ridge:
Nov. 16, 1973; Lemon Grove, CA
7:00 PM. Two 11-year old boys, but there are supporting reasons why this may well be a good case. The boys were outside intending to play in a vacant lot/field in the neighborhood. When they arrived at the field, there was a dark object hovering about 18 inches above it. It seemed inactive in any way. One of the boys cautiously approached it and rapped it with his flashlight. The sound made was of metal on metal. Instantly, the object's dome lit up in a brilliant red light which illuminated the entire area. It rose three or four more feet off the ground, and a row of green lights manifested around its perimeter, flashing in sequence. The thing began rotating and making a "woooo..woooo..woooo.."sound.  This object was easily seeable now [with all the light effects], and appeared as a domed disk, with the disk like a chubby but angular object as seen from the side [as if one took two bowls with flat bottoms and 45-degree sides and inverted one on the other]. The dome was large and tall [about equal to half or more of the disk height] and glowing bright red, then flashing intermittent red. (See more details at link below). There was also a claim that a magnetometer at a "La Posta station" registered a "perturbation" at 7:20 as well. (Sources: "TV Interference, Fused Phone Lines, Cited in UFO Landing Case", David Branch and Robert Klinn, Santa Ana [CA] Register, December 8(?,date hard to read) 1973; "Boys Encounter Landed Object", APRO Bulletin, January/February 1974; "Boys Say UFO Hit with Flashlight", SKYLOOK (MUFON), #75, February 1974.)

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