Date: Thursday, 27 Jan 2011
From: Jean Waskiewicz <>

Cat: 1
July 29, 1952; Great Falls AFB, Montana

Table which compares BB Archive documents to their respective Footnote document.

I would suggest that to see these documents side-by-side, download each PDF file and then open both of them on your desktop. Then resize them so you

can see each page side-by-side. The BB documents usually have the information which has been 'blacked out' on the Footnote documents.

PDF file of BB docs       

PDF file of Footnote docs in same order as BB docs

  BB Archive Docs Frames 905 - 931 + 302 FN Page   Footnote Docs - Set 1 BB Page   Footnote Docs - Set 2 BB Page
BB1 b9 a1 BB22 b1 NONE
BB2 b10 a2 BB21 b2 NONE
BB3 b11 a3 BB25 b3 NONE
BB4 b12 a4 BB26 b4 NONE
BB5 b13 a5 BB23 b5 NONE
BB6 b14 a6 BB24 b6 NONE
BB7 b15 a7 BB27 b7 NONE
BB8 b16 a8 NONE b8 NONE
BB9 b18 a9 NONE b9 BB1
BB10 b17 a10 NONE b10 BB2
BB11 b19 a11 NONE b11 BB3
BB12 b20 a12 NONE b12 BB4
BB13 b22 a13 NONE b13 BB5
BB14 b21 a14 NONE b14 BB6
BB15 b23       b15 BB7
BB16 b24       b16 BB8
BB17 b25       b17 BB10
BB18 b26       b18 BB9
BB19 b27       b19 BB11
BB20 NONE       b20 BB12
BB21 a2       b21 BB14
BB22 a1       b22 BB13
BB23 a5       b23 BB15
BB24 a6       b24 BB16
BB25 a3       b25 BB17
BB26 a4       b26 BB18
BB27 a7       b27 BB19
BB28 9668120       b28 BB28



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