Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 12:08:33 +0000 (GMT)
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: Jaunary 16, 1947; North Sea/ RADCAT/ DOCS & TRANSCRIPTS

(Dan was able to locate the actual documents which mention "Evasive controlled action" taken by the UFO. Below the documents are the text-searchable transcipts. This event preceded the Kenneth Arnold sighting and the begiining of the Wave of 1947 by five months, and the Roswell crash by almost six months. - Fran Ridge)

 Page ID (PID)  USAF-SIGN8-303
Collection  Project Sign
Roll Description  Project Sign Roll 8
Document Code  N/A

Beginning with  
Frames 303 - 304 in pdf



1. Date 16 Jan 47                                     Incident 54
2. Time XXXX 2230
3. Location 50 miles from Dutch coast to Norfolk, England
4. Name of Observer Reported by Air Ministry Great Britain
5. Occupation of observer pilot of Mosquito
6. Address of observer N/S
7. Place of observation 50 miles from Dutch coast 52° 52' N 02° 37' E
8. Number of objects 1
9. Distance of object from observer     N/S
10. Time in sight N/S - object chased from 2230 to 2300 hours
11. Altitude 22,000 ft
12. Speed N/S - faster than Mosquito
13. Direction of flight west (from Dutch Coast to Norfolk)
14. Tactics Evasive controlled action
15. Sound N/S
16. Size N/S
17. Color N/S
18. Shape N/S
19. Odor detected N/S
20. Apparent construction N/S
21. Exhaust trails N/S
22. Weather conditions N/S - night
23. Effect on clouds N/S
24. Sketches or photographs None
25. Manner of disappearance N/S
26. Remarks: (over)


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During normal night-flying practice at 2230 hours on 16th Jan, one of British Mosquitos xxxxxxxx was vectored on to an unidentified A/C at 22,000 ft. A long chase ensued commencing over the North Sea about 50 miles from the Dutch Coast and ending at 2300 hours over Norfolk. Two brief AI contacts were made but faded quickly. The unidentified aircraft appeared to take efficient controlled evasive action.

No explanation of this incident has been forthcoming nor has it been repeated.