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The Wave of 1947

Exhibit #1
July 30, 1947: The following pages are a portion of Colonel Garrett's Estimate Report. This is a rough draft of the report. The finalized version has not been located. Page 8 mentions "lack of topside inquiries, when compared to the prompt and demanding inquiries  that have originated topside upon former events, give more than ordinary weight to the possibility that this is a domestic project, about which the President, etc. know."
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Exhibit #2
August 19, 1947:  FBI memo to D.W. Ladd from E.G. Fitch mentioning SAC Reynolds conversation with Lt. Col. George Garrett, re: "there were objects seen which somebody in the Government knows all about."
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Exhibit #3
September 23, 1947: AMC Opinion Concerning Flying Discs: "The reported phenomenon is something  real."
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