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Object Lands / Animal Reactions / Compass Deviates
Oct. 15, 1974
Santa Maria Valley, California

Fran Ridge:
October 15, 1974; Santa Maria Valley, California
Evening, after dark. Five young people saw a round object maneuvering over the Valley. After this the object landed on a hillside, gradually turned ruby red, then intensely white. A compass needle alternated erratically from north to NE in one-second intervals while the object was on the hillside. The object hovered above the ground, and then streaked toward the witnesses. As the object flew overhead, the animals reacted, the TV had blue spots and vertical bands, the radio would not work, and the compass needle lodged itself against the glass cover. A further description of the object was that it was ruby red with a blue halo around it as it flew overhead. The sound of the object was described as a mix between a hum an a fog-horn. [The distance of the landing site from the witnesses is not estimated. Exactly when the sound was heard is unclear, throughout the sighting or only when the object flew overhead?jw] After the object flew over, aircraft the witnesses thought to be Navy jets, followed. Both EM effects and sound were noted. No physiological effects or traces were reported. (Source: Joan woodward, Gribble, Bob, 1989, Looking Back,MUFON UFO Journal no. 258, October 1989, page 24)

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