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Date:  Fri, 3 Mar 2006, updated 6 Sept 2015
From: Tom DeMary <tomd_lists@EARTHLINK.NET>
Subject: Mt. Palomar, Oct 1949 ; Detection of UFOs by Geiger Counter Equipment
Cat:  10

In regard to the 12 & 21 Oct 1949 cases at Mt. Palomar Observatory in the NICAP chronology and Sparks' "BB Unknowns" list: The 25 Nov 1949 "case" in the Blue Book Archive contains some material on this incident. It is not actually a case file, but a collection of correspondence related to the potential detection of atomic powered UFOs by geiger counter equipment, which was put together in 1952. There are several pages about the events and witnesses at Mt. Palomar.

The witness on the Blue Book project card is identified as "Focke," which is not correct. Focke was neither a UFO witness nor a UFO reporter. He was Dr. Albert B. Focke, a scientist working on the cosmic ray detection experiment which was located at Mt. Palomar. Dr. Focke was chief scientist of the Naval Electronics Laboratory in San Diego (I don't know if he was such in 1949), and he was later chief scientist at Point Magu Naval Missile Test Center. I know Dr. Focke's son, who unfortunately does not know anything about the Mt. Palomar events.

Maxwell Roll #7, page 907-953.
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The following PDF for the files 907-953 was constructed by Fran Ridge for security purposes and the file is now housed on the NICAP site at: